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An orientation workshop presentation for people new to digital marketing. The first of a series of 5 workshops on web-based marketing. Contact me for worksheets on this workshop and other materials. www.ohiobusinesshelp.com

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  • This presentation is intended to be comprehensive, and can be modified by the presenter to reflect their personal style. Have this slide up while attendees sign up and get seated. Make sure everyone signs in, even if they come in late. Distribute hand out materials and folders. Informally ask about where the attendees are in their development process and if they have a web site or not. 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org
  • Workshop Title Slide This slide is designed to integrate the Advantage SCORE Dayton SCORE branding and key selling message with the workshop title. Insert the workshop title in the appropriate text box
  • Workshop Guidelines Begin the program with these basic workshop housekeeping tips How did you hear about Dayton SCORE? Optional - Click on video link to show 30 second video How did you hear about this event Please sign-in on the sheet Please pick-up a workshop package Please fill-out a name-tag and/or a table Tent Please pick-up any applicable brochures on the front table Please turn off all cell phones We encourage you to actively engage in the session – usually a couple of houts The restrooms are located . . . We will have a break about half-way through the program At the end of the program, we will ask you to fill out a seminar evaluation Thanks for coming and lets get started with some introductions
  • Your Dayton SCORE Workshop Leader
  • Your Dayton SCORE Workshop Leader
  • Now it is your turn – let’s find out a little about each of you Name Organization Position Workshop subject expertise Workshop objectives Please fill-out your name tag and/or your table tent so that we all can remember who you are
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org Announce the topic and state that this is an introductor y program for website development geared for attendees with limited knowledge of website development, Indicate that the packet includes the slides and a checklist for developing their website. You should also have materials for them to sign up for counseling.
  • Let’ begin with a little perspective – why are you here? Relevance: Why is this workshop relevant? Everything has changed and nothing will ever be the same again Today’s Experienced Driven Generation – Volatile consumer mix Priority: Why is this workshop a priority for you at this time? Today’s experience loyal consumer Four phase customer lifecycle experience Deliver value, meet expectations at each touch point Impact: What can this workshop mean to you? Impact your current situation (Today’s benchmarks) Foundation for action – the next step Dreaming of starting a new business Need to stabilize an existing business and recover Want to expand an existing business and grow Context: How does this subject fit into your business? Balanced business model - Mission critical initiative Front-office functions (Top-line impact/Demand side) Organizational leadership (Increase sales, revenue, profit, share) Back-office functions (Bottom-line impact/Supply side) Resource management (Avoid, reduce, control costs)
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org The first step is to understand what the internet is, how it works, and how your website fits in the digital world.
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org The above functions are listed in increasing order of cost because the complexity of the site increases as the functions increase. The more complex items are dynamic, usually involving data management and security issues. The more of these you do the more you need to get some help to develop your site. Explain briefly RSS and social network buttons
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org Your website and domain name are assets of your company, and can be very valuable. As the company owner, you are responsible for the website and all information related to it. This means you should have ALL contact information with the registrar, domain host, and paid content suppliers. You may fill only one as the content provider, or all of the roles above. If you decide to develop the website yourself, you should still get a review by a designer to achieve a professional look and consistency for your site.
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org USE THIS SLIDE TO ENGAGE THE AUDIENCE WHO WILL LOOK AT YOUR WEBSITE? It is obvious that customers new, and existing, will look at your site. But WHO ELSE MIGHT see the information you publish? Is there information that you would not want them to see? For example? Everything on your site is in the public domain and can be seen, copied and distributed. Don’t publish anything you would not want a competitor to see.
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org Once your planning is done, it is time to get to work developing your site and its content.
  • THIS IS A KEY SLIDE _ WRITE THIS DOWN. Your domain name is unique, and you rent it, but do not own it forever unless you continue to pay the rent. Your domain name links to a IP address which directs other computers to the host computer where your website exists. IP address is like your zip code. 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org Once again, there are an abundance of choices for web hosting, and you can google “web hosting” to look at some of them and choose which one you like.
  • Some questions that can help you to make your decision go back to the questions of cost, your time, and your expertise. Another consideration is the amount of control you want to have. If you expect to be changing the content of your site often, such as offering daily sale prices or discounts, you will want to have more control over your site. Site developers serve many customers and typically take several days to change content. You can use CSS (content style sheets) which the developer or site builder sets up that allow for consistent changes across your site, and ease of changing content. 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org
  • As presented in the planning discussion, there are pros and cons to doing it yourself. 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org It is important to realize that there are ongoing costs that must be budgeted for with a website in addition to the front end development costs. Both of these costs should be managed effectively.
