The Changing Role of HR


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Every day, HR professionals are stepping up to the plate to help their organizations confront the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression. They are being called upon to address a daunting array of workforce challenges that could significantly impact whether their organizations survive the current downturn and have a solid foundation for success in place when the economy recovers. This presentation will highlight innovative strategies HR professionals are employing.

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  • Welcome! For more than 20 years, Sage has been helping mid-size businesses in all industries choose an HRMS system. Our experience has taught us that human resources managers are juggling many tasks. You need tools that reduce the time you spend on routine administration, so that you can focus on delivering valuable assistance to employees and management. What Sage offers in an HRMS solution is the ability to collect all your employee information in 1 central digital location- basically replace the file cabinets and create virtual file cabinets / folders so now you will always have that information at your finger tips. The information you maintain in these electronic files are employee, payroll, benefits, training & development, attendance data, health & safety data and more. Let’s take a few minutes in the next few slides and review what some of the top challenges an HR Manager/department face every day and how we can help find ways to improve the overall work flow and save some time & money
  • Challenge: employee data is scattered in various spreadsheets or data storage while security and privacy can be compromised. time consumed to gather this information from various areas/locations and keep your fingers crossed that it’s accurate – once you compile it then you have to export the final product How HRMS helps, lets see how we can: centralize database with employee information and ensure security Show product: Open product and talk about security as you log in Show Employer list (top right hand side) Talk to List of all employees Identify Records total – sort employer - remove terminated (# of employees decreases) Show more options and what a time saver it is Select name (Claude Gignac) and quickly review Personal grid icons, Custom grid icon
  • Challenge: your are probably maintaining benefit calculations in a spreadsheet or entering the information directly onto the carrier web site – but have no visibility to history to verify if the cost is accurate. you have no visibility to history and if the cost is accurate if you are using a carrier If you are manually calculating the benefit change, then it might take you hours or days to achieve this task How HRMS helps, lets see how we can: reduce administration costs by simplifying the process reduce manual processes by giving you the tools to automate that process provide you with reports that will identify your employee & employer costs Show product select benefits icon talk about plans automatically identified to employee show where cost is identified show history show savings talk about dependants/beneficiaries show crystal report show ESS and Life events Health & Safety information and reports – accidents by date report
  • Challenge: certificates and training information are kept on various spreadsheets due dates are missed, employees certificate trainings are not kept up to date, time spent in compiling all this information and filtering thru to the supervisors/managers/employees How HRMS can help: providing database that keeps track of all training, when due and who is eligible. Extending this information to the employees/supervisors/managers via report or automated email Show product: Job requirements Courses required Courses taken Talk about other tasks available Reports – employee training report – profile report Query – Location of new orientation course – run report ESS – access Virginia Bamble for Training info
  • Challenges: decision makers do not have access to their employees/workforce trends and information when making strategic decisions Employees do not have any way to update their own information while relieving the administrative burden on HR administrators employees always have to call HR for administrative information that they can do themselves, such as address change, life events, view of information on their files Also, HR is always sending reports out to the various managers/supervisors and executives in the organization – scheduled & sometime unscheduled so you have to scramble How HRMS can help: empower the employee by giving them access to a web portal that has their information You can allow them to just view and/or view and change – whatever information you want. As for the managers/supervisors/executives, you can create spreadsheets. You can link to the internet so that they can access the information on their blackberry or website. these reports are always linked directly to the HR data base so when they click on the report, they will always receive live data. Show product: ESS --- personal data, life events, current benefits, etc. Show spreadsheet on desktop with globe for dynamic info sharing
  • Challenges: managing the workforce costs with accurate attendance information is time consuming because this information is currently kept on various spreadsheets and must be compiled into 1 major report. Also keep track of the various absences your firm allows and ensure the employees have the correct information HR has endless administrative tasks to keep this data while employees do feel involved because they cannot see their info. How HRMS can help: let’s give the employee access to view this information or even enter their absences, this will keep the employee in the loop and reduce a lot of administrative time for the HR representative. Show product: Show time sheets, with approval process and send to payroll Show attendance in HR – transactions and summary Show ESS – time off for employee view
  • We are the solution for Sage customers who want to “keep it in the family”. Customers can deal with one company who truly understands their needs. Sage HRMS simply has the HR expertise. In fact, many of our employees are HR and Payroll veterans themselves. We have a solid history as being industry leaders. We’ve been in the market for more than 25 years and have customers that trust us and stand by us over the years. We are prepared to work with you to ensure that you have all the solutions needed to be successful. By implementing an HRMS system, you are making your lives easier and preparing yourself to succeed in tough economic times. Really today, there’s no room for slack. You must cut every penny and HRMS will help you drive excessive costs out of your organization.
  • As you have seen with the HRMS product line, you are empowering your employees, providing valuable information/reports to the management team, and mostly reducing the HR departments administrative costs and time handling the administrative tasks and concentrating on the more strategic tasks.
  • The Changing Role of HR

