BAASS Connect 2013 - Vision, Strategy, Execution


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Is your organiza􀆟on challenged with operational efficiency, corporate effectiveness and poor access to
critical business information? Attend this session to understand how our Vision Strategy Execution program enables you to protect your current system investment and realize the maximum benefits to achieve the organizational goals.

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BAASS Connect 2013 - Vision, Strategy, Execution

  1. 1. Vision Strategy Execution Presented By: Bharti Meisuria
  2. 2. Presenter Bharti Meisuria • Practice Lead - Management Consulting & Development
  3. 3. Agenda When 4:00 – 4:25 What  What is a Vision Strategy Executive (VSE) engagement?
  4. 4. Introduction - MC Management Consulting Engagements – are designed to empower our clients achieve their IS goals.
  5. 5. Introduction - MC o o o o o o o Various MC Engagements: Solution Selection Vendor Selection Change Management User Acceptance Testing System Training & Roll-out …A lot more others on our website VSE
  6. 6. Background Peter F Drucker, well renowned author stated: “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”
  7. 7. Background VSE engagement is about Transforming from the traditional organizational mindset of increasing efficiency to the present mindset of increasing effectiveness
  8. 8. What is VSE?
  9. 9. Vision & Goals What are they? • Organizational and functional teams • Short term and longer term
  10. 10. Needs/Challenges What are your challenges that impact the business?
  11. 11. Information Analyzed Expert analysis of the findings
  12. 12. Strategy, Options, ROI Strategy to resolve challenges and achieve goals • What are the best possible ways (options) to achieve your IS goals
  13. 13. Accomplish Goals Roadmap for each option: Goals Achieved Milestones Prioritized roadmap with milestones defined
  14. 14. Step 1 Your Vision, Mission & Goals Challenges & Needs Unreconnized Opportunities for success • • • • • Analyze information gathered Confirm priorities Review possible solutions Financial impact of challenges Identify potential ROI • Research & dialogue with industry experts Solutions / Options, Roadmap , Investment Summary, ROI Step 3 • • • Step 2 What is involved • Roadmap Presentation
  15. 15. VSE Methodology Review of VSE methodology (BAASS methodologies presentation)
  16. 16. VSE Success  Inconsistencies in Sales Order data collection
  17. 17. VSE Success  Operations & Finance Functions - disconnect
  18. 18. VSE Success  Project Profitability
  19. 19. Summary Your efforts contribute to Organization’s goals Consider a VSE engagement before investing in an information system solution to ensure you are solving for the rights needs ( 10% discount – valid until December 6th
  20. 20. Thank you! Talk to your Account Manager, email or visit our booth for more information