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Using LinkedIn to deliver a highly targeted acquisition campaign for American Express - Fortune Cookie


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Linkedin Campaign DebriefThe B2B Marketing Summit, 14th June 2012Maggie Lonergan, MD, Marketing Services, Fortune CookieDaniel Farrugia, Acquisition Marketing, American Express
  • 2. The BriefOriginally a test campaign to launch the new Corporate Membership Rewards Card:• Main Objective > • Drive brand awareness • Support acquisition through lead generation• Targeted to UK SMEs (company size 10-500 employees)Measurement• Test budget, single publisher, did not lend itself to brand tracking• Metrics: leads generated, engagement
  • 3. Target AudienceSmall to medium-sized businesses (SME) definedas companies with a minimum of four employeescarrying company cards for charging businessexpenses and a maximum of 500 employees.This proposition was targeted at:• Business owners/C-suite• Finance officers• Procurement leads• Office managers
  • 4. Campaign strategyStage one Brand Saliency Word of mouthStage 1 Stage 2Awareness & Lead Generations Engagement & nurturing
  • 5. Media Proposal• Single media offering using LinkedIn• Two target segments identified:• Custom Target, aimed at C-suite, finance officers & procurement leads• In-Crowd, aimed at SME business owners/office managers• Rationale: balance of reach & targeting to achieve highest coverage within established target group• Mix of high impact display ad units as Home Page Takeover (CPM) & cost per lead (CPL) buying
  • 6. LinkedinAudience Targeting Profile • Profession • Seniority • Industry • Company • Company size • Geography • Education • Function
  • 7. LinkedinPlacementsHomepage takeover• Three high impact placements• Impressions capped per user• CPM cost structure
  • 8. LinkedinWhitepapers White Papers for highly targeted, qualified leads. • High quality leads • Extensive targeting & filtering • Deliver value to your audience
  • 9. MPU Creatives
  • 10. Aeroplane
  • 11. Golf
  • 12. Recline
  • 13. Walk
  • 14. Paparazzi
  • 15. Umbrella
  • 16. Whitepapers
  • 17. WhitepaperAdvert
  • 18. WhitepaperLanding page
  • 19. 300x250Poll unbranded
  • 20. 300x250Poll branded
  • 21. 300x250Poll branded – response page with leaderboard
  • 22. Polls RJ all whitepaper
  • 23. Poll 1Who in your company is responsible for expensemanagement systems?
  • 24. Poll 1 Engagement votes. Strong agreement with the statement that employees comply
  • 25. Poll 2Do employees in your company comply withPurchase Order procedures?
  • 26. Poll 2 Engagement votes. Overwhelmingly the Senior Finance Professional is responsible.
  • 27. Poll 3What’s the most important thing your Corporate Cardprogramme should do?
  • 28. Poll 4 Engagement 202 votes. Simplify administration” remains the top responseDiscussion on cost control
  • 29. What did we achieve?Interactions Expands Clicks CTR LP TimeCMR UK •Aeroplane 6,107 401 0.07 229 1:15:24:02 •Golf 2,895 348 0.08 197 14:50:46CMR Spain •Aeroplane 4,471 148 0.1 91 19:02:52Corp BA •Walk 5,721 354 0.06 243 1:08:26:43 •Recline 5,668 316 0.06 201 1:09:52:40Corp Platinum •Umbrella 10,098 353 0.05 222 2:15:29:17 •Paparazzi 5,753 323 0.06 213 1:12:00:28 40,713 2,243 0.07 1,396 10:01:03:56
  • 30. What did we achieve?That’s over 10 daysof time spent with the brand
  • 31. Importance of Dwell• New research from Microsoft Advertising, Eyeblaster (MediaMind), and ComScore• Online ad engagement drives better brand results• Most meaningful measures for brand success online are Dwell score = average time spent, actively engaging with an ad x proportion of users engaging in this way (e.g. expands, mouseovers, video plays)• Measurement that focuses on the click alone considers only a tiny fraction of the economic value of an online advertising campaign Source: Microsoft - Dwell on Branding
  • 32. Findings of studyHigh dwell campaigns:• are three times more efficient at stimulating branded search (branded search term usage increased by 39% for users exposed to high dwell campaigns)• are c 70% more likely to attract visits to the brand site than low dwell campaigns (17% uplift in site visits versus 10% uplift)• drive more traffic and more engaged users (high dwell campaigns drive a 125 percentage point positive swing in page views per visitor and an 83% swing in minutes per visitor)• Industry averages: Total Dwell 4.6; Dwell rate 8.7%; Dwell Time 53s• Financial Services: Total Dwell 5.6
  • 33. Campaign Dwell Dwell Time Dwell Rate Total DwellCampaign 13.2 secs 74.32% 9.8 10 8 5 3 Dwell 0 Avg all sectors Financial services Amex LI campaign
  • 34. Dwellas an expression of engagement• Incorporates both a quantitative measure and a measure of quality• Relates only to rich media advertising (video audio or dynamic data ads) having an interactive element that allows active engagement to happen
  • 35. High Dwell Campaignsdrive more branded searches
  • 36. Increased site visits
  • 37. Increased Engagement
  • 38. Study conclusions• Higher online ad engagement leads to better brand effects• The findings give brand advertisers a new set of rules:• Online brand advertising should be planned and executed distinctly from direct response• Use creativity in advertising to drive engagement and build brand• Use rich media to make full use of the creative opportunities• Use dwell scores instead of click-throughs to measure brand campaign success
  • 39. Thank you@fortunecookie