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Upgrade training
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Upgrade training


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  • Being used for new clients to make them aware they WILL be asked for upgrades in the future
  • Not a selling function but as a valued team member
  • Form letters for each team will be on the wiki to useKA’s should review each client monthly to track statusUpgrade team will review report weekly to assist KA’sUpgrade questions will be available for KA to use on wiki so they’ll know which form letter to use.
  • Show them how to fill it out – Have them put what they feel is realistic in the upgrade status – if it is changed then there needs to be a discussion with Steve
  • Henderson covers. Call out we are moving money around not increasing it here. Moving money from outside BAB to inside BAB
  • Now, obviously KA's will be uncomfortable with this at first and the words will not feel genuine.  But they need to get to where they can say these things convincingly not as a sales person but as a member of the client's "TEAM".  They need to be assertive enough to call the client out (within reason).
  • You try __________ (db management or listing services or buyer/seller lead calling) which will (free up time for you by taking the listing off your plate or call through your current database of leads and give you more focus on the hot leads). KA’s need to know how many hours projects will take before having the client do projects. **May be pulled from the KA because of no contact **
  • Call out the test as an option in all scenarios but as a Plan B, NOT A!
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  • Keller Williams can be pulled from E-Edge
  • Transcript

    • 1. January 29, 2013
    • 2. At Best Agent Business, upgrading refers to theaddition of Best Agent Business services to yourcurrent monthly subscription so that you can focuson your unique talents, delegate everything else andbecome happier and more successful in your job.We do not believe in charging our clients forimprovements. You are provided service and systemupdates automatically. A client who has started at the$495 per month service level for leads and databasemanagement may upgrade to the $995 per monthservice level to add calling services and reach theirbacklog of leads. This upgrade allows the client tofocus on selling homes, stop wasting leads andincrease their GCI.
    • 3. Our goal is to maximize the net profit of our clients while they work their ideal amount of hours and increase their overall happiness in theirjobs. Best Agent Business services have proven to increase our clients’ net profit. Here’s how:Focus on Your Unique TalentIncrease time spent on your unique talentsCreate and live a perfect day with Billion Dollar Agent Time ManagementStop doing everything else which dilutes your focusDelegate Everything ElseDelegate assistant work to Best Agent Business assistants and in-house assistantsDelegate calling of leads to Best Agent Business callersDelegate buyer business entirely to Best Agent Business to run it all including Agent ManagementStop Wasting LeadsCapture all leads for Database Management and Lead ManagementCall all leads fully for five dial attempts to reach live and then monthly until they buy or sellMarket to leads with monthly email newsletters and monthly mailed newslettersAt Best Agent Business, we provide our clients with on-going business consulting at no additional cost. We encourage our clients to askquestions and receive Steve’s expert advice. Steve, a graduate of Harvard University and Johns Hopkins School of Advanced InternationalStudies, founded Gnossos Software, Inc. in 1986 and successfully operated the company for 18 years. It was sold in November of 2004 toVocus, Inc.; Vocus went public in December of 2005. When a client comes to us with a business question, we often have an opinion. If wearen’t sure of the answer, we will reach out to our network of top agents, and we will spend time researching to get the answers.In the last five years since publishing Billion Dollar Agent: Lessons Learned, Steve has personally had over 1,000 in-depth conversations withtop agents , lasting more than 30 minutes each, that have created a deep understanding of what works and what does not work in the realestate business. While all of our clients own their business, very few are experienced in running a company. If our clients focus on theirunique talents and let us run their business, we can double their profits.We are ready to transform the industry business model for top agents!
