What makes excellent B2B Marketing? The Evidence Uncovered


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What does award-winning B2B marketing look like? What trends and characteristics does it contain? Based on the shortlisted entries from the 2012 B2B Marketing Awards, this session will reveal the 12 key questions that marketers need to answer in order to prove the effectiveness of their activity to the board. The presentation is based on the exclusive new report, entitled The Evidence, produced by the Marketing Bridge and Peter Young, in association with B2B Marketing

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What makes excellent B2B Marketing? The Evidence Uncovered

  1. 1. Presented by:Peter Young – Chairman of the JudgesGraham Wylie – Awards judge
  2. 2. Thank YouNina Bennett – Marketing Communications Director – COLTNicholas Berendt – Director of Global Market Development – Sealed Air Medical ApplicationsJohn Bottom – Head of Content and Communications – Base OneKate Bresnan – Head of Marketing Communications – DigitalkAnne Byrne – Marketing Communications Manager – SL InvestmentsDanea Chandler – Business Intelligence Manager – ARCOAnthea Christie – Head of Marketing Communications – Standard LifeRob Coveney – Communications Manager – GL Noble DentonBill Douglas – Head of International Customer Communications – OrangeNeil Dowling – Head of Marketing – CognizantAndrew Fitzgerald – Senior Marketing Manager – IBMJames Foster – Marketing Communications Manager – BOCGill Greenwood – Marketing Director EMEA – ACI WorldwideLesley Hill – Client Services Director - Express SystemsKate Kilpatrick – Marketing Manager – PMI HealthgroupGeorgios Kolovos – European Marketing Director – GE CapitalAndrew Nicholson – Head of Online – Sodexo PrestigePeter O’Neill – Vice President and Principal Analyst – Forrester ResearchSue Pryce – Head of Marketing – Unipart LogisticsZoe Sands – Head of Digital Marketing EMEA – Juniper NetworksElizabeth Smyth – EMEA Marketing Director – MarketoMichael Wolfe – Head of Marketing – AXA PPP Healthcare
  3. 3. The Evidence
  4. 4. AgendaWhat it is? What we learned?Why it’s needed? How to use it?
  5. 5. People view the world differently
  6. 6. Sometimes we need a differentperspective
  7. 7. 9 Questions... 1 2 Can marketing still What is innovate in a meaningful way to build the value of our 3 Engineering, market research Manufacturing, shareholder and insight Sales and Finance are all value? programme? ready to launch, why should the business wait for marketing? 4 5 What is the How do value of any we optimise our marketing investment international marketing that does not result 6to make the most impact in direct lead What is the right while minimising generation? balance between costs? the tools? 8 7 How do we get the 9 How do I know best from both What skills do marketing is sales and marketers need working? marketing? to be truly effective?
  8. 8. And some opinions
  9. 9. Why...10% London Business School – 10% of Board time Cranfield study of FTSE 500 Boards Unaccountable Untouchable Slippery Expensive20% Deloitte – only 20% of senior marketers believe their teams are truly effective 17% B2B Marketing – 17% of marketers in sales led organisations feel respected
  10. 10. In many organisations Marketing isn’t working… 90% of literature not used 80% of leads abandoned 75% Pipeline self-generated 40hrs per month sales tool creation
  11. 11. Empowered buyers….20 times the information they had even 5 years ago!
  12. 12. New behaviours
  13. 13. So what did we learn Selected chapter highlights and specific conclusions from over 60 case studies
  14. 14. How do I knowmy marketing is working? For crimes against marketers
  15. 15. Meaningful metrics require clear objectives• Brand or demand?• What’s been proven before can still work• Get it right and Marketing Automation rocks!• Big data is an opportunity and a threat
  16. 16. Can marketers still innovate to add shareholder value
  17. 17. Innovation is live and well Product innovation Place innovation Process innovation
  18. 18. Insight
  19. 19. Doing more for lessSmall is beautifulMarkets are definedby more than geographyTechnology is a powerfulenabler
  20. 20. 5 steps to sales alignmentEmotional Technology Long termwins enabled shared objectives Integrated processes A shared and behaviours vision
  21. 21. How to use this– our conclusions
  22. 22. Marketing iscollaboration
  23. 23. The 7Ps stillmatter
  24. 24. Insight is thelifeblood of thebusiness
  25. 25. Its objectivesthat reallymatter
  26. 26. Brand andDemand –it’s not either/or
  27. 27. A final thought
  28. 28. Get in touch…+44 (0)20 7924 7222 graham@decisionpt.co.uk