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Social - inside and out


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As marketing professionals we see social at every turn. It is touted as the channel that will revolutionise our marketing activity and make us more influential, more in tune with our clients and more …

As marketing professionals we see social at every turn. It is touted as the channel that will revolutionise our marketing activity and make us more influential, more in tune with our clients and more responsive. But without having the right internal structures in place – how do we ensure we keep on message and on pace? In this interactive session Claire argues for the best place to start a social project is “at home”. Pulling from personal and client experience she will outline how Enterprise Social Networking platforms can finally deliver on the promises made by intranets, crm and other back office systems making your organisation more productive, more connected, more profitable and more informed. Leaving this session you will understand:

• What is an enterprise social network (ESN) and is it for you?
• How can an ESN benefit the marketing function?
• What are the potential pitfalls of using a solution?
• How do you define and measure the results and therefore prove ROI?
• What considerations should you make when choosing a supplier?

This session will be useful for:

• Companies that employ more than 100 people
• Companies that have grown through or are undertaking mergers or acquisitions
• Companies that are considering where to start with social
• Companies with multiple locations
• Companies who are trying to re-brand or enhance brand awareness
• Companies in a state of change
• Companies that want to improve internal communication but lessen their reliance on email

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  • Good afternoon. I am Claire Carter, Marketing Director at m-hance. We are a UK based software company serving 2,500 customers from 8 locations including Ireland, Scotland, USA and IndiaToday I want to talk to you about three of the current marketing buzzwords social, mobile and big data and I want to talk to you not only as a provider but also as someone who has to get to grips with them myself for our organisation.How many people already have social projects in play ? What are they ? Why did you start them?Does anyone find social confusing – after all what does it really mean?
  • No wonder we’re confused There are currently over 250 typesof social types of software or service available.But this isn’t a presentation about tools.This presentation is trying to understand what we are our communication objectives and then based on that deciding if social tools are relevant So where should we start ?
  • For the purposes of today I am going to concentrate on internal social media tools or enterprise social networks and their role in sales and marketing and then the wider organisation
  • Buzzwords and fashions come and go and if we’ve learned one thing in the course of our careersnot every fashion suits us all social may not be right for you especially if:You are a small company where you can still shout across the desks You don’t really want to share information in your business – culturally you have no senior sponsorshipYou don’t employ younger peopleYou don’t have a dynamic and mobile workforceYou don’t have a multi strand product setYou don’t have a fast paced environmentYou don’t have major competitionYou don’t have a communication issueLet’s look at it another way …………………………..
  • Forbes says marketeers face 5 major challenges. Do these sound familiar ?By 2017 CMO’s will be buying more technology the IT function but have we really embraced our inner geek ?The people that we sell and market too are connected via tech to our brands and our competitors on a global basis – price and message But the biggest challenge is perhaps the structure of our own organisation Marketing needs to get control of the product, country, and functional silos to foster cooperation and communication rather than competition and isolation. Firms no longer have the luxury to see opportunities for consistency and synergy lost. In Lou Gerstners' classic turnaround of IBM one of his boldest moves was to attack the product and country silo culture. It is especially important to overcome functional silos to create integrated marketing programs where some functional areas accept a supporting rule even when that is not what they are accustomed to. Jim Stengel, former P&G CMO, made some progress by allowing the functional area with the best big idea to become the team leader, but the goal of integrated marketing has been long elusive.
  • Investors and analysts, prospects and media, customers and employees we need to communicate to them allBut with budgets and departments stretched where do we really spend our money ?Let me then for example discuss my own company and dilemaI have a marketing budget of about £350k this yearWe have 40 people in the pre-sales, sales and marketing functionsIn reality that means for me, myself, a marketing manager, an exec, a digital/design resource, a PR resource and two TMs and we have a sister company with its own resource in scotlandBut we also have 210 other staff – all of whom are customers of marketing in a way from attending events with us, to collaborating on projects, to helping us reach our marketing and sales goals.With budgets tight how much of that can I afford both in time and £ to spend on internal communication?Does anyone have any ratios in the audience ?People always say communication could be better but in essence it’s not til you put a £ value on not communicating by loosing opportunities, or people that we tend to sit up and take notice.I think I realised that last week when I heard the CEO of HP say “If only HP knew what HP knows, we’d be three times more productive.”
  • If you do face some of these challenges then it might look like this Sales are often out on the road and therefore would benefit from a mobile or tabletdevice to check ESNThey need to be kept informed ofproduct/service offerings, price promotions, stock nearing expiry or end of seasonAnything that is going on with or effects their customersThe local office newsCompany information – especially around key stats, brand, marketing messages, event to invite their customers toCompetitors – to keep abreast of what is ging on in the marketStill have email/phone calls – reduce to actionable emailUltimate aim for this worker = increase sales