    • 4.  Saves money ◦ Takes from ineffective marketing dollars and reallocates to more efficient use ◦ Reduces wasted leads Accelerates their success ◦ More closed business ◦ Do what they love (unique talent) ◦ Lifestyle they want  They became a realtor for specific reasons
    • 5. Info becomes available or KA prepares Client says opening letter to send becomes to client yes apparent* *Weekly No response after 10 monitoring of days, send again client status by KA No response, adds to agenda Upgrade team joins KA on Client says no call with client if necessary**Same process Attempts to setfor CS but they Closes sale appt with Stevewill notify KAwhen upgrade is Get available dateneeded or evident Steve closes Steve closes
    • 6.  Upgrade team will assist with backup info, will be on client calls and provide coaching Group conference call with Steve Driver calls with Steve for advice/background on the client Email templates to fill in (template next page) Status determination Financial support with reports (Henderson) Wiki page
    • 7. DateDear (client),As you know, Best Agent Business helps the best agents, like yourself, create their bestpossible business by using their unique talents.. Our goal is to help you grow your business, make more money, and achieve an ideal mix of work/life balance. That is why we are contacting youtoday.We have noticed that your database has ____ leads in it. With your current calling hours of ___ hours, we are notable to connect with a large portion of your leads. That’s a lot of prospects that might get away from you! Toinsure that you are maximizing the potential of your leads, we suggest you increase your calling hours to ____ permonth. The extra cost will be quickly recovered by securing new hot leads! You may simply upgrade your servicesby visiting this link (choose one)Best Agent Business Introduction - $495/monthBest Agent Business Regular - $995/monthBest Agent Business Double - $1,990/monthWe can implement the upgrade immediately.We want the best possible coverage for you and your business so that you will be as profitable as possible!Regards,Key AssistantBest Agent Business
    • 8. Best Agent Business Focus on Your Unique Talent. Delegate Everything Else. Stop Wasting Leads.Marketing CallingHow much do you spend each month on Marketing? $800 How much do you spend each month on Calling? $500How many leads does that Marketing generate? 200 How many leads do you call each month? 100Lead GenerationHow much do you spend each month on Lead Generation? $50How many leads does that generate? 25 Thats 125 wasted leads every month and 1500 wasted leads every year! Each lead you waste is worth $50 in lost revenue. Wasting these leads is costing you $6250 every month and $75000 every year! Best Agent Business - Let Us Do Your Calling!Do you have a backlog of leads? If yes, how many? 100 Reduce your Marketing Spend 50% $400 Best Agent Business can clear this backlog of leads in 9 hours. Invest those Dollars in Calling $900How many B/C leads do you have in your pipeline? 230 BAB Calling Hours per Week 10 Best Agent Business can contact these leads in 21 hours. Best Agent Business will reach out to 480 - 600 leads per month!
    • 9. Going from $198 a month to $495 is staggering to her. She said shemight consider another chunk later in the year. She says she does nothave the money; and that in 2013 she really doesnt want to work as hard as she did last year. She seems happy where she is. She also says she could not handle any more leads than she receives without our Calling. Questions to ask: Where are you spending time that you feel is not effective? Who could you put in place to help you with that? Do you want to make less money this year? Or would you rather work less and make more? Words to use: I agree that you have too many leads to manage effectively that’s why I’m suggesting calling. Callers can work through them and find the “hot” leads so you can spend your time selling instead of doing admin work. Additionally, you may be spending too much money on marketing giving you a stock pile of leads you can never catch up on. We can shift that money into calling resulting in no increase in your overall cost per month. ◦ If you wait until later in the year you will have that many more lost leads and all that lost time regaining control over your life. If you don’t make changes, nothing will improve. ◦ Review her spending on the spreadsheet, does she have excess spending that she could divert to calling?
    • 10. This client has a backlog of hours that need to be used sothey don’t want to pay for more right now. ◦ Questions to ask: What other services can they benefit from that will quickly move through those hours? Is there other types of calling that can be done simultaneously to quickly get them on track? If they currently have calling, can we double up the number until the backlog is used before we increase their calling hours? Is there other types of calling that can be done simultaneously to quickly get them on track? ◦ Words to use: I know you currently have a backlog of hours but there are a couple of ways for us to move through them quickly that will benefit you. I suggest you try ____ __which will ____________. Once we do that then you will see how great regular lead calling is to growing your business. You will be able to grow your business through the efficient handling of your leads on a daily/weekly basis. How about we re-visit that next month?
    • 11. My client only wants to call her own leads and doesn’t trust anyone but herself to do the follow up. Questions to ask: Has this way of doing things gotten you to your goal for your business? Could things be improved at all with some help? Are you open to trying a test for 10 hours, just to see if you can get a comfort level? That way, you’d have time to work with your hot leads and be out more making contact with prospects. Ask questions to determine what the real issue is (getting ready to leave or bad experience with other assistants, financial reasons) Words to use: I understand that no one values your leads like you do. Obviously, this is your business. How much more attention could you give your QUALIFIED leads if you took some time away from POSSIBLE leads? If growing your business is a goal for you, at some point, you may want to consider allowing others to help you. It may take time to build up a trust with your caller but opening yourself up to that idea may be a huge benefit you just can’t see right now. Are you open to the idea of just trying the 10 hour test? If not, are you open to discuss it again in 3 months?
