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BCI Eurobib Library Furniture Catalog (2010)
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BCI Eurobib Library Furniture Catalog (2010)


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BCI Eurobib is the world's leading library furniture manufacturer. They are the indisputable leader when it comes down to modern library furnishings. The catalog here is brief look at the wide …

BCI Eurobib is the world's leading library furniture manufacturer. They are the indisputable leader when it comes down to modern library furnishings. The catalog here is brief look at the wide variety of library furniture that may be used in library settings from the public library environment to the university library building. Catalog can also be found at

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  • 1. Your library store.ABCDEFGHIJKLM 877.224.7026NOPQRSTUVWXYZ Corporate office: 100 Hilltop road ramsey nJ 07446
  • 3. T he one stop shop for libraries. Eurobib Direct is a web store dedicated to meeting the needs of libraries. This catalogue is your source of inspiration andprovides, at a glance, everything you need to organise,maintain and enhance your library. To save you time and money and to ensure that we canoffer you the best quality and innovative products, we havesourced ranges from some of the most exciting librarysuppliers in Europe. All these products are available for you to browse fromthe convenience of your desk. Then, when you have foundwhat you are looking for just go to our web shop – – and place your order. You do not payonline; the invoice comes with the delivery. Ordering onlineis the quickest and easiest way to shop with us. If you prefer you can order by phone, email, fax or post.
  • 5. F unctional, attractive and affordable products. At Eurobib Direct we want to help you to create libraries that combine inspiration and functionality which can be enjoyed by library customers and staffalike. We all know that it is hard to meet the demands of ourvisitors at a time when budgets are being cut. But we believe thatit is possible to create attractive libraries even when resources arelimited if you make the right design decisions. Our furniture creates inspiring and beautiful environments.Our children’s furniture stimulates both the eyes and theimagination of our young visitors. Our display productsenhance the library experience and pique the curiosity. Our accessibility programme helps people with physicaldisabilities and our storage systems andmedia products make it easier for staffto run the library and manage the stock. Everything for your visitors.
  • 7. W e have been working with libraries and library products for more than 60 years, initially in Sweden and then in the rest of Europe. We have invested time observing the ways that librarieswork and we always value your feedback. We understand library processes and the equipment that youneed to do your job. We focus on developing products that make working lifemore enjoyable for you and your colleagues. At Eurobib Directwe pride ourselves on providing tools that make work moreefficient and easy; materials that help you save money; furniturethat saves your back and body and good quality systems that areproven to quality and save time. Eurobib Direct is the one stop shop that provides theproducts you need to make your job efficient, rewarding and,above all, enjoyable. Welcome to Eurobib Direct. Everything for you and your colleagues.
  • 8. A Awaken curiosity Page 9 B Display Page 19 C Exhibition Page 39D Book trolleys Page 47
  • 9. E Computer & Study tables Page 59 F Seating Page 69 G Young people’s furniture Page 79H Displays Page 90 Symbols 2 This symbol shows that the product is not in our direct stock. The estimated delivery time is given in weeks. The tool means that the product has to be assembled. Standard tools are required. Easy-to-understand instructions are included.
  • 10. awaken their curiosity! Did you know?Rachel Van Riel founded Opening the Book in 1991. Rachel is a passionate advocate for the importance oflibraries and reading in the wider cultural and educational sectors. She has taken reader-centred ideas to manyEuropean countries from Norway to Hungary and the Netherlands to Greece. Opening the Book is a conceptwhich uses furniture, display, design and communication to stimulate reading in all age groups. Eurobib Direct and Opening the Book co-operate to encourage reading and library visits across Europe. Perfect for displays of recent titles, topic of the week or fun classics. Creating the unexpected to grab the attention and interest. Or the instant “wow factor” as Opening the Book calls it. The entire range embodies stable construction, solid quality and a high finish.Opening the Book can be recognisedby their creative combination ofinspiration and practicality.
  • 12. awaken their curiosity!10 Stimulate. Engage. Satisfy. Success. OPENING THE BOOK AND THE READER-FRIENDLY LIBRARY 5857 Opening the Book Promotions has helped libraries in the Book Pods UK increase their issues by Easy-to-position wooden stand for face- displaying books face-forward forward display of books and DVDs. throughout the library space. Also includes spine-on shelf. Easy to Now these innovative and use – display new titles and top up as stylish units are available to required. Available in single or double- libraries across Europe. sided design. Supplied with sign holder, Quick Choice & children’s Discover graphics. Book Pods Capacity Single Book Pod: about 45 5918 books/DVDs, 3 face-forward Graceful and compact units which display books face-forward anywhere in shelves and 1 spine-on shelf. the library. Double Book Pod: about Choose the right version for you. 90 books/DVDs, 2 x 3 face- forward shelves + 1 spine-on Location Single-sided Book Pods fit into shelf. corners, against pillars or Size W465 x D510 (single)/ 560 shelving bay ends. (double) x H1400 mm. Double-sided Book Pods Material Maple: stand confidently in a midfloor Ends in maple veneered MDF space to present books in two with spray lacquered finish. directions. Black: Style Choose between classic maple Ends in dyed MDF. Shelves and smart black version to 5858 and graphic holder in powder appeal to teenagers and coated steel. Terms 6-8 students. Product Fiction and DVDs fit nicely on the standard Book Pods. Single For larger format non-fiction 5857 maple books, choose the Nonfiction 5918 black 5920 Book Pods which have wider shelves. Double 5858 maple 5920 black phone 877.224.7026
  • 13. awaken their curiosity! 11 Non-fiction Book Pods Easy-to-position wooden stand for face- forward display of large format books. Available in single or double-sided design. Supplied with sign holder and Quick Choice graphics. Capacity Single Book Pod: about 27 large format books, 3 face- forward shelves. Double Book Pod: about 54 large format books, 2 x 3 face- forward shelves. Size W650 x D510 (single)/ 560 (double) x H1400 mm. Material Maple: Ends in maple veneered MDF with spray lacquered finish. Black: Ends in dyed MDF. Shelves and graphic holder in powder coated steel. Terms 6-8 5921 single 5922 double 5921 5922 The Book for Librarians. At a time when a rekindling interest in reading, especially fiction, began to spread in the wider UK culture, the reader- centred approach changed the way public libraries in the UK engage with their users.The Reader-friendly Library ServicePublished by The Society of Chief Librarians in n engage middle and senior managers of publicJune 2009. This book documents examples from library services, cultural policymakers, and artshundreds of libraries and sets out to: and education professionals.n explore the thinking behind reader-centred Authors Rachel Van Riel, Olive Fowler & Anne practice and to present a sustained argument for Downes. its benefits. Size 192 x 230 mm., 397 pages with colourn bring clarity to discussions of reader development illustrations throughout (paper back). to help library managers as they make day-to-day 3650 The Reader-friendly Library Service and strategic decisions.
  • 14. awaken their curiosity!12 Feature mid-floor Display Units. All retailers know that mid-floor space is the most desirable - more sales are made from mid-floor units than from shelves on the perimeter. Now Opening the Book has adapted retail ideas to help libraries make the most of these opportunities too. Exploit your high-traffic areas by placing mid-floor units where they catch the atten- tion of passers by. Choose between units for fiction, DVDs and comic books. Table Unit Freestanding double-sided table display unit for face-forward display of books. Shelves are specially designed to enable you to create an attractive and easy-to-access focal point. The shelf depths allow space to display two titles. Supplied with sign holder and Quick Choice graphics. Capacity About 80 books, 2 x 4 shelves. Size W900 x D1340 x H1010 mm. Material Stand, shelves and graphic 5855 holder in powder coated steel. Surround in maple veneered MDF with spray lacquered finish. Terms 6-8 5855 table unit Comic Book Unit Comic books have a wider range, more readers, and are better quality than ever before. At last here’s a unit to showcase them properly – attractive to customers to browse and touch, and easy for staff to top-up. Capacity About 42 comic books, 4 face- forward shelves. Size W758 x D563 x H1400 mm. Material Ends in dyed MDF. Shelves and graphic holder in powder coated steel. Terms 6-8 5923 comic book unit Bookshops pile titles on tables and sell lots of books successfully. Opening the Book has adapted this technique, creating this Table Unit which demonstrates the same effect without the need for multiple copies. 5923 phone 877.224.7026
  • 15. awaken their curiosity! 13Magazine/Journal UnitMagazines and journals are oftendisplayed formally on standardshelving. This unit offers a more relaxedapproach, highlighting an attractiverange of covers to tempt passingpeople to pick one up on impulse.Capacity Single: about 36 magazines or journals, 4 face-forward shelves. Double: about 72 magazines or journals, 8 shelves.Size Single: W760 x D563 x H1400 mm. Double: W760 x D760 x H1400 mm.Material Ends in maple veneered MDF with spray lacquered finish. Shelves and graphic holder in powder coated steel.Terms 6-85930 single5931 double 5931 5930 Catch attention with reader- centred graphics! Opening the Book has created fabulous images to promote books in libraries. The graphics fit into Opening the Book’s furniture and many other display units. They can also be used on walls, pillars or shelf-ends. Each concept promotes the enjoyment of reading and enables you to bring different types of books together in fresh, surprising ways. Instead of displaying subjects or authors, these graphics take their starting point from the experiences readers are looking for. They use humour, excitement and magic to communicate what can be found inside a book. Graphics are available in different languages – contact your Eurobib Direct representative for details.
  • 16. awaken their curiosity!14 Display on counters and tables. There are lots of surfaces in libraries which can be used to promote books. This range of smart units will ena- ble you to make use of every opportunity. There are units to highlight single titles, to present books neatly alongside computers, to showcase books on counters or window ledges and to adapt your existing tables for walk-round book display. Counter-top Unit 5852 5852 5885 Table-toppers Practical unit for face-forward display in Table top units and graphic holder for small areas. The counter-top unit does display on three or four sides. Suitable a big job on a small surface. Comes for tables, platforms and other display with two shelves. Supplied with Quick areas. Ledges with space for several Choice & children’s Discovery graphics. titles. Free “Quick Choice” graphic. Available in three models: double-sided Capacity 12 paperbacks. in two sizes and single-sided. Size W500 x D250 x H300 mm. Material Stand in maple veneered MDF Capacity Double, S: about 48 books. with spray lacquered finish. Double L: about 104 books. Shelves in powder coated Single: about 49 books. steel. Size Double, S: W475* x D520 x 5852 counter-top unit H460 mm. Double, L: W725* x D725 x Acrylic Counter-top 5884 5886 H500 mm. Single: W725* x D390 x unit H500 mm. *Excl. side shelves. Acrylic counter-top unit and graphic 5885 double, small for displaying books. Perfect for small 5886 double, large libraries and surfaces in large libraries. 5887 single Two ledges with space for several titles. Capacity About 18 books. Size W470 x D285 x H335 mm. 5884 acrylic counter-top unit Book of the Day Unit Display unit for books/DVDs in sturdy frosted acrylic – will not chip or scratch. 5883 5883 5887 Space for two titles. Suitable for small surfaces, such as counters, tables and window sills. Capacity 2 books/DVDs. Size W230 x D150 x H270 mm. Unit 5 pcs. 5883 book of the day unit Desktop Unit Unit for displaying books. Perfect for small libraries and computer workspaces. Two tiers, each with space for two titles. 5888 5924 Magazine Display Capacity 4 books. Unit Size W155 x D220 x H350 mm. A smart, lightweight and portable Unit 5 pcs. solution for displaying magazines on 5888 desktop unit flat tables. Capacity 4 magazines/graphic novels. Size W225 x D200 x H270 mm. Material Acrylic, polymethyl- Unit 3 pcs. methacrylate (PMMA). 5924 magazine display unit Applies to all stands unless otherwise specified. phone 877.224.7026
  • 17. awaken their curiosity!A relish for reading. 15These units are transforming library display. They showcase one title atthe front of the shelf while also acting as a shelf-tidy to hold other booksstraight on either side.Feature Fillers 5900 Zig-zag 5893Feature filler unit for face-forwarddisplay. Highlight new titles, topics etc Transform conventional bookcasein an eye-catching way. Take a cue shelving quickly into striking face-from book shops – get the books to forward displays of books/DVD. Use“call out” to your visitors. Change Zig-Zag when you need a combinationtitles, do some repositioning and you of storage and display. This means youwill have exciting new book shelves can still place the books in alphabeticalevery day. English graphics included. order. Individual compartments prevent 5896See the last page for more tips and the books from falling out. The solidideas. Available in three sizes: small, back panel ensures the unit standsmedium and large. securely on the shelf. Suitable for most shelf depths. Available in two sizes.Capacity S: Paperback/DVD Comes with gripper studs for metal M: Standard books. shelving. L: Large format books up to A4.Size S: W123 x D154 x H172 mm. 5900 Capacity S: about 30 books/DVDs. 5893 M: W170 x D230 x H226 mm. L: about 64 large format L: W195 x D230 x H260 mm. books.Unit 10 pcs. Size S: W785 x D140 x H100 mm.5900 feature filler, S L: W800 x D170 x H220 mm.5903 feature filler, L Unit 5 pcs.5906 feature filler, M 5893 Zig-zag, S 5896 Zig-zag, LMagazine Feature Board BookFillers 5925 Display Unit 5880This unit enables you to display Opening the Book’s two-tier systemmagazines and journals within specific solves the problem of making smallsubject areas on the shelves. Integrate board books look good on standardcookery magazines with cookery books shelving.or highlight computing journals withthe relevant book stock. Capacity About 50 board books Size W797 x D225 x H185 mm.Capacity 2 magazines/comic books. Material Acrylic, polymethylmeth-Size W210 x D260 x H290 mm. acrylate (PMMA).Unit 5 pcs. Unit 5 pcs.5925 feature filler 5880 board book display Feature shelf 5925 Adapt shelving for Add a Quick-choice graphic for face-forward display. high-impact face-forward display. These clever products will Sits at the front of the shelf not in the transform the look of library shadows. Suitable for most shelves. shelving. Produce your own message – see tip on last page. Comes with gripper studs for metal shelving. Capacity About 18 paperbacks. 5890 Size W795 xD220 x H170 mm. Unit 5 pcs. 5890 feature shelf
