Winner: Marketer of the year


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When Justine Arthur joined BT Expedite they already had a pretty good marketing team. But it was operating in a very conventional way. Justine could have taken the easy option and continued with our existing plan. Instead she ripped everything up on day one, and has since re-built an industry leading marketing function. They now have a fully integrated, multichannel sales and marketing programme. Volume of new business leads has trebled and, most importantly in a professional services business, they’ve automated reporting so the whole business is now engaged in sales funnel management.

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Winner: Marketer of the year

  1. 1. B2B Marketer of the year 2012Justine ArthurHead of communications and campaignsBT Expedite & Fresca
  2. 2. Marketing Director - Geoffrey Barraclough“ When Justine Arthur joineditBT Expedite weinalready had a pretty good marketing team. But was operating a very conventionalway. Justine could have taken the easy option and continued withour existing plan. Instead she ripped everything up on day one, and has since re-built an industry leading marketing function. Rather than sales pushing marketing to do stuff, we now operate the other way around with marketing driving the sales plan.Volume of new business leads has trebled and, most importantly ina professional services business, we’ve automated reporting so thewhole business is now engaged in sales funnel management. And ” our competitors are all following suit!
  3. 3. Entry submission• My background• Significant career achievements• Who I work for• My role, responsibilities & team• Achievements in the last 18 months• Approach to tackling marketing challenges• A winning entry
  4. 4. Background Orange Business AKQA BT Business Japan BSIHaagen- Dazs
  5. 5. Significant career achievements• Placed in the BT Talent Pool in the category of Emerging Talent• Delivered 21 multi-language BSI country websites in 15 languages within a new Content Management System leading a global project team of content managers• At AKQA Identified a £1m+ new client opportunity, led a team to win the tender and then deliver a multi-country website/CMS migration project for the British Council
  6. 6. Who I work forBT Expedite and Retail technology Point of saleour e-commerce E-commerce specialist divisiondivision Fresca Merchandising within BT Sales analytics CRM & loyaltyOne of seven Solutions cover Network infrastructurestandalone every area of omni- Hardwarebusinesses that channel retailing, Trainingbenefit from the including: Professional servicespower of the BTbrand
  7. 7. Customers include
  8. 8. My role, responsibilities & team• Joined BT Expedite in March 2010• Team of two marketing managers• 10 sales people to keep busy with great leads• Collaboration with small group of agencies: • Broadview, Porter Novelli, Quatreus, Westhill, WTA• Marketing budget circa. £400k• Circa. 80 customers• Generate leads through other BT channels
  9. 9. My brief To drive new business leads and makesure that every CIO and department head in the top 250 retailers knows that BT Expedite is the best retail IT solutions provider in the UK
  10. 10. Approach• Deliver end-to-end lead generation, nurture and conversion campaigns• Use the sales 2:0 approach; better aligned Sales and Marketing• Use the brains of our technical people• Bring more production in-house• Empower the team to use business applications and online tools to achieve results• Establish clear targets and measurements
  11. 11. The right tools for the job
  12. 12. Achievements in the last 18 months• 110% annual scorecard results• 3 new business sales (£5m) attributed to marketing• Set up new business lead grading methodology and funnel• Sales and marketing targets aligned• Trebled new business lead volumes• Fully integrated sales and marketing programme• Added value to headline industry awards sponsorship• Exceeded PR target with quality editorial coverage• Grew contacts database of top 250 UK retailers by 43%• Enewsletter achieved an average 26% click to open rate• Sales team in front of 400+ top retail contacts
  13. 13. Tackling marketing challenges ExampleChallenge• Close to our year end, we found ourselves faced with the classic marketing conundrum of a fantastic opportunity and limited funds• Retail Business Technology Expo had submitted a request for us to demonstrate our vision of the future for retail technology
  14. 14. Solution• Leveraged the power of the BT brand and negotiated heavily with the organisers to sponsor the event• Brought BT’s ‘Lighting up the High street – Future of Retail’ showcase• Negotiated with BT Global Services to use their mobile demonstration ‘bus’ and contribute to marketing costs
  15. 15. Results• BT now has a more joined up message for retailers• Quality opportunities worth £20 million in contract negotiation and/or in the pipeline following the event (25% over target)• Attendees included • 60 different retail firms from top 250 • 230 key visitors • 186 pre-booked appointments prior to expo• 12% of overall Expo visitors registered through BT
  16. 16. A winning entry1. Aligned sales and marketing targets and teams. Exceed results.2. Ability to measure and prove the influence marketing has had on sales.3. Entrepreneurial approach with clear targets and accountability.4. Ownership of all key elements of the marketing mix.5. A well written and visually appealing entry.
  17. 17. Q&A
  18. 18.