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B2b Email Marketing - Tamara Gielen


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Succesvolle e-mailmarketing campagnes hebben drie kenmerken gemeen: een goede strategie, een sterke boodschap en een kwalitatieve database. …

Succesvolle e-mailmarketing campagnes hebben drie kenmerken gemeen: een goede strategie, een sterke boodschap