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org The cost of a custom designed site can vary widely, as can the time you have to spend developing content and working with the developer and designer. A static “ebrochure” is static and will not take much to develop or change, while ecommerce is daynamic and will have higher development and maintenance costs. For a complex site, we recommend using a developer and telling them what your budget limits are.
  • Typical ranges of costs for developing and maintaining your site are listed here. The broad range indicates why it is important to have a clear idea of what you site should do, and how you will obtain a return on your investment from it. You should measure effectiveness by the profit that your site provides, not the level of sales. 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org
  • Portable site builders allow applications to be moved from one ISP to another. You have a combination of proprietary or open source (free) software. 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org
  • Non-potable site builders restrict you to their website. 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org
  • Site builders are software packages such as Dreamweaver which you can purchase for use on your computer or online in the “cloud”. There is a trade off between the flexibility of the programs and the degree of user friendliness. We recommend staying with the simpler programs if you are going to do it yourself. We also recommend getting training on the specific program you will be using to save time and frustration. 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org
  • The template provides a format and design that you can customize. This is an example of what a blank template might look like, although most have a design graphic already set up. The template is an integral part of a site builder. 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org
  • Let’s see how it works. To build your site you pick a design and either use the features provided and upload custom content or drag and drop content already in the template. Notice the call to action in the lower right and social media contacts lower left Keyword rich text highlighting SCORE, Dayton, small business, no charge. 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org Once you have your website set up and hosted, the work is not done. You still need to make sure the site is running properly and is accessible. This gets better all of the time.
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org You should work on your site every month to make sure that it is current and is working well. Unfortunately, this can be an issue for small businesses, but it is an important function if you have a website. The value of the web is the immediate availability of information that is current and accurate. If you don’t do this, you will lose credibility with potential customers, or other stakeholders.
  • Attendee Exercise - List 10 words that identify your business: 01/27/13 21:14 © 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.
  • To submit to Bing: https://ssl.bing.com/listings/ListingCenter.aspx To submit to Yahoo: http://listings.local.yahoo.com/basic.php
  • Make a list of topics you can blog about:
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org You also should be disciplined about going about the process we have discussed by doing the following: We generally recommend that you spend your time on your business not your website – really focus on your planning process, your marketing, and setting up your business to meet the promise you have made in your marketing and sales materials. You can get a quality site from a developer using a template that will meet your needs for $500-$1000, which will save you a lot of time. Have the developer design the site so that you can modify the content easily. If you don’t have the funds, and have to do it yourself, consider a Wordpress site with your domain name (not a blog). Take the SEO workshop to find out how to get traffic to your site.
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org Once you have your website set up and hosted, the work is not done. You still need to make sure the site is running properly and is accessible. This gets better all of the time.
  • To submit to Bing: https://ssl.bing.com/listings/ListingCenter.aspx To submit to Yahoo: http://listings.local.yahoo.com/basic.php
  • This page will guide you through the free services available through Google.
  • Feel free to use fake information if required for your birth date etc.
  • Now that you are ready to tackle you website, let me give you a few last pointers. Control the time you spend on your site. Keep control of the process even if you hire someone to do it. Do your due diligence regarding the full cost you will pay for “free stuff” Be patient, a web site is a marathon not a sprint, and the web crawlers take time to find and investigate your web site. 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org You also should be disciplined about going about the process we have discussed by doing the following: We generally recommend that you spend your time on your business not your website – really focus on your planning process, your marketing, and setting up your business to meet the promise you have made in your marketing and sales materials. You can get a quality site from a developer using a template that will meet your needs for $500-$1000, which will save you a lot of time. Have the developer design the site so that you can modify the content easily. If you don’t have the funds, and have to do it yourself, consider a Wordpress site with your domain name (not a blog). Take the SEO workshop to find out how to get traffic to your site.
  • 01/27/13 www.scoreworks.org Engage the attendees by asking who has an existing website
  • Workshop Wrap-up Use this slide to encourage networking and a business card exchange and to introduce the workshop evaluation form.