  • For her role Lauren needs to pull information from others in the business such as her line manager, her team, business partners and then she needs to push it out to others too in the form of campaign reporting, events, etc
  • But also eshots sent, people signed up for events, products close to launch, the latest collateral, refences etc.Once the information is posted it can be is tagged and searchable and hot topics get presented in a tag cloud
  • This is great for Amanda in products and also for our execs who can click on a word and find out why it is trending
  • And importantly we have also reduced the admin in our roles by automating feeds – this example is twitter but you can use any RSS feed or take feeds from any sql based system
  • It’s not on here but recently held innovation den results or business planning
  • If you are going to embark on a social journey make sure you understand why before you start.Look at communication as a whole on all levels, inside and outside your organisationStart with the audiences, the messages and then the meansMeasure and get feedback and then and only then will you know if social is for you and where to start inside or out.
  • Please take away our whitepaper on ESN which is at the back of the room and …..
  • Thank you for your time today. We’d like to make an offer to you for a free communications review undertaken by Dr Andrea Corbett, Author of the ESN surgery blog Three stage process. Andrea will send you Pre-review informationAn initial document will be delivered in advance of the visit to give the customer some background information about what will be covered in the review and also to get them thinking about their organization’s communication profile.Workbook for gathering information – onsite ½ dayWork with the customer in a structured manner through a workbook of the Pre-review information. This will document and identify communication profiles, issues and gaps.Overview and recommendations reportA summary report will be provided which will include the customer’s communication profile, any issues, and recommendations on improvements that they can make.Value is £1800Valid on bookings made before 16th Nov email subject Communications Review
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Inside and Out Claire Carter Marketing Director
    • 2. No wonder we’re confused 2
    • 3. Social interaction External Internal ? 3
    • 4. Warning – this might not be for you 4
    • 5. Market challenges 5
    • 6. The internal vs external conundrum Build and run a business successful 6
    • 7. My organisation Peter - Sales Lauren – Marketing Amanda - PM• Customers • Customers • Orders/Products• Product Information • Events • Suppliers/ Partners• Promotions • Case studies • Customer feedback• Financial Data • References • Launches• Building Relationships • Issues • Pre-sales• Marketing • Sales • Staff ideas/skills• Competitors • Partners • CompetitorsReduced Sales Inconsistent message Increased Costs Information & Collaboration CRM HR Finance Intranet Bookings Project Management CMS Databases 7
    • 8. Lauren - marketing• Manager • Reporting• Team • Events• Product Development • Collateral• Sales • Launches• HR • Case studies• Customers • References• Partners • Campaigns• Competitors • Tweets Collaborate 8
    • 9. • Email goes out to 5 Colleagues• First user sends a direct reply but does not copy in other 4.• Another user sends a different response but copies in everyone.• Originator replies but does not copy everyone in.• Another user replies to all but does not realise that someone else has said the same thing because they have not opened up that email yet.• Originator sends direct email back to let them know they already have the answer. 9
    • 10. 10
    • 11. 11
    • 12. 12
    • 13. Push information 13
    • 14. Search, identify and locate 14
    • 15. Automated feeds 15
    • 16. Automated feeds 16
    • 17. Standard feeds - CRM• Opportunities – Within X days of Close Date• Opportunities – Lost• Opportunities – Won• Orders – Over £X,000 Value• Contracts – Cancelled Contracts• Contracts – New Contracts• Campaigns – Sign Up• Campaigns – Near Sign up Closure• Campaigns – Near full Capacity 17
    • 18. Praise, reward and thank 18
    • 19. 19
    • 20. So what ?Building a business case
    • 21. Lauren - marketing Follow Staff Changes Key Customers Benefits:• Customer / Product knowledge base• Better informed about Staff Changes Product Info• Real time updates from CRM• Company Brand / Messaging• Push Information – Reduce Queries• Reduced admin– 2 days admin time Company Info• More time for value add e.g sector research• Less emails /meetings Sales 21
    • 22. m-hance staff survey 94 % improvement in connection to others 87 % improvement in question response times means faster service on to the customer 88% improvement in understanding the company and departmental objectives 90 % improvement in breaking down knowledge silos 88% improvement in ability to contribute to the business 68% improvement in email noise 16% improvement on deal closure 22
    • 23. I heard there was a m-hance staff quotes price promotion so I adjusted my quote and won the dealThe recognitionI get pushes me to do more I get responses The competitive aspect of quicker – so do seeing deals published and my customers credited makes me want to sell moreResulted in me finding out I understand the pressuresa product I didn’t know we and priorities of other had resulting in a sales departments and how to worth £10k margin work with them 23
    • 24. Savings for m-hanceProductivity - (6% - avg wage 35k) £966,000Meetings saved - (10) £9,329On-Boarding – (reduced by one week) £65,158Employee Engagement - (5%) £23,000Total £1,063,486Cost of software £17kHardware £10kOn-going yearly costs £9,660 24
    • 25. How much could you save?£300,000£250,000£200,000 Engagement£150,000 Onboarding£100,000 Productivity £50,000 £0 Yr1 Yr2 Yr3 Yr4 25
    • 26. Summary 26
    • 27. Further reading 27
    • 28. An offer for the audience Pre-review questionnaire ½ day workshop recommendations report Communications Review 28