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What is convergence culture

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  • 1. What is Convergence Culture?
  • 2. Introduction
    Convergence Culture is the bringing together of all media. This presentation will discuss what convergence culture is and the different types of convergence;
    Social or Organic
  • 3. Definition – Henry Jenkins
    Media convergence is an idea that the industry have which involves all media merging together to be controlled by one central “box”
    Henry Jenkins Says “Media convergence is an ongoing process, occurring at various intersections of media technologies, industries, content and audiences.”
  • 4. General Definition
    Bringing together old and new media with in one single creation.
    An example of this would be combining video games with television or music. Or even combining movies with social network sites.
  • 5. Technological Convergence
    This is converting media into digital technology. For example viewing a book online. This is taking old media (a book) and converging it into new technology.
    This therefore shows that new media is not completely new however old media has developed through the help of convergence.
  • 6. Economic Convergence
    This is the linking of companies to media for example Time Warner controls books, games, web, music.
    This has seen the release of such things as Harry Potter, Pokémon and Tomb Raider which are well known for their books, games and films.
  • 7. Global Convergence
    This is to do with the globalization of media.
    Media is shared and spread around the world which causes it to become globalized because of the interest from different cultures.
  • 8. Social or Organic Convergence
    Basically this means when some one is media stacking (using many different forms of media at one time. For example; writing a presentation whilst listening to music and searching on facebook).
  • 9. Cultural Convergence
    This is when consumers are empowered to edit, annotate and create content. Examples of this could include social network sites or wikis.
  • 10. Conclusion
    To conclude, media convergence has allowed media to become a big part of our lives.
    Through the 5 different convergence types we can see how the media affects us in different ways and how we have developed media over the years.
    We think that there is also room for further development in the future.