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Angeline Tillmanns, BC Ministry of Environment - Introduction to BC Water Symposium and Water Science Strategy
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Angeline Tillmanns, BC Ministry of Environment - Introduction to BC Water Symposium and Water Science Strategy


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Published in: Education

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  • A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Introduction to BC Water Symposium and Water Science Strategy
      Angeline Tillmanns, Ph.D., R.P.Bio
      BC Ministry of Environment
    • 2.
    • 3. Advisory Committee
      Dr. Angeline Tillmanns (Chair), Ministry of Environment
      Dr. Bernie Bauer, Okanagan Sustainability Institute, UBC Okanagan
      Celine Davis, Ministry of Environment
      Liam Edwards, Ministry of Community Development
      Elizabeth Hendriks, POLIS Water Sustainability Project
      Heather English, Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport
      Leon Gaber, Ministry of Environment
      DarryKempling, Ministry of Community Development
      Steve Litke, Fraser Basin Council
      Michele MacIntyre, Ministry of Environment
      Dr. Margot Parkes, University of Northern BC
      Robin Pike, Ministry of Forests
      Dr. Todd Redding, FORREX
      Dr. Valentin Schaefer, School of Environmental Studies, UVIC
      Samina Tajwar, MITACS
      Andrea Glickman, Union of BC Indian Chiefs
      Local Facilitation Teams
      Prince George
      Chelton van Geloven_ENV (lead)
      Katie von Gaza_ILMB
      Larry Joseph_FORREX
      Kimm Magill-Hoffman_FOR (lead)
      Larry Michaelsen_FOR
      Lyle Knight_FOR
      Craig Tilander_FOR
      Darcie Annesley_FOR
      Jenny Lawrence_FOR
      Miles Homer_FOR (lead)
      Carolyn Hole_ENV
      Rebecca Freedman_HLS
      Tim Janzen_ENV
      Jennifer Maxwell_ENV
      Chris Bechard_AL
      Local Organizing Teams
      Prince George
      Jamie Reschny, UNBC
      Margot Parkes, UNBC
      Lucy Beck, NHA
      Chelton van Geloven, ENV
      Terry Robert, FBC
      Darwin Horning, UBCO
      Tricia Brett, UBCO
      Natasha Neumann, UBCO
      Bernard Bauer, UBCO
      Steve Matthews, ENV
      Rob Birtles, IHA
      Anna Warwick Sear,s OBWB
      Valentin Schaefer, UVIC
      Jessica Miles, UVIC
      Celine Davis, ENV
      Darlene Sanderson, UVIC
      Angeline Tillmanns, ENV
      IT Team
      Randy LaBonte, Virtual School Society Scott Thorpe, UVICBowen Moran, ENV
      Larine Sluggett, UNBCAndy Sundahl, School District 91
      Todd Zimmerman, UBCO
      Nathan, UBC 
      Brent Sawatzky – School District 23
      Central Organizing Committee
      Amanda Casorso, Event Coordinator, MITACS
      Jamieson Dunlop, Facilitation Coordinators, ENV
      Bowen Moran, IT/AV Advisor, ENV
      Angeline Tillmanns, Program Manager, ENV
      Celine Davis, Budget Coordinator, ENV
      Betty Kopichanski, Speaker Booking Support, ENV
      Thank-you Volunteers!
    • 4. Symposium Objectives
      Identify key water issues and knowledge gaps
      Develop new collaborative relationships
      Work together to build the foundations for a BC Water Science Strategy
    • 5. Water Science Strategy
      A commitment made in Living Water Smart
      Definition of science is broad
      Natural Science
      Social Science
      First Nations’ Science
      Needs to also include all the people who use information and knowledge to create policy, procedures and make decisions.
    • 6. Group Descriptions
    • 7. Information vs Knowledge
      “facts about a person, event, situation, etc”
      “understanding of, or information about, a subject which a person gets by experience or study”
      Definitions from Cambridge Online Dictionary
    • 8. Improving the Flow of Information & Knowledge
    • 9. Knowledge to Action:David Schindler’s Famous Experiment
    • 10. Plenary Speakers & Panel
      This morning
    • 11. Break Out Session I Today from 1-2 pm
      What are the key issues pertinent to the sustainable management of water resources and aquatic ecosystems? Where are the knowledge gaps?
      This session only! Divide by topic:
      Surface and groundwater hydrology
      Watershed health (people and aquatic ecosystems)
      Water governance (social research, policy, and regulatory tools to better conserve and manage water)
    • 12. Plenary Speakers & Panel
      This morning
      This afternoon
    • 13. Break-out Session IIToday from 3:20 to 4:30 pm
      What are the information needs of water scientists, policy-makers, end users, stakeholders and First Nations?
      How do these groups communicate with each other now, and how could they communicate?
    • 14. Plenary Speakers & Panel
      This morning
      This afternoon
      Tomorrow morning
    • 15. Break-out Session IIITomorrow from 10:30 to 12:00 am
      How can we support information and knowledge creation, knowledge translation and knowledge exchange?
      Where are the opportunities?
    • 16. Break-out session IVTomorrow from 1:30 to 3:00 pm
      What will a Water Science Strategy look like?
      How can we continue to work together to create and implement a WSS?
    • 17. Sticker Swap Game
      Exercise Objective: Collect the most number of stickers with a diverse representation from groups other than your own.
      Purpose: Promote dialogue with members in other groups