  • Certificate of Completion This slide supports the presentation of course completion certificates
  • Dayton SCORE Promotion This slide is provided to support a brief promotion of Dayton SCORE. Through the Advantage SCORE theme, it identifies the three basic elements of our formula for small business success. SCORE counselors use valuable coaching tools based on core business principles to help the client self-discover their current situation and their greatest challenges. SCORE counselors then apply integrated business performance solutions to implement solutions to those challenges SCORE counselors then build a plan and roadmap to help the clients implement the solutions to their greatest challenges
  • Web Based Marketing

    1. 1. About Dayton SCORE www.score.org daytonscore.orgSCORE supports small business by:• Providing mentoring and training to those  Preparing to start up a business  To existing small business owners  Wanting to grow  Needing to improve performance• Mentoring is “free and forever” • Seminars are at no, or a nominal chargeVisit - www.daytonscore.org to find out more
    2. 2. Welcome . . .Dayton SCORE Workshop www.score.org daytonscore.orgIn today’s volatile business climatechallenges are often served up fast Advantageand furious . . . SCOREWhether you are winning in business,struggling or just starting out,Dayton SCORE can provide acompetitive ADVANTAGE throughvaluable business educationalworkshops like this . . . Introduction To Web Based Marketing
    3. 3. Workshop Guidelines www.score.org daytonscore.org • Hear About SCORE • Hear About This Event • Please Sign-in • Pick-up a handout package • Name-tag/table Tent • Pick-up applicable brochures • Turn off cell phones • Engage in the session • Restroom Break (if needed) • Seminar Evaluation
    4. 4. Bob Carlson www.score.org daytonscore.orgBusiness Side Experience•40+ years of business experience•Expertise in  Information Technology  Strategic Planning  Program Management  Internet and Intranet Design•Education  BS Engineering  MS Logistics Management
    5. 5. Art Helmstetter www.score.org daytonscore.org• Experience:  Business Marketing and Sales  Strategic Planning  Service business Development• Started two small businesses• Grew two businesses from 0 to $25 million• 35 years - business & management experience• Education and Registration:  MBA, BS & MS Engineering,  Registered Professional Engineer
    6. 6. Name Tag or Table Tent www.score.org daytonscore.org • Name John • Organization ABC Company Vice President • Position John ABC Company • Subject Vice President Expertise • Workshop Objectives Let’s Get Started
    7. 7. www.score.org daytonscore.org Introduction toWeb-Based Marketing … 4 Steps to Low Cost Marketing
    8. 8. Workshop Overview www.score.org daytonscore.org • Marketing 101 • Where digital marketing fits • Elements of digital marketing • Planning a website • Building a website • Search Engine Optimization • Use of Social Media • Next Steps to Execution
    9. 9. What You Should Learn www.score.org daytonscore.org 1. How digital marketing fits into your business 2. The ELEMENTS of digital marketing 3. The SPECIFIC purpose of your website 4. COST to create and maintain a website 5. How to ATTRACT CUSTOMERS to your website and ENGAGE CUSTOMERS 6. Including SOCIAL MEDIA in marketing 7. MEASURING PERFORMANCE of your digital marketing
    10. 10. Marketing 101 www.score.org daytonscore.orgYour business plan MUST answer these questionsand define HOW you will do it. Who You Sell To? How You Beat Competition? How You Make Profits? If you don’t answer these questions, don’t bother
    11. 11. Marketing and theRole of Digital Marketing www.score.org daytonscore.org Mass Media TV, Radio, Print Digital and Web Based Location & Face to Face Promotions & Packaging
    12. 12. Use Both Inbound andOutbound Marketing www.score.org daytonscore.org
    13. 13. Interaction of methods www.score.org daytonscore.orgIntegrate marketingelements
    14. 14. Digital Marketing is ANumbers Game www.score.org daytonscore.org
    15. 15. Why Digital is Important? www.score.org daytonscore.org
    16. 16. Where You Need to Be In Digital www.score.org daytonscore.org
    17. 17. Why Digital Is Good For Small Companies www.score.org daytonscore.org 1. It is low cost 2. It is scalable and national/global 3. Quality is economical – you look big 4. It can be highly targeted 5. It is real time 6. Results are easily measurable 7. It can be personal and one-to-one
    18. 18. The Web Fits between MassMedia and Face to face Contact www.score.org daytonscore.org • Companies can use the Web to capture some of the benefits of personal contact, yet avoid some of the costs inherent in FTF customer management • Trust is often related to proximity
    19. 19. STEP 1. Putting The PiecesTogether: Website Development www.score.org daytonscore.org • Planning for the Site • Acquiring the Site • Website Optimization • Social Media
