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  • - Emphasize focus on the 27 different languages throughout our staff
  • Considering we have expanded our presence globally, it has allowed us to expand our core suite beyond ERP and CRM.
    Focus on the new additions to our product suites (HRIS, WMS, PSA etc.)
  • Mention the benefits to the client regarding our expansion
    Although we are becoming the biggest, we want to ensure we’re becoming the best
    Global reach, local attention
  • This year, we have created an agenda with an array of topics in each of our three tracks. For the first half of the day, we have a Business Intelligence Shootout Session in our main hall – something we’ve never done before.
    In this session, we’ll be bringing a number of our business intelligence solutions forward by answering your key questions surrounding how BI can help your business.
    We will break for lunch at 12:30 and be presenting excellence awards at this time. I encourage you all to please bring your meals straight into the main hall for the commencement of our awards ceremony as well as a couple of infomercials we’d like to share.
    Before we pass it on to our keynote presenters, I’d like to introduce our exhibitors who have travelled great lengths to join us today.
  • BAASS Connect 2013 Welcome Presentation BAASS Roadmap

    1. 1. Introduction and Welcome Presented By: Joseph Arnone, President
    2. 2. Who is BAASS? • Founded 25 Years ago • Focus on three core areas 1. Management Consulting 2. Accounting Services 3. Systems Implementation • • • • 3,000+ Clients (ERP, CRM, and HRIS) Horizontal Focus Vertical Industry Focus 98+ members of our Staff fluent in over 27 different languages
    3. 3. About BAASS • Extensive Coverage – Fourteen Offices across the U.S. & Canada and alliance partners all over the world. • Growth by Acquisition – CA Plus, Equation Technologies, Axis GP
    4. 4. Our Focus ERP ERP CRM CRM BI BI HRIS HRIS PSA PSA WMS WMS Third Party Apps Third Party Apps MC MC
    5. 5. Mission, Vision, Values Mission: BAASS Business Solutions Inc. is a provider and implementer of accounting and business management applications for corporate and community-based organizations in Canada and across North America, South America, and the Caribbean. Our focus is on increasing customer efficiencies and productivities through the implementation of the 'right' technology supported by customization and training, designed to enhance business profitability and growth capacity. Vision: BAASS will be the accounting and business management solution provider of choice for business, software publishers, and career seeking professionals throughout North America, South America, and the Caribbean. Targets: •Business – Clients (Small & Mid-Sized) and Other Partners •Software Publishers – A Top Vendor in Sales & Customer Satisfaction •Career Seeking Professionals – Offer healthy working culture, development, and opportunity
    6. 6. BAASS Core Values • • • • • • • • • Integrity Trust Respect Accountability Innovation Enterprise Excellence Expertise Balance
    7. 7. The Difference… Focus Focus We specialize in both horizontal & vertical solutions as well as a portfolio of products from leading publishers. Diverse Diverse Portfolio Portfolio We have the very best solutions, and more so the best services both now and as you grow and evolve. Experience Experience We have deep experience in all aspects of ERP, HRIS and CRM. It's in our DNA. Fully Fully Integrated Integrated Solutions Solutions Size and Size and Strength Strength We've seen a lot with 3,000 clients and ensure our solutions work together to fit your business needs. Designed to ensure consistent personalized local support. Global Presence with local attention.
    8. 8. Where We’re Going • Global Presence with Local Attention • 2016 Expanding our breadth and depth of services • Focusing and specializing in core practice areas to give your business the attention it needs 2015 2013 2012 2011 2014
    9. 9. BAASS Connect History • 16th Annual Conference • (formerly known as ACCPAC Live) • Four Locations: • • • • Edmonton London Burlington Toronto • This Year’s Focus • Sage HRMS • Sage CRM • Sage 300 ERP
    10. 10. Today’s Agenda
    11. 11. End of Day • Evaluations Drop Box • PD Credits Available for CA,CMA, and CGA • Prizes: • 2 Tickets to the Leafs Game in Miami, Florida (including flight and hotel stay) • Prizes and Promos • You must stay until the end to win!
    12. 12. Meet our Exhibitors “BAASS works with numerous third party solution providers. All having something unique to bring to the table; a new outlook, increasing efficiencies, or simply reshaping our approach to workflow. Our third party solution providers are an extension of our team and its that trust that allows us to offer those solutions to you, our valued client.”
    13. 13. ACDEV Software Paul Wong & Jean Lavoie • ACDEV develops applications offering seamless integration with your accounting suite – Point of Sale (POS) Systems – Webstore
    14. 14. BI Metrix Ram Hasson • BI-Metrix’s Business Intelligence solutions help small and mid-size businesses optimize processes, save money, and improve decision-making through the power of information. • Specialize in the three pillars, BI - analysis, reporting and planning.
    15. 15. Edisoft EDI Kelvin Takhar • EDI Solutions that integrate with virtually any accounting or ERP system – Specializes in Sage and Microsoft ERP markets – Edisoft’s Merchant for EDI Suite includes its own built in VAN, communication & translation modules – Maintains thousands of “plug in” Trading Kits for NA Market
    16. 16. ICINITI Bill Parkinson • Develops integrated ecommerce solutions for Sage 300 ERP • Internationally recognized. Installations in 8 countries across 5 continents • Provide scalable solutions that are turn key • Recognized as Sitefinity’s 2012 Development Partner of the Year
    17. 17. Industrios Manufacturing Linda Schleihauf & Dan Court • Designed to meet the needs of discrete manufacturers • Make to order, make to stock, assemble to order, configure to order, & mixed mode manufacturing environments • Integrated with Sage ERP Accpac, positioned for small to mid sized manufacturers to scale as they business grows
    18. 18. Manusonic Dan Papakonstantino • Develops time clock & labour tracking systems – Simplify collecting & analyzing employees time – Key reporting functionalities – Designed to integrate with your existing back office applications
    19. 19. North49 Mike Slater • Develop a variety of solutions designed to enhance your Sage 300 ERP solution – Webtelligence, eBusiness solution portal allowing you to connect with your trading partners, customers, and vendors – Notes Alerts tool for Sage 300 ERP
    20. 20. Orchid, Systronics, Pacific Technology, Norming Software, Autosimply and Peresoft RecXpress Rob Lavery • Development partner for Sage 300 ERP addressing real world issues – Inter Entity Transactions – EFT Processing – Return Material Authorization (RMA) & Repair Tracking Solutions
    21. 21. RedTail Solutions Jeff Franklin • • • • • Managed EDI Cloud Service Integrated with Sage 300 ERP Warehouse and 3PL Links No Software to buy Low up-front cost – All inclusive pay-per transaction
    22. 22. TimeLinx Sean Hutchinson • Complete Service Management Solution • Manage Projects, Tasks, Schedules, Job Costs, Expenses and more inside your CRM • Take control of your service operations anytime and anywhere • ERP integration tool
    23. 23. XM Symphony Sean Fleming • XM Symphony, the next-generation in ecommerce • XM Symphony can help you create a web store that can talk to your Sage 300 ERP accounting system in real-time • Provides simplified Credit Card payment setup by providing SSL certificates directly as well as partnering with international payment gateway’s to offer your consumers choices.
    24. 24. Meet the Team at Sage David Beard CRM Principal, Sage CRM Deana Derry Regional Sales Manager, Sage Employer Solutions Debbie Hill Derrick Lildhar Jennifer Schwarz Randy Bacchus Solutions Engineer Regional Sales Manager Product Manager, Mobile Apps and Web Services Solutions Engineer, Mid-Market and CRM Sage