BCSVP - New Partner Engagement


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BCSVP - New Partner Engagement

  1. 1. New Partner Engagement
  2. 2. BC Social Venture Partners - Mission Social Venture Partners share a dual mission. We seek to effect significant, long-term positive social change in our communities by: 1. Investing time, expertise, and money in innovative nonprofits to strengthen these organizations. 2. Encouraging individuals to be well informed, effective, and engaged philanthropists.
  3. 3. BC Social Venture Partners - Principles • Engaged Venture Philanthropy. Partners invest time, expertise and money in nonprofits. They seek collaborative relationships with nonprofits that last for at least three years. • Entrepreneurial Spirit. Partners use innovative approaches to achieve leveraged results in their nonprofit partnerships and communities. They delegate decisions, resources, and authority to those closest to the work. • Philanthropic Education. Partners educate themselves and become informed, effective, lifetime philanthropists. Ongoing individual philanthropy is encouraged through hands-on experience and education. • Community & Collaborative Action. Partners believe in the power of collective, self-organized effort. • Accountability & Results. Partners are mutually accountable to each other, their Investees (grant recipients) and community. They achieve and document measurable results, both in their own work and through their nonprofit partnerships.
  4. 4. BC Social Venture Partners - Focus Currently support these three main areas: • Helping Women at Risk, • Brighter Futures for Children and Youth; and • Social Enterprise.
  5. 5. Social Venture Partners International • Each SVP chapter is locally managed based on shared principles • Communications support spreading of best practices
  6. 6. Social Venture Partners – Model • Build Capacity of Investee Nonprofit through Partner Leverage: – Board Development and Governance – Leadership Development – Program Evaluation and Performance Management – Financial Management – Fund Development – Information Technology – Marketing, PR and Communications – Human Resources – Strategic Planning – Legal
  7. 7. Social Impact Choosing New Commitment to Grants Outcomes Orientation to Sustainability Ability to Collaborate Fit With SVP
  8. 8. Social Venture Partners – Grant Process • SVP receives applications twice per year for $30,000 renewable for 3 years • Partner support for each qualified application to refine proposal and set objectives • Grant Committee receives presentations and selects short list • Partner meeting selects recipient – two annually
  9. 9. Social Venture Partners – Support Process • Annual objectives agreed upon with grant • Lead Partner volunteers to coordinate support and monitor progress • Committee reviews renewal application annually for up to three years • Lead Partner and Grantee accountable for achieving objectives
  10. 10. BCSVP Partner Activities Beyond involvement with Grantee process and support: • Board of Directors • Annual General Meeting • Partner social events • Investee open houses • Partner lunches • SVP International conference
  11. 11. BCSVP - Statistics • Founded in 2001 • 3.9 Million granted to date • 63 Partners and their families • $580,000 (2008 Budget) • 30 nonprofits supported in total to date • 8 nonprofits currently receiving support • Administrative expenses are covered by Partner Pooled Funds, Donor Advised Fund fees, administrative fees paid by Vancouver Foundation and Vancity
  12. 12. BC SVP Supported
  13. 13. Children of the Street Society • Provincial Society and Federal Charity since 1995 • Our Mission: To take a proactive approach through public awareness, education and prevention strategies to decrease the number of sexually exploited children and youth, while offering support to families • Provides prevention and education workshops throughout B.C. to children and youth, service providers, and parents • Provides parent support to families who are affected by the issue of sexual exploitation • Works within a continuum of services in order to connect children and youth who are at risk of, or involved in sexual exploitation with support or intervention services • COTS – Grantee since 2007
  14. 14. The Learning Disabilities About the Project About Us • We have far more requests for tutoring that we can possibly • The Learning Disabilities Association, Vancouver, accommodate - our programs are full and the main constraints was formed in 1970 by concerned parents - it has since then provided services in our community are space and staff resources –we have outgrown our Centre for over 37 years. and our staff are working at maximum capacity. • We provide after-school (4 – 7 pm) remedial • So we got to thinking - what if we took what we know about tutoring for children who are experiencing effective remedial tutoring and introduced this to others like learning problems. schools, community associations etc. We could utilize their ‘space’ and, through this partnership, share the responsibilities. • We have 4 small rooms and one large room staffed by trained tutors who provide specialized remedial tutoring to about 50 kids per quarter. • To further the expansion of supports for our kids we could add online Parent Training Workshops (podcast). • That equates to over 200 kids a year – and that’s like a small school in comparison! • And because there is very little information about learning disabilities translated in other languages what if we created some of our own. Families would have the freedom and ability to read and educate themselves about their child’s disability in their own language. LDAV – Grantee since 2008
  15. 15. Tradeworks Training Society Based in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver BC, Tradeworks Training Society helps foster sustainable independence by providing job-related skills, training and knowledge, and work opportunities. Tradeworks Training Society has been offering training and employment programs in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver since 1994. Each program is centered in the belief that mutual respect is key to any relationship, and that a hand up is more lasting than a hand out. Tradeworks Custom Products is a new social enterprise which aims to improve the lives of the Women in the Downtown Eastside. We produce wood products and we finish these with customized laser engraving. BC SVP works with Tradeworks to provide much needed assistance as it grows its new social enterprise. Tradeworks– Grantee since 2007.
  16. 16. “Investing in SVP is something I feel good about as an entrepreneur. I know the value of persevering and what it feels like to have to do a lot with only a little bit of money - you can’t go to the next level without the support and encouragement of investors who have faith in your vision. I see SVP as doing the same thing with nonprofit groups – taking the longer Dick Hardt Sxip Networks view, the view of the investor.”
  17. 17. “It’s a model that jives with anybody who’s been in a venture-funded company, and reported to a venture board. It was instantly understandable.” Cathy Brown Salesworks SVP Partner
  18. 18. Social Venture Partners Make a Difference • Donate $5,000 or more annually • Donate $2,500 or more annually if you’re under 35 • Apply their skills for the good of the community … time permitting • Eager to engage, learn and make a difference • Find new creative solutions for nonprofit capacity • Collaborate for the good of the community
  19. 19. Thank You!