    20. 20. Decide Your Site’s Purpose www.score.org daytonscore.org Typical uses: • Build awareness of your brand and products  online brochure • Distribute information that saves staff resources  hours, location, services • Build relationships and get visitor identity information  offer a newsletter or free report in exchange for an email address  Provide social media buttons for twitter, Facebook etc. • Perform e-commerce, sell and deliver product/service
    21. 21. Three Creation Functions www.score.org daytonscore.org Conceptualization – based on marketing plan Determine the message the site will convey and the target audiences Development – based on site’s purpose Sets up the functionality of the website Includes an ongoing activity to update functions Designer Developer Design – based on marketing/sales plan Sets up the artistic look and feel Typically only done at creation of site
    22. 22. The Users www.score.org daytonscore.org You first think of: But there will be: • Existing customers • Competitors • Potential customers • Vendors • Potential lenders • Potential investors • Potential employees • Existing employees • Press
    23. 23. Step 2. Website Acquisition www.score.org daytonscore.org • Planning for the Site • Acquiring the Site • Website Optimization • Social Media
    24. 24. Domain Name www.score.org daytonscore.org • What is a Domain Name? • Take control of this process! • What Domain Name should I get?  Company Name if well known  Include Keyword Phrases - function, location, etc. • Where to go to RENT domain name  Any Internet Service Provider (ISP)  godaddy.com  register.com * Need a hosting ISP to house your site
    25. 25. findmyhosting.com www.score.org daytonscore.orgOne of the comparison tools to assist in selecting your host: findmyhosting.com
    26. 26. Hosting (ISP) Options www.hosting-review.com www.score.org daytonscore.org Hosting and maintenance may be bundled as a monthly fee with the Site Builder options Free sites: BraveNet, FreeSite, Googlesites Often place ads on your site. Low cost hosting sites: Cheap Reliable Website Hosting, 123 Higher cost sites: GoDaddy, IXWebHosting Add ecommerce, provide a secure site
    27. 27. Building The Website www.score.org daytonscore.org Do it yourself  Can I spare the time  Do I have the skills?  Can I get affordable training?  Do I want control of my website? Hire a website developer  Do I have the money to hire someone?  Am I okay with having someone else in control?
    28. 28. Do It Yourself ? www.score.org daytonscore.orgPros Cons• You control your website • Takes time to update  Frequency of Updates • The learning curve  Speed of updates • You may not get the  Ensure Content best features• Less Expensive• You don’t have to rely on someone else’s schedule.
    29. 29. If You Hire A Developer www.score.org daytonscore.org • Have a signed contract – Retain ownership of domain name – Own all content (copyright) – Where applicable own the code (assignment) – Pay as work progresses (progress payments) • Stay involved and meet frequently
    30. 30. Website Building Costs www.score.org daytonscore.org• One time costs – Front End  Web site creation/setup  Graphics, photos  Domain name(s), building client databases  (your time) for site content development• Recurring operating costs - Ongoing  Hosting  Maintenance/modifications  Web site management (you or your delegate)
    31. 31. Estimated Front End Costs www.score.org daytonscore.org • Custom developed website • $1,500 to $7,000 • 20 – 100+ hours of your time • Developer site using a website builder • $500-$1200 • 40 – 100+ hours of your time • Do it yourself website (DIY): • $300-500 • 50 - 200+ hours of your time
    32. 32. Ongoing Costs www.score.org daytonscore.org Domain Name Rental $8-$30 (annually) Hosting Service $7-$200 (monthly) Site Maintenance $0-$500 (monthly) Search Engine Listings $0-$2000 (annually) $100 - $2,000 per year
    33. 33. Development Tools www.score.org daytonscore.org• Site Builders (portable)  Proprietary Development Software  Dreamweaver – $350  Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 – $1,000  Open Source  WordPress  Drupal  Numerous other open source applications
    34. 34. Development Tools www.score.org daytonscore.org• Site Builders (non-portable)  GoDaddy ($6/month)  Intuit ($5/month)  http://prowebsitebuilderreview.com/reviews/intuit-website-builder-review  Google Builder – free - Google “Website Builders” to find various alternatives  Citymax ($20/month)  Buildyoursite.com ($10/month)  Weebley.com ($5/month or free)
    35. 35. What Is A Site Builder Template? www.score.org daytonscore.org COMPANY NAME OR LOGO Menu Items to Other Pages Photo Header Illustrating the Business or Area Links Text: Text: What’s To Benefits What New Other To Customer we do and how Sites we do it Or Blogs Footer copy write information etc.
