Upgrade the masses lead generation engine' for Microsoft - Kingpin


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Upgrade the masses lead generation engine' for Microsoft - Kingpin

  1. 1. The Kingpin Demand Generation EnginePresentation for the B2B Marketing Summit 2012
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction to Kingpin  Microsoft Upgrade the Masses campaign outline and brief  Campaign delivery plan  Campaign implementation  Process flow  Lead conversion rates  Performance and results  Client testimonial / feedback  Questions© 2009 Kingpin Intelligence. All rights reserved
  3. 3. Introduction to Kingpin - Who we are  Technology specialist agency established in 1997  Vast experience in running campaigns to all decision making contacts including IT, Financial and Business  High quality demand generation engine designed for and deployed by multiple clients  Proven track record in demand generation campaigns of all types  Proven track record in managing and delivering partner programme campaigns  Understanding of how to sell software / solutions  Excellent reporting structure and campaign management  Proprietary databases of technical, business decision maker and financial decision maker audiences.  All verticals and audiences covered  Focus on quality across all group disciplines ensures low staff turnover (atypical for telephone based services)  Delivery across the UK, Western Europe and CEE© 2009 Kingpin Intelligence. All rights reserved
  4. 4. Microsoft Upgrade the Masses – Campaign Outline Following extensive research into the market, Microsoft realised that there was a potential need to address the smaller deal size or “breadth audience” for their developer tools including Visual Studio and MSDN. In the past the main focus of their marketing efforts for developer tools had focused on larger accounts with successful strategies servicing this space effectively. Microsoft called on Kingpin to devise a telephone based demand generation programme which would: a) Generate a strong pipeline of opportunities for Visual Studio 2010 with MSDN within small accounts (1-10 licenses) b) Target both existing Microsoft tool users and non-Microsoft tool users through intelligent data usage c) Drive awareness of Visual Studio and MSDN within this space d) Generate feedback and insights into the perceptions of Visual Studio and Microsoft in general from this space e) Drive key messages to the target audience and educate on licensing issues f) Engage Microsoft partners (resellers) into the programme to convert the opportunities generated an complete the sales process g) Manage all aspects of the partner follow up h) Produce clear reporting including ROI figures, partner conversion rates and average deal sizes© 2009 Kingpin Intelligence. All rights reserved
  5. 5. Microsoft Upgrade the Masses – Campaign Delivery Plan To achieve the goals as set out by Microsoft, Kingpin designed and implemented their “Demand Generation Engine” The demand generation engine is a plug and play solution which has been implemented by a number of clients over the past 3 years and can be used for direct demand generation campaigns (leads go back to the lead vendor) or for partner led demand generation (whereby the leads go to the partners for follow up). Centred around high quality telephone based lead generation (BANT + qualification), the demand generation engine can include all or some of the below aspects (highlighted in red denotes activity engaged by Microsoft during their campaign): - 3rd party data purchase to fuel the engine - Client or partner data de-dupe and qualification (to add fuel to the engine) - Generation of warm leads to fuel the engine through online campaigns (e.g. white paper downloads) - Event follow up - In bound hotline set up - Fully integrated campaigns including online planning and placement - Partner on-boarding (preliminary activity) - Active partner identification (preliminary research to help identify best placed partners to on-board)© 2009 Kingpin Intelligence. All rights reserved
  6. 6. Microsoft Upgrade The Masses – Campaign ImplementationGoal: Generation of high quality leads for chosen resellers to follow up and convert Provision of clear reporting; ROI tracking; Partner performance metrics Microsoft selected resellers to be engaged in this programme based on existing Lead and Partner partnerships along with Management insights from preliminary research Small online campaign to Telephone generate downloads of a Online Content Lead Intelligent 3rd party data Sourcing and purchase of whitepaper to help drive Syndication Generation purchase data based on relevant engagement company size and and Nurture organisation type etc. Provision of data by Microsoft Trial data, event data and old license data provided by Microsoft to allow follow up
