ETUG Spring Workshop 2014 - Who wants to be  a Moodle-aire?
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ETUG Spring Workshop 2014 - Who wants to be a Moodle-aire?



By Chad Leaman, Neil Squire Society ...

By Chad Leaman, Neil Squire Society

That’s right game show junkies! You – YES YOU – have a chance to show your Moodle knowledge and win big (Canadian Tire) cash prizes! In this special ETUG adaptation of “Who wants to be a Millionaire,” the questions will be asked not to just one contestant, but the entire audience. You will vote on what you think is the right answer to various Moodlish questions, and progress to test the limits of your Moodle mastery. Plugins possibilities, version variations, module mastery, and awe-inspiring administration – validate and extend your Moodle knowledge. If you survive the host’s questions, you can then grill him and a couple guest experts on how they would tackle some of your burning Moodle problems.



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  • 2014-ETUG – Moodle Version <br /> Go to next slide to show Lambda <br /> 2014-ETUG – Moodle User Type <br /> 2014-ETUG – Not a previous ETUG. A: <br /> 2014-ETUG – # post-sec institutions in BC. A: 11+ <br /> 2014-ETUG – Book. A: 2.3 <br /> 2014-ETUG – Responsive Design A.2.5 <br /> 2014-ETUG – Open Badges A. 2.5 <br /> 2014-ETUG – Assingment Types merge A 2.2 <br /> 2014-ETUG – Peer Grading A Workshop <br /> 2014-ETUG – Rubrics A: 2.2 <br /> 2014-ETUG – Marking Guide A 2.3
  • Really like the breakdown of clients (Slide 9). It also can serve why 2.7 Longer Term Support is important -- No one is on the latest version. With two / thirds of customers on 2.2 or earlier, many are not going to be using a lot of the features we are showing.
  • Q1: When are Moodle release dates? A: May and November <br /> Q2: How long is a typical Moodle release supported for? A: 18 months <br /> Q3: With Moodle, how do you control the access to specific activities? A: Completion Tracking and Conditional Access <br /> Q4: What does Moodle stand for? A: Modular Object Orientated Dynamic Learning Environment <br /> Q5: What is it called when your website automatically “scales” to the resolution of your device? A: Responsive, Bootstrap <br /> Q6: What was the topic of the other Moodle Specific session at eTug: A: Voicethread, Meg Goodine, Laurel Tien, and Lynette Manton, KPU <br /> Q7: This Bccampus staff member presented about “the Open” with Lambda Solutions in one of their monthly Moodle webinars: A: Clint Lalonde <br /> Q8: Spell the lead “Moodler’s” name? A: Martin Dougiamas <br /> Q9: How many Canadian MoodleMoots have there been? A: 4 <br /> <br /> TIE BREAKER: Name of new WYSIWYG in Moodle? <br />

ETUG Spring Workshop 2014 - Who wants to be  a Moodle-aire? ETUG Spring Workshop 2014 - Who wants to be a Moodle-aire? Presentation Transcript

  • Who wants to be a Moodle-aire? With your host, Chad Leaman
  • Breakdown of Clients with Moodle Versions 32% 12% 10% 14% 20% 7% 5% V. 1.9 V.2 V.2.1 V.2.2 V.2.3 V2.4 V.2.5 View slide
  • Hollywood Squares View slide
  • • Neil Squire Society – 30th Anniversary Open House • Thurs. June 26th - 11 – 3 •
  • Big Prize Winner