    36. 36. Simple Site Builder www.score.org daytonscore.org Contact Home About Us FAQs Blog Get Your Business Running … Like a Porsche The Dayton Chapter of SCORE was founded inSee Us 1970 as non-profit volunteer organization to assist the small business administration in helping the What’s New !At: grass roots businesses to start and grow in theLinkedIn Dayton area. We are one of 389 chapters SCORE Workshop ! nationwide. Because of financial support from local community organizations and businesses we are Website Design BasicsTwitter able to offer our services and products at no Centerville LibraryFacebook charge to the public. Sign Up NOW at: www.daytonscore.org© Dayton SCORE 2013
    37. 37. Use Professional Images www.score.org daytonscore.org Have your products professionally photographed. or … buy professional stock photos: www.istockphoto.com www.photodisc.com www.corbis.com www.gettyimages.com Remember copyright laws apply to the internet
    38. 38. Step 3.Website Optimization www.score.org daytonscore.org• Planning for the Site• Acquiring the Site• Website Optimization• Social Media
    39. 39. Maintenance Tasks www.score.org daytonscore.org • Content management  Change 20% of site content per month • Site maintenance  Avoid “linkrot” – check each link monthly  Analyze traffic (hits by day/week/month, etc.) • Client feedback  Use a separate website related email address  Respond daily!
    40. 40. You Have 60 Seconds… www.score.org daytonscore.orgYou have LESS than a minute to engage a visitor5-10 seconds Decideif you do what they are looking for5-10 secondsNavigate to find details about what they are looking for20-30 seconds Compareand evaluate your information, services, products, casestudies, etc.5-10 seconds toConvert (find a phone number, complete a form, link toemail, bookmark etc.)
    41. 41. What Are Search Engines? www.score.org daytonscore.org Google, Yahoo, Bing Consumers use search engines to research and purchase products and services 2 kinds of results: organic (natural) or paid results Which is best? Organic Organic results are gathered by search engines based on keyword match and links to the site
    42. 42. How They Rank You www.score.org daytonscore.org Over 85% of web searches are done on Google Search Engine “crawlers” index site content like a library index to find the best key word matches Google’s method to rank listings is Top Secret ! Ranking Factors include: Key word match to site content or name Site traffic volume Links to and from the site “Freshness” of the site content Use of media, blogs, social media, etc.
    43. 43. Organic vs. Paid Results www.score.org daytonscore.org People click in the organic results 75% of the time!
    44. 44. Key Words for OrganicResults www.score.org daytonscore.org Use keywords that describe your products/services Use keywords that indicate where you do business Optimize keyword phrases within your site that have a higher a number of searches. (see analytics) Review your competition’s online presence. Look at the top 10 sites (check out keyword phrases, etc) Look at the number of listings for searched keywords on Google. Stay away if more than 5 million 85% of searches are 2 words or more.
    45. 45. Free Tools www.score.org daytonscore.org Analyze your Competition – (www.semrush.com) Keyword Suggestion Tools – (http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com) Browser Optimization - (www.anybrowser.com) Sitemaps - (www.xml-sitemaps.com) Site Ranking - (www.Marketing.Grader.com) Search Engine Optimization – book by Kristopher Jones
    46. 46. Google Tools www.score.org daytonscore.org Google Analytics – captures information about the way users behave on your site. (www.google.com/analytics) Google Adword Keywords Submit site to Google Index Create a free Google and Yahoo Local Listing Create a coupon on Google Local/Maps
    47. 47. Performance Metrics–Your Site’s Report Card www.score.org daytonscore.org  High and increasing traffic  Unique visits  Hits  Time visitors spend on site  Number of pages viewed  Bounce rate  Geographic location (city)  “Conversions”  Sign ups for newsletter, blog, etc. Self Identification  Request to information or price  Product Sale
    48. 48. Optimize Results throughDirectories and Link Building www.score.org daytonscore.org Submit your website to free submission directories: Google - http://www.google.com/submityourcontent/index.html http://www.Google.com/LocalBusinessCenter Yahoo BING Yelp Merchant Circle Link your site to other sites: Manufacturers/Suppliers Trade organizations Companies that would use your services. Groups in your industry through social media
    49. 49. Get “Sticky”Engage Your Visitors www.score.org daytonscore.org  Update your site often: weekly is best.  Include a blog page*  Use social media and link to your site  Use video, especially for testimonials or YouTube  Audio with graphics such as photos or slides  Publish “how to” documents or other “tools”  Put details in linked documents in ftp files  Offer email registration
