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Today's B2B buyer is more discerning than ever before, and has access to more information than ever before. They research online, get peer views and opinion, and they call you when their ready to buy, rather than when you’re ready to sell. So you’re involved late in the process, or more commonly, not at all. To get onto the shortlist, you’ve got to be there early in the buying cycle. And to do this takes a programme of great content.

It has to be relevant, useful and interesting. First problem; where does this content come from? Well, every organisation has their own content dungeon – just waiting to be unlocked. But, how do you do it, what’s going to be lurking down there, and how do you tame it? Then, once you’ve thrown the keys away, what are you going to do with all this content? How do you get it into the hearts and minds of the people that matter?

This presentation will involve B2B examples across different sectors and using content in all its possible guises: mobile, video, integrated infographics, Social debates. Even the odd whitepaper...

Session will look at:

Ways to find great content in your organisation, without actually creating anything
What content works, at what stage in the buying cycle
Practical ways to use interesting and different content formats
10 steps to create and implement a content marketing strategy

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Content dungeon - Earnest

  1. 1. Unlocking the contentdungeonChris Wilson, Earnest
  2. 2. B2B Marketing is changing.Fundamentally. 9 out of 10 buyers say when they’re ready to buy – they’ll find you Source: DemandGen Report
  3. 3. Today’s buyer journey Changes Recognition Problem Evaluate Select best Negotiate / Implement over time of needs defined options option purchaseOur task Early stage Awareness and Influence how Demonstrate we have the most Close the sale Ensure seamless awareness early need they define compelling proposition and maximise customer identification their problem the value of the onboarding – and solution... deal. maximise time to value Press/online (PR) Videos Case studies Case studies Moving Welcome packs conversation Testimonials from cost toActivity Event attendance Word of mouth ROI aides ‘Get the most Analyst reports value (e.g. Web presence (Advocacy) from’ guides Practical ‘how to’ guides Through Our own events & expression of Search & social webinars tangible ROI) Campaign Recommendations and Customer portal White papers & microsites (pURLs) references – and community Analyst reports & guides white papers Tailored product Formal sales presentations User group Social media proposition events Sponsored research listening & Building compelling RFP participation Industry bodies & associations Targeted ads Marketing-led Sales-led
  4. 4. Why should we care?“80% of new leads willcome from inboundmarketing by 2015”B2Bmarketingdirections.March 2012Source: Hubspot
  5. 5. The challenge To be part of the conversation, you need to have something to say… •Relevant •Interesting •Useful •Different •Thought provoking •Funny?
  6. 6. Solution: CONTENT!Think Value Exchange “Deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to buyers, and they will ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty.”
  7. 7. But first, some problems “We have no “All our content content!” is sh*t!” “We don’t know what content works!” “How do we get our content out there?” “I have no budget for content!”
  8. 8. But above all else….Content strategy! Content
  9. 9. Problem 1 “We have no content!” In reality •It’s likely you have more than you need, rather than less •You already employ many content authors, you (and they) just didn’t know it They just need: • To be given the chance • To get some direction • To get some TIME
  10. 10. SolutionMake it easy for them•Do an audit first: find out what you havealready, and then just repurpose Create the ‘Rules’•Their time is precious – work round them •What purpose does the•Interview & ghost-write, rather than ask for content servewords •Always focused on value to the customer•Do the edit •Interesting is a must,•Pick low hanging fruit – helps get something controversial is a bonus •Company nametangible fast, and proves the case mentioned less than 2•Social collaboration tools – you can be the times…content curator / master editor •NO SELLING!
  11. 11. SolutionPromote them:•Ensure you’ve got top level buy-in – and‘publish’ this…!•Ego-time: ‘author’, photo/biog, direct email,ideally video…•Often helps to have a third party (outside) – PRagency / content specialist for example
  12. 12. SolutionReward them:•Everything from ‘thank you’ to direct link tobonus (if you can affect this…)•Measure content effectiveness – and name-check strong performersFrom the outset:•Top level endorsement (and lead by example)means that people don’t think they’re wastingcompany time…
  13. 13. Problem 2 “All our content is sh*t!” In reality •It’s not necessarily bad in itself, just not fit for purpose •So you need to be clear what purpose you’re trying to achieve Which means: • Audience 1st. • Mapped to buyer journey.
  14. 14. SolutionFunnels and buyer journeys•Who are is the audience?•What do they (really)care about?•What is the absolute best wayyou can help them out?•Where are they (honestly)in the funnel? A registration formis not a purchase order!
  15. 15. Example: a bit of repurposing…
  16. 16. Example: a bit more repurposing…
  17. 17. Example: a corporate brochure?
