ETUG Spring 2013 Workshop: SOILx: A Location Based Augmented Reality Learning Tool for Soil Science
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ETUG Spring 2013 Workshop: SOILx: A Location Based Augmented Reality Learning Tool for Soil Science



by Saeed Dyanakar and Nathan Sidles, UBC

by Saeed Dyanakar and Nathan Sidles, UBC



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ETUG Spring 2013 Workshop: SOILx: A Location Based Augmented Reality Learning Tool for Soil Science ETUG Spring 2013 Workshop: SOILx: A Location Based Augmented Reality Learning Tool for Soil Science Presentation Transcript

  • SOILx: Searchable Open Interactive Location-Based experience
  • A VSSLR Project To enhance soil science education through cooperation and innovative approaches to teaching and learning
  • Project Objectives • Make VSSLR geographically accessible – Geo-locate and present the information of soil study sites – Aggregate information from existing online VSSLR modules and study sites
  • Current VSSLR Solutions Soil Laboratories Soil Processes Land Use Impact Parent Material Soil Classification Soil Biodiversity
  • Project Requirements • Collaborative for soil scientists and educators • Easy to use for end users • Easy to maintain for admins
  • Solution: SOILx • End users perspective (UI & Usability) – teachers, – gardeners, – researchers, – etc. • Aggregate information from existing tools • Web publishing, database, AR browser
  • Solution: SOILx • SOILx presents data as: – Aggregate data: list/map/search results – Individual soil site data: text/multimedia – Augmented reality
  • Solution: SOILx
  • Solution: SOILx - Mapping • Searchable • Relatable • Contextualizable
  • Solution: SOILx - Soil Site Pages • Text description • Key facts • Videos and images • Expandable information • Links to VSSLR sites • animation
  • Solution: SOILx – Augmented Reality • Real-world interaction with soil data • Wikitude • Free AR tool • Supported on iOS, Android, BlackBerry
  • Technology Stack • Database: Google Fusion Tables • Platform: WordPress (@ UBC CMS) • Integration: SOILx Plugin • Maps: Google Maps • Augmented Reality: Wikitude
  • Fusion Tables
  • Database: Fusion Tables • Simple online data management • Controllable access (especially for editing) • Easy importing of data • Secure • Free* Fusion Tables *up to 25k requests and 250 Mb per day
  • Database: Fusion Tables • Accessed like an online Excel sheet:
  • Database: Fusion Tables - Setup • Requires Google Account • Google Drive Document • Create Fusion Table • Define columns
  • Database: Fusion Tables - Data • Adding data: • Importing from Excel • Manual adding/editing • Data must be cleaned by importer! • Data requirements Data received Data cleaned by Administrator Data loaded into Fusion Tables
  • Database: Fusion Tables - Extracting • Data must be extracted for usability • Address/key combo for security • Fusion Tables API for instructions
  • Platform: WordPress • Widely-used content management system • Features: • Easy administration • Stable technology • Large community • Extendible • Secure Databases (users, posts, settings, etc.) Backend (easy administration) Frontend (dynamic web pages) User Experience (smooth administration, beautiful presentation)
  • Platform: WordPress • Already used by UBC • Blogs: 23,000 members • Sites: 100s of sites for UBC units and initiatives • UBC already creates and manages other plugins
  • Platform: WordPress - Setup • Requested a site hosted by UBC • Associated “” address with UBC site • Setting up on own is easy! • “Famous 5-minute Install” @
  • Platform: WordPress - Frontend • What to look like? • Friendly and open • Customized • Based on existing WordPress theme mutilated beyond recognition with CSS
  • Integration: SOILx Plugin - Backend • Administration • Ability to define custom search terms • Ability to specify which Fusion Table to use • Documentation of plugin and protocols
  • Integration: SOILx Plugin - Backend • Data • SOILx Search = customized Fusion Tables extraction • Plugin sends request to Fusion Tables • Plugin turns response into WordPress data User search: POST request Fusion Tables: sends data WordPress: GET request WordPress: makes page
  • Integration: SOILx Plugin – Soil Sites • Individual soil site pages • Dynamically created from complete Fusion Table row • Form of SOILx search • Plugin alters page content based on data availability
  • Integration: SOILx Plugin - Aggregate • Map/List/Search Results • Dynamically created from Fusion Tables columns • Use Google Maps API to create map, not Fusion Tables API
  • Integration: SOILx Plugin - AR • Augmented reality • Requires data in ARML format, an XML-like format • SOILx transforms Fusion Tables data to ARML and sends to Wikitude
  • Integration: SOILx Plugin - Sharing • Soil data publicly accessible in Fusion Tables • Plugin open source and on github, a code repository • Super easy to use, modify, and extend! • Developer happy to help
  • Demo • End users: Web, AR • Adding new data (collaboration) • Administering the site
  • Useful Links • SOILx: • WordPress: • SOILx plugin code: sidles/soilweb
  • Credits Saeed Dyanatkar Dr. Nathan Basiliko Chris Crowley Dr. Angela Bedard-Haughen Nathan Sidles Kent Watson Dr. Paul SanbornJulie Wilson Dr. Maja Krzic Shirley Ho
  • Thank You! Saeed Dyanatkar: 1-604-822-1816 Nathan Sidles: