Cluster Development & Project Funding                          Helsinki                 April 2012                        ...
Cluster Development & Project Funding                                                                   Helsinki          ...
Cluster Development & Project Funding                                        Helsinki                 April 2012Isafjord, ...
Cluster Development & Project Funding                                Helsinki                 April 2012                  ...
Cluster Development & Project Funding                              Helsinki                 April 2012                    ...
Cluster Development & Project Funding                                   Helsinki                 April 2012     Example: B...
Cluster Development & Project Funding                           Helsinki                 April 2012  Example: Keystepping ...
Cluster Development & Project Funding                                         Helsinki                 April 2012Benchmark...
Cluster Development & Project Funding                                     Helsinki                 April 2012             ...
Cluster Development & Project Funding                                                                                     ...
Cluster Development & Project Funding                              Helsinki                 April 2012 Technology Center L...
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Temaattiset Torstait - Verkostosymposium: Ifor


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Iforin kalvot Verkostosymposiumissa

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Temaattiset Torstait - Verkostosymposium: Ifor

  1. 1. Cluster Development & Project Funding Helsinki April 2012 Cluster Navigators’ Clients Leveraging EU Funding Europe: Czech Latvia Lithuania Through a clustering approach Denmark Estonia Norway Poland Asia: Americas: Finland Spain Bangladesh Malaysia Georgia Sweden Bahamas Cambodia Pakistan Germany Switzerland Canada UAE China Singapore Dominican Iceland Turkey India Thailand Ireland UK Saudi Republic Arabia Korea Vietnam Trinidad USA Africa: Botswana Mozambique Australia Ethiopia Rwanda Kenya Tanzania Helsinki, 17 April 2012 New Zealand Libya Uganda Mauritius South Africa Ifor Ffowcs-Williams Cluster Navigators Ltd New Zealand World Bank UNIDO Advisors to: Clusters … start naturally Aarhus, Denmark Scone, Australia •  #1 wind energy cluster in the world Population: 5,000 •  Now Vestas’s HQ •  90% of Denmark’s Accounts for 80% of activity Australia’s thoroughbred horse •  80+ companies exports •  Full supply chain •  11,000 employeesBergen, Norway: the world s leading centre for subsea technology•  100 companies and organisations; employing 4,600.•  Three of the world s leading subsea production system firms, many subcontractors. © Cluster Navigators Ltd 2012 1
  2. 2. Cluster Development & Project Funding Helsinki April 2012 Norway s cluster focus National Centers of Expertise Bergen University: Attracts high value students globally •  B.Sc. in Underwater Technology, focuses on subsea operation and maintenance •  New Master’s in Underwater Technology     Feed     Health     Research     Advisory  Fish      farming  &        Technology   &   &       &     Bodø, Norwayprocessing    produc3on    environment   training   finance   Ph.D and Masters degrees in English: •  Aquaculture •  Marine Ecology •  Sustainable Management NCEA   structure     And working with local high schools The world is not flat … it’s spiky•  Marketing an exciting industry, with international career opportunities•  Collaboration between cluster firms and educational institutions to ensure: - Recruitment - Regional pride and identity - Knowledge about aquaculture - Access to the brightest heads and the best hands © Cluster Navigators Ltd 2012 2
  3. 3. Cluster Development & Project Funding Helsinki April 2012Isafjord, IcelandPopulation 2,500Community Growth Agrement covering threekey clusters: ZanzibarFishing, Marine engineering & Tourism seaweed cluster Employment for 10,000 women Clumps & Clutter v. Innovative Clusters Cluster-based economic development Clumps of firms Moving from clumps & clutter Local agglomerations of self-contained, stand alone, vertically integrated, to integrated isolated firms; innovation systems •  Little trust, limited interaction; •  Little out sourcing, subcontracting, collaboration •  Geographic but not social proximityClumps & Clutter v. Innovative Clusters Kiruna Pajala Gällivare Jokkmokk Clutter of public agencies Övertorneå Arjeplog Överkalix Kalix Luleå Sorsele Arvidsjaur Storuman Skellefteå Lycksele •  Individual silos each with their own development Vilhelmina agendas for the cluster Strömsund Umeå BIOREFINERY OF THE FUTURE Åre Örnsköldsvik •  Absence of teamwork, alignment, trust Kramfors Östersund Dysfunctional Sundsvall •  ROBOTICS VALLEY Härjedalen Ljusdal Hudiksvall •  Remote from private sector needs Mora Bollnäs Söderhamn Priorities set in isolation; Malung •  Gävle Falun Vansbro Avesta Ludvika And ever changing Uppsala •  Fagersta Västerås Köping •  Different levels of government Eskilstuna Stockholm Örebro Katrineholm GöteborgBIO Nyköping Lidköping EU & National/ELY & Regional Councils & Municipal Norrköping •  Linköping Skövde Tranås Västervik Borås •  Short term funding horizons Jönköping Vimmerby Gotland Nässjö Värnamo Oskarshamn Växjö But long term needs Ljungby •  Kalmar Älmhult Karlshamn Karlskrona Kristianstad © Cluster Navigators Ltd 2012 3
  4. 4. Cluster Development & Project Funding Helsinki April 2012 International research The evidence on clusters is clear •  Firms in clusters are more competitive than similar firms located outside clusters. France: Major Clusters generate: clusters •  More employment under •  Higher economic growthdevelopment •  Higher wages •  Better productivity •  Higher levels of innovation •  More entrepreneurship •  More start-ups, and •  Attract more investment. Cluster Development The How Step 1 Cluster development A centre stage strategy, rather than ‘another project’A comprehensive framework for a range of economic development agendas, including: •  Skills, training; workforce development •  SME development; New business start-ups •  Investment attraction; migrant attraction •  Export development, internationalisation •  Rural, community development; •  Incubators; Industry/Technology Parks © Cluster Navigators Ltd 2012 4
  5. 5. Cluster Development & Project Funding Helsinki April 2012 Silicon Somewhere clusters Carefully define Some well grounded, the cluster others politician’s dreams Silicon Alley, Manhattan, New York; Silicon Beach, Santa Cruz; Silicon Bog, Limerick, Ireland; Silicon City,1. Avoid generic 1.  Identify specific Chicago, USA; Silicon Coast, Auckland, New Zealand; Silicon Corridor, M4, UK; Silicon Desert, Phoenix, Arizona; Silicon Ditch, M4, UK; Silicon Dominion,, USA; Silicon Island, California, USA; Silicon Island, descriptors, e.g. : competencies: Taiwan; Silicon Island, Whidby Island, Washington, USA; Silicon Isle, Ireland; Silicon Kashba, Istanbul; Silicon Mesa, New Mexico, USA; Silicon Mountain, Colorado Springs; Silicon Mountain, Pennsylvania, USA; Silicon Mountain, Massachusetts, USA; Silicon Necklace, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Silicon Oasis, Dubai; •  Engineering •  Forestry equipment Silicon Orchard, Wenatchee Valley, Washington, USA; Silicon Plantation, Virginia, USA; Silicon Plateau, Bangalore, India; Silicon Polder, Netherlands; Silicon Prairie, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois; Silicon Rainforest, Seattle, Washington, USA; Silicon River, Missouri, USA; Silicon Sandbar, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA; Silicon •  Food products •  Pork products Saxony, Saxony, Germany; Silicon Seaboard, Richmond, Virginia, USA; ; Silicon Seaside, South Norway; Silicon Slopes, Utah, USA; Silicon Snowbank, Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota; Silicon Spires, Oxford, UK; Silicon Swamp, Florida, USA; Silicon Triangle, Durham, Nth Carolina, USA; Silicon Tundra, Ottawa, Canada; •  Cleantech •  Waste water Silicon Valais, Switzerland; Silicon Valley North (Ottawa); Silicon Valley East, Malaysia; Silicon Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA; Silicon