What's New in Sage 100 ERP: A Review of the Latest Features in v2013, What's coming in v2014 and 5 Tips & Tricks

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This slide deck is from our 2013 Q3 Sage 100 ERP User Group Meetings that we held in San Antonio, Houston, Denver and Honolulu. Last September we spoke about some of the new features coming in 2013. …

This slide deck is from our 2013 Q3 Sage 100 ERP User Group Meetings that we held in San Antonio, Houston, Denver and Honolulu. Last September we spoke about some of the new features coming in 2013. Now we would like to demonstrate some of those features and how you can get the most out of your Sage ERP system. We will also discuss some of the new features coming in 2014. As always we will wrap things up with 5 Tips & Tricks and cover numerous topics including:

Inactive vendors and customers
Expanded A/P invoice numbers
How to view cleared checks in vendor maintenance
How to post ACH electronic payments to Bank Rec in detail
Paperless Office SMTP encryption
Item Maintenance main tab changes
Sage CRM multi-company support

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  • Flashlight lookup added to AP/AR UX - Auto completeUX - Print Dialog openSage Intelligence on menuPayroll and tax forms to Aatrix
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  • On any standard Sage report (in any module), you can name and save your report selections for easy retrieval. The above example illustrates the screen that prompts for the name once the “Save” button is clicked. The report settings may be saved as Public or Private, and the report can also become the Default report for that menu option.Presenter should illustrate this in the Sage demo system
  • Presenter should demonstrate the right click functionality usaing Sales Order 149 in company ABCRight Cliicking during a line entry function provides multiple options that might be useful. A very useful option is the Find function providin gthe ability to search through line entries to find those that meet the criteria entered. There are other useful functions available when you right click in line entry such as Hide, Show and Freeze columns
  • Presenter should demonstrate ability to perform related tasks. The screen above illustrates related tasks for Customer Maintenance.You can perform certain tasks, such as performing an Invoice Inquiry or printing an Aging Report, without closing a maintenance record and navigating to the appropriate menu option. Simply right click in the maintenance screen (customers, vendors and inventory items) and select Related Tasks to choose from common tasks performed while maintaining records.
  • Presenter should demonstrate the process of copying from Invoice HistoryMost experienced users of Sales Order know that you can copy one order from another, But you are not limited to copying from orders only. You can copy a new Quote or Order from a historical invoice record. Simply select the “Copy To” function at the top of the Sales Order screen, drop down the “Copy From” box and select Invoice History to select to copy the l ines on any historical invoice.
  • Presenters: I don’t know why anyone would want to undock the task menu in Sage 100. Maybe you do? In any case, I have accidentally undocked the task menu several times and struggled to redock it. I thought others might have the same confusion.To undock the Modules and Tasks windowIn the Desktop’s Detail View, double-click the Modules and My Tasks tabs title bar. The Modules and Tasks window is undocked from the Desktop.To re-dock the Modules and Tasks windowDouble-click the Modules and Tasks window title bar. Note The Desktop must not be minimized to re-dock the window.


