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What's New in Deltek Vision 7.1
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What's New in Deltek Vision 7.1


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This webcast was presented by BCS Prosoft on October 23, 2013. It highlights the new and changes to existing feature in the Deltek Vision 7.1 update. These items include changes to the invoice & …

This webcast was presented by BCS Prosoft on October 23, 2013. It highlights the new and changes to existing feature in the Deltek Vision 7.1 update. These items include changes to the invoice & approvals process, the system interface, system security, advanced WBS search / list views, transaction auto numbering, transactional document management.

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  • Important: Before you begin working on setting up the Invoice Approvals process, you should update the security roles:
  • You’ll need to set this up in billing configuration and then, optionally set it up in Default Billing Terms, then you’ll need to go to each project/billing terms that you want to turn this on for and select this option.
  • A new Deltek Kona color scheme has been added to the Settings drop down within the Display Setting dialog.After selecting Deltek Kona, select Apply, then Save, and then log out and log back in to see the changes take affect.
  • Users can now select an icon from a predetermined list for any item within the navigation tree, including custom nodes.
  • Users can now set their dash parts to use flat dashboard styling. When using flat dashboard styling, the dashpart can be set to any color.
  • Users can now hide the toolbar for a web dashpartConfigure the web dashpart and then select the Hide Toolbar check boxSave the change and then refresh the dashboard by clicking the dashboard button on the main menu
  • Users can now select an image to be displayed for Projects and Opportunities in the same manner as they do for employees.
  • Users can now enter their Kona credentials into the Misc tab of User OptionsUsers can select a Kona Space for Projects and OpportunitiesThe Kona button has been placed into the Main Menu of VisionThe user can click the Kona button from any app in Vision – if the app is project or opportunity specific, and a Kona space has been identified, then Kona will open to the identified space.Kona will open directly within Vision if IE9 is installed
  • The Navigator button has been placed into the Main Menu of VisionSelecting the Navigator button will launch Navigator within Vision if IE9 is installed.If a user is on a project that is associated with a Navigator plan, then clicking the Navigator button will bring the user directly to that plan in Navigator.If the associated Navigator plan as an image associated with it, then the image will display in place of the Project Photo
  • The Users application has been changed to make it more like an info center.Ability to force users to reset their passwords.
  • Users can now reset their own passwords or be reminded of their User IDs.Email must be configured in System SettingsUsers must be associated to an employee record that has an email address.
  • Users can now reset their own passwords or be reminded of their User IDs.Email must be configured in System SettingsUsers must be associated to an employee record that has an email address.
  • Ability to limit access to users so they can only make certain changes:Enable/disable usersChange passwords for users
  • Available in the Project Info Center OnlyAdded Any Level to the Project Level drop downAdded the Display drop down located above the search results gridThe selected search results will be loaded into the Detail or List View
  • The selected WBS records will be loaded into the detail view and users can scroll from WBS to WBS without needing to use the WBS navigation icon.The VCR drop down will display the Phase and Task number.
  • The selected WBS records will be loaded into the list viewThe Refresh List button is used to refresh the list after changes have been made to records in the grid. For example, if the user changes the compensation for a task, then clicking refresh will show the updated “rolled up” compensation at the WBS1 level.The Refresh List button refreshes the records that are currently displayed in List View. It does not re-load the grid with records based upon the advanced search.
  • Added a new tab to Accounting System SettingsTransaction auto numbering auto assigns the reference number for all receipt and payment transactions per configured bank code.Transaction auto numbering also auto assigns the reference numbers for JE & AP Voucher** transactions per the configured company.Receipts:Cash ReceiptsEmployee RepaymentsPayments:AP DisbursementsCash DisbursementsAP Payment Processing *Employee Payment Processing *Payroll Payment Processing ** All reference numbers are automatically assigned at the time of posting except payment processing check numbers. Those are assigned when the user clicks “Process Checks”.** AP Vouchers can only be configured for auto number IF the “Require entry of voucher numbers” check box is NOT checked in System AP Configuration.
  • Unlike cash receipts, employee repayments requires the bank be entered into the grid.“The bank assigned for this transaction has auto numbering enabled. This transaction will not use the reference number 00ER0001 when posted”
  • Transcript

