Information Security


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An overview to the products and services we offer for anyone with an interest in IT governance and information security. Includes details of related books and professional development courses and tools available from BCS The Chartered Institute for IT.

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Information Security

  1. 1. Careers in information security
  2. 2. What can we do for you? Information Security
  3. 3. Information Security “Information is critical to any business and paramount to the survival of any organisation in today’s globalised digital economy. IT professionals must have a core knowledge of information security management and the governance requirements involved.” BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
  4. 4. Professional Certification
  5. 5. Foundation Level •Information Management Security Principles Technology neutral certification, subject areas include: –Risk management –Technical and management controls –Legal framework –People and physical security –Security standards –Business continuity –Cloud computing
  6. 6. Foundation Level •Data Protection Understand context of UK data protection law, including: –EU Data Protection Directive 1995/46/EC –Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive 2002/58/EC –UK Human Rights Act 1998 –EU Charter of fundamental rights and freedoms (Article 8)
  7. 7. Practitioner Level •In-depth knowledge in other key areas of IT governance and security, including: –Business continuity management –Data protection –Freedom of information –Information risk management –Information assurance architecture
  8. 8. CESG Certified Professional •The UK Government’s approved standard of competence for cyber security professionals •Independent assessment of information assurance skills •Covers 7 IA roles at SFIA aligned levels: − Security and information risk adviser − IA architect − Accreditor − IA auditor − IT security officer − Communications security officer − Penetration tester
  9. 9. Professional development
  10. 10. Career path
  11. 11. IT Skills Framework •For IT professionals: – Reflects the current skills required by the industry – Provides a common benchmark again recognised standards – Pinpoints the right job for you by defining your skills – Helps you identify a clear progression path and development opportunities – Provides a consistent language for IT skills – Can be implemented at any stage in your IT career
  12. 12. IT Skills Framework •For IT employers: – Builds on SFIA – Delivers business advantage through structured skills development – Helps attract, retain and develop IT talent – Inspires high performance – Provides a consistency of approach to building job profiles and creating development plans – Enables production of skills gap analysis reports – Assists your organisation’s strategy implementation
  13. 13. CPD •BCS Personal Development Plan –Builds a portable record of your professional aspirations and activities –Access potential CPD activities (videos, events, articles, blogs…) –Records coaching, mentoring, networking and other activities –Share your achievements with your peers –Manage reflective learning
  14. 14. Publishing
  15. 15. Books and ebooks
  16. 16. Ebook series
  17. 17. Further your career in information security with us