  • 18. awaken their curiosity!16 Discover. Excite. Enjoy. Picturebook Wall Unit Deep pockets mean that this unit offers a great combination of capacity and display. Capacity About. 120 picturebooks. Size W940 x D455 x H705 mm. Material Laminated MDF with PVC edge-band. Terms 6-8 5927 picture wall unit Board Book Wall Unit Board books are hugely popular in libraries but their small size often 5927 means they disappear among the larger books. This unit gives them their own showcase and it is just the right size to encourage young children to touch the books. Capacity About. 45 board books. Size W640 x D445 x H705 mm. Material Laminated MDF with PVC edge-band. Terms 6-8 5928 board book wall unit Curved Bookcase A great way to define a boundary on the edge of a children’s or teenage space while also tempting young 5928 people with a showcase of attractive titles. Adjust the shelves for children’s fiction or picture books. The curved metal back can be used for magnets or to display children’s art work. Single-sided curved bookcase with 2 x 4 shelves, front separator and removable backing board. Can be used for paperbacks or picture books. Simply remove one shelf and loosen the back. The large metal back provides space for letter and picture magnets or magnetic games. Capacity About. 660 picturebooks or 320 paperbacks. Size W1130 x D580 x H1270 mm. Material Ends and shelves in laminated MDF with PVC edge-band. Back panel in powder coated steel. Terms 6-8 5877 curved bookcase Storytime Seats 5877 phone 877.224.7026
  • 19. awaken their curiosity!Creative 17playground. 58788 seats with unique shapes to createinteresting spaces and bring together astiered seating for a storytime event.Size Individual seat sizes vary.Material Foamex structure covered with wipe-clean vinyl.Unit 8 units.Terms 6-85878 storytime seats 5877 5877 5878New training = new ideas =new experiences for library customers.Opening the Book is the UK’s leading provider of library staff training – and they work across Europe too.Every course they provide is an exciting mix of inspiration and practicality. These are just some of the coursesyou can book:The reader-friendly library Reading groups and bookchainsExplore how the reader-centred approach can be used both Everything you need to know about running successfulinside and outside the library. A course full of low-cost ideas reading groups in public and school can implement right away in your own situation. Customer-centred library designPutting readers first How to improve the physical environment of your library toLearn how to understand audiences and create promotions make a welcoming experience so that people want to visitthat make the books fly off your shelves. again and again. For more information please email or go to
  • 20. display Did you know?The word exposure comes from the Latin word ‘expositum’ which means to display or to explain.For Eurobib Direct, display is the key to creating attractive libraries. People say, ‘If you do not see it,it does not exist’. The problem of making products visible is solved in this chapter of our catalogue. The new Booktower display can only be found at Eurobib Direct. Intelligent design and transparent acrylic highlight the books effectively from all directions. The Booktower combines form, function and flexibility. Our Booktower is the perfect solution when you want to create a topical, subject-based or themed promotion in a prominent place in your library. The Booktower is available in several versions for both graphic and digital media. Easily located. The Booktower uses only 0.25m² of floor space but holds up to 240 normal books (large model). phone 877.224.7026
  • 21. BDISPLAY
  • 22. display 4336 Big Claus & Little Claus 4335 Popular children’s book browsers for display and storage. Allows display of the book cover and the spine. Material Beech or birch veneer on Big Claus and20 particleboard or lacquered Little Claus are MDF. also available in 4235 Terms red and green. See Big Claus Capacity About 200 picture books. Size W911 x D450 x H936 mm. 4235 beech 4335 birch Little Claus Capacity About 120 picture books. Size W911 x D380 x H707 mm. 4229 4236 beech 4336 birch Book browser Contains five removable dividers. 4236 Capacity About 80 picture books. Size W740 x D625 x H550 mm. Material Beech or birch veneer on 4329 / 4330 particleboard. Terms 4065 beech Newspaper box 4365 birch Contains 15 compartments. (Shown with bottom Book browser shelf, 4230.) Contains three removable dividers. Size W860 x D375 x H550 (Shown with Bottom shelf 4230.) mm. Material Beech veneer on Capacity About 60 picture books. 4254 / 4230 particleboard. Size W860 x D375 x H585 mm. Terms Material Beech or birch veneer on 4254 newspaper box particleboard. Terms 4065 4229 beech 4329 birch Accessories Bottom shelf with kickplate Fits Book browser 4229, 4329 and 4330 (4230) 4254. Size W820 x D370 x H87 mm. Material Beech or birch veneer on particleboard. Terms 4230 beech 4229 4330 birch 4225 4224 Castors for book browsers Castors for book browsers For 4235, 4335, 4236 and 4336. and newspaper boxes For 4065, 4365, 4329, 4229 and 4254. Size Ø50 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. 4225 set of castors Size Ø50 mm. 4224 set of castors phone 877.224.7026
  • 23. displayBook browsers for childrenand adults. Larry new A free standing, single-sided range of browsers. Available as starter and add-on sections with two compartments, in two heights. Available in three different colours. Allows flexible, expandable 21 solutions with good accessibility, including wheelchair users. Comes complete with adjustable feet and a grooved rubber mat for the shelves. Accessories include dividers with either three or four compartments and a linking device to connect two or more units. Order accessories separately, see below. Part of the same collection as Book trolley Larry, p. 48, Book carousel Larry, p. 35 and AV-browser Larry, p.29. 4228 / 4398 Capacity About 110 Picture books. Size Stand: W1118 x D765 x H844 (low)/1122 (high) mm. Compartment: W1068 x D265 4296 / 4398 (bottom)/321 x H231 mm. Material Frame in powder coated tubular steel and compartments in steel. Dividers in steel wire. Design Louise Hederström. Terms Low 4228 black 4233 white 4241 red High 4296 black 4297 white 4298 red 4297 / 4399 Accessories 4233 / 4399 Dividers Size W1048 x D265 (bottom)/321 x H231 mm. 3 compartments: W340 mm./ compartment. 4 compartments: W255 mm./ compartment. Unit 3 pcs. 4398 3 compartments 4399 4 compartments Linking device Unit 2 units 4244 linking device 4244 4241 / 4398 4298 / 4398
  • 24. display Comic for adult and child. Comic Book browsers and displays in a A complete system to display and store graphic novels, picture books and different way. comics. Use as free standing units or place them against the wall. Material Lacquered MDF or beech or birch veneer. Base in lacquered steel. Display shelf with green- tinted glass.22 Design Niklas Dahlman. Terms Freestanding, double-sided book browser For display and storage of children’s books or comics, mounted on a steel base. A practical, accessible browser with great capacity yet in a compact model. Includes a glass-fronted upper section for front-facing display. Available in two sizes, low and high, lacquered or in veneer. Capacity Low: about 150 children’s books/comics. High: about 270 children’s books/comics. Size Low, W600 x D600 x H554/660 (including foot) mm. High, W600 x D600 x H900/ 1005 (including foot) mm. Low 4304 white 4305 beech 4306 birch High 4307 4301 white 4302 beech 4303 birch 4302 Comic Display Freestanding, double-sided display for children’s books or comics, mounted on a steel base. Comes with four compartments each for display and storage. Available as a lacquered model or in veneer. 4301 4303 4304 Capacity Display compartment, about 12 children’s books. Storage compartment, about 40 children’s books. Size W600 x D330 x H900/1005 (incl. foot) mm. 4307 white 4308 beech 4309 birch 4305 4306 4308 4309 phone 877.224.7026
  • 25. displayComic Start & Comic Add-on Size W578 x D330 x H1000 mm.Add-on 4322 white 4323 beechStand-alone single-sided children’s 4324 birchbook browser for display and storageof children’s books or comics. Availableas a starter section and add-on sectionsin a varnish or veneer finish. Simple to Comic Walladjust as required. Easy-to-position, single-sided display stand for mounting on walls or ends.Capacity About 135 children’s books/ Consists of three display compartments comics. for picture books or magazines. 23Material Varnished MDF, or beech or Available in a varnish or veneer finish. birch veneer. Front in Delivered fully assembled. green-tinted glass.Design Niklas Dahlman. Capacity Space for two children’sTerms books/magazines displayed side by side per compartment.Comic Start Size W600 x D100 x H900 mm.Size W600 x D330 x H1000 mm. Material Lacquered MDF, or beech or4315 white birch veneer. Back in lacquered4316 beech steel. Front in green-tinted4317 birch glass. Design Niklas Dahlman. 4310 4310 white 4312 beech 4313 birch new 4313 4312 4316 / 4323 4317 / 4324 4322 4315
  • 26. display A smart picture book browser! Linnéa A classic picture book browser with an Capacity About 170 picture books new adjustable back. The back can be set either at a high or low position. When the back panel is mounted in the high Size W945 (starter)/923 (add-on) x D410 x H960 (low back)/1375 (high back) mm. position, the slot in the back panel can Material End panels in MDF. Lacquered24 be used with acrylics to create an eye- in white or covered with catching display of books. Adjustable beech or birch veneer. feet are included. Castors and acrylic Back panel and shelves in displays are ordered separately, see white lacquered MDF. Dividers accessories. in steel tubes. Design Niklas Dahlman. Terms Starter section 4328 4327 4334 Castors are ordered separately. 4327 birch 4325 beech 4327 4325 4331 4331 white Add-on section 4328 birch 4326 beech 4332 white Accessories Displays Size W225 x D110 x H155 mm. Material Plastic, polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). 4333 4333 4334 4333 display Castors Size Ø75 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. 4334 set of castors phone 877.224.7026
  • 27. displayWith flexible dividers. 25 5721Comics and children’s book browsersSingle and double-sided stand-alone Single-sided Mobile comics and children’s book Signbrowsers. Dividers between Capacity About 100 children’s books, browser Neutral sign system for the library’scompartments are removable so that 3 dividers. Mobile, double-sided comics and own text (contact a local company toeach compartment can be made smaller Size W1128 x D390 x H770 mm. children’s book browser offering face do the type-setting). Easy to install; fitsor bigger or taken away. Also suitable 5719 single-sided out display on top and book spines to the top of the back panel. Two signsfor VHS cassettes and DVDs. below. The attractive back panel can are needed for double-sided browsers. Double-sided also be used for signage, e.g. ”News”.Material Birch decore/foil covered About 200 children’s books, Capacity Size W300 x D40 x H150 mm. stand on particleboard. Bin Six dividers. Capacity Approx. 200 children’s books. Material Lacquered steel. with ribbed rubber matting Size W1128 x D765 x H770 mm. Size W720 x D720 x H1100 mm. Terms 1-2 to base and compartments in 5721 double sided Material Birch decore/foil covered stand 5718 sign lacquered steel. on particleboard. Trough withDesign Schulz Speyer. Dividers ribbed rubber matting to base.Terms 3-5 Extra dividers. Castors Ø75 mm. Two castors are lockable. Material Lacquered steel. 5727 mobile book browser Unit 1 pc. 5723 divider 5719 5727 5718
  • 28. display Show AV-media using height, depth and length!26 Radix & Sinus CD/DVD-selector browser with numerous options. Choose between the straight Radix and the curved Sinus, single or double-sided. Radix is also available in three different heights. Both Radix and Sinus are also available with two levels for those who would like a CD/DVD-selector browser with more capacity. Material Birch decore/foil covered stand on particleboard. Selector browser with ribbed rubber matting to base and compartments in lacquered steel. Other The compartments of all models are fixed with internal dividers adjustable at 12 mm. increments. Compartment height: 80 mm. Design Schulz Speyer. Terms 4-6 5712 Radix Single-sided Capacity About 210 CDs, 7 compartments. Size W1128 x D390 x 770/ 900 mm. 5700 H650 mm. 5701 H770 mm. 5702 H900 mm. Double-sided 5701 ( 5702) Radix, two levels 5707 (5706 / 5708) Capacity About 420 CDs, Both starter and add-on sections 14 compartments. available. Size W1128 x D765 x H650/770/ Capacity About 630 CDs, 21 900 mm. compartments. Size W1128 x D760 x H1280 mm. Single-sided 5712 two levels 5706 H650 mm. 5707 H770 mm. 5708 H900 mm. phone 877.224.7026
  • 29. display 5714 5716 5717 5718 27SinusSingle-sided Double-sidedCapacity About 210 CDs, Capacity About 1260 CDs, 7 compartments. 42 compartments.Size W1177 x D420 x H1010 mm. Size W1177 x D1525 x H1510 mm.5714 single-sided 5717 double-sidedDouble-sided SignCapacity About 420 CDs, Neutral sign system for the library’s 14 compartments. own text (contact a local company toSize W1177 x D820 x H1010 mm. do the type-setting).5715 double-sided Easy to install; fits to the top of the back panel.Sinus, two levels Note: Two signs are needed forAvailable both single- and double- double-sided browsers.sided. Size W300 x D40 x H150 mm.Single-sided Material Lacquered steel.Capacity About 630 CDs, Terms 21 compartments. 5718 signSize W1177 x D772 x H1510 mm.5716 single-sided 5715CD-selector browserDiscoCD-selector browser with good ratioof size to capacity. Gives display andstorage of CDs with excellent availabilityand is easy to peruse.Capacity About 440 CDs, 5 levels.Size W1204 x D710 x H1325 mm.Material Browser in birch veneer on MDF. Frame and compartment furnishing in lacquered steel. Grooved rubber inside of the compartments.Design Brian Möinichen Wendin.Terms4050 DiscoDividersDividers with 7 compartments. 4099Size W1165 mm. Internal dimensions per compartment: W163 x D110 mm.Material Lacquered steel.Unit 5 pcs.4099 dividers 4050
  • 30. display Cabinet for displaying 3437928 and storing! CD cabinet Malmoe Voluminous cabinet for displaying and storing CDs. The cabinet comes with five shelves, each with six compartments, and two sliding drawers that each contain twelve compartments, as well as stationary feet (adds 20 mm. to the cabinet’s height). Capacity Display shelf: about 300 CDs. Storage drawers: about 624 CDs. Size H1300 + 20 (stationary feet) x W1060 x D600 mm. Internal dimensions per CD compartment: W150 x D100 mm. Rear edge of CD compartment: H135 mm. Material Sliced birch or beech veneer in clear varnish on MDF with solid birch or beech edging. Solid birch or beech shelf dividers and steel brackets. 34380 Terms 6-8 34379 birch 34380 beech DVD cabinet Malmoe Material and design identical to CD cabinet. At the rear of the DVD compartment there is a space for taller cases – interior dimensions W150 x D100 x H233 mm. Terms 6-8 37379 birch 34356 37380 beech CD-selector browser Features pull-out CD-compartments. 34349 Capacity About 450 CDs. Size W1028 x D514 x H936 mm. Material Beech or birch veneer on MDF. Terms 34349 beech 34356 birch phone 877.224.7026
  • 31. displayAccessible. Flexible. Expandable.Larry AV-browserStand-alone, single-sided AV browser.Choose between three different stand newcolours. Provides flexible, expandablesolutions with good access (even for 29wheelchair users). Suitable for CD, DVDand audio book display.Supplied with inserts for shelves andsteel feet. 4341 / 4318Dividers may be ordered separately,6-compartment/7-compartment, seebelow.Part of the same collection as BookTrolley Larry, p. 48, Book CarouselLarry, p. 35 and Picture Book BrowserLarry, p. 21.Capacity 6 compartments: 100 AV box, see 50040 or 120 UniKeep Mediabox 5, see 3801. 7 compartments: 224 CDs, see 2863.Size Stand: W1118 x D765 x H1122 mm. Compartment W1068 x D167 (bottom)/223 x H166 mm.Materials Enamelled tubular steel frame, steel compartments. Dividers in steel wire. Inserts in black rubber.Design Louise Hederström.TermsSection4341 black4342 white4343 redAccessories 4342 / 4319DividersSize W1048 x D162 (bottom)/179 x H95 mm. 6 compartment: W170 mm./ compartment. 7 compartment: W145 mm./ compartment.Unit 3 units4318 6 compartment4319 7 compartmentLinking deviceUnit 2 units4244 linking device 4244 4343 / 4319
  • 32. display Expandable system on castors! new30 Aztek Accessories A freestanding, mobile and Capacity About 300 paperbacks, spine Starter section Create attractive face-forward displays; doublesided display system that can on. 6603 white highlight a title at the front of the shelf easily be expanded. Available with four Size W1000 x D800/300 x 6604 black and combine with storing a selection fixed shelves on each side. Suitable H1470 mm. of titles. for faceforward display of books and Shelves: W900 x D180 x Add-on section DVDs and CDs. Specially designed H250 mm. 6605 white Material Acrylic, polymethylmethacry- acrylic stands make it easy to create Material End panels, edges and base in 6606 black late (PMMA). highimpact displays, see Accessories. lacquered MDF. Unit 4 units It is also suitable for storage of Shelves in powder coated Design Niklas Dahlman. paperbacks. steel. Sturdy stand in steel. The shelves are adjustable for Castors Ø50 mm. Two of the castors Shelf stand 900 maximum flexibility; the lower shelves are lockable. Clever stand with six compartments are angled to help to present the books Design Scalae. Remember to empty the in sturdy, transparent acrylic for more effectively to your customers. Terms shelves before moving Aztek if you faceforward display of books and other Available as starter and add-on have several sections connected media. Combines storage and display. sections. Delivered with a sign holder together! Works with Aztek as well as most other that can be used to highlight your own Contact a local company to do shelving systems. Depending on shelf promotions and graphics. You can add the type-setting. depth and for good display you can add shelf stand 900, see under Accessories. distances for good display, see below. Capacity About 12-18 standard books Size W895 x D145 x H190 mm. 6603 6603 6720 Inside dimension, compartment: 95 mm. 6720 shelf stand 900 Distances for shelf stand 900 Distances for shelf depths 250 and 300 mm. 6721, 6722 Size 250 mm: W895 x D145 mm. 300 mm: W895 x D165 mm. Thickness: 6 mm. 6721 distance, 250 mm. 6722 distance, 300 mm. phone 877.224.7026
  • 33. displayIntelligentBook towers.Book TowerOur Booktower is the perfect solutionwhen you want to create a topical, Book Tower Medium Freestanding tower on a base, five 31subject-based or themed promotion shelves (excl. the top shelf) each within a prominent place in your library. four compartments.Intelligent design and transparentacrylic combine to make a product Capacity About 180 standard books/display which looks good from all 220 paperbacks/360 DVDs.directions. Size W480 x D480 x H1510 mm.Booktower is available in several Compartments: W280 x H240versions for both graphic and digital x D175 Easily placed, uses only 0.25m² 4351 whiteof floor space, but holds a lot more! 4352 birchAvailable lacquered or veneered inthree models. Easy to assemble. Book Tower Comic Freestanding tower on a base, twoMaterial Base and shelves in veneered shelves (excl. the top shelf) each with or lacquered MDF. Supporting four compartments. panels in sturdy acrylic.Design Niklas Dahlman. Capacity About 180 graphic books.Terms Size W510 x D510 x H1010 mm. Compartments: W240 x H340Book Tower Large x D290 mm.Freestanding tower on a base, five 4349 whiteshelves (excl. the top shelf) each with 4350 birchfour compartments.Capacity About 250 normal books.Size W510 x D510 x H1797 mm. Compartments: W320 x H280 x D175 mm.4353 white4354 birch new 4353 4351 4354 4349 4352 4350
  • 34. display Labyrint Create the wow factor for your visitors32 with our freestanding, mobile book tower with 20 compartments across five levels. The mix of space and storage gives an exciting combination of storage and display on all four sides of the tower. Capacity About 300 standard books / paperbacks. Size W580 x D580 x H1750 mm. Compartments: W370 x D170 x H305 mm. Material Structure in MDF with foil. Castors Ø100 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. Design Schulz Speyer. Terms 5805 Labyrint new A complete library department store at your fingertips. Here you will find everything to make your working life easier and more exciting for both you and your visitors.
  • 35. displaySound display columns!Post A4 41026 41001 41029 41027Material Column in untreated birch or oiled oak, waxed iron shelves and hot-rolled iron rods suspen- ded from leather fittings. Base 33 in black lacquered sheet metal.Design Lillian Öberg.TermsWall-hung shelfWall-hung shelf in two heights formagazines, books, individual sheets,etc.Size 6-compartments W200 x D160 x H2100 mm. 3-compartments W200 x D135 x H1140 mm. Post width 130 mm. 4102541002 3-compartment, birch41001 6-compartment, birchWall-hung shelf in oakTerms 6-841026 3-compartment, oak41025 6-compartment, oakFreestanding display columnWith six (single) or twelve (double)compartments for magazines.Size W200 x D160 x H2110 mm. Post width 130 mm. Base W358 x D358 mm.41004 6-compartment, birch 41004 41005 4100341005 2 x 6-compartment, birchFreestanding display column in oakTerms 6-841028 6-compartment, oak41029 2 x 6-compartment, oakPost A5Magazine standWall-hung shelf with eightcompartments for books, informationsheets, brochures, etc.Size W140 x D160 x H2100 mm. 41002 Post width 92 mm.41003 birchMagazine stand in oakTerms 6-841027 oak 41028
  • 36. display Sound display solutions! Book carousels 36020 / 36045 3606934 This book carousel is a classic, as much in demand now as it ever was, to display your books. Available in black, offwhite and white aluminium. Sign holder comes with all models, 35/50 and can also be ordered separately. Labelholder is only included in model 35. Book carousel 35 Capacity About 35 books. Size Ø580 x H1640 mm. Material Epoxy-powder-coated wire baskets, frame, foot, sign and 36079 / 36089 label holder. Other Delivered with plain label. A set of castors, 3461, is optional. Terms 36020 black 36069 offwhite 36079 white aluminium Book carousel 50 Capacity About 50 books. Size Ø700 x H1525 mm. Sign holder for Book carousel 35/50 Material Epoxy-powder-coated wire Size A5. baskets, frame, foot and sign Material Epoxy-powder-coated frame. holder. 36028 sign holder Other A set of castors, 3461, is optional. Terms Wall-mounted 36045 36080 black offwhite newspaper and 36080 36089 white aluminium magazine display rack Set of castors for Book carousel Capacity 8 newspapers or 35/50 16 magazines. Size Ø50 mm. Size W500 x D140 x H1050 mm. Material Plastic. Material Zinc-plated steel wire. 3461 set of castors 3410 wall-mounted Double-sided 5730 3410 newspaper and magazine display rack Capacity 16 newspapers or 32 magazines. Size Ø550 x H1640 mm. Material Zinc-plated steel wire, aluminium stand. Terms 3411 double-sided rack 3411 Display for paperbacks Mobile, rotating display for paperbacks. Capacity About 216 paperbacks, 36 compartments. Size W450 x D450 x H1600 mm. Material Lacquered steel stand. Castors Ø50 mm. Two castors are lockable. 5730 display for paperbacks phone 877.224.7026
  • 37. displayBook circle in a different way– 360° display! 35 new 36322 (36323) 36325Book Carousel LarryA classic andstylish book carousel in browser on page 21 and the media Larry 580a modern and powerful design. Ideal browser on page 29. Available in two Capacity About 40 books .for face-forward display of books. sizes, Ø580 mm. and Ø700 mm. and Size Ø580 x H1450 mm. If you choose twoThe thick wire baskets and a sturdy two colours. Basket depth: 70 mm. carousels in differentbase give great stability. The baskets 36322 white colours you can combineswivel independently and are designed Material Epoxy coated wire baskets, 36323 black white baskets with a black standto display the books at a perfect stand and foot in steel. and vice versa.angle. The front of the baskets are Design Louise Hederström. Larry 700strengthened to keep the books in Terms Capacity About 50 Size Ø700 x H1480 mm.The book carousel is a part of the Basket depth: 70 mm.Larry collection; add to the look with 36324 whitethe Book trolley on page 48, the book 36325 black
  • 38. display Exposé Magazine Graceful elegance combined with functionality characterises the Exposé Magazine. Use it to display magazines, brochures or books attractively. The movable shelves come in two widths and can be placed on either side of the centre column to build both single and36 double-faced displays. Zorro – display W235/435 x D390/435 x for end panel Size H1865 mm. Material Black epoxy coated centre A fun, bold side panel stand for column. Birch wood top and attractive media presentation. bottom, birch wood veneer The stand can be built and shelves. adapted to the height of the Design Bengt Weberg. shelf. Terms Material Steel plate, varnished. Double-faced with A3 shelves Design Marianne Koch. Size W435 mm. Terms Shelves 8 pcs. A3. 4101 double-faced A3 Zorro, starter Size 3 x A4: W225 x D150 x Double-faced with A4 shelves H1164 mm. Size W235 mm. 36034 start Shelves 8 pcs. A4. 4102 double-faced A4 Zorro, add-on Size A4: W225 x D150 x Single-faced with A3 shelves H320 mm. Size W435 mm. 36035 add-on Shelves 4 pcs. A3. 4103 single-faced A3 Single-faced with A4 shelves Size W235 mm. 4104 Shelves 4 pcs. A4. 4104 single-faced A4 A3 shelves Size W435 mm. Unit 4 pcs. 410110 A3 shelves A4 shelves Magazine sticks Size W235 mm. Unit 4 pcs. Classic newspaper stick systems. 410210 A4 shelves 2039 Material Wooden handle and aluminium stick. Magazine stick Capacity Magazine, max. H350 mm. Size L525 mm. 2038 magazine stick Newspaper stick - tabloid format 2040 Capacity Newspaper, max. H460 mm. Size L600 mm. 2036 tabloid format Newspaper stick Capacity Newspaper, max. H605 mm. 2036 2038 Size L765 mm. 2039 newspaper stick Newspaper and magazine stick rack Capacity Eight magazines/newspapers. Size W800 x D12 x H45 mm. Other Two pre-drilled holes for wall mounting. 2040 stick rack phone 877.224.7026
  • 39. displayDisplays fornewspapers andmagazinesPresents newspapers and magazines in Magazine cabinet Unifacha clear and easy way. Easy to assemble; Cabinet for display and storage offixes to both walls and shelf end panels. magazines. Shows the magazine coversThe loose racks can be displayed to the reader. Stores magazines on shelfseparately or together. Optional signalso available. compartments behind a flap that is lifted and pushed. The magazines on display 37 are held on place by a transparent foilCapacity 4 newspapers. covering the flap. Easy to change. ASize W382 x D91 x H990 mm. removable, transparent sign with anti-Material Lacquered steel rack. Birch reflective coating is also available. decore/foil covered wall display. Capacity 15 compartments.Design Schulz Speyer. Size W823 x D430 x H1860 mm.5731 rack Compartment size, interior: W249 x D384 mm.Newspaper stick Pile height: 270 mm.Stick with a catch and a loop for Sign height: 50 mm.suspension. Material Birch decore/foil covered cabinet on particle board withSize L750 mm.; 600 mm. for interior details of solid plastic. newspaper. Terms 6-8Material Lacquered wood, beech. 5742 Unifach5738 newspaper stickSignNeutral sign system for the library’s owntext (contact a local company to do thetype-setting). Easy to apply; fits to thetop of the displayers.Size W300 x D40 x H150 mm.Material Lacquered steel.5718 signNewspaper wallHave your newspaper easily accessible.Newspaper display with hangers fornewspapers sticks. Easily wall mounted.Available I three sizes. Optional sign alsoavailable, see 5718.Capacity 1 hanger: 5 newspaper sticks. 2 hangers: 10 newspaper sticks. 5742 3 hangers: 15 newspaper sticks.Size D75 x H1000 mm. 1 hanger: W552 mm. 2 hangers: W1000 mm. 3 hangers: W1448 mm.Material Steal hanger on birch decor/foil covered wall.Terms 6-85735 1 hanger5736 2 hangers5737 3 hangers 5731 5718 5738 5736 (5735 / 5737)
  • 40. exhibition Did you know? The origin of exhibition is derived from the Vatican museum in 1471. Exhibitions have the ability to engage with all senses and are an important element of the library. Several special accessories areAt Eurobib Direct you will find exhibition available, including holders for books,systems for both permanent and CDs/DVDs and brochures.temporary exhibitions. The Flexus system has perforated screens that are both aesthetically appealing and flexible. Convex or concave? Both sides of the screens can be used and the unique combinations give great possibilities to create exciting walls, rooms and islands. A good exhibition system should be flexible and easy to assemble. Posters and pictures are mounted easily and simply with magnets. phone 877.224.7026
  • 42. exhibition A complete exhibition in less than an hour! See all the accessories at Three-pack screens & three-pack screens with castors Three-pack screens are available 3-pack pre-assembled with 6 slanted clips; Size H1800 mm. only the legs have to be attached. 36162 hessian Panels are covered in natural-coloured 36182 velcro fabric hessian or light grey velcro. Panels on existing screens can be replaced with Single screen with castors new panels. Total 6.3 m2 display area. Size H1800 mm. Visible panel surface: 881 x 1188 mm. Other 4 castors. 36167 hessian Three-pack screen with castors is 36187 velcro fabric40 essentially the same as the three-pack screens, but the external screens are 3-pack screen with castors 100 mm. narrower in order for the Size H1800 mm. screens to be able to fold up completely. Other 6 castors. Visible panel measurement on external 36168 hessian screens: 788 x 1188 mm. Slanted clips 36188 velcro fabric 36188 are replaced with 360° tilting hinges. The screens are delivered in heavy multiple-use packaging. 36162 Material Stand in natural anodized aluminium profile; 25 x 25 mm. Held together by black plastic integrated joints. Panel consists of 16 mm. porous fiberboard covered on both sides with hessian or Velcro. Terms 3 Logic Presentation screen Logic presentation screen is an ultra light screen with a number of functions that make it easy to use, adjust, and move around. Legs slide in telescopic tracks and the spring-loaded catch makes it easy to set the screen at three different heights.The feet swivel at 45° intervals and easily fold against the screen panel for convenient transportation. The logic screen weighs just 5.2 and 5.6 kg, respectively. Size The screen can be set at three different heights 1510, 1730 or 1950 mm. Usable screen surface W832 x H1482 and W1182 x H1482 mm. respectively. Material White anodized aluminium frame and leg profiles; plastic corners on frame. Screen panel covered in grey velcro fabric, consisting of a 15 mm. Styrofoam sheet into which it’s easy to insert pins. Terms 3 Logic KB, narrow Size W968 x H1518 mm. 36222 grey Logic KB, wide Size W1218 x H1518 mm. 36224 grey phone 877.224.7026
  • 43. exhibition Bulletin boards Assembled with visible through screws (not included). Available as Bulletin Board (BBT) or with linen (LT). Frame in beech or birch. Please specify wood finish in your order. Terms 3 BBT Size W830 x H630 mm. 8 mm. panel covered with 6 Material mm. natural cork. Frame in beech or birch. 36289 BBT LT Size W1230 x H1030 mm. A soft 10 mm. panel covered Material 41 with linen. Frame in beech or birch. 36287 LT BBT LT More Bulletin boards in our web shop,!Alexander Gallery railCorrugated Practical gallery rail for showing itemscardboard screen such as exhibition pictures. Consists of one rail with six holders, two endingsSceens for any temporary exhibit; light and ten suspenders.weighted and affordable. If you do notwant to insert pins into the screen you Size Rail, length 2700 mm. Sus-can write or draw directly on it. penders (thread), length 1500 mm.Capacity 6 display-screen surfaces per Material Steel rail with perlon suspen- unit. ders.Size W2400 ( 3 x 800) x H1800 Design Schulz Speyer. mm. TermsMaterial Corrugated cardboard, white 5768 railUnit 3 pcs.36150 Alexander Extra suspenders Unit 1 pc. 5769 suspender 5768 / 5769 36150
  • 44. exhibition Durable exhibitions! 578042 Accessories Holder for CDs and paperbacks 5773 Holder where the width can be changed to fit the exposed media. Size Interior depth: 25 mm. Material Galvanised steel thread. 5780 holder for CDs and paperbacks Set of magnets Magnets for exposure of posters, notices, etc. Size Ø30 mm. Unit Set of 10. 5783 set of magnets 5771 5783 5770 Flexus exhibition system Exhibition system and room divider, all in Material Stand/screen in lacquered steel 3 3 3 6 4 one. A flexible system in a solid design, tubular steel/steel. consisting of stand and screen, both in Design Schulz Speyer. steel, with holes for display holders, see Terms 3 Accessories. Easy to change and add functions. Build Stand 1 2 your own arrangement with stand and Size Ø350 x H1740 mm. 5 screen, see drawings overleaf for various 5770 stand foot 5 combinations. Screen 2 Size W850 x H1400 mm. 5771 screen 5771 / 5770 phone 877.224.7026
  • 45. exhibitionExhibitions – a bit easier! 5784 5785 43 5778 5779 2 x 5784 / 5785Exposure standin thread AccessoriesTransparent exhibition system for Universal shelf Hoop 5781standalone placement. Several Shelf with two functions for e.g. Hoop for e.g. A4 brochures.combination options. Equip the stand brochures or magazines. Can bewith the same functions as Flexus rotated to become a display shelf. Size W90 x H200 mm. Interiorexhibition system, see Accessories. depth: 50 mm.Make your own arrangement with Size W435 x D120/40 H273 mm. Material Galvanised steel thread.screen and connect fittings. Interior size for magazines: 5781 hoop 420 mm.Material Screen in chromium-plated Material Galvanised steel thread. Book holder thread. 5778 universal shelf Holder for books, paperbacks, DVDs,Design Schulz Speyer. etc., in size A5.Terms Newspaper holder Holder for newspapers, brochures, etc. Material Galvanised steel thread.Screen 5782 book holder 5782Screen stand in 90˚ angle. Size W350 x H216 mm. Material Plastic (transparent), acrylic/poly-Size W500 x D500 x H1750 mm. methylmethacrylate (PMMA).5784 screen 5779 newspaper holderConnect fittingsFits stand-alone placements.5785 connect fittings
  • 46. exhibition Create attractive and effective displays! Opera display case Material Solid beech, birch, or oak frame with tempered 5 mm. clear More sizes and Other glass. Delivered with locking side-hung models in our web doors, three adjustable glass shop,! shelves, feet, and 120W/12V44 Terms halogen lighting. 6-8 Opera display case V1 Size W500 x D500 x H1800 mm. 36122 36158 beech 36176 birch 36195 oak Opera display case V3 Size W600 x D600 x H1800 mm. 36159 beech 36196 birch 36197 oak Opera display case V13 Size W900 x D400 x H1800 mm. 36154 beech 36297 birch 36298 oak Aluline display case Alu display cases, with gently rounded aluminium profiles and 50W/12V halogen lighting, offer endless possibilities for creating appealing and 36154 effective displays. Material Frame in aluminium profiles 36159 with tempered 5 mm. clear glass. Terms 6-8 ALU 7 Table model without lights. Sliding doors, with lock. White bottom panel. Size W1035 x D635 x H850 mm. Glass height: 190 mm. 36122 ALU 7 ALU 13A Display case with light box. Sliding doors with lock. Includes three movable glass shelves. Size W1235 x D435 x H2100 mm. Glass height: 1640 mm. 36132 ALU 13A 36132 phone 877.224.7026
  • 47. 45 Your all-in-one library Here you will find everything to make your everyday life easier and more exciting for both you and your customers.
  • 48. book trolleys Did you know? Eurobib supplied its first book trolleys to libraries more than 30 years ago. Our extensive experience has helped us to build up a very practical and versatile range of trolleys where ergonomics, user-friendliness, quality and functional design are all key features. Detachable shelves that can easily be set at any height.Book trolley Larry represents the booktrolley of the new era where every detailis designed to make the everyday work ofthe library easier. The shelves are inclined 16° to make handling of the books easier and to improve the ergonomics.The shelves are reversible and can thereforebe adapted for both books and CDs/DVDs. Stylishly minimalist or classical wood finishes – the Larry range allows you to choose the right trolley to complement your interior design and architecture.Big easy-rolling castors, two of which are lockable. phone 877.224.7026
  • 50. book trolleys 4227 Book trolley Bookwalker Light, convenient book trolley with three practical and removable book bins. The bins are easily attached to the back of the frame at a desired position. The book bins can also be used separately as book displays on the counter. The frame slopes 15° to facilitate the handling of books. The bins are stackable and can also be put on the counter; level or at an angle of 45° to facilitate sorting at the 422720 counter. The frames are also stackable deep-ways (without the bins). Capacity About 55 volumes. Size W500 x D480/590 (castors included) x H1257 mm. Interior size of bin: W440 x D210 x H210 mm. Material Frame in chromium-plated, tubular steel with bins in plastic, polypropylene (PP). Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. Design Björn Dahlström. Terms 4227 Bookwalker48 Extra book bins Unit 3 units 422720 book bins 4255 Book trolley Larry Single sided book trolley with three sloping, movable shelves. Easy to assemble. A basic trolley that combines function and ergonomics in a light, sloping L-shape. The slope of the frame and the sloping shelves (16°) make the handling of books easier. Choose between white, black or red frame to the white shelves. Part of the same collection as Picture book Browser Larry, p. 21, AV-browser Larry, p. 29 and Book Carousel Larry, p. 35. 4256 Capacity About 60 volumes. Size W550 x D660 x H1080 mm. The distance between the floor and the lower shelf: 300 mm. Shelf: D200 mm. Material Frame in lacquered tubular steel with shelves in steel. Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. Other The shelves are turnable (suitable for handling CDs/ DVDs) see small picture. Design Louise Hederström. Terms 4255 black 4256 white 4257 4257 red phone 877.224.7026
  • 51. book trolleys Improved book trolleys!You and your library are important to us. We like to offer Furthermore there is now easier assembly, more stablegood products that you can rely on. We have decided to construction and less risk og transportation damages. The mainredesign our book trolleys and we are therefore still able to advantage is however that the customer will benefit from thisprovide book trolleys that are well worth their price. in the long run. This is how we have improved the trolleys: IMPROVED BOOK TROLLEY VIKING Change: The perforated back is completely in wood veneer on MDF. The previous back in wood and metal is discontinued. The perforated end panel is smaller. IMPROVED 49 BOOK TROLLEY BOOK TROLLEY BJORN GORM Change: The perforated endIMPROVED Change: The perforated panel is completely in wood back is completely in veneer on MDF. The previous wood veneer on MDF. end panel in wood and metal The previous back in is discontinued. The crossbar wood and metal is and the shelves are slightly discontinued. redesigned. IMPROVED BOOK TROLLEY GOTLAND Change: A new full back in wood replaces the previous BOOK TROLLEY back edges in metal. The SVERKER shelves are redesigned and Change: The perforated end they do not project outside panel is completely in wood the edge of the end panel veneer on MDF. The previous anymore. end panel in wood and metal is discontinued. The crossbar and the shelves are slightly IMPROVED redesigned. BOOK TROLLEY GRIM Change: The perforated end panel is completely in wood veneer on MDF. The previous BOOK TROLLEY VEN Change: End panels andIMPROVED end panel in wood and metal shelves are less deep is discontinued. The crossbar and the shelves are now and the shelves are slightly movable. The frame is redesigned. the same as for book trolley Gotland. IMPROVED x
  • 52. book trolleys Book trolley Viking An ergonomically designed book trolley. Three adjustable book bins give the right display height for visitors, and is 5040 easier for the body. Capacity About 55 volumes. Size W542 x D620 x H1265 mm. Shelf: D220 mm. Material End panel and shelf in powder coated steel plate. Back with varnished sliced birch veneer on MDF. 5042 Shelves in sheet metal with end panels in varnished birch plywood. Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. Design Peke Hallenheim. Terms 5040 blue, textured 5041 graphite grey, textured 5042 white aluminium, textured50 5041 Book trolley Gorm Gorm has four adjustable book bins. This makes it possible to remove one of them easily and work, for 5050 example, at your desk. (Pictured with three bins.) Capacity About 70 volumes. Size W570 x D570 x H1115 mm. Shelf: D220 mm. Material Frame in powder coated tubular steel. Shelf in powder coated steel. Back in varnished sliced 5051 birch veneer on MDF. Shelves in sheet metal with end panels in varnished birch plywood. Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. Design Peke Hallenheim. Terms 5050 blue, textured 5051 graphite grey, textured 5052 white aluminium, textured 5052 Have a look at the castors! Remember to tighten the castors on your book trolleys after an initial period of use (about 6 months.). We also recommend that you check the castor attachments once a year and tighten when needed. Store the tool you receive with your book trolleys in a safe place. These tools vary in appearance depending on book trolley model. phone 877.224.7026
  • 53. book trolleys 5070Book trolley BjornHigh-capacity trolley with six adjustableshelves and a large bottom shelf.Double sided.Capacity About 280 volumes.Size W960 x D490 x H1125 mm. Shelf: D180/420 mm.Material Frame in powder coated tubular 5072 steel. End panels in varnished sliced birch veneer on MDF. Shelves in varnished sliced birch veneer on MDF, with back edges in sheet metal.Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable.Design Peke Hallenheim.Terms5070 blue, textured5071 graphite grey, textured5072 white aluminium, textured 5071Book trolley GrimThis is a smaller version of Bjorn (see 5060below). While Grim has less capacity,it compensates for that with greatermanouverability, especially where there islimited space. It comes with six movable 51shelves and a large bottom shelf.Capacity About 140 volumes.Size W580 x D490 x H1125 mm. Shelf: D180/420 mm.Material Frame in powder coated tubular steel. End panels in varnished 5062 sliced birch veneer on MDF. Shelves in varnished sliced birch veneer on MDF, with back edges in sheet metal.Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable.Design Peke Hallenheim.Terms5060 blue, textured5061 graphite grey, textured 50615062 white aluminium, texturedBook trolley SverkerA single-sided book trolley with threeadjustable shelves. 5030Capacity About 140 volumes.Size W960 x D375 x H1125 mm. Shelf: D270 mm.Material Frame in powder coated tubular steel. End panels in varnished sliced birch veneer on MDF. Shelves in varnished sliced birch veneer on MDF, with back edges in sheet metal.Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. 5032Design Peke Hallenheim.Terms5030 blue, textured5031 graphite grey, textured5032 white aluminium, textured 5031
  • 54. book trolleys 4602 Book trolley Ven Double sided with three large flat shelves. Capacity About 200 volumes. Size W1010 x D430 x H1090 mm. Shelf: D425 mm. 330 mm. clear between the shelves (binder 4601 height). Material Frame in powder coated tubular steel. End panels and shelves in varnished beech veneer on particleboard. Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. Terms 4601 red, semigloss 4602 white, semigloss Book trolley Gotland52 Double sided with eight sloping shelves, four of which are adjustable. 4612 Capacity About 135-150 volumes. Size W665 x D430 x H1090 mm. Shelf: D180 mm. Material Frame in powder coated tubular steel. End panels, back and shelves in varnished beech veneer on particleboard. Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. Terms 4611 red, semi gloss 4612 white, semi gloss Book trolley Öland 4611 Single sided with three fixed sloping shelves. Capacity About 100 volumes. Size W1010 x D350 x H1090 mm. Shelf: D250 mm. 330 mm. clear between the shelves (binder height). Material Frame in powder coated tubular steel. Shelf back edging in powder coated steel. End panels and shelves in varnished beech 4621 veneer on particleboard. Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. Terms 4621 red, semi gloss 4622 white, semi gloss 4622 phone 877.224.7026
  • 55. book trolleys 4212 Book trolley Halland Single sided book trolley with four sloping shelves, two of which are movable. Available in four finishes. Halland has been improved with deeper end panels to make the shelves in line with the end panels. 4214 Capacity About 70 volumes. Size W520 x D480 x H1115 mm Wooden box: W421 x D205 x H910 mm. Shelf: D185 mm. Material Frame in lacquered steel. End panels, back, and shelves in varnished beech or birch veneer on particleboard. Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors 4213 are lockable. Design Eurobib. Terms 4212 beech/brown, semi gloss 4213 beech/red, semi gloss 4215 4214 beech/white, semi gloss 4215 birch/aluminium, textured 53Book trolley LapplandClassic double-sided book trolley withlots of capacity; four shelves on eachside, three of them are adjustable.CapacitySize About 240 volumes. W1010 x D430 x H1095 mm. new Shelf: D205 mm.Material Stand and handles in epoxy coated steel tubes. Panels and back in birch veneered MDF.Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable.Design Eurobib.Terms4396 red, semi gloss4397 white, semi gloss 4397 4396
  • 56. book trolleys Selma book and binder trolley Light, handy all-round trolley with stable design. The trolley is ideal for use in narrow work areas, such as the library stacks. Capacity About 26 A4 binders/50 normal volumes. Size Frame (incl. castors): W981 x D350 x H900 mm. Distance between floor and lowest shelf: 300 mm. Shelf: W735 x D252 mm. 5011 Material Enamelled tubular steel frame and sheet metal shelf. Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. Design Eva Nyberg. Other The trolley is delivered assembled. 5010 white/black 5011 white aluminium 501054 new Book trolley Ergoline Single sided with three shelves, one of which is adjustable. Capacity About 70 volumes. Size W545 x D610 x H1320 mm. Shelf: D190 (top) / 220 mm. Material Epoxy-coated frame and handles. Wood parts in beech veneer. Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. Terms 4010 beech/white, semi gloss Book trolley Stockholm User friendly book trolley with three sloping shelves, one of which is adjustable. The ergonomic design 4400 makes it an excellent tool for transporting both books and binders (A4). Capacity About 40 books/14 binders. Size W510 x D590 x H1320 mm. Shelves: W420 x D220 mm. Material Frame in powder coated tubular steel. End panels, back and shelves in varnished birch/ beech veneer on particleboard. 4010 4395 Castors Ø 125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. Design Niklas Dahlman. Terms 4395 beech/white, semi gloss 4400 birch/white, semi gloss phone 877.224.7026
  • 57. book trolleysBook trolley Oblique 4451Ergonomic, user friendly book trolleywith four fixed, shallow-angled shelves.Generous distance between shelves; newsuitable for tall books. The design ofthe frame provides good grip for bothshort and tall persons. The design ofthe trolley makes it easier to accessbooks and then return them to theirpositions. Available with painted orbirch foil decor finishes.Capacity About 80 volumes.Format W610 x D540 x H1400 mm. 4452 Shelf depth: 250 mm. Distance between shelves: 310 mm.Material Painted steel tubing frame. End pieces, back and shelves in painted or foil-finished chipboard.Wheels Ø100 mm. fitted with impact deflectors.Design Schulz Speyer.Terms4450 red 44504451 birch4452 white 55Book trolleyClassic double-sided book trolley in two 5801versions: book trolley with a flat shelfat the top and four shelves facing eachother below; media trolley with twosloping shelves, 5° (suitable for CDs/DVDs) and two shelves facing eachother below.Capacity About 130 volumes.Size W750 x D450 x H1070 mm. Shelf depth: 2 x 213/445 mm.Material Birch veneer/foil covered end panels on particleboard. Stand in lacquered square steel.Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable.Design Schulz Speyer.Terms5801 book trolley5802 media trolley 5802
  • 58. book trolleys Return the book! Book return cabinet Bob The book return cabinet Bob is lockable, functional, and easily positioned. A strong cabinet for use inside the library, a Bob cabinet can be used on its own or several units can be put together. The trapezoidal shape makes different configurations possible; place them in a bow, a curve or create a midfloor “snake”. Use different cabinets for different media making it easier to sort and shelve returned stock. Bob is available in two colours: anthracite and red. It is delivered assembled with adjustable feet, a bracket and chain to secure the cabinet and an easily manoeuvred basket with a handle to lift or pull behind you, see detailed picture. The basket can also be ordered separately, see p.140 (4259). Includes a sheet with adhesive illustrations, which can be displayed on the door, to show the customer which cabinet is to56 be used for which media. Castors are available as an accessory and are ordered separately, see 4245. Size W540 (front)/310 x D630 x H870 (front)/760 mm. Drop: W340 x H70 mm. Basket: W360 x D610 x H370 mm. Material Powder coated steel. Design Louise Hederström. 4251 red 4252 anthracite Accessories Castors Double, sturdy link wheels. Two of them are lockable. Size Ø75 mm. 2402 castors 4251 new 4252 2402 4259 phone 877.224.7026
  • 59. book trolleys Book box Ulrik A book box with a depressible internal base. Clears ”bottlenecks” at the return desk. 4027 Capacity 100 volumes. Size W655 x D735 x H815 mm. Interior dimensions: W590 x D510 mm. Material Epoxy-lacquered frame. End panels in birch veneer on MDF and steel plate. Castors Ø125 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. Design Peke Hallenheim. 4026 blue, textured 4027 graphite grey, textured 4026 57 4237 5804Book return cabinetWith lock for extra security. 4232 Book return cabinet Size W800 x D455 x H870 mm. Slot: W320 x H70 mm. Mobile book return cabinet with a Basket: W600 x D400 xSize W500 x D400 x H885 mm. H320 mm. lockable side that can be opened for Slot: W460 x H75 mm. Material Grey/birch veneer/foil covered easy access to e.g. returned books.Material Beech or birch veneer on cabinet on particleboard. A soft basket at the bottom of the particleboard. Basket in plastic, polyethylene cabinet cushions books. The throw-in isOther A 40 mm. thick foam pad on (PE). equipped with a protection to prevent the bottom of the cabinet Castors Ø75 mm. All castors are access for non-authorised persons and cushions books. lockable. a track which protects returns.Terms Design Schulz Speyer.4237 beech Terms4232 birch 5804 book return cabinet
  • 60. computer & study tables Did you know?The first search engine on the Internet was called Archie. It was developed in 1990 by AlanEmtage, a 25-year-old student at McGill University in Canada. Computers are now acentral part of the modern library and at Eurobib we are always looking for innovativesolutions for search stations. On the following pages you will find a wide range of excitingproducts designed to meet a varity of needs. Lightweight and easy to move! Study table Page weighs only 10 kg.Ergonomics, economy andecology. At Eurobib Direct we aim Not only the design is unique, the tableto balance these three concepts is in partly made of recycled paperwhen designing furniture. (wellboard). Study table Page is unique; it is made almost entirely from recycled board and, combined with its soft and appealing shape, it is one of our most talked about products. The shape and the low weight make the Page table very flexible. Easy to move around and place in different arrangements. phone 877.224.7026
  • 62. computer & study tables 4430 Computer station Eureka Use a mouse-pad at Computer station for flat screens. Can be your search stations wall mounted or to the end of a shelving to avoid unnecessary unit. Easy to install using two brackets. wear on the surfaces. Suitable for shelving systems with timber end-panels. Side doors are lockable enabling easy access to CPU unit and cables. Flat screen mount as option. Size W590 x D500 x H565 mm. Storage space for CPU (inside dimensions): W520 x D200 x H380 mm. Material MDF framework with beech or birch veneer. Brackets and side doors in epoxy powder-coated steel. Other Mouse pad, 1775, included. Design Niklas Dahlman. For wall or end-panel assembly Terms 4430 birch 4431 beech Accessories 4431 / 4442 Flat screen mount Add a mounting device for flat screens. Hides cables effectively. Easy to install. Fits Eureka and Eureka Gemino. Size W180 x D146 x H492 mm. Material Mount made of epoxy powdercoated steel, 5 mm.60 Other Eureka Gemino requires two flat 4447 / 4442 x 2 screen mounts. Terms 4442 flat screen mount Computer station Eureka Gemino 4446 / 4442 x 2 Freestanding, double-sided computer station. Side doors are lockable enabling easy access to CPU unit and cables. Flat screen mount as option. Size W592 x D1050 x H1013 mm. 4442 Foot plate: Ø590 mm. Storage space for CPU (inside dimensions): W520 x D200 x H380 mm. Material MDF framework, with beech or birch veneer. Brackets in epoxy powder-coated steel. Other Two mouse pads, 1775, included. Design Niklas Dahlman. Terms 4446 birch 4447 beech 1775 Mouse Pad Offset printed, thin mouse pad. Motive The thieving magpie. Size 230 x 198 mm. Material Plastic, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with India rubber underneath. Design Dan Jonsson. 1775 mouse pad phone 877.224.7026
  • 63. computer & study tables For one or more. Log I & Log II Material Grey laminated birch plywood tabletop, untreated birch pole and stainless steel fittings. Design Lillian Öberg/Inge Bohlin. Terms Log I – seated workstation Wall-hung table for flat screen, attached to pole with Terminal Fitting, see 41008. Size W830 x D650 x H1400 mm. Working height: 730 mm. 41009 birch Log II – standing workstation Wall-hung standing workstation for flat screen, attached to pole with Terminal Fitting, see 41008. Size W650 X D450 x H1800 mm. Working height: 1050 mm. 41007 birch Terminal Fitting 41008 fitting for flat screen Log III & 3 Log II 41009 Material Tabletop in birch plywood with grey laminate, pole in untreated birch, fittings in stainless steel and black enameled baseplate. Other See Terminal Fitting, 41008.41017 Design Lillian Öberg. Terms 6-8 Log III – seated workstation Stand-alone workstation with seating 61 41013 for three with flat screens. Size W1300 x D1600 x H1100 mm. Working height: 730 mm. 41017 birch 3 Log II – standing workstation Stand-alone workstation with seating for three with flat screens. Size W1100 x D1200 x H1800 mm. Working height: 1050 mm. 41013 birchLog II mounted with flat screen 41008 41033 (41034)and Terminal fitting 41008. Log Box I-II Log Box I is a holder for thin CPUs. Log Box II, is a CPU holder for small computers. Can be locked with a 6 mm. padlock (lock is not included). It is mounted under the Log tabletop see illustration. Size I: W220 x D260 x H70 mm. II: W371 x D319 x H94 mm. 41036 (41034) 41033 (41035) Material Powder coated steel. Design Lilian Öberg. 41034 Log Box I, grey 41036 Log Box I, white 41033 Log Box II, grey 41035 Log Box II, white new new
  • 64. computer & study tables Search station Flex Robust search station for a public environment at a favourable price, 4199 including integrated keyboard and a 17” display. Lockable space for storage underneath, suitable for CPU. Delivered fully assembled. Please note that CPU/ computer and software is not included. Size W560 x D490 x H1600 mm. Material Frame and details in enamelled steel. Glass panel in toughened satin glass. Design Eventus. Terms 6-8 4199 Flex new62 4199 Opac computer furniture Practical, standing workstation with 5744 the utmost stability. Available in three different versions, please see pictures. Size W850 x D800 x H1325 mm. Height to shelf for keyboard/ screen: 965/1055 mm. Interior size of CPU compartment: W220/230 x D460/550 x H560/480 mm. Material Birch veneer/foil covered 5746 shelves and CPU compartment shelf on MDF. Stand and CPU holder in lacquered steel. 5745 Design Schulz Speyer. Terms 3-5 5744 Opac/cable sleeve 5745 Opac/CPU holder 5746 Opac/CPU compartment phone 877.224.7026
  • 65. computer & study tables 5826 (5825)Flatline Computer StationComputer station for flat screens. Simple,slimline design with stable base plate. Available 5825 / 5833in two basic versions: fixed stand or heightadjustable for standing and sitting. With theadjustable stand, the tabletop height can beeasily adjusted by means of a gas spring (thesame type as in office chairs) operated by abutton. Available in white or birch veneer.Optional accessories include CPU holder, PCcompartment, cover plate for mini computerand monitor bracket (or for standalonemonitor).Material Table top and PC compartment 5825 / 5831 in birch foil or in white lacquered particle board. Stand, CPU holder, PC compartment and cover plate in new lacquered steel.Other Cable sleeve is included.Design Schulz Speyer.TermsFixed stand 5825 / 5829Size W700 x D590 x H1065 mm. Height to shelf for keyboard/monitor: 965/1065 mm.5825 birch foil 5828 / 5830 58275826 white 63Adjustable standSize W700 x D590 x H1210 mm. The height of the keyboard shelf is adjustable from 665 – 1000 mm.5827 birch foil5828 whiteAccessoriesCPU holderSize Int. measures: W220 x D460 x H560 5828 / 5831 mm.5833 CPU holderPC compartmentSize Int. measures: W230 x D550 x H480 mm.5829 birch foil5830 whiteCover plateSize Mini computer ledge, int. dimensions: W422 x D300 x H82 mm. 58185831 cover plateMonitor bracketSuitable for flat screens (VESA standard 75/100).5818 monitor bracket
  • 66. computer & study tables Tables for 5765 everyone! Opac computer table Practical computer and work table with lockable CPU compartment. Can be equipped with table screen, see Accessories. 5764 5757 (5758) Size W/D1100 (tabletop) x H720 mm. Total width 1300 mm. (incl. CPU compartment). Interior size of CPU compartment: W230 x D550 x H480 mm. Material Stand and door to the CPU compartment in lacquered steel. Birch veneer/foil covered tabletop on particleboard. Design Schulz Speyer. Terms 5764 starter 5765 add-on section 5749 (5750 / 5751 / 5752) Reading & work table 5759 Tabletop with five corners. Available as Tables left and right-sided. Handy multi-purpose tables; for reading, Size W1150 x D750 x H720 mm. conferences, computers or as a working 5757 reading table, left table. Stand-alone or in combinations. 5758 reading table, right Material Square tube, lacquered stand in steel. Birch decore/foil covered Accessories tabletop on particleboard. Connect fittings Design Schulz Speyer. Connects the tables easily and securely.64 Terms 6-8 5753 Material Galvanized metallic. 5760 Reading & work table Unit 1 set. Rectangular tabletop in four different 5759 connect fittings sizes, S, M, L and XL. Table screen Size D800 x H720 mm. Versatile screen system to be mounted S: W800 mm. on the short or the long side of the M: W1000 mm. tabletop. Available in four sizes: S, M, L: W1200 mm. L, and XL. XL: W1600 mm. 5749 worktable S Size H275 mm. 5750 worktable M S: W700 mm. for table width/ 5751 worktable L depth 800 mm. 5752 worktable XL 5754 M: W900 mm. for table width/ 5762 (5760 / 5761 / 5763) depth 1000 mm. Reading & conference table L: W1100 mm. for table width/ Trapezoidal tabletop. depth 1200 mm. XL: W1500 mm. for table width/ Size W1600/800, side length 800 x depth 1600 mm. D693 x H720 mm. Material Lacquered steel. 5753 conference table 5760 table screen S 5761 table screen M Reading & computer table 5762 table screen L Semicircular tabletop. 5763 table screen XL Size W1200 x D850 x H720 mm. 5754 computer table 5755 (5756) 5762 (5760 / 5761 / 5763) Reading & work table Circular tabletop. Available in two sizes: S and L. Suitable for four and six persons respectively. Size S: Ø1000 x H720 mm. L: Ø1200 x H720 mm. 5755 reading table S 5756 reading table L phone 877.224.7026
  • 67. computer & study tablesArtica MultitableAttractive both as a workstation and asa computer table. Use it as a stand aloneworkstation or place it in a group.Material Birch- or beechwood veneer on MDF. Lacquered steel plate.Design Peke Hallenheim.TermsArtica Multitable SITSize W905 x D940 x H1180 mm. Working height: 720 mm.4111 birch/blue, textured4114 birch/graphite grey, textured4311 beech/blue, textured4314 beech/graphite grey, texturedArtica Multitable StandSize W905 x D940 x H1440 mm. Working height: 990 mm.4120 birch/blue, textured4121 birch/graphite grey, textured4320 beech/blue, textured4321 beech/graphite grey, textured 4121Lockable CPU holder.Size W245 x H474 mm. (interior).Material Lacquered steel plate. 4111 / 41174117 blue, textured4119 graphite grey, textured 4114 / 4121 4314 / 4321 4311 / 4320 4119 (4117) 65 Expandable study tables. Study table Sunon 4510 / 4511 new A modern, functional, double-sided study table; suitable for four people. Equipped with a partition screen and a rail with inbuilt sockets for computers (four/section). Available as starter and add-on sections. Size W1600 x D1600 x H750 mm. 4510 Material Tabletop and partition screen in lacquered MDF; white and anthracite respectively. Legs and rail in lacquered aluminium; gloss and semi-gloss respectively. Chromed details, fittings and feet. Design Sunon. Terms 4510 Sunon, start 4511 Sunon, add-on
  • 68. computer & study tables AxLibris Frontdesk Counters often have limited access for visitors because the front is screened off, but with AxLibris the front is 41044 situated under the tabletop. This design makes it easier for wheelchair-bound visitors to come closer and establish better contact with the person on the other side of the counter. Frontdesk Smaller visitor or information counter with overhanging tabletop in two ver- sions: fixed or adjustable-height. Size Working height 749 mm. (fixed) /714-1114 mm. (adjustable height). 41041 Tabletop: W1760/ 1004 x D925 mm. Material Powder-coated grey stand and panel in steel. Tabletop in laminate, grey. Design Åke Bergman. 41044 Terms 6-8 Stand 41041 fixed 41042 adjustable height Tabletop 41044 curved66 AxLibris Datatower 41020 / 41021 Stand-alone height adjustable search station with electric engine. User-friendly improved control unit to adjust working height. Screen guard is available as an accessory. version Size Working height: 720-1100 mm. Top panel: W715 x D420 mm. Tabletop: W910 x D420 mm. Bottom panel: W550 x D550 mm. Material Stand in lacquered steel. Top 41020 and work surface in varnished birch veneer or grey laminate. Design Åke Bergman. Terms 41020 birch 41032 grey Screen 41021 screen 41021 phone 877.224.7026
  • 69. computer & study tablesEnvironmentallyfriendly study table!A new concept in tables. Innovation and planning combine to providefunctionality whilst protecting the environment; consideration hasbeen given to both your library space, and our finite resources. Page Lightweight study table – weighs only 10 kilos! Easy to move, group together, and stack on top of each other. Can be stand-alone, placed next to each other in pairs or in islands of four tables. Available in two finishes. Size W1130 x D580 x H740 mm. Tabletop (even): W700 x D580 mm. Thickness 35 mm. Material Wellboard (from recycled cardboard) reinforced with solid wood edges. Surface in lacquered birch veneer; natural or white stained. Design Marie-Louise Gustafsson. 4391 natural 4392 white stained 67 4391 4392 4392 x 2 Well board is a board material based entirely on paper with extremely high bending strength in relation to its own weight. The well board material is a sandwich construction where the honeycomb type core layer is based on corrugated cardboard. The material is environmentally friendly, built largely of reused paper fibre and conventional paper glue and is recyclable. Please note that the table is strengthened with strips of solid wood and can carry a load of up to 125 kg. We however recommend strongly against sitting on the table.
  • 70. seating Did you know? The legendary furniture designer Bruno Mathsson declared that “the effort should be put into desig- ning the seating so that it is effortless to sit in it”. Our ‘efforts’ are put into creating easy chairs that look good and are hard-wearing and robust. The sculptural shape of the Luna gives it a strong character. What is more, it has a built-in speaker system.Seating can have many functions. Rest,active work, waiting, meetings or whynot music? The Luna gives individual users a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy the silence, or to seek inspiration from music or audio books.The sound shielding characteristics ofLuna makes it ideal for libraries. Thesound stays within the easy chair anddoes not bother anybody else. phone 877.224.7026
  • 71. FSEATING
  • 72. seating Armchair for active listening or relaxation Luna Your own private space where you will be Comfortable armchair with built- in loudspeakers. Suitable for most undisturbed. Listen to a talking book or a piece environments: listen to a talking book in the library; the latest CD in the music of music – or just enjoy the silence. No need store; contemplate at the office or rest for headphones – the sound is just there! The at the airport. Ready for connection to a music Sound Seat speaks for itself, ”please do not equipment. The loudspeakers can be reached through the bottom panel of disturb!”. the frame (unturnable). For other fabric/colour, please request a quotation. Size W800 x D850 x H1475 mm. Seat W580 x D525 x H915 mm. (front). Material Shell of upholstered and covered wood frame. Fabric Frame from Gabriel. Frame and foot in lacquered steel. Sound MacAudio, Premium 10.2. Load capacity RMS/max.: 40/80W. Impedance (nominal): 4 ohm Frequency Range: 45-23.000 Hz. Cutoff frequency (ies): 4.000 Hz. Respons: 89 dB/w/m. Design Mårten Cyrén & Bertil Harström. Sound design, Stefan Sorey. Sound technology, Glenn Olofsson. Terms 6-8 37094 orange70 37095 red 37094 37095 phone 877.224.7026
  • 73. seating 38093 38086 38090CopeCope is a collection of furniture thatis made for studying, listening and Material Chair & chair with armrest: Seating in extruded anodised Chair 38085 natural Accessoriesmeeting. Create attractive meeting aluminium. Stand in 11 mm. 38086 black Seat cushionareas or theatre style layouts for your chromed steel wire. Seat cushion in sturdy felting.visitors. Table: Tabletop in composite Chair with armrestLightweight table and modern, material. Chromed stand with powder coated foot in sand 38089 natural 38090 black Size W370 x D370 mm. 71 Thickness: 5 mm.stackable chairs. Available in exciting blasted structure. Material 100% wool. The underside ischoices of materials; the seating Design Jacob Thau. Table coated with latex (for goodelement is in extruded anodised 38093 table adhesion).aluminium and the stand in chromed Chairs & tables 36973 seat cushionsteel wire. The chairs only add 18-19 Size Chairs: W455/540 ( each when stacked. armrest) x D490 x H750 mm. Seat: W400 x D390 x H460 mm. Table: W700 x D700 x H710 mm. 38085 38089 36973 new
  • 74. seating 37128 (37146) Create attractive seating and meeting places for your visitors. Here you will find some current design icons at favourable prices! 37129 (37147) 37130 (37148) 37132 Air 37131 (37149) Chairs in all the colours of the rainbow. Light but stable and stackable with a good-sized seat. Can also be used outdoors. Available both as a chair and an armchair. Also see the tables on the following page. Material Plastic, polypropylene (PP) with glass fibre. Design Jasper Morrison. Unit 4 pcs. Terms 37133 Chair Size W490 x D510 x H775 mm.72 37128 Seat: W490 x D510 x H470 mm. orange 37129 fuchsia 37130 sky blue 37131 green 37132 light green 37133 light grey 37135 white 37136 beige 37135 (37152) Linking device Fitting to link several chairs. Does not fit armchair. 37153 37154 linking device Armchair Size W530 x D505 x H680 mm. Seat: W530 x D505 x H450 mm. 37154 37136 (37159) 37146 orange 37147 fuchsia 37148 sky blue 37149 37150 37152 green light green white new 37153 anthracite 37159 beige phone 877.224.7026
  • 75. seating 37163 / 37160 37155 new37156 Air Tables for Air chair. Available with square or rectangular tabletops in two colours. Can also be used outdoors. Size W650 x D650 x H695 mm. Material Plastic, polypropylene (PP) with glass fibre. Design Jasper Morrison.37157 Terms Steelwood Table, square Solid armchair with a classic design 37155 beige that combines steel and wood. 37156 white An armchair with a strong design, both to look at and to sit in! Table, rectangular 37157 beige Size W550 x D460 x H760 37158 white mm. Seat: W500 x D410 x H450 mm. 73 Material Stand in powder coated 37163 steel. Legs and seat in solid wood (beech); lacquered or natural. Design Ronan & Erwan Bourollec. Terms 37160 red 37161 white 37162 black 37163 beech/white 37161 / 37162 37158 new
  • 76. seating 36967 Bib Stackable chair. Available in birch or oak veneer or in black melamine, with or without arms. Arms can be added later. Special connecting fittings and felt pads are available as accessories. Size W450 x D520 x H800 mm. Seat: W350 x D400 x H450 mm. Material Frame in 16 mm. chrome-plated tubular steal. Seat in 36968 Connecting fittings, compression-moulded birch-/oak starter veneer or melamine. Armrests with rubber coating. Design Peke Hallenheim. Bib chair 36964 oak 36965 birch 36971 black 36980 white Bib armchair Terms 36970 Connecting fittings, 36974 oak add-on 36975 birch 36972 black 36981 white Accessories 36967 arms separate 36968 connecting fittings, starter 36969 felt pads 36970 connecting fittings, add-on 36976 36969 Felt pads Seat cushion Seat cushion in sturdy felting. 36965 Size W375/330 (front/back) x 330 mm. Thickness: 5 mm. Material 100% wool. The underside is coated with latex for good74 adhesion). new 36976 black 36964 36965 36971 36980 36974 36975 36972 36981 phone 877.224.7026
  • 77. seating Please have a seat! Lei A swivel chair especially designed for new women, with the latest technology; the patented lumbar support LumbarFlex™. The fabric is an integrated part of the design. It has pressure relieving characteristics and deflects moist and heat from the chair. The swing resistance automatically adapts to the body weight and the backward tilt can be set at different intervals. The seat automatically tilts forward and the height is gas adjustable. Height adjustable arm supports. Easy to assemble. Functions The swing resistance automatically adapts to the body weight. The seat automatically tilts forward. Gas adjustable height and adjustable lumbar support LumbarFlex™. Height adjustable arm support. Material The back and seat are covered in pressure relieving fabric. Foot in aluminium with black castors. Castors with rubber wear track for hard and soft floors. Size Seat: D370 x W440 mm. Back: W340 x H280 mm. 75 Design Monica Förster. Conditions 4-6 3670 red 3671 blue 3672 grey 3672 We offer 10 years warranty for defects in materials and workmanship.3670 3671 3672 Monica Förster
  • 78. seating Sign Mesh 550SM An airy and neat office chair that does not require a lot of space. The mesh in the back Office chairs. gives a light feel; it also ventilates the heat from your body and allows you to stay cool Office chairs from for longer. The chair has a double spring Officeline are modern, system to allow the best possible setting for each individual user. appealing and ergonomic. The back support gives character, comfort and good ergonomics. Built-in swing Form and function function. Adjustable armrests in height, depth, angle and width (accessory; ordered without compromise! separately). Easy to assemble. We offer 10 years warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. Size 145-147F Functions Lockable, synchronous swing with A simple, affordable chair that has anti-chock system. good ergonomics. Plus the stable The swing resistance is adjustable construction will cope with most with a handle on the side of the situations. The seat and back are easily chair. Separate seat that can be adjusted with a handle; they lock angled in 11°. independently to easily allow you to Adjustable seat depth. change the working position. Adjustable back support. Available in two back heights, Armrests adjustable in height, adjustable armrests in height, depth, depth and width (accessory). angle and width (accessory; ordered Adjustable seating height. separately). Easy to assemble. Material Back covered in black mesh. We offer 10 years warranty for defects Seat upholstered in black fabric in materials and workmanship. (Gabriel, Gaja). Foot in polished aluminium with Functions Separate adjustment of seat castors and gas lift handle in and/or back angle (Freefloat). chrome. 3655 Seat depth adjustment Castors with rubber wear track (accessory). for hard and soft floors. Armrests adjustable in height, Size Seat: W470 x D450 x H450-560 angle and depth (accessory). mm. Adjustable seating height. Back: W440 x H530 mm. Material Seat and back upholstered in Terms 4-6 fabric (Gabriel, Gaja). 3655 Sign Mesh Foot in black nylon with black Accessories new gas pillar. Castors with rubber wear track for hard and soft floors. 3656 armrest (Sign Mesh) Size Seat: W490 x D470 x H450-680 mm. Back, high: W420 x H470 mm. 3656 Back, low: W420 x H390 mm.76 Terms 4-6 3657 Size 145, high 3658 Size 147F, low 3659 Accessories 3659 armrest 3660 seat depth adjustment 3661 elevated gas pillar Foot ring Only fits Size 145-147F and Slim Low 110/High 120. 3662 foot ring 3658 3662 3657 phone 877.224.7026
  • 79. seatingFrame Work 700FSVAiry and neat office chair. The meshin the back gives a light feel; it alsoventilates heat from your body. Thedesign of the seat automatically gives Slim Low 110/you a forward tilted working positionwhich prevents bad blood circulation High 120in the legs. Simple office chair suitable at temporarySeat and back are adjusted working places. The chair fulfils mostwith separate handles and lock requirements of good ergonomics. Backindependently to be able to alternate with swing and adjustable resistancethe working position easily. (not lockable). Available in two backAvailable in two back heights, heights , and with armrests (accessory;adjustable armrests in height, depth, ordered separately). Easy to assemble.angle and width (accessory; ordered We offer 3 years warranty for defects inseparately). Easy to assemble. materials and workmanship.We offer 10 years warranty for defectsin materials and workmanship. Functions Adjustable resistance of the back seat swing. Separate seatFunctions Separate adjustment of back adjustment that can be angled angle/swing with anti-chock in 11°. system. Armrests adjustable in height Separate adjustment of seat (accessory). angle (Freefloat). Back covered in black mesh. Seat depth adjustment Adjustable seating height. (accessory). Material Seat upholstered in black Armrests adjustable in height, fabric (Gabriel, Event). angle and depth (accessory). Foot in black nylon with black Adjustable seating height gas pillar and castors.Material Back covered in black mesh Castors with rubber wear track (Camira Acrobat, black). 3663 for hard and soft floors. Seat upholstered in black Size Seat: W430 x D420 x H450- fabric(Gabriel, Event). 560 mm. Foot in polished aluminium Back, high: W390 x H490 mm. with gas pillar in chrome and Back, low: W390 x H380 mm. black castors. 3666 Slim Low 110 Castors with rubber wear track 3665 Slim High 120 for hard and soft floors.Size Seat: W530 x D450 x H450- 680 mm. Accessories Back: W490 x H490 mm.Conditions 3667 armrests3663 Frame Work 3668 elevated gas pillar Foot ringAccessories Only fits Size 145-147F and Slim Low 110/High 120.3664 armrest (Frame Work) 77 3662 foot ring 3664 3667 3666 3662 new 3665
  • 80. children’s & young people’s furniture Did you know? The bObles range has received a number of international awards since they were launched. bObles combine functional seating with creative and stimulating play, where children can use their imagination to make shapes and patterns or create imaginary worlds. bObles is a collection of animals that, with the addition of a child’s imagination, offer infinite possibilities, for instance an elephant is a stool and then a bridge, aAt Eurobib Direct we believe that children table or a rocking horse.and young people are the most importantvisitors to the library. Stimulating andimaginative furniture has a central role in The material is waterproof and can beEurobib’s range. washed or cleaned with a damp cloth. bObles is a collection of animals that, with the addition of a child’s imagination, offer infinite possibilities, for instance an elephant is a stool and then a bridge, a table or a rocking horse. bObles are made from solid foam, tested by children and do not contain any toxic substances or softeners.
  • 82. children’s & young people’s furniture Give room for play and fun! 23379 With bObles they can sit, lie down, surf, roll, swing, sit and much more. bObles A universe filled with fantasy and 23362 colours inspired by the meeting between child and animal. The design is based on simple geometrical forms; circle, triangle and square. All presented as multifunctional furniture in bright colours which can be interpreted as e.g. a crocodile, a chair, a flight of stairs or something else, all at the same time! The furniture is shaped in several different forms and are available in different colours and sizes. 23363 The tumbling animals are tested 23384 especially for children and are free of any toxin or phthalates. Light materials, no sharp edges and easy to clean under the shower. Material Firm foam with a soft surface. Other For all children, but primaily for ages 1-6. Terms Design bObles. Elephant, 6 layers Size W550 x D240 x H3100 mm. 23368 23386 Weight: 2.5 kg. 23361 green/lime 23362 red/pink 23363 blue/light blue 23364 black/white 23379 yellow/light yellow 23380 purple/light purple Crocodile, 6 layers Size W600 x D240 x H180 mm. Weight: 1.6 kg. 23381 green/lime 23382 red/pink 23388 23383 blue/light blue 23384 black/white 23385 yellow/light yellow 23386 purple/light purple80 Fish, 6 layers Size Ø300 mm. H240 mm. Weight: 1.5 kg. 23365 green/lime 23366 blue/light blue 23367 black/white 23387 purple/light purple 23367 23366 Fish, 3 layers Size Ø300 mm. H120 mm. Weight: 0.75 kg. 23368 green/lime 23369 blue/light blue 23370 black/white 23388 purple/light purple new phone 877.224.7026
  • 83. children’s & young people’s furniture23371 new Pig, 6 layers23375 Size Ø300 mm. H240 mm. Weight: 1.5 kg. 23371 red/pink 23375 yellow/light yellow 23373 Pig, 3 layers23376 Size Ø300 mm. H120 mm. Weight: 0.75 kg. 23373 red/pink 23376 yellow/light yellow Giraff, 6 layers Size B340 x D240 x H240 mm. Weight: 1.4 kg. 23374 green/lime Chicken, 6 layers23391 Size B260 x D240 x H110 mm. Weight: 0.5 kg. 23389 green/lime 23390 red/pink 23391 blue/light blue 23392 black/white 23393 yellow/light yellow 23394 purple/light purple23392 23374 8123394 23393
  • 84. children’s & young people’s furniture Tam Tam Family An exciting and colourful collection of furniture for children and young people consisting of stools and tables. Made of rugged plastic; even tolerates outdoor use! Lightweight and easy to move. Material Rotation molded plastic, polyethylene (PE). Design Matteo Thun. Terms 2-4 Stool Size W560 x D260 x H350 mm. Unit 2 units. 23254 fuchsia 23255 green 23256 beige 23257 orange 23258 white 23259 metallic silver Table Size Ø500 x H200 mm. 23260 metallic silver 23255 23256 23257 23258 23259 About plastic furniture All children’s furniture made of plastic is organic and can be recycled.82 All products or parts are coloured throughout and not painted. They are durable and can be recycled, which benefits the environment. Care instructions Clean with a soft cloth, either dry or wet. When needed use a pH-neutral soap/detergent diluted with water or Superclean fluid, 2021, concentrated anti-bacterial liquid cleaning for all types of plastic surfaces. Use with Dry clean cloths, 2024 or 2025 for best results. Do not clean with abrasives as they can leave marks. Avoid acidic products, ingredients and products 23260 that contain ammonia. Most of the furniture can be used outdoors. Remember that when plastic furniture is exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time the colour may fade. The fact is that no additives are available in the market today to protect your plastic furniture from fading. phone 877.224.7026
  • 85. children’s & young people’s furnitureSeggiolina PopSeggiolina Pop: 700 g. of lightness and Made of foam with reinforced corecolour; a chair for children. Handles and available in three colours.various endurance tests surprisinglywell – for use at home and even in Size W300 x D330 x H550 mm.schools and day care centers. Seat: H300 mm. Material Styrofoam with load-bearing frame of polyethylene (PE). Design Enzo Mari. Unit 4 units Terms 2-4 23263 orange 23261 23262 green 23261 blue 23263 23262 23276 23275 23277 Trioli Trioli is a colourful series of ”Upside 83 Down Chairs” for children, big and small. Let the children decide: sit high, low or straddle! Made of rugged plastics and available in four colours. Size W496 x D450 x H580 mm. Seat: W496 x H270/370 mm. 23278 Material Rotation molded plastic, polyethylene (PE). Design Eero Aarnio. Terms 2-4 23275 white 23276 red 23277 blue 23278 yellow
  • 86. children’s & young people’s furniture Puppy 23268 (23266 / 23264 / 23311) Puppy: this little dog can not speak, see, or jump and it does not even have ears, but it does exactly what you want it to do. Playful company for the youngest visitors to the world of books. Made of rugged plastic in four sizes and three colours. Material Rotation molded plastic, polyethylene (PE). Design Eero Aarnio. Terms 2-4 23267 (23269 / 23265 / 23312 ) 23268 Small Size W260 x H345 x L435 mm. 23266 Seat: H235 mm. Unit 2 units 23264 23268 green 23269 white 23306 orange Medium Size W340 x H450 x L565 mm. Seat: H305 mm. Unit 2 units 23308 (23306 / 23307 / 23313) 23266 green 23267 white 23307 orange Large Size W420 x H555 x L695 mm. Seat: H375 mm. Unit 1 unit 23264 large, green 23265 large white 23308 large, orange 23313 XL Size W615 x H805 x L1025 mm. 23270 Seat: H550 mm. Unit 1 unit 23311 green 23312 white 23313 orange Julian Julian, a stool that looks like it comes from a 3D comic. Does Julian look familiar? Julian’s master is the creator of Cobi, the mascot of the 1992 23273 Barcelona Olympics. A playful stool for little ones. Made of rugged plastic in four colours.84 Size W350 x H550 x D480 mm. Seat: H300 mm. Material Rotation molded plastic, polyethylene (PE). Unit 2 units Design Javier Mariscal. Terms 2-4 23270 white 23271 red 23271 23273 yellow 23274 23274 green phone 877.224.7026
  • 87. children’s & young people’s furnitureMeet the Flintstones! 23325 23326PiedrasRobust seating furniture for children ina sensational shape, as if it had beencarved in granite. Available as armchair,sofa and low table. Made of ruggedplastic; even tolerates outdoor use! 23327Material Rotation moulded plastic, polyethylene (PE).Design Javier Mariscal.Terms 2-4ArmchairSize W730 x D600 x H470 mm. Seat: H240 mm.23325 armchairSofaSize W1175 x D600 x H470 mm. Seat: H240 mm.23326 sofaTableSize W1175 x D600 x H470 mm.23327 tableMicoMoveable furniture that can be used in 85different ways. Puppy’s pal from outerspace; playful company for small kids.Made of rugged plastic; even toleratesoutdoor use!Size W670 x D670 x H400 mm.Material Rotation moulded plastic, polyethylene (PE). 23328Design El Ultimo Grito.Terms 2-423328 MicoMeet ET!
  • 88. children’s & young people’s furniture SMALL FURNITURE + SMALL BOOKLOVERS = TRUE Size Seat: H250 mm. Material Back and seat in MDF. Legs 23502 and shoes made from rubber tree wood. Design Gregor Adlercreutz. Licenceholders © Moomin characters™. Other The furniture has undergone the world’s toughest furniture test in Japan and it is CE approved in Europe. Moomintroll, chair Moomintroll, Tove Jansson’s naive and extremely kind-hearted character, is 23505 loved by everyone. 23502 Moomintroll Moomin mother, chair Moomin mother is the member of the moomin family who stands for morality and tolerance, an admirable combination. 23505 Moomin mother Moomin father, chair Boyishly naïve but loyal to family and 23503 friends. 23504 Moomin father Snork Maiden, chair Moomin’s girlfriend, the romantic Snork Maiden. 23503 Snork Maiden Snufken, chair A philosophical vagabond, Snufken is kind, friendly and independent. 23507 23507 Snufken Little My, chair An extremely determined young lady86 with an optimistic view of life. 23506 Little My 23504 23506 Now in improved design: Please bear in mind these • New varnish that is more important things: impact resistant. • Tighten all screws three days • New screws and assembly after assembling and then a fittings made from tougher few times per year, please see material for easier assembly the assembly instructions. and better durability. • The furniture is intended for • New packaging material inside children up to seven years of of the boxes reduces the risk of age, please see the packaging. transportation damage. phone 877.224.7026
  • 89. children’s & young people’s furniture 23316 23314 23324 23315 23317Alma & LinusFurniture designed cheerfully by plastic in colours which represent the 23315 Alma, green Size S: W750 x D550 x H500 mm.someone big – for someone small! four seasons of the year: green for 23316 Alma, white M: W750 x D750 x H500 mm. spring, bright orange for summer, 23317 Alma, bright orange L: W1200 x D750 x H500 mm.Design Javier Mariscal. brown for autumn and white for Material Legs made from glass fibreTerms 2-4 winter. reinforced polypropylene. Suitable for use outdoors. Linus Tabletop in MDF withAlma These little tables are very unobtrusive polymeric surface.A light, stackable chair with a special Size W392 x D400 x H580 mm. and neutral – they do not want to 23322 Linus, Sseat shell. The back is decorated with Seat W290 x D260 x H320 mm. intrude on anyone because they know 23323 Linus, Mbranches, leaves and even little birds Material Glass fibre reinforced they are just Alma’s helpers. Available 23324 Linus, Lhere and there. Idea and function are polypropylene. in white colour and three sizes.gracefully combined. The chair is made Unit 4 unitsfrom rugged glass fibre reinforced 23314 Alma, brown 87 23316
  • 90. children’s & young people’s furniture We do not recommend stand-alone shelf arrangements with more than three shelves because of the risk of tipping. Remember, children like to climb! We therefore recommend wall mounting of shelf arrangements with more than three shelves. The shelf system is both robust and stable as we always consider our younger visitors needs. Ladrillos A bookcase (or for toys and games) Shelf Book support/divider 23287 Nok for the youngest visitors. Ladrillos is White with black edge. Size Nok (green), W120 x D340 x 23288 Nolu populated by imaginative caryatids H350 mm. 23289 Nomi with an almost Aztecan appearance. Size L2000 x D368 mm. Nolu (pink), W100 x D340 x 23290 Nomo The caryatids serve as both book Thickness 12 mm. H350 mm. 23291 Nono supports and dividers, vertically and Material HPL laminate. Nomi (orange), W350 x D120 x 23292 Nik horizontally. They are easily attached Unit 3 units H350 mm. 23293 Nosi in the track on top of and under 23285 shelf Nomo (yellow), W350 x D120 x the shelf. The caryatid-shaped book H350 mm. Wall fasteners supports and/or dividers are available Floor module/divider Nono (light blue), W100 x Wall hook in zinc plated steel. To be in eight different versions and in Note that Ladrillos bookcase requires D340 x H350 mm. used for layout with three or more two sizes, each with its own, unique floor modules. Nik (fuchsia), W120 x D340 x shelves. character. Move the characters around H250 mm. to change the appearance of the Size Sino (dark green), W230 x Nosi (blue), W175 x D340 x 23294 wall fasteners bookcase. D340 x H400 mm. H250 mm. Material Plastic, polyethylene (PET) Material Plastic, polyethylene (PET) Design Javier Mariscal. complete with fastener in zinc complete with fastener in zinc Terms 2-4 plated steel. plated steel. Unit 2 units Unit 2 units 23286 Sino 23285 23286 23287 23288 2328988 23290 23291 23292 23293 23294 phone 877.224.7026
  • 91. children’s & young people’s furniture new23331 23339 Helgo 23329 / 23338 Comfortable, soft seating furniture in which young book lovers can relax. Available in four colours with a durable, water and dirt repelling upholstery, similar to awning fabric (non-detachable). Material Upholstery in 100% dyed acrylic fibre stuffed with expanded polystyrene. Design Heinsvig & Uldall. 23335 / 23341 Terms 4-6 Pouffe, children Size W450 x D650 x H550 mm. Seat: W450 x D390 x H260 mm. 89 23329 red 23331 grey 23334 light grey 23335 green Pouffe, young people 23334 / 23340 Size W580 x D1040 x H750 mm. Seat: W580 x D660 x H380 mm. 23332 red 23333 grey 23340 light grey 23341 green
  • 92. DISPLAYS
  • 93. displays Professional and smart display. NY HEBRUHN T!91 ProffsigAoch smart exponering medarouse the complete display system with infinite possibilities to Cube. Cube är ett komplett exponeringssystem som ger oändliga With a couple of clever modules you can visitor’s curiosity and interest. möjligheter att stimulera besökarnas nyfikenhet new och intresse. Med ett par smarta moduler kan du bygga exponeringstorn som både är en sluten monter och ett öppet bokställ. Här finns också en rad olika moduler för alla typer av and a book display. build a display tower that is both an exhibition case mediaexponering, There are also a number of free-standing units and shelf accessories that fristående såväl som hyllbunden. Se och läs mer på Välkommen. allow you to adapt your Cube to suit all types of media. See and read more about Cube at phone 877.224.7026
  • 94. displaysCube 5 x 6704 / 4 x 6705 / 6709 Display and exhibition tower A versatile, modular system forCube is made of sturdy acrylic with face‑forward display. Our towerexcellent detail finish. is a new solution for display and exhibitions. Use your own creativity toMaterial Acrylic, Polymethylmetacrylate design the display that you want. The (PMMA). possibilities are endless.Design Franz James. Consists of three components: cube, display holder (four holders for books) and top/bottom plates in black lacquered MDF (2 pieces / unit). Build a freestanding media tower with up to 5 sections (5 cubes + four display new 6705 holders). Ideal for themed displays which combine books with props: • Wine: fill the cube with bottles, labels, corks etc. • Cooking: fill the cube with cookware. • Textiles: fill the cube with textiles, crafts and tools. • Travels: fill the cube with objects from other countries. Capacity Approx. 4 normal books/Media stand 6700 6706 section. 92A smart, small, 360° stand for books or Size Cube:other digital titles in sturdy transparent W300 x D300 x H300 mm. acrylic. Display holder: W390 x D390 mm.Size W120 x D120 x H80 mm. Holder: Display depth: 30 mm. D40 mm. W240 x H70 mm. Thickness: 4 mm. Thickness: 5 mm.Unit 10 units 6704 cube6700 media stand 6705 display holder 6709 top and bottom plateElevated book stand Book display, wall mounted 6701 6707A stand that lifts the books from a flat An easily placed, versatile unit withsurface. Available in two sizes: narrow two shelves for face‑forward display(single) and wide (triple; space for three of books. Mounted on a wall or on anormal books). shelving end panel. Frosted acrylic back, recessed for fittings. Brackets in epoxySize W150 (narrow)/W500 (wide) x coated steel for mounting over shelving D101 x H172 mm. panel are ordered separately. Display depth: 60 mm. Thickness: 3 mm. Capacity Approx. 8‑12 standard books.Unit 4 units Size W390 x D90 x H575 mm. 6701 narrow Shelf (inside): W390 x D80 x 6702 wide H280 mm. Thickness: 5 mm. 6702 6710 6706 book display, wall mounted 6707 bracket Media stand, 3 levels Freestanding, single‑sided stands for face‑forward display of books on three levels. The generous shelf depth allows for up to two titles on each level. Perfect for display on small surfaces such as information desks, tables and window‑ledges. Available in two sizes. Delivered with stand in epoxy coatedMedia cube steel tube with feet. 6703 6711Highlight a single book or DVD. Ideal for counters, tables and alongside Capacity Narrow:computers. Can also be used on‑shelf Approx. 6 standard it supports the books on either side. Wide: Approx. 18 standard books.Size W320 x D160 x H320 mm. Size W200 (narrow)/600 (wide) x Display depth, stand: 47 mm. D340 x H465 mm. Thickness: 5 mm. Shelf depth: 70 mm. 6703 media cube Thickness: 5 mm. 6710 narrow 6711 wide
  • 95. displays Catch the attention of your visitors! 3562 (3564) 3561 / 356293 82392 82390 3561 (3563) Swing I‑II Book stands, Astrid Swing is a quite exceptional display Display for open books. stand – it rocks when you touch it! Suitable for books as well as for other Size A4, W438 x D305 x H155 mm. media like CDs/DVDs and audio books. A5, W320 x D220 x H113 mm. Comes in two different sizes and in Unit 2 units 3452 3417 two colours. 82390 A4 82391 A5 Size I, W120 x D200 x H165 mm. Material II, W165 x D228 x H252 mm. Acrylic, polymethylmeth‑ Brochure stands acrylate (PMMA). Brochure stand A4 Design Franz James. Size W210 x D145 x H260 mm. 3452 A4 Gunga I 3561 orange Brochure stand Åke 3562 green 6 A6 forms and 2 A5 Capacity brochures. Gunga II Size W320 x D175 x H270 mm. 3563 orange 3442 / 3424 3414 3417 Åke 3564 green Brochure stand Linnea Display system A6 brochures. Capacity Size W80 x D90 x H120 mm. Classic display system in transparent 3424 Linnea acrylic. As simple as it is brilliant. Brochure stand Anneli Material Plastic, polymethylmeth‑ A4 brochures/1 book. Capacity acrylate (PMMA). Size W80 x D115 x H200 mm. 3442 Anneli Display platform, Marit Display stands 3426 3427 Size A5, W150 x D100 x H215 mm. Platforms in two sizes. A4, W210 x D115 x H300 mm. A3, W300 x D140 x H435 mm. Size W270/300 x D270/300 x 3414 A5 H300 mm. 3426 A4 Unit 2 units 3427 A3 82392 Marit phone 877.224.7026
  • 96. displaysDisplay stand Magdalena 3451 3448 3425Capacity 1 open book.Size W170 x D170 x H170 mm.Unit 2 units3451 MagdalenaDisplay stand, horizontalSize A4: W300 x D90 x H215 mm.3448 A4Literature standsStackable literature stands. 3418 3408 3420Literature stand, lowSize W300 x D180 x H130 mm.3425 lowLiterature stand, lowSize W80 x D180 x H125 mm. 3418 clear3408 blueLiterature stand, lowSize W720 x D190 x H125 mm.3420 clear3464 blue 3464 3432 3465 94Literature stand, highSize W200 x D185 x H260 mm.3432 clear3465 blueLiterature stands, highSize W700 x D185 x H260 mm.3423 highSize W400 x D185 x H260 mm.3435 highLiterature stand, double-sided 3423 3435 3429Size W710 x D300 x H310 mm.3429 double‑sidedLiterature stands, two-tierSize W700 x D350 x H290 mm.3436 literature standDisplay holdersHolders designed for display on the display panel Forum, Collage andFrontline series. 3436 34457 34458Material Plastic, polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA).HangingSize Small: W100 x D42 mm. Large: W200 x D42 mm.34457 small34458 largeTiltingSize Small: W100 x H250 x D135 mm. Large: W190 x H275 x 34459 34460 D170 mm.34459 small34460 large The acrylic displays are covered with a tinted/non‑tinted protection film (often on both sides). Remove before use.
  • 97. displays Simple display solutions for smart libraries. Leaf & Owl Display stand in a new, creative design that will catch the attention of your visitors. Available in motifs which appeal to children and adults, in different sizes and colours. Can be used both free standing and wall‑mounted. Suitable both for books up to picturebook size and audio books, as well as other music or film media. Generous sizes; e. g. the larger displays have room for more than one picturebook/ comic. Leaf Display stand for books and other media like CDs/DVDs and audio books. 95 Available in two sizes and two colours. Capacity I: spine width of the book: 25 mm. II: spine width of the book: 43 mm. Size I: W121 (base)/166 x D101 x H206 mm. II: W187 (base)/256 x D127 x H319 mm. Material Lasercut, lacquered steel. Design Louise Hederström. Leaf, I 3384 green 3385 white Leaf, II 3386 green 3387 white Owl 3375 Display stand for picturebooks, books and other media like CDs/DVDs and audio books. Available in three sizes 3372 3373 and two colours. Capacity I: spine width of the book: 25 mm. 3386 (3387) End panel display 3570 II: spine width of the book: Gavla 43 mm. III: spine width of the book: Flexible display for solid end panels. 55 mm. Works with most shelving systems, Size I: W88 (base)/117 X D92 x even different brands. Easy to use; no H191 mm. installation, no screws! Simply place on II: W150 (base)/198 x D127 x a suitable shelf using the bracket. (See H311 mm. picture). III: W176 (base)/234 x D137 x H369 mm. Size W210 x D70 x H77 mm. Material Lasercut, lacquered steel. Display holder: W160 x Design Louise Hederström. D38 mm. 3385 (3384) Materials Bracket and holder in white 3570 Owl, I lacquered steel. 3371 red Design Franz James. 3372 white 3570 Gavla Owl, II 3373 red 3374 white Owl, III 3375 red 3376 white phone 877.224.7026
  • 98. OUR RED THREADIn the new library in Hjørring, Denmark, the rooms and departments are connectedwith a red thread running throughout the building. It combines functionality withvisual art to create a stunning contemporary space.Continuous flow is also something that runs through BCI Eurobib Library Design.For us library design is a constant flow of expression and innovation, and acontinuous search for new ideas whilst caring for the environment and embracingecological thinking and sustainable solutions.
  • 99. displays Zig‑zag wire rack 3440 Size W865 x D170 x H130 mm. Material 5 mm. thick white epoxy‑powder coated steel wire. Other Fits all shelves min. W865, D180 mm. 3440 Zig‑zag wire rack Fronta Shelf front displayer. Face out book displayer; clips easily over front edge of flat shelf. Suitable for wooden shelves 3469 (3470) 3434 Display stand, wire without book support rails, 18‑22/ 23-25 mm. thick. Easy to move! Size W118 x D110 x H95 mm. Material Steel wire, zinc‑plated. Size W125 x D75 x H182 mm. 3434 display stand Display height: 157 mm. Material Lacquered 5 mm. steel wire, white. Design Franz James. Unit 10 units 3469 18‑22 mm. 3470 23-25 mm.97 Magazine Displays Acrylic magazine displayer To be placed on even surfaces, such as shelves, tabletops or countertops. Clear acrylic. Material Size W204 x D120 mm. 34410 12-compartment, W855 mm. 34411 10-compartment, W705 mm. Shelf stand 900 Create attractive face‑forward displays; highlight a title at the front of the shelf and combine with storing a selection of titles. 34411 (34410) Material Acrylic, polymethylmeth‑ acrylate (PMMA). Unit 4 units Design Niklas Dahlman. Stand Clever stand with six compartments in sturdy, transparent acrylic for face‑forward display of books and other media. Combines storage and display. Works with Aztek as well as most other shelving systems. Depending on shelf depth, and for good display, you can add distances (see below). 6720 new Capacity Approx. 12‑18 standard books Size W895 x D145 x H190 mm. Inside dimension, compartment: 95 mm. Thickness, 4 mm. 6720 shelf stand 900 6720, 6721 6721, 6722 Distances Distances for shelf depths 250 and 300 mm. Size 250 mm.: W895 x D145 mm. 300 mm.: W895 x D165 mm. Thickness: 6 mm. 6721 distance, 250 mm. 6722 distance, 300 mm. phone 877.224.7026
  • 100. displays 5797 (5798) 98 CD display, mod. CDA 5795 (5796) 2-section unit Capacity 28 CDs, 10.5 mm. Fits most shelving systems. Extendable 20 CDs, 21.5 mm. as follows: 1000 mm. shelf length, two 3-section units. 900 mm. shelf length, 5795 CD display CD/28 one 3-section unit + one 2-section unit. 5796 CD display CD/20 750 mm. shelf length, two 2-section units. 500 mm. shelf length, one 3-section unit 3-section unit. Capacity 42 CDs, 10.5 mm. 30 CDs, 21.5 mm. Size W311 (2-section)/464 (3-section) x D262 x H40 mm. 5797 CD display CD/42 Material Chromed steel wire. 5798 CD display CD/30 Design Schulz Speyer. 5792 Magazine holder, mod. ZSA Magazine holder for metal shelves (fits most shelving systems). Fitted with “wings” to keep magazines in place. Use individually or side by side. Size A4: W220 x D180 x H300 mm. Material Powder‑coated sheet steel. Design Schulz Speyer. Terms 5792 magazine holder Magazine box compartment, mod. ZQB Magazine box compartment for shelves, depth up to 250 mm. Displays magazines with cover page facing the visitor. Current magazines and periodicals are stored in a compartment behind the flap (lift and insert). The displayed magazine is kept in place by a transparent sheet over 5794 the flap. Easy to replace. Extendable up to 3 units (max. shelf length 1000 mm.). Size W320 x D260 x H300 mm. Usage dimensions: W230 x H315 mm. (storage height 140 mm.) each box. Material Powder‑coated sheet steel.5794 Design Schulz Speyer. Terms 5794 magazine box compartment
  • 101. displays 2028 2029 Stands for tables, walls or end panels! Brochure Stand Stand for hanging display. More compartments can be added if needed. The first stand is screwed onto a wall or an end panel, the next stand can then easily be hooked onto the first one. (V = vertical, H = horizontal.) Size A4V: W247 x D100 x H360 mm.99 2030 A4H: W340 x D100 x H250 mm. A5V: W250 x D105 x H180 mm. Material Plastic, polystyrene (PS). Unit 2 units 2028 A4V 2029 A4H 2030 A5V Rack for Brochure Stand Metal rack for 4 vertical compartments in A5 or A4 (brochure stands are ordered separately). The brochure stands can easily be hooked onto the rack. 2028 / 2031 2031 for A4V 2032 for A5V 2030 / 2032 2033 Information holder Information holder for mounting on door or wall. Brochure/Display stand Material Metal back piece with 4 pre‑drilled screw holes. Combined brochure and display stand; Removable protective sheet of keeps brochures or information sheets in plexiglass with a thumb grip. place with a spring‑back mechanism. The Size A4: W220 x H300 mm. title page or a message can be placed A5: W155 x H213 mm. in the holder to indicate for instance the 3360 A4 brochure that should be placed in the 3360 / 3361 3361 A5 3450 / 3454 stand. Poster holder for end Size Material A4, W210 x D120 x H310 mm. Plastics, polystyrene (PS). panel Unit 2 units 2033 brochure and display stand Hangs over shelf end panel with max. W22 mm. Size A4: W210 x D30 x H322 mm. 3450 glossy 3454 non‑reflective phone 877.224.7026
  • 102. Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery BCI Eurobib reserves the right to modify, without previous WARRANTY POLICY notice, the terms of this catalogue, as well as the availability, We provide a one-year warranty for defects in materials and design, specifications, and price of the merchandise. BCI workmanship. The invoice is your certificate of warranty and Eurobib also disclaims all liability for typographical or you must include the invoice number when submitting a other errors. warranty claim. All direct mailing campaigns or special promotions through the online shop with specific terms only govern that individual purchase occasion and do not include Value Added Tax, shipping or insurance.
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