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Architects and builders
Architects and builders
Architects and builders
Architects and builders
Architects and builders
Architects and builders
Architects and builders
Architects and builders
Architects and builders
Architects and builders
Architects and builders
Architects and builders
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Architects and builders


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Published in: Business, Design
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  • 1. Architects and Builders
  • 2. Design Teams
      • An architects designs buildings to serve certain purposes which may involve the needs for residential design, business offices, medical facilities, and factories.
      • Each architect decides how involved to be with each project – from just creating the design to being onsite during construction.
      • Each building project takes a team effort to complete.
  • 3. Team Members
      • Architects
      • Landscape architects
      • Architectural drafters
      • Engineers
      • Other specialists
      • Contractors
      • Trade specialists
      • Interior designers
  • 4. Architects
      • An architect must have the combined talents of an artist, engineer, builder, planner, and manager.
      • Architects typically use a computer-aided drafting (CAD) software to complete designs. This enables the architects to make very fast drawings for the clients to review while they are reviewing the overall design.
      • Client conferences help the architects get a full picture of how the building will be used and what the client expects.
  • 5. Landscape Architects
      • The external environment of a building site is the interest of a landscape architect. These specialists deal with all outside areas around a building. The plan plantings, roads, parking areas, and uses of the land.
  • 6. Architectural Drafters
      • Drafters prepare the drawing and plans that communicate the basic design of the architect.
      • An experienced architectural drafter often assists with the actual design of a structure or works in tandem with an architect on a building project.
  • 7. Engineers
      • Civil – design roads, bridges, and water and utility systems
      • Air conditioning engineers – design heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems
      • Acoustical engineers – design equipment and systems to control sounds withi a structure
      • Mechanical engineers – design a variety of ducts to carry air, plumbing, and other support systems
      • Structural engineers use calculations to insure the structure’s components with be safe
  • 8. Other Specialists
      • Estimators examine architectural drawings to determine construction costs.
      • Specification writers add important details to architectural plans.
      • Surveyors prepare the survey plans and plot plans for the building site.
  • 9. Contractors
      • Contractors oversee actual construction.
      • They handle all the materials and provide all the services needed to complete construction.
      • Subcontractors usually handle once type of works such as carpentry, plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, masonry, electrical or landscaping.
  • 10. Trade Specialists
      • Carpenters complete wood frames for buildings as well as finish carpentry – paneling, cabinets, and trim.
      • Masons work with cement, stone, and ceramic materials.
      • Electricians install electrical outlets and lighting fixtures.
      • HVAC specialists work on heating, ventiliating, and air conditioning.
  • 11. More Trade Specialists
      • Painters
      • Wallpaper hangers
      • Landscapers
      • Drawall specialists
      • Roofers
  • 12. Interior Designers
      • Interior designers select colors furnishings surface covers lighting systems and decorations for the inside of a house.
      • Usually hired by the owners or occupants of a residence, the job of the interior designer is to turn a building into a livable space.