  18. 18. Problem 3 “How do we get our content out there?” Answer:
  19. 19. Distribution strategy: channels, KPIs, etcChannel Objective Focus Desired outcomeTwitter ›Position company as thought- ›Share content we generate (blog / ›Increase in click throughs to blog /[Owned Media] leader YouTube) YouTube / our website ›Build audience engagement & ›Share our news / promote events / case ›Increase in Mentions and Retweets dialogue studies ›Increase in followers ›Show we are credible ›Share valuable third-party content (wider ›Keep us front-of-mind blogosphere / media)Blog ›Position company as thought- ›Provide analysis, opinion and guidance ›Increase in page views[Owned Media] leader on key issues, industry and new ›Increase in inbound & outbound links ›Build audience engagement & developments ›Increase in comments dialogue ›Deliver a rich and engaging experience ›Increase in sharing of our content ›Help shape and guide buyer wherever possible ›Increase in search performance on strategies keywordsBlogosphere ›Position company as thought- ›Listening online to identify where we ›Increase in share of voice online[Earned Media] leader should be commenting or stimulating ›Increased participation in online ›Create and participate in discussion discussions conversations online ›Show we are credibleLinkedIn ›Leverage professional networks ›Integrating blog and Twitter feeds ›Increase in click throughs to blog / our[Owned/Earned Media] of our key execs to open up new ›Participating in the right online groups – website conversations and stimulating discussion ›Increased participation in online ›Keep us front-of-mind discussionsYouTube [Owned ›Position company as thought- ›Provide analysis, opinion on key issues, ›Increase in channel viewsMedia] leader industry and technology developments ›Increase in channel subscribers ›Show we are credible ›Share our story ›Increase in comments ›Help shape and guide buyer ›Share client case studies strategies
  20. 20. Content goesSocialSource: CMI
  21. 21. Source: CMI
  22. 22. Find out where your audience is hangingout online
  23. 23. Video sharing Source: Google 75% of senior executives say they watch work related videos on business-related websites at least weekly 65% have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video Source: Forbes
  24. 24. Make it easy to share Use industry standard platforms – YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare, Flickr Always include sharing buttons online and in PDFs But make it interesting and compelling enough that they want to share it! Case example: 30,000 page views 200+ blogs
  25. 25. Time to go mobile? Mobile web searches increased by 247% 1 in 4 employees use personal Source: ITPro smartphones at work
  26. 26. And another important channel...Your sales force Only 7% of IT services companies are seen by their90% of marketing customers as ‘strategicdeliverables are partners’not used by sales Source: New Rules of Sales Enablement •Need to show industry knowledge •‘Think for me’, not just ‘do for me’: guidance not plumbing •Need an opinion, an angle, a point of view, a vision of what’s next....
  27. 27. K.I.S.S. 8 minutes: the average ‘dead time’ before a meeting. •And it’s when a sales person preps for the meeting What is it we actually sell? Who’s it for? What to ask Who to bring to the next meeting
  28. 28. Problem 4 “We don’t know Try it, test it, learn which channels what content works?” work for you... Source: Hubspot
  29. 29. Turn measurement into revenue
  30. 30. Problem 5 “I have no budget for content?” Get some! Cost per outbound lead analysis – include the cost of sale Basic funnel analysis – shows inbound (content) is essential due to finite outbound universe…
  31. 31. Where to start?
  32. 32. 5 steps to successful content marketing Get close to your SMEs, they are your raw material Be useful. Know what your audience needs, and give it to them Cut the sales pitch. Good content does this for you. Be bold. Be controversial. Be interesting. 50% of your effort should be distribution, 50% creation
  33. 33. And start with one of these… Audit and Programme Measure &Strategy Implement plan development iterate Objective Identify SMEs Set up channels Publishing Dashboard setting calendar Proposal and Existing content Publishing Writing RAG status on c-level endorse & channels process content Systems & KPIs resources SME ‘rules’ Filming Reporting & rewarding Influencers + Brand + customer input Content ‘tiers’ Designing Iteration marketing against funnel & alignment Audience buyer journey destinations ‘Socialing’ Competitor activity
  34. 34. Our very own contentmarketing experiment
  35. 35. Vital Statistics for B2B MarketingIt started with a blog post...
  36. 36. Vital Statistics for B2B MarketingThe video...YouTube: “B2B vital statistics”
  37. 37. Spreading the word YouTube branded channel Twitter Targeted approaches to key commentators and influencers LinkedIn – embedding the video into our profiles Facebook PR – free online news wires Blog comments
  38. 38. Beyond all expectations...Targets: Results (6 weeks later): 1,000 video views in 6 weeks  6,500 video views 30% increase in Twitter  42% increase in Twitter followers followers 20% increase in average site  30% increase in average site visits visits 20% increase in inbound links  87% increase in inbound links 2 new business opportunities  2 new business opportunities Plus Over 90 mentions on Twitter, extensive media coverage and improvements in natural search
  39. 39. Earnest
  40. 40. Thank you