  7. 7. Kingpin Demand Generation Engine Process Flow Kingpin develop central Kingpin set up conference Microsoft provide scripting and any other Kingpin run test calls with call with Microsoft team to Kingpin with contacts at messaging. This will be dev tools sales teams to introduce MS subsidiary passed to Microsoft for ensure messaging is correct campaign and process approval Microsoft – and where possible each reseller – Kingpin operator calls Microsoft select resellers CAMPAIGN LAUNCH provide Kingpin with a list of resellers to intro and explain and explain goal / outline of Start call downs customers to call. 3rd party campaign processes campaign data purchased Weekly calls take place Monthly calls to take place Weekly lead report sent to Reporting will contain between including all each individual reseller with information on number of operator, Microsoft and resellers, Microsoft and overall report sent to leads passed to reseller and reseller to verify lead follow Kingpin to report on Microsoft their conversion rates up progress One important element here is that the engine has to be Monthly calls to take place low maintenance both from he clients point of view and that of the Operators will be working between campaign owner solely on this campaign reseller. You can see here that the majority of actions are with and Kingpin CSD (JT) Kingpin allowing the partners to focus on lead follow up and allowing Microsoft o gather the information they require without having to be part of each process.© 2009 Kingpin Intelligence. All rights reserved
  8. 8. Lead Conversion Rates As part of the engine, Kingpin will provide insights and feedback into all areas of campaign performance. The optimum campaign would involve all aspects of demand generation to enable us to fuel the engine with warm opportunities for the telephone based team to follow up. The following statistics are based on the first year of the Upgrade The Masses campaign and show how conversation rates can be assisted through prior engagement with a contact: • Cold data: 1:18 (one lead per 18 connected calls) • This is data that has been purchased or supplied with no intelligence applied • Intelligently purchased data – 1:11 • This is data where we have been able to identify the right verticals, job titles and company sizes • Warm contacts– 1:7 • This is data of contacts who had downloaded a whitepaper or attended an event • Trial Contacts– 1:5 • This is data of contacts who had trialled Visual Studio 2010 for 60 days already • Direct communication (Hotline) – 1:1 • This is a contact who has specifically called a hotline/customer service line asking for information on a product/solution or wanting to purchase© 2009 Kingpin Intelligence. All rights reserved
  9. 9. Microsoft Upgrade the Masses – Campaign Performance and Results The campaign was due to run originally for 12 months in the UK. This has already now been live for 2.5 years and will hopefully continue into the next financial year (July). In addition, this campaign has been replicated by other Microsoft subsidiaries including Australia, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Ireland and Belgium and thanks to the work of our lead Microsoft client is now seen as Best Practice within Microsoft. Campaign performance and results include: - Over 900 leads generated in first year - Active sale pipeline of over £500,000 based on average order value of £750 - Grading and performance tracker of chosen partners - Increased partner satisfaction as programme drives engagement and generates partner revenue - Lighter workload for Microsoft developer tools breadth marketing team - Insight to help positioning with future marketing efforts - Consistent pipeline of leads throughout the year - Better quality of opportunity as long term approach allows internal lead nurturing before hand over© 2009 Kingpin Intelligence. All rights reserved
  10. 10. Microsoft Upgrade the Masses – Client Testimonial and ViewsAlly Wickham, Commercial Marketing Lead, Technical Audience, Microsoft UKDevelopers, more than most audiences, do not like to be marketed too – they want factual information, tounderstand the benefits and make their own choices.We chose Kingpin because of how well they understand the developer audience.Key benefits we took away from the project were:-- Lighter workload for Microsoft developer tools breadth marketing team – we are a small team, the Kingpin team became an extended resource and we relied on them extensively- Managing our many resellers – we sell through so many different organisations, Kingpin were the one consistent resource and the insight we got into how we different resellers perform was invaluable.- Insight into what work,s what doesn’t, Kingpin were very willing to take a constant learning approach to the project. The level of trust we built up as we tried different approaches was a key part of the success of the campaign.
  11. 11. Any Questions?