Bcil Zedwoods Value Adds Final


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Presentation during the BCIL Zed Woods Launch Event at Bangalore on 19th February 2010.

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Bcil Zedwoods Value Adds Final

  1. 1. ZEDWOODS
  2. 2. The Layout Amphitheater ZED Woods: Entry to 60 Number of Zedwoods ZED Collective apartments Entry to Swimming Pool Central Collective Landscaped Mezzanine
  3. 3. Six Strands Energy Water Waste Earth Air Biomass
  4. 4. Green power Solar hot water CFL Bulbs Low energy fans
  5. 5. 24 x 7 Green power - Solar water heating Solar hot water • Solar thermal hot water supply system, with the an optional backup of 15-litre, energy-efficient geyser. Benefit to you: Monthly Savings on your power bills over Rs. 200/-
  6. 6. 24 x 7 Green power - Energy efficient Lighting CFL bulbs/flouresc ent tubes •CFL bulbs and energy efficient flourescent tubes at every home •Some of the lights would be solar- powered to provide light round the clock Benefit to you: Monthly Savings on your power bills over Rs. 200/-
  7. 7. Green power – Zero Energy Ventilation •48 Watt low energy ceiling fans that reduce power consumption by 25%. Low Wattage fans Benefit to you: Monthly Savings on your power bills over Rs. 200/-
  8. 8. Grow your own water Water Conscience meter Treated waste water Treated fresh water Water Efficient fixtures
  9. 9. Grow your own water-Treated Fresh Water supply Treated Fresh Water •Drink water straight out of the tap. Benefit to you: 24 x 7 high-quality, healthy, water supply. You save on cost of bottled water, Aqua guards, etc…
  10. 10. Grow your own water - Water Efficient fixtures Water Efficient fixtures •Low flow water efficient fixtures Benefit to you: Saves nearly 35,000 liters a year in your home !
  11. 11. Grow your own water - Water conscience meters Water conscience meter •Every home comes with one water flow meter that records and displays the consumption of water. But only if you ask… Benefit to you: You know how much you waste as water, daily
  12. 12. Grow your own water-Treated Waste Water supply Treated Waste Water •The waste water leaving home is treated at the Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) and looped back into the system for non-potable uses such as flushing- and irrigation. •This reduces your fresh water need by about 25% Benefit to you: Monthly Savings on your water bills
  13. 13. Elegant Décor Low VOC paints Mosquito mesh Internal plaster Wooden laminated floors External walls and shading Sustainable wood doors External flooring External finishes Washroom wall finish
  14. 14. Elegant Décor – External walls The choice of energy-efficient hollow/ cavity blocks as the walling units for your home ensure that heat gain inside the home is reduced. You can even avoid fans. External walls and shading Benefit to you: Monthly Savings on your power bills over Rs. 250/-
  15. 15. Elegant Décor – Laminated Wooden Floor Wooden Laminated Floor Wood waste based laminated flooring PCC course RCC Floor Slab •The living, dining and bedrooms areas come with a choice of three shades of wood-waste based laminated wooden flooring that are fire-proof; acid-proof and long-lasting. •By this, we greatly reduce the use of high energy ceramic/vitrified tiles…. Limited only to the kitchen and washrooms. Benefit to you: Rich finishes, easy to maintain, offering warm tones
  16. 16. Elegant Décor – Zero VOC Internal paints Zero VOC paints All internal surfaces- walls and ceilings are painted with Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints that do not emit poisonous toxins over its lifetime- this ensures good indoor air quality. Benefit to you: Clean finishes; great for asthmatics
  17. 17. Elegant Décor – Sustainable wood door Homes at BCIL Zedwoods have internal doors made from sustainably harvested wood. Sustainable wood doors Benefit to you: Elegant durable finishes
  18. 18. Elegant Décor – Green plaster on walls Green Hollow concrete Blocks Hollow Block Green Plaster Green Plaster •The walls of your home are internally finished with green plaster •External finishes include interplay of green External finishes plaster and textured prefinished blocks that requires almost no maintenance. Benefit to you: Maintenance-free