    • 1. What’s New in Vision 7.1 October 24, 2013
    • 2. AGENDA • Vision 7.1 new features – – – – – – Invoice Approvals Interface Security Advanced WBS Search / List View Transaction Auto Numbering Transactional Document Management
    • 3. Invoice Approvals • Speeds up the invoicing process by organizing and automating the steps from Draft Bill to Final Acceptance of the invoice. • Provides alerts to move along the invoice approval process • Provides electronic comments and retains a history of the communication • Allows delegation of the approval process when primary approver is absent
    • 4. Approval Process Draft Invoice Biller submits invoice Final Invoice Alert is sent to approver (Project Manager) PM reviews: previews invoice online, reviews summary information, adjusts transaction detail, updates percent complete, enters comments and approves invoice Alert is sent to Biller Invoice is final accepted and sent to client
    • 5. Billing Configuration Enable Invoice Approval by company Define Default Approval Process
    • 6. Invoice Approvals – Billing Terms Enable/disable by project
    • 7. Alerts Define the workflow for the Invoice Approval Process • Alert Project Manager when invoice is ready to be approved. • Alert Biller when invoice is ready to be final accepted. • Alert Biller if invoice is rejected with reason.
    • 8. Submit Invoices for Approval • Invoices can be submitted through either Interactive Billing or Batch Billing. • Submit process will kick off alerts to PM to review and approve invoices.
    • 9. Comments • Submit - alert Approver (PM) to deadline for invoice approvals or specific issues on an invoice. • Approve – alert Biller to any adjustments before finalizing invoice • Reject – alert Biller to why invoice is not acceptable
    • 10. Approval Applications • Invoice Approvals • Review a summarized list of all invoices in the current approval process. • Preview invoice, review approval comments, update fees • Approve and Reject • Submit alert sends user here. • Interactive Approvals • Review one invoice at a time. • Preview Invoice, review comments • Review labor, expense and unit transaction detail • Update transactions (transfer, hold, write off), update percent complete • Include new transactions on submitted invoice • Review Billed-to-Date invoice values, current invoice summary information , and project financial information. • Approve and Reject
    • 11. Invoice Approvals Summary screen to view and update invoice status on invoices in the approval process • PM can preview submitted invoice • PM can enter comments • PM can approve or reject his/her invoices. • Biller can review status of all invoices in approval process
    • 12. Interactive Approvals - General Preview invoices Review and enter comments Current invoice and Billed to Date information Project Fees Project Financial Info Include New transactions Approve and Reject
    • 13. Update Fees • Approvers can update percent completes as part of the approval process. • New billing terms record Security Setting
    • 14. Update Fee Security Percent complete record access allows user to only update: • percent complete • fee to date • Description
    • 15. Interactive Approvals- Details Tab PM can individually review submitted invoices • PM can review labor and expenses associated with submitted invoice. • PM can review any NEW transactions • PM can make adjustments (transfer, hold, write off) with security access
    • 16. Batch Billing
    • 17. Interface – Deltek Kona Color Scheme
    • 18. Interface – Icon picker for nav tree nodes
    • 19. Interface – Flat Dashboard Styling
    • 20. Interface – Hiding the report toolbar
    • 21. Interface – Photo Setting for PIC and OIC
    • 22. Interface – Kona Integration
    • 23. Interface – Navigator Integration
    • 24. Security – Users Info Center
    • 25. Security – Forgot User ID
    • 26. Security – Forgot Password
    • 27. Security – Forgot Password
    • 28. Advanced WBS Search
    • 29. Advanced WBS Search – Detail View
    • 30. Advanced WBS Search – List View
    • 31. Expanded WBS Search – Cheat Sheet
    • 32. Transaction Auto Numbering
    • 33. Auto Numbering - Receipts
    • 34. Auto Numbering - Payments
    • 35. Auto Numbering – Payment Processing • Payments for bank 001 are configured for auto numbering. The assign numbers button is disabled. The check numbers (reference numbers) have been automatically assigned. • The user still needs to assign numbers for bank 004 because it has not been configured for auto numbering of payments.
    • 36. TRANCATIONAL DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT • Transaction Document Management is designed to allow you to attach supporting documents to A/P Voucher and Expense Report transactions in Vision. • The supporting documents will be available for review in Interactive Billing. You can choose which supporting documents should be printed with the invoice when it is accepted. • Supporting Documents are uploaded to Vision using Microsoft SQL Server FILESTREAM
    • 37. Contact Information Email: Phone: (800) 882-6705 LinkedIn: