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Major and Minor Errors Found in Your Research Proposal

Major and Minor Errors Found in Your Research Proposal






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    Major and Minor Errors Found in Your Research Proposal Major and Minor Errors Found in Your Research Proposal Presentation Transcript

    • Second version of Major and Minor Errors Found in your Research Proposal forBachelor Degree Dissertation (PSM) FPTT Students
    • 1. Scientific Canons• Most of you lost marks for scientific canons. There are 2 situations which I found out from your research proposal:i. Deliberately ignore in writing your scientific canons.ii. Write half completed (Reliability and 1 Validity) while you know there are 3 validities that you must address, and explain how are you going to achieve that.
    • 1. Scientific Canons….• Although the contend of your research proposal could be varied according to the request of your supervisor and it is allowed to be varied; yet, the variation should be only for the format of your proposal, or the way you presenting your proposal.• Scientific canons are must for both qualitative and quantitative. Do not ignore it!
    • 2. Research Design-The explanation found under the researchdesign is well written. Yet, you need to highlightwhich types of research design you are after:Explanatory? Exploratory? Descriptive? Thenselect one and explain further.
    • 3. Research Question-A good research question must have its qualityand substance. I have shared with you, some ofthe good words like How, Why, How far are goodwords to be used.-Research question like: “Is training good for thecompany?”, “Does the credit risk affect the bankpolicy?”, these are not good research questions.
    • 4. Research Objectives-Research objectives are formulated tooperationalise the research question. Thereforewords like “to investigate”, “to examine”, “toexplore” are good.-You must be able to differentiate between researchobjective and research outcome. Statements like:“To generate profits for the company” or “To clarifythe situation” is not a research objective, but theresearch outcome you expected which you can putunder the Importance of the research.
    • Many bad habits which areunforgivable! I have warned you not todo that. Either you purposely did that,ignore me (after I have done my bestto teach you and show you exampleson my teaching blog) or you just neverbeing serious about your PSM.
    • Errors from your bad habits-I stressed that wikipedia is not the source foryour PSM.-I stressed you have to show the proper formatfor your referencing, either APA or Harvard. Youpurposely did not listen to what I have said andmade the referencing format according to yourown.-Remember in references: every comma,brackets is important. STANDARDISED. Checkthem one by one carefully.
    • Errors from your bad habits…(Abstract)-I have shown you how to write a good abstract.I did that in your quiz. You deliberately constructyour own format which turns to be a summary.-Follow the format I have provided. Make it inONE PARAGRAPH I do not understand since Ihave guided you, why you still deliberately did itwrong.-After you have completed your PSM, then youcan refine your abstract.
    • Errors from your bad habits…-No point form in your PSM. Explain, explain andexplain. Are you doing presentation in yourPSM?-Each chapter should come with a summary.Found 1 sentence/2 sentences summary. Don’tyou know how to write a good summary?
    • RememberYour PSM is not an ordinary assignment! UTeMLibrary will keep your PSM. Your abstract is thefirst which will be assessed and then your PSMwill be opened to everyone forever (internal orexternal viewers, cross universities loan as wellas open to international students).If you have made your PSM like a comic, you willbe laughed as a clown forever.
    • Remember…-The Bachelor Degree Dissertation (PSM) is thebiggest academic work which you will producethroughout your entire bachelor degree study.One day, after you graduated, you must put yourtitle on your resume. You might be required toshow your dissertation/abstract to your employer.This is your work. The dissertation has your nameon it, so safeguard your dignity.