  19. 19. Elegant Décor – Wash room finishes with Low VOC Paints •A special water-proof, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) painted surface and avoids usage of high-energy ceramic tiles. Washroom paints Benefit to you: Long-lasting, moisture or dampness control.
  20. 20. Elegant Décor – Stampcrete external floors •Stamped green concrete and pigmented cement flooring is used in the utility and balcony External floors areas respectively. Benefit to you: Long-lasting; no cost of re-laying and repairing.
  21. 21. Elegant Décor – Mosquito Mesh Mosquito Mesh Homes come with mosquito meshes fitted over selected window opening. Benefit to you: Saves you money when you move in.
  22. 22. 24x7 Fresh Air Green Ventilation Green Air Conditioning
  23. 23. Mist cooling system - Schematic MIST COOLING UNIT CAP 27 ̊- 28 ̊C FRESH AIR IN 28 ̊ – 32 ̊C 2000 CFMz BED ROOM 24 ̊C BED ROOM 24 ̊C BED ROOM 24 ̊C SUPPLY AIR DUCT WITH THERMAL INSULATION BED ROOM 24 ̊C Benefit to you: Monthly Savings on your power bills
  24. 24. No export of waste Organic kitchen waste management
  25. 25. No export of waste – Organic waste management Organic kitchen waste management Kitchen waste from each home can be sent (once segregated at home) to a natural compost units. Benefit to you: Rich vegetation that cools the air, offers flowers and vegetables.
  26. 26. The garden home Sky Garden
  27. 27. The garden home – Sky Gardens Sky Garden Every home at BCIL Zedwoods comes with a private sky garden- eco-scaped with carefully chosen native species that require less water and maintenance. Benefit to you: Done at our cost initially-adds elegance to your homes and offers edible plants like coriander and karipatha.
  28. 28. Efficient Car Parking •You have 2 tracks of 6 M wide roads for easy maneuverability •Circular columns in basement make for easy turning •Special extras of 15-18 car parks for those who wish to have double car park spaces apart from visitors parking •Special charging points for electrical cars, too
  29. 29. A ‘cool’ campus Rainwater management External works External lighting Rainwater management Backup power External greens Waste segregation Waste segregation
  30. 30. A ‘cool’ campus – Rain water management Rainwater management •BCIL Zedwoods has invested in long term water security for the community. Roof top rainwater harvesting feeds the domestic water tanks and supplements the fresh water need. Runoff water from sky gardens and ground is directed into percolation pits to recharge the aquifer. •You save on water tankers and extra water charges to city bodies Benefit to you: Monthly Savings on your water bills over Rs.150/-
  31. 31. A ‘cool’ campus – Roads from debris External works The roads at BCIL Zedwoods have been made using construction debris, from the soling to the concrete mixture used in the surface preparation. Benefit to you: Lasts over 15 years with no repair cost for campus.
  32. 32. A ‘cool’ campus – LED streetlights External Lighting LED Lighting •LED street lights and bollards in external areas have been woven into the design Benefit to you: Monthly Savings on your maintenance (power) bills over Rs. 900/-
  33. 33. A ‘cool’ campus – Green backup power •Beyond mains, power supply at BCIL Zedwoods, as a step towards greening power, the Zedwoods campus will be provided with dual fuel generators using bio-diesel for backup power needs of all common services. •This reduces air pollution, while reducing burning of fossil fuels. Backup Power Benefit to you: Save Maintenance Cost.
  34. 34. A ‘cool’ campus – Waste segregated To ensure effective waste management- separate community bins for Paper, Plastic, Glass, e-waste, toxic waste and other non- recyclables are provided in the common areas. Waste segregation Benefit to you: No Stinking Dumps. You have a Future City. Not dependent on Dump Trucks
  35. 35. A ‘cool’ campus – External Green External Greens BCIL Zedwoods comes with a unique elevated green cover, away from vehicular traffic. This provides a social space for both young and old. This upper and other lower level greens have only indigenous plant species. Benefit to you: Air Quality. Kids Area.
  36. 36. Thank You