Adopting Open Textbooks Workshop - Feb 26, 2013
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Adopting Open Textbooks Workshop - Feb 26, 2013



Adopting Open Textbooks workshop at Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Adopting Open Textbooks workshop at Kwantlen Polytechnic University



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Adopting Open Textbooks Workshop - Feb 26, 2013 Adopting Open Textbooks Workshop - Feb 26, 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Adopting Open TextbooksWorkshopKwantlen Polytechnic UniversityFebruary 26, 2013
  • Workshop TeamBCcampus •  Terrie McAloney •  Sylvia Currie •  Mary Burgess •  Hilda Anggraeni and Heather Kincaid (Thanks for the graphic wall!)KPU •  Meg Goodine •  Jane Fee •  Alan Davis •  Judie Phillips •  Todd MundleNWCC and Douglas College •  Adrienne WattCreative Commons •  Paul StaceyBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 2
  • Today’s Agenda• Myth or Fact?• Creative Commons Licensing• BCcampus Open Textbook Project• Lunch: Keynote• Discovery & Selection• Institutional ProcessesBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 3
  • Activity 1. Open textbooks: One thing you know or want to know 2. Myth or Fact •  All open textbooks are peer-reviewed •  Open Educational Resources (OER) are free •  OER are in the public domain •  Publisher produced material is better than OER •  Open textbooks hurt bookstores •  eBooks are open textbooksBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 4
  • Creative  Commons  Licensing   Paul StaceyBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 5
  • A  Case:  From  Start  to  Finish   Adrienne WattBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 6
  • Need   Affordability for student $$$   Availability for class start   Obsolescence of textbook content   Content is too broad   Ability to customize textbook for course, not the other way around   Faculty empowerment   Promote collaboration   Eliminate unneeded updates
  • Prepare  Check available sources online ◦   repository of 42K + tools for sharing curriculum ◦   free education, free books ◦   Educational content repository   There are many more
  • Develop  Choose tool – Word, Pressbooks, others  Create a list of topics to cover  Create images, or use public domain  Make sure all source material is CC BY ◦  Attribution must credit original author. ◦  Proof read, proof read, proof read  Get an editor to review the book (if possible)
  • Feedback  Peer reviews  Student feedback was very positive  Always more work to be done  Multimedia content ◦  Videos ◦  Instructor materials ◦  Student activities
  • DiscussionA replacement for the textbookshould… Discuss Report one thing Post all comments on the wallBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 11
  • Share One Item licensed for re-use: Some rights reserved by denise carbonellBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 12
  • …. have more versatile learning content that is customizable, current, affordable, dynamic, accessible and portable CC-BY-NC-SA ShipLibrary/ flickr adapted from Judy Baker’s ELI 2011 OER Workshop cc-by license BCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 13
  • The  BCcampus  Project   Mary Burgess - VideoBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 14
  • Workshop Feedback Reminder! What did you like? What would you change? What are your next steps? (Add to the wall!)BCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 15
  • Steps: Adopt an Open Textbook1.  Discover  &  Select  2.  Ins3tu3onal  Processes   San Miguel stairs creative commons licensed by larry&flo 2007BCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 16
  • MERLOT Peer ReviewsStructured ProcessHighest quality resources reviewed firstAt least two trained peer reviewersCriteriaQuality of ContentPotential Effectiveness as a Teaching ToolEase of UseBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 17
  • College Open Textbooks RatingsPeer reviews based on rating scale with comments:Reviewers CommentsI recommend this book. Overall, the chapters are very readable and thematerial presented is consistent and appropriate for the course. A wide rangeof exercises introduces students of varied interests to a variety of applications.Graphics are both clear and complete in both the on-line and printed versionsof the text.BCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 18
  • Discover Open TextbooksRepositories & Listing SitesBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 19
  • College  Open  Textbooks  College  Open  Textbooks  • Point  to  Open  textbook  list  by  subject  (750+)  • Peer  reviews  (150)  • Accessibility  reviews  (100)  • Online  community  of  college  faculty  (1000+)  • Nursing  • Introductory  Sociology  BCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 20
  • BOUNDLESSBOUNDLESS  18  open  textbooks  under  Crea3ve  Commons  ASribu3on  (CC  BY-­‐SA)  Cover  subjects,  such  as  accoun3ng,  biology,  chemistry,  sociology,  and  economics  Some  premium  features,  including  flashcards,  study  guides,  and  quizzes.      Requires  a  free  user  account.    Marke3ng  BCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 21
  • MERLOTMERLOT  • Open  textbook  list  by  category  (2200+)  • Some  Merlot  Peer  reviews    • Some  Accessibility  reviews    • Registered  MERLOT  users  may  create  personal  collec3ons  and  comment.  • Nursing  BCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 22
  • ConnexionsConnexions    • Open  License  • Searchable  by  subject  areas  • Collec3ons  of  learning  modules  • Lens  for  endorsing  content  • Print  on  Demand  • Create  &  publish  your  own  materials  • Basic  Math  Textbook  for  the  Community  College  BCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 23
  • Florida’s Orange Grove Text PlusFlorida’s  Orange  Grove  Text  Plus  • Open  license  • Repository  &  Harvested  • Print-­‐on-­‐demand  • Link  to  within  CMS  • Florida  University  Press  •   Sta3s3cs   hSp:// | connect. collaborate. innovate. 24
  • OpenStax College OpenStax College Founda3onal  Support   All  books  in   CNX,  all  CC-­‐BY  Spring  2012            Spring  2012                    Feb  2013                        Feb  2013              Spring  2013   Ul#mate  Goal  –  High-­‐quality  books  for  top  20+  courses.   hSp://  BCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 25
  • Saylor Saylor   • Freely  available  for  download,  online   reading,  sharing       • Various  open  licenses   • Many  from  Flat  World  Knowledge   • Publish  your  own  materials   • Currently  PDF  and  Word  format   • Chemistry  BCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 26
  • OER CommonsOER Commons (advanced search)EntrepreneurialBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 27
  • Finding Images, Videos, MusicBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 28
  • PressBooks at BCcampusPressBooks at BCcampusBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 29
  • Examples of OERs IMathAS Athabasca Press Jorum - Computer Science InTech CK-12 Wiki Books - Computing Light and MatterBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 30
  • Examples of BC Open Textbooks• Objects-first Java book - Rick Gee• A Brief Introduction to Engineering Computation with MATLAB - Serhat Beyenir Literacy Fundamental Mathematics - Liz Gerard and Wendy Tagami | connect. collaborate. innovate. 31
  • Institutional  Processes:  KPU     Todd MundleBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 32
  • Next Steps at Your Institution Giulia  Forsythe  cc-­‐by-­‐nc-­‐sa  hSp://  BCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 33
  • Why OER Matters Why Open Education Matters Enhance existing materials with OER Enhance existing Open Textbook Replace existing materials with cc-by-nc-nd Open Textbook eslenkphoto Invite students to generate OERBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 34
  • Thank you for participating! Mary Burgess Terrie McAloney Sylvia Currie scurrie@bccampus.caBCcampus | connect. collaborate. innovate. 35