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Drive More Revenue — Be everywhere your customers are…all the time! – Will Schnabel – Silverpop
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Drive More Revenue — Be everywhere your customers are…all the time! – Will Schnabel – Silverpop


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The way we communicate is moving—literally. Successful marketers know they need to go where their customers are, and today that means being in several places at the same time, multiple times every …

The way we communicate is moving—literally. Successful marketers know they need to go where their customers are, and today that means being in several places at the same time, multiple times every day. As the world goes “mocial”—the convergence of mobile, social, local, and email—marketers must change the way they interact with customers and prospects to accelerate revenue growth. Join us to learn how to drive more revenue by meeting your customers whenever and wherever they are.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Ready to socially connect your marketing? Let’s talk tactics!
  • 1st. Because its not a fad… These new platforms have changed the game on how we communicate, share, and learn. It doesn’t matter which ones win or lose-the concepts will not go away and will continue to evolve.
  • 2nd. You’ve probably heard the phrase “Buyer 2.0” or “the buyer has seized control of the buying cycle” – or “the buyer has changed” – but they haven't really changed. Can you think of a time when a buyer didn’t want to make an informed purchase decision. Not really. It is their access to information that has changed the way we buy. The buyer has not changed. No. they simply have more information by which to make their decision. They have not changed. Access to information has changed.
  • 3rd.The channels by which we (the marketers) communicate with individuals has absolutely exploded. You’ve all probably experienced that light night email from your CMO – Last year for me it was “guys what are we going to do with Tumblr? – everyone in marketing needs to set up their tumblr right away” – Oh no! I don’t have time for this… Recently it was “quick lets figure out Pinterest”! We’ve got to have a strategy for how we plan to use these channels. It’s also important to invest small amounts of time in learning and playing around with emerging channels. Smartphones passed PCs40+ tablets in 201125 billion mobile apps 10 million 4square users2B email users
  • The new channels have changed the way we get found or find them. They have changed who is doing the finding. The old days of expecting people to magically land on your website are gone. Your website is longer the center of your univers. In fact 360i research says that people spend 5% of their time in search and %95 at the destination…. The destination is not your site. It’s social, videos, blogs, content. If your doing your job its your content that is being shared and consumed and driving traffic back to you. Your job is to be a trusted source of information – on any channel – at any time – to each individual… this is why there is so much buzz around Content Marketing
  • So we go from marketings past – where we spoke to audiences in mass – blasting our message.
  • To marketings future where we as marketers great each person as an individual and help them to make their decision – we get to know them – we provide helpful content – we help them resolve their problems and find success.(photo by YnR from Flickr)
  • Things used to be more straightforward – you had your website with all your content – you made it search friendly to attract new relationships and you sent email to people in your database to drive them back to your site to engage further. But as we said the world has changed – your website has not gone away but it is no longer the center of your universe. Social communities, blogs, video, mobile have emerged and it’s your content that creates a conversation path between you and your audience. Your content needs to live everywhere.
  • Why is this important – becuase 50% of leads come from the web.
  • What’s interesting though is that 85% of these web leads are not ready to buy today – but 70% of them will buy from you or your competitor in the future. So you need a mechanism to stay in the conversation with them while they engage in the long buying cycle.
  • If there destination is not your website – you need to be where they are. The social media might be content (video’s ebooks) you produce but its not on your website – you need to unleash it into social channels/networks.
  • In fact there are signs that traffic will increasingly come from social networks – People may start on search which leads them to user generated content – you’re job is to make sure there is a bridge from social to site. It’s Search engine optimization – social network optimization (sharable – shareworthy)
  • So how will you get them from social to site? SEO + Social network optimization
  • But what about allowing people to become a lead “opt in” – social lead gen. take the registration to them.
  • Social bait
  • Here is a b2b example – Bullhorn an online recruiting app – Nicely designed landing page for registration to their product – simple Email and Password.