    1. 1. Sage HRMS Solution “Top Challenges facing an HR Department” Angela Nigro– Sage – Field Partner Advocate
    2. 2. 2 Today's’ Agenda • Introduction to Sage HRMS • Top 5 Challenges facing today’s HR departments • Why Sage HRMS? • Solution Overview • Questions & Answers
    3. 3. 3 Introduction to Sage HRMS • What does Sage offer? – Human Resources Management Solution – Numerous software’s to help you industry – What does Sage offer in an HRMS solution? • Employee information • Payroll • Benefits administration and enrollment • Employee training and development • Employee time worked and time-off management
    4. 4. 4 Challenge 1 – decentralization of data Challenge: • Employee data scattered • Lots of spreadsheets and other storage • Security and privacy How HRMS can help: • Offers centralized database • Offers sophisticated, multilevel security
    5. 5. 5 Challenge: • Maintain & calculate benefit costs • Maintain & calculate pensions, RRSP contributions, etc • Maintain Health & Safety information How HRMS can help: • Reduce admin costs • Reduce manual process • Identify most costly benefits Challenge 2 – Benefits Administration & Health/Safety
    6. 6. 6 Challenge: • No system in place to proactively monitor employee certifications and training requirements How HRMS can help: • Easy access to employees training information • Proactive email alerting when training required Challenge 3 – Employee Retention
    7. 7. 7 Challenge: • Employees have no access to data • Managers/supervisors have no access to data for strategic decisions How HRMS can help: • Empower employees • Heighten level of service to employees • Dynamic sharing of information Challenge 4 – Empower Employee/Manager
    8. 8. 8 Challenge: • Manage workforce costs with accurate attendance information • Track various absences How HRMS can help: • Empower employees • Help keep employees in the loop • Heighten level of attendance information ‘from home to check balance’ Challenge 5 – Time Keeping & Absences
    9. 9. 9 Why Sage HRMS? • Sage HRMS is THE Sage HR solution • We are the industry experts • Offer additional functionality • Make your life easier and help you be more productive and profitable
    10. 10. 10 Solution Overview
    11. 11. 11 Sage Abra HR/Payroll
    12. 12. 12 Summary…. • Robust HRMS to Fit Budget • Time Entries Import Capability • Paid Time Off Accruals and Absence Management • Employee Data Management and Reporting • Time Off and Training Data Management • Empower Employees/Managers thru online tools • Dynamic Information Sharing for Executives
    13. 13. 13 Questions
    14. 14. 14 Thank you for your time… Also visit for more information and for other recorded demos
    15. 15. 15 • Founded in 1994 by David Popowich • HQ in Kitchener, ON, Canada; 4 locations throughout North America and Europe • Over 70 technical, business and accounting oriented consultants, and business professionals • Average staff tenure - 5 years+ • Sage Partner since 2000 • Over 500 successful implementations • Multi-product VAR (Value Added Reseller) • Support ONLY Microsoft-based products. (runs on Windows, SQL) Second Foundation Relationship w/Sage