Valley, Iowa, USA; Silicon Valley of China (Zhongguancun); Silicon Valley2. Avoid broad regions 2. Narrow boundaries of Europe (Dublin); Silicon Valley of Russia (Moscow); Silicon Valley of South Korea (Incheon); Silicon Valley of Sweden (Kista); Silicon Valley of Taiwan; Silicon Village, Massachusetts, USA; Silicon Village, California, USA; Silicon Vineyard, Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada; Silicon Vineyard, Napa Valley, USA; •  Finland •  Lahti Silicon Wadi, Israel; Silicon Welly, Wellington, New Zealand; and Cwm Silicon, Wales. Virginia; Silicon Fen, Cambridge, UK; Silicon Forest, Portland, Oregon; Silicon Forest, Australia; Silicon Freeway, Southern California, USA; Silicon Glacier, Montana, USA; Silicon Gorge, Bristol, England; Silicon Glen, Scotland; Silicon Gulch, San Jose – California, USA; Silicon Gulch, Austin, Texas, USA; Silicon Gulf, Davao, Philippines; Silicon Hill, Massachusetts, USA; Silicon Hills, Austin, Texas; Silicon Holler, Washington DC, USA; Silicon Hollow, Tennessee, USA; Silicon Island, Virgin Islands; Silicon Island, New York Step 3 Initial cluster analysis Building the base Two thrusts: •  Initial competitiveness diagnosis, fact based, understanding cluster’s current situation: structure, scale, opportunities, constraints, culture … •  Establishing platform for action, Introducing the process; motivating key stakeholders to participate; identifying potential leaders ... © Cluster Navigators Ltd 2012 5
  6. 6. Cluster Development & Project Funding Helsinki April 2012 Example: Board of Directors Steel & Engineering Cluster Värmland, Sweden•  Gert Nilson Uddeholm Tooling ordförande•  Ulf Eliasson Rolls-Royce•  Lars Blomgren Permec Group•  Kjell Edholm PartnerTech•  Anders Gustafsson CTF/Karlstads universitet•  Kjell-Åke Lindqvist Metso Paper•  Bengt Lundström Volvo Construction Equipment•  Per Eiritz ”Metso Paper”•  Ingemar Olson CCI Valve Technology•  Leif Rosén Outokumpu Stainless Steel•  Monica Schagerholm Karlstads universitet Step 5. The preferred future Preferred future example The Vision Ocean engineering cluster Newfoundland, Canada Building on the cluster’s current competitive position … with a challenge, a s t r e t c h factor We will make St. John’s, Newfoundland an international destination of choice in ocean technology Preferred future ICT, Cape Town, South Africa •  CITI will create Cape Town as the IT gateway and training centre of Africa •  We will operate in a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment as a cohesive and high trust network of people © Cluster Navigators Ltd 2012 6
  7. 7. Cluster Development & Project Funding Helsinki April 2012 Example: Keystepping stones to achieving the vision Newfoundland Ocean Engineering 1.  Leadership, cluster culture, teamwork 2.  Skills upgrading, aligning university with industry needs 3.  Branding the cluster, market development 4.  R & D, technology transfer 5.  Finance, venture capital Example Step 7 Short term, tactical Early Action Agendas agenda Newfoundland Ocean Engineering Establishing immediate projects that demonstrate the value of collaboration Stepping Stone: •  Branding the cluster, market development Early Action AgendaFor each of the Priority Steps Just •  Cluster web site, portal•  Pick the ‘low hanging fruit’ do it! •  Inward /outward missions•  Not wish lists for others •  Proactive media coverage •  Airport signage Step 9 In-depth analysis, benchmarking Fact based, outward focussed analysis •  Fundamentally understanding the cluster’s competitive position, the local specialisation •  Benchmarking v. reference clusters © Cluster Navigators Ltd 2012 7