    • 12. Client is over budget. Consistently has more work than ableto be done in allotted time so was “forced” to upgradebefore he was mentally ready Questions to ask: How important is it to you that we get this work done so that you can be freed up to focus on your unique talent (selling)? How will you now spend the time that you have saved by making this change? Words to use: I understand that upgrading right now was not what you planned however, the good news is that you are seeing the benefit of having a team of people to take more and more of your work off your plate. Now that your work is at a more static level, you will be able to focus more on growing your business rather then working in your business.
    • 13. Client is at risk of cancelling services with BAB and is using excuses like “it’snot working” or “it’s not helping me like I thought it would” or “it takes toomuch time in my already busy schedule” ◦ Questions to ask:  Who will be doing these duties if BAB goes away?  How will decreasing your services get you to your goal of working less on admin duties and more outside your office selling and marketing yourself?  Are there people internally that may be resistant to this new way of doing things? ◦ Words to use: It is understandable that you are anxious to see results from this new service and this new expenditure you are making. Please keep in mind that calling takes 3-4 months to begin to show results. Your caller is building relationships with your leads, moving them through the research process and clearing out old dead leads. There is HUGE value to this. It is also allowing you more time to spend on networking with prospects outside your office and time to develop your ESTABLISHED leads while the caller is building new ones. ◦ How might we work more efficiently with the people in your office? Can we notify you when your buyer’s agents don’t follow through on the leads given to them by the callers? Can we streamline our communication with you to prevent overload?
    • 14.  Required Financial: Client consistently goes over current subscription level and needs to move up. Close Now: Client previously said yes and we are waiting on them. Resign up Waiting: Had paused and now needs to sign back up. Reverse Downgrade: Dropped from $995 to $495, but should be back at $995 level. MSP99 to 495: Need to move up from $99 level to $495 Day 100 - Go: Currently at $495, but should be at $995 level as work load is high and they are happy. The next step here is to get the client scheduled for a Client Group Call and/or a call with Steve. Calling - Start: Upgrade for calling only but need to start. Calling - More: Upgrade for calling only but needs more calling (i.e. 5 hours to 10 hours) Day 100 - wait: Too soon to ask as they are before Day 100 and level isnt being stretched. Ask 1-3 months: Okay at current level but would likely benefit from upgrade in 1-3 months. Ask 3+ Months: Okay at current level and no upgrade is needed OR isnt needed for 3+ months.
    • 15. Upgrade Reason - This is main reason client should upgrade to next service level. Delegate Assistant Tasks: The client is doing $20/hour assistant work themselves that they should hand off to BAB. Calling - Leads: Client needs calling to qualify new leads and/or follow up with B and C leads. Calling - Clients/SOI: Client needs calling to touch base, update information, etc. Marketing - Add $495: The client is fully caught up with leads and needs more business. Growth - Business Overall: The clients business is growing and they need to delegate more work to BAB, or need the same services but more hours. Replace - In-House Staff: Work is being done by an in-house employee that BAB should be handling, or an in-house staff person is being fired/leaving. Billion Dollar Agent: Super star client that will essentially trust our guidance and spend what is needed on the services we recommend. No Upgrade Needed: Client does not need to upgrade at this time (i.e. Kickoff, already reached Service Level Target)
    • 16. Upgrade Calling: Calling TL updates this field and is responsible for maintaining accuracy. Now Get Upgrade: These are clients that should upgrade right now for calling or for more calling, and it has been discussed with the client already. Pending Discuss: These are clients that we still need to discuss doing calling or more calling further with them before pushing the upgrade to close. Future: These are clients that we know need to do more calling but we do not feel that right now is the time to do it. Declined: Clients that have declined calling and it shouldnt be discussed anymore right now.
    • 17. CS should get GCI, etc during Day 1 call, if not thenKA must get it from client within the first 30 days Fact based recommendation No argument Visual people understand better
    • 18. You will be sent a very short anonymoussurvey at the end of this training. It shouldtake you less than 2 minutes to answer.PLEASE fill it out. Your cooperation is muchappreciated!