Achieving true customer engagement


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Eén van de business groepen binnen DSM heeft een programma geimplementeerd met als doel het creeren van geintegreerde klanten engagement. Nathali Donatz, Global Branding & Communication manager legt uit hoe DSM Dyneema is omgegaan met bekende struikelblokken als gefragmenteerde communicatie in een traditionele marketing organisatie waar offline denken centraal staat. Welke strategy heeft DSM hierin gekozen? Hoe hebben zij de klanten ‘journey’ hierin verweven? Hoe zijn ze erin geslaagd de organisatie te veranderen? Wat zijn de verworven inzichten? En nog belangrijker: Wat zijn de resultaten?

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  • Towards the engagement of the entire DSM Dyneema marketing & sales organization:From 4 core team members…….to a team with multiple local business unit program managers……and internal ambassadors of the program……and a lot of highly engaged employees who want to stay on top of the latest results.
  • Achieving true customer engagement

    1. 1. Achieving true customer engagementDSM Dyneema
    2. 2. DSM’s core business activities Health Nutrition Materials• Global leader in nutritional ingredients for feed, food and personal care• Market leader in anti-infectives and key custom manufacturing player• Market leader in sustainable high performance materials• Merchant market leader in nylon precursor caprolactam• Innovator active in advanced biofuels, biochemicals and biomedical materials
    3. 3. DSM Dyneemaproducing the world’s strongest fiber
    4. 4. DSM Dyneema’s challenge1. Engaging stakeholders in a complex value chain (eg. gloves): Step Fiber producer Manufacturer Licensee Distributor End user Products2. Leveraging the revenues of a strong brand: Stages Awareness Differentiation Relevance Esteem Defining I know who You stand for You are I like what Question: you are something relevant to my you mean Outside-In needs & wants to me Increasing preference, loyalty and margins3. Changing a traditional sales oriented organization towards being customer centric
    5. 5. DSM Dyneema’s vision: Integrating offline and online to create customer engagement Search Social Events Newsletter Face to Sales app Brochures Database (CRM)
    6. 6. Program goals Intensify Increase lead customer contact Boost brand quality (focusing on building end-market infiltration) Stimulate employee engagement
    7. 7. DSM Dyneema’s integrated customer engagement program Governance Focuses on measuring performance, analyzing results and gaining insights and defining actions. Key for fact based approach.Aligning existing Channels and Processes Selecting existing keychannels and tooling and processes and eventstooling and setting Activities and definingup new channels to customeroptimize customer engagementengagement. opportunities. Teach employees in People and skills using customer engagement channels and create awareness about the program and gained results and insights.
    8. 8. Main program activities Governance 1. Map customer journey 2. Set targets and create KPI’s 3. Configure dashboard 4. Monthly meeting schedule Channels and 1. 1. Align lead generation Processes1. Align platforms tooling and 2. process (WCM,CRM,ECM) 3. 2. Set up content Activities2. Set up new website 4. management3. Add channels (SEA, 5. 3. Implement email, social) 6. customized event 7. approach People and skills 1. Awareness sessions 2. Platform trainings 3. Learning by doing
    9. 9. Some 2012 key results Real time dashboard Governance Channels and Processes tooling and Activities People and skills
    10. 10. Real time digital dashboardGovernance
    11. 11. Customized event approach 1. Integration of customer touchpoints:Processes • Landing page and • Event pageActivities • SEA • Email • PR 2. Automated closed loop between marcom and sales to process leads 3. Report & evaluate to optimize
    12. 12. Employee engagementPeople and skills 1. Connect the dots event with senior management 2. Monthly activity session with business teams & marcom 3. eTalks in Coffee corner
    13. 13. People and skillseTalks
    14. 14. Integrated platformsChannels and tooling Face to face Events Brochure & exhibitions
    15. 15. E-DM strategy implemented Channels and tooling
    16. 16. Multi device sales appChannels and tooling
    17. 17. Looking back at 2012: Lessons learned1. It’s all about organizational change: – Apply top down and bottom up approach – Adapt constantly to employee’s language – Create phased multi year program2. Simplify technical infrastructure3. Organize cross functional and regional teams4. Work with limited partners and learn and develop knowledge from your partners5. Think big, act small (quickwins), grow fast6. Visualize program progress and results7. Share lessons learned and knowledge (international feedback loop)
    18. 18. DSM Dyneema’s next steps: Focus themes 2013 1. Integrated 3. Personalized 5. Employee intelligence engagement engagementIntegrate offline and social Reap the benefits from the Engage a substantial part of theKPI’s, focus on business team closed loop and intensify 1-on-1 Dyneema workforce in how toreporting (insights and action digital customer contact through spot and actively applydriven), and setup campaign initiatives and engagement opportunitiesperformance accountability. structural conversations and (target 30-40 employees). contact. 2. Social integration 4. Content & professionalization leveragingIntegrate and professionalize Focus on content optimizationsocial channels, intensify for specific audiences andconversation monitoring, and increase awareness of the roleacquire presence on earned of online content and businessmedia. value.
    19. 19. Why do we focus on customer engagement? An engaged relationship is probably the only guarantee for a future return on today’s investments.