  8. 8. Cluster Development & Project Funding Helsinki April 2012Benchmarking visitsExample: Norway’s MountainTourism cluster visit to Banff•  Identify an appropriate (model) reference cluster•  Benchmarking visits provide a collaborative learning opportunity •  Business + public agencies + Benchmarking academics sharing their learning•  Builds connections, trust, social against other capital amongst the travellers relevant•  B2B links often develop during a clusters visit•  Visits can provide motivating data shocks Long-term cluster strategies Most common cluster actions Source: The Cluster Initiative GreenbookLong-term agenda Long-term agendaIT Incubator Cape Town Building one-stop-serviceHome for 50 + start-ups centers E.g. Biella, Italy Providing specialised support for 200 textile machinery firms, and 1300 textile firms 1.  Training 2.  Applied research 3.  Know-how transfer 4.  Export development © Cluster Navigators Ltd 2012 8
  9. 9. Cluster Development & Project Funding Helsinki April 2012 Step 11 Linking the cluster Building on a solid understanding of the cluster’s strengths Three levels of leverage: •  With other regional clusters •  Provincially, Nationally, with clusters in the same sector •  Internationally, with clusters in the same sectorInternational Collaborations Cambridge UK Medicon Valley Lifescience Alliance Corridor France 51 Step 12 Review, evaluation 24+ months after the launch Governance and Financing Over time, sustainable clustering initiatives Two dimensions: have: •  Triple helix governance with strong private sector leadership •  The pay-off from the clustering process •  Leaders with passion who understand •  Is the competitivness of the cluster the broad picture being upgraded? •  Multiple funding sources in place, predominantly local, with support from national & EU agencies © Cluster Navigators Ltd 2012 9
  10. 10. Cluster Development & Project Funding Helsinki April 2012 Mats Williams St. John’s, Newfoundland Center for Strategy & Competitiveness Stockholm School of Economics ‘Find the BIG QUESTIONS that are common’Oceans Advance St. John’s Cluster 2004 Newfoundland Ship  Design  &   Construc3on   The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough The image cannot bememory to Your computer maythe imageenough memorycorrupted. image, or displayed. open the image, or not have may have been to open the the image may have been corrupted. Restart and then open the file again. If the file again. If the red x Restart your computer, your computer, and then open red x still Fisheries  &   Ice  Engineering   Offshore  Structural   still appears, you may have to you may have to delete the insert it again. insert it again. appears, delete the image and then image and then Design   Aquaculture   CFD   Offshore  Oil  &  Gas   Naval   Numerical   Architecture   Modeling   Ocean  Mapping   Physical  Modeling   Underwater   Communica3ons   Hydro-­‐ Acous3cs   Propulsion   Systems   Underwater   Technology   Marine   Subsea   Environmental  Survival  Technology   Mari3me  Defense   Technology   Transporta3on  &   Monitoring   &  Coastal  Security   Shipping   Marine  Science   Memorial University Jan. 23, 2012Oceans advance cluster, Newfoundland The Centre for Logistics SystemsBuilding Whole-of-Government support and Material Handling Kauhajoki, Western Finland © Cluster Navigators Ltd 2012 10
  11. 11. Cluster Development & Project Funding Helsinki April 2012 Technology Center Logistia Technology Center LogistiaCo-operation with Research University of Vaasa Professorship of Logistics Systems, and a internationalCenter of Learning research team Technology Center Logistia Financing cluster development •  No one funder should be able to unduly influence the cluster’s development agendaBusiness incubator Faartti •  Multiple short-term project funding“From idea to business” enables engagement on long-term projects 24+ new companies… •  Establishing a cluster incubator? •  Training centre? •  Integrating migrants? •  Export development? •  Links with neighboring clusters, Russia … Cluster development & project funding Ifor Ffowcs-Williams CEO, Cluster Navigators Ltd 1.  Cluster development is long-term 22 Examiner St, Nelson 7010 economic development New Zealand 2.  Provides an integrated, sustainable framework for a series of short-term + 64 3 548 0606 project activities 3.  Sustainable projects needs to be Skype: ‘clusterguy’ •  Centered on the region’s key clusters Blog: •  Driven by the cluster’s strategic priorities, not the availability of project funds © Cluster Navigators Ltd 2012 11