    50. 50. Using Email Engagement www.score.org daytonscore.org • Get contact information – website, social media, advertising – Offer information, promotion, samples, etc. • Manage email campaigns- http://email-marketing-service-review.toptenreviews.com/ • Obey anti-spam laws • ALWAYS send useful information and promotions • Integrate with other media
    51. 51. To Pay or Not to Pay? The Other 25% of Searches www.score.org daytonscore.orgPaid listings and ads increase your traffic and can focus on your targeted customers Google adwords piggybacks on searches – You can target who and where to show your ad – You “pay per click” from $.10 to $1 – Google display ads are effective but cost $3-$10 Banner ads can target segments through associations and publications Upgraded paid listings put you at the top of the page Other locations with good targeting: Facebook, Digital Yellow Pages, Google Places, and Yahoo local
    52. 52. Your To-Do List www.score.org daytonscore.org Research your main competition’s website, keywords and web presence If you have the money, hire help to optimize, or take an in depth course If you want to DIY try using the Google tools Do searches to find directories, blogs, etc. Take the SCORE paid website design and social media workshops
    53. 53. Step 4.Social Media Marketing www.score.org daytonscore.org• Planning for the Site• Acquiring the Site• Website Optimization• Social Media
    54. 54. Why Use Social Media? www.score.org daytonscore.org • Search Engines Love Social Media and Blogs • Drives traffic to you website or business • People use the web to get more of their information • It replaces personal “word of mouth” marketing • People trust referrals from friends • You stay in touch with customers • It is informal and relaxed, people are open and receptive to your message/branding 17
    55. 55. What is Social Media? www.score.org daytonscore.org • Social Media are Web Sites and online forums that allow people and businesses to interact • Places – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, etc. • Content - Words, Pictures, Videos, Music, Apps • Purpose - Business Application, interests 57
    56. 56. Match Social Media To Your Marketing Plan www.score.org daytonscore.org The Customer Experience Marketing Create awareness Marketing Need identification (Awareness) Source discovery Sales Create purchase preference Sales Trust (Action) Service Service Meeting customer expectations (CRM) Receiving complaints
    57. 57. Social Media Etiquette www.score.org daytonscore.org• Listen BEFORE talking• Be helpful and conversational (SOCIAL)• Respond to inquiries promptly• Focus on areas related to your business – Tips on how to save money or time – Tips on how or how NOT to do something – Related articles, data, blogs etc.• Provide RELEVANT and interesting content• Make it brief, timely, current• Focus on one place at a time• Verify ALL information
    58. 58. The Social Big Three + 1 www.score.org daytonscore.org – (www.linkedin.com) B2B – (www.facebook.com) B2C – (www.twitter.com) B2B & B2C - (www.google.com) B2B & B2C60
    59. 59. Rules of Engagement www.score.org daytonscore.org – Protect your privacy • Birth Date, Maiden Name, Home Address – Account Setup • Employees access? • Keep Track of logins – Think before you post/link/friend/tweet • Customers? • Competitors? – Pick One, Get Really Good, Move On
    60. 60. Remember www.score.org daytonscore.org• Web sites are addictive – DIY WILL take more time than you think• Developers say they can do it all – They can’t. Have a contract. Be involved.• Free stuff isn’t free – Host sites will try to sell you additional features• It takes time to get noticed ― Be patient, search engines will take a while to find you ― Build a social network ― Attend our site optimization workshop
    61. 61. Your Take Away List www.score.org daytonscore.org Have a business plan with a marketing plan Identify the goals for your digital marketing plan Assemble sample content: marketing materials, pictures Identify three web sites with a “look and feel” that you like IF you want to DIY try using the Google web development application, Wordpress, or a simple site builder Take the SCORE website, search engine and social media workshop series to learn more. Get a SCORE counselor
    62. 62. SCORE Paid Digital Marketing Series www.score.org daytonscore.org1.Website Design Fundamentals Launching a new business or thinking about it and want to create a basic website.2. Search Engine OptimizationBusinesses that have an existing website and want to increase their site traffic, and site ranking3. Social Media MarketingFor small businesses wanting to use social networks to economically market their business,
    63. 63. Thank you for joining usWe hope it has been worth yourwhile www.score.org daytonscore.org Take a Minute to Network Exchange Business Cards Please Fill Out a Program Evaluation Form