Overview of B2B Marketing’s research on the key issues and challenges facing Marketing Leaders


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This presentation gave an overview of B2B Marketing's landmark piece of research on the current trends and challenges that marketing leaders are facing.
The key areas of insight and discussion included:
Do marketing leaders feel empowered or restricted, who are their advocates and who are their primary detractors? How are marketing leaders ensuring the role and remit of marketing is understood and communicated across the organisation?
Key learnings:
• To what extent are global pressures impacting on B2B marketing leaders?
• How centralised is modern B2B marketing?
• How much of an issue is training and ongoing professional development?
• How aligned are sales and marketing?

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Overview of B2B Marketing’s research on the key issues and challenges facing Marketing Leaders

  1. 1. Sponsored bywww.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  2. 2. It can be lonely at the topwww.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  3. 3. Peer-to-peer: it’s good to share www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  4. 4. 9:40am – 10:20am‘Best practice insales andmarketingalignment’John Neeson, MD, SiriusDecisions www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  5. 5. 11:50am – 12:30pm‘Structuring forsuccess –Developing adynamicstructure for yourmarketing team’Annabel Pritchard, brandand marketing director,Deloitte www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  6. 6. 2:00pm – 2:40pm‘Going globaland acting local.The challengesof worldwideB2B marketing’Paul Wilson, CMO,SunGard www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  7. 7. 15:40pm – 16:20pm‘Futurechallenges forB2B brands’Christer Holloman,social media businesscommentator andauthor www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  8. 8. We wantedto find out:What’s goingon inside themind ofMarketingLeaders? www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  9. 9. B2B Marketing Leaders Report•  100 senior marketers surveyed in July•  Online and telephone poll•  Survey conducted by Circle Research www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  10. 10. Debunking five key myths ofB2B Marketing Leaders www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  11. 11. Myth 1:“B2B marketing leaders are onlyinterested in strategy – they don’tdirty their hands with tactics, orgetting the job done.” www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  12. 12. THE REALITY: B2B marketing leaders haveto get their hands dirty… whether they like itor not www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  13. 13. Strategy isn’t the only focus www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  14. 14. Percentage split of priorities www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  15. 15. Myth 2:“B2B marketing leaders do not feelrespected or valued by the seniorleadership team.” www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  16. 16. Marketing is valued… www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  17. 17. It’s getting better all the time www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  18. 18. Alignment = respect www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  19. 19. THE REALITY: Senior leadership is happy togive praise where praise is due www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  20. 20. Myth  3:  “Lack  of  digital  skills  is  Marke2ng  Leaders’  number  one  concern  regarding  their  marke2ng  teams.”   www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  21. 21. THE REALITY: It’s core marketing skills that are the problem www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  22. 22. Weaknesses in the marketing team www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  23. 23. How to address skills weaknesses www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  24. 24. Myth 4:“The CRO is the natural evolution for theMarketing Leader.” www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  25. 25. THE REALITY: Marketing leaders aren’t interested in thiscompletely revenue-focused role (… at least, not yet). www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  26. 26. Expected impact of a CRO www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  27. 27. How aligned is sales andmarketing in your organisation? www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  28. 28. Consequencesof misalignment Leads not fully nurtured Damage to the 54% bottom line Customer dissatisfied 11% Lack ofco-ordination Inconsistent Inefficient brand message allocation of budget 41% 37% Internal tensions Wasted time 29% 34% Duplication of effort 18% Wasted resources www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  29. 29. Myth 5:“B2B Marketing Leaders are hell-bent on global domination.” www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  30. 30. Centralisation of marketing www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  31. 31. Centralisation versus regionalisation www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  32. 32. THE REALITY: Regionalism is aliveand well… not just in Germany www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  33. 33. B2B Marketing Leaders are not a‘one-size-fits-all’ audience www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  34. 34. In conclusion:There’s lots ofnoise out there…Don’t believeeverything thatyou hear. www.b2bmarke*ng.net  
  35. 35. So now it’sover toyou: firstroundtablediscussion www.b2bmarke*ng.net