  • For their service to be useful to you they need more information but rather than forcing you to type it in they realize you probably have this information in other sources like linked in. So you can click the social connect button and skip the data entry. By the way 66% of people surveyed say thy like the social form fill alternative.
  • Marketing automation kicks in to send off a welcome/activation email – and then in a few days they begin to nurture me based on my interests.
  • By providing content that is educational in nature rather than promotional can lead to longer term growth in fans and active usersCamping retailer – when they focused on education their conversion rates generated went from 4% to 10% as opposed to a buy buybuy / discount messageShaving manufacturerFood mixerUGC plays into this
  • By providing content that is educational in nature rather than promotional can lead to longer term growth in fans and active usersCamping retailer – when they focused on education their conversion rates generated went from 4% to 10% as opposed to a buy buybuy / discount messageShaving manufacturerFood mixerUGC plays into this
  • Nurturing starts with the fact that you need to know who people are and their interests (what behaviors). Now add to those downloads, clicks, registers, social behaviors…
  • Rather than saying “let’s send this email out to everyone on Thursday” we build lots of content based on used business rules and individuals actions or lack of to determine when and who gets each message – and it happens automatically. Even the content in a given message can dynamically change maybe based on industry or some other demographic characteristic of the people you sell to.
  • I’m a huge fan of free samples at stores – so here are some real world marketing automation Free samples from Silverpop’s awesome base of customers!
  • Now who’s heard of these guys? It’sshazam the music recognition app that goes on your phone.
  • Did you know they are the 4th most downloaded app – over 100 Million users. And wow – they sell over 300,000 songs each day.
  • Last year shazam had one company run a shazam powered ad at the super bowl. That ad drove over a million interactions. So what happened this year. 1/3 of ads + the game itself + the half time show all had shazam powered interactions.
  • Teleflora also a customer of Silverpop had a shazam ad spot – when people saw the TV commercial they could shazam it and see an interface for an offer – when they click through they go to the mobile landing page and hopefully convert. Think about from TV – to Mobile App – To online conversion. But it doesn’t stop there.
  • You see on the shazam app you can chose to connect via facebook – when you do this shazam gets to know who you are – Name, email, location. They bring that information into their marketing automation system.
  • With this deeper relationship they can pair up who you are with what songs you like and send you relevant emails like this one which alerts you to the artists that will be playing shows near you based on your preference and location. How cool is that!
  • But Shazam is taking marketing automation much further and building automated lifecycle nurturing campaigns to help build the relationship.
  • It often gets confusing weather we should call people (leads, prospects, customers) – my belief… lets treat them all like customers. Some of you are thinking oh that’s great advice…. The rest of you are thinking… oh wait we never talk to customers (once they become a customer we ignore them). If the latter is your case you need to resolve that before take my advice! “Treat Prospects like a Customer and they become a Customer” – Bryan Brown @Getvision 2/2012
  • Thank you very much for listening today!Silverpop is the makers of Marketing Automation Software. Over 4000 brands power their marketing with Silverpop. In December we reached an all new milestone powering over 4 Billion behavioral marketing transactions!Please reach out to me on Twitter @GetVision to continue the conversation! Visit
  • Transcript

    • 1. How to be everywhere….All the time…The Tactics that DriveRevenueWill Schnabel@wschnabel
    • 2. Marketing vThe World Has Changed
    • 3. Not a fad…but a way of life 25M 75M800M 250+M
    • 4. Buyer 2.0Has the Buyer Changed?
    • 5. Digital Marketing Channel Explosion
    • 6. Your Web site may no longer be the center of your universe Pre-Copernicus (1543
    • 7. Marketing’sPast
    • 8. How may I help you?Marketing’s Future
    • 9. Are You Where Your Prospects Are?
    • 10. Location – Anywhere & Everywhere Coffee shop Context
    • 11. To Survive….You must be everywhere Environment of Change Capture Leads Q&A Everywhere Content That Nurturing Engages
    • 12. Changing Web Marketing LandscapeSearch to Site Social to Site Search Website Email
    • 13. What’s your inbound strategy?Today 50% of leads come from the web.Growing to 75% by 2015 Source: SiriusDecisions, “Inbound Marketing, the Sirius Way”
    • 14. All web leads are not created equal... 85% not ready to buy 70% eventually buy Source: Google/TechTarget Behavioral Research Project Phase 2: 2010
    • 15. Are you where they are?
    • 16. Social Traffic vs. Search
    • 17. From Social to Site:Social Network Optimization
    • 18. Social content drives new visitors Hey friends RT - killer check this ebook out… Awesome ebook!
    • 19. Where’s your “Social Bait”?
    • 20. Key Tactics Capture Leads EverywhereNurturing + Content That Sharing Engages
    • 21. Social Sign Up
    • 22. Social Sign Up
    • 23. 66% of people prefer social sign up
    • 24. Welcome / Activation Related Webinar
    • 25. Social Sign Up Works Increases conversion rates by 10-50%Source: Janrain - Customer average as of March 2011
    • 26. Social Opt-In Pages
    • 27. Do you have an email opt-in form on your Facebook page? Yes No plans to add N/A Plans to add 48%: 10%Have/Plan to add 38% 22% 30%
    • 28. SMS to Email Opt In
    • 29. Offer SMS to Email Opt-in? Yes Plans to offer No plans to offer N/A 4% 13% 83%of you say 47% “No” or“No Plans” 36%
    • 30. SMS Text to Email Opt-in PointTrade Of AdvertsBooths Purchase
    • 31. Tablet, QR Codes, Mobile Apps
    • 32. Tablet-Based Mobile Opt-in • Point-of-sale • Tradeshow booth • Events • Customer service reps
    • 33. QR Code – Drive offline to online • Printed collateral • Tradeshow booth • Signage • TV
    • 34. Tactics Capture Leads EverywhereNurturing + Content That Sharing Engages
    • 35. Old Rule:Sell the sizzle, not the steak.
    • 36. New Rule:Educate with grilling tips, recipes and wine pairing.
    • 37. Content Asset Leverage Press Twitter Release Facebook Blog Google+ Slide White Share paper Survey Webinar Asset Article Speaking Media Opps Interview Quick Tip Email
    • 38. Make Content Shareworthy
    • 39. Tactics Capture Leads EverywhereNurturing + Content That Sharing Engages
    • 40. Behavioral Profile Meets Social Behavior Profile • Visited website • Visited blog • Clicked to Twitter • Commented on blog • Visited community site • Downloaded whitepaper • Checked in on FourSquare • Submitted a Demo Request form • Watched “30 Reasons” video
    • 41. Automation -> Meaningful Interactions Registration Business Rules Dynamically Generate Content Email Follow up Automated Emails
    • 42. Enable Prospects to do the sharing
    • 43. Nurture in Social Style White Paper <Download Link>Offer Page Download Page PDF Nurture Email
    • 44. Free MarketingAutomation Samples
    • 45. Heard of theseguys?
    • 46.  4th most downloaded app iniTunes history 165 million global users 300,000 songs sold each day
    • 47. 2011 - 1 Super Bowl ad2012 - 1/3 of Super Bowl
    • 48. Mobile Ad Interface Advertiser Landing Page
    • 49. A story in behavioral marketing… My Name is “Sarah”
    • 50. AutomatedCampaigns!
    • 51. 5 Takeaways Use Social Logins Incorporate Capture Prospects Sharing in via Social &Nurture Process Mobile Make Content Create & Reuse Shareworthy & Value-Driven Shareable Content
    • 52. Thank You! Will Schnabel @wschnabel 1,500Customers 4,000 Brands 4,300,000,000 Online Transactions – Dec 11
    • 53. Will Schnabelwschnabel@silverpop.comTwitter: @wschnabelSilverpop Twitter: @SIlverpop