  • 1. September 2013 User Group Meeting
  • 2. Agenda • V2013 and 2014 • Tips and Tricks • Trivia • Ask the Experts
  • 3. What’s New for Sage 100 ERP 2013? Inactivate Vendors and Customers Expanded A/P Invoice Number Ability to View Cleared Checks in Vendor Maintenance Post ACH Electronic Payments to Bank Rec in Detail Paperless Office SMTP Encryption Item Maintenance Main Tab Changes Sage CRM Multi-Company Support
  • 4. Inactivate Customers and Vendors New “status” includes Active, Inactive, and Temporary Add a Reason Code when inactivating New Reason Code Maintenance to setup codes Schema checking when setting to Inactive •Disallows if Customer/Vendor in certain tables Cannot use Inactive in data entry Optionally exclude from lookups Security Event to allow cash receipts and payments
  • 5. Expanded A/P Invoice Number
  • 6. Ability to View Cleared Checks in Vendor Maintenance
  • 7. Post ACH Electronic Payments to Bank Rec in Detail
  • 8. Visual Process Flows • Lower the learning curve for key processes • introduced with the 2013 release – Sales Order – Returns – Shipping – Inventory, Physical Count – Purchase Order – Accounts Receivable – Accounts Payable
  • 9. Paperless Office SMTP Encryption • No need to maintain dedicated Email server! • Google mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. • Chillkat 9.3.0 now installed • Company Maintenance E-mail tab – Select SSL or TSL/STARTTLS
  • 10. Item Maintenance Main Tab A picture is worth a thousand words!
  • 11. Business Alerts • Important News! • As of October 1, 2012 Sage will not longer distribute Global Software’s products (Business Alerts) • Sage and Global Software are working on a transition of customers, support and renewals • Details will be communicated to partners and customers as soon as the details are finalized
  • 12. Sage Exchange Vault • Secure, compliant storage of sensitive credit card info • Card numbers not stored within Sage 100 ERP • Bank routing numbers and account numbers also stored for ACH (Sage 100 ERP Product Update will integrate with this)
  • 13. New Integration Points • Take credit cards for Accounts Receivable Invoices – Services companies without inventory can take payments within normal invoicing workflow – When batch of invoices is updated, payments are captured • Take credit cards for Recurring Invoices – Generate recurring invoices as you normally do and have credit card associated with them – When invoice batch is updated, payments are captured
  • 14. Swipe when cards are present More intuitive workflow to speed entry when processing credit cards in A/R Cash Receipts. Print the amount of the credit card payment on the appropriate Sales Order Invoice to deliver confirmation to your customers. Because every business and it’s transactions are unique, you can decide how much to pre-authorize on each transaction rather than always using the sales order amount. More Credit Card Enhancements
  • 15. Elimination of PC Charge • As of December 31, 2012, PC Charge will no longer be supported for any version of Sage 100 ERP • PC Charge WILL NOT WORK with Sage 100 ERP 2013 and subsequent versions of the software • Sage Payment solutions merchant account will be needed
  • 16. Sage 100 ERP eFiling and Reporting Enhancements • Sage 100 ERP Tax Forms will be deprecated in tax year 2014 – Compliance will be maintained through 2013 Tax Year filings – TTU updates will still be available • Sage 100 ERP eFiling and Reporting will attempt to Auto-Install when accessing the eFiling Applications for the first time • Basic Sage 100 ERP eFiling and Reporting features are free for all Sage 100 ERP customers current on Maintenance.
  • 17. Sage CRM • Map multiple ERP companies to single Sage CRM system • Web Client – Quick Orders • Tasks launched from Sage CRM do not use a Sage 100 ERP license • Installations Updated to Maintain the Integrity of Customer and Partner Customizations – Minimizes the number of changes that need to be re- done after each upgrade – Still may require some re-work if customizations are made to the same forms that Sage modifies • Sales Order Memos will now auto display • Full Support of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer
  • 18. SAP® Crystal Reports 2011 For Sage • Updated to latest version of SAP® Crystal Reports 2011 for Sage • Updated the report engine run-time components utilizing a modern .NET architecture – All standard reports and forms saved with a 2011 backwards compatible format • Crystal Conversion Utility updated with the .NET architecture and a new user interface • Allows Sage 100 ERP to stay current with SAP® Crystal Reports new features and product updates
  • 19. SAGE 100 ERP 2014 RELEASE •
  • 20. Improving the User Experience UX - Flashlight lookup for invoices UX - Auto complete UX – Keep Window open UX – Updated search defaults Sage Intelligence enhancements Payroll enhancements
  • 21. Flashlight lookup for invoices Sage 100 ERP 22 Flashlight lookup added to AP Invoice Data Entry and AP/AR Repetitive Invoice Entry
  • 22. Auto Complete Sage 100 ERP 23 For Customers, Vendors and Inventory Items Defaults customized by user for each entity
  • 23. Payroll Enhancements W2 filing – ability to select up to 16 different Box 12 codes Federal e-Filing & Reporting – changed display of Form IDs & Form Description Add mapping of Earnings & Deductions Codes for Puerto Rico reporting AP and PR tax reporting via eFiling and Reporting only
  • 24. Tips and Tricks
  • 25. Save Report Settings
  • 26. Find a Line
  • 27. Access Related Tasks
  • 28. Copy a Quote/Order from Invoice History
  • 29. Docking and Undocking Task Bar
  • 30. Brain Teaser Johnny’s mother had three children. The first child was named April. The second child was named May. What was the third child’s name? JOHNNY
  • 31. Name that Phobia Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of… Asymmetrical things Long words Peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth
  • 32. Brain Teaser A clerk at a butcher shop stands five feet ten inches tall and wears size 13 sneakers. What does he weigh? Meat
  • 33. Sage Promotions Discounts available for Sage Payroll, Sage HRMS, Sage CRM, Sage Fixed Assets Talk to your Account Manager if you are interested in learning more.
  • 34. Next User Group Meeting Second week in December Year End Procedures Tips and Tricks We welcome suggestions for 2014 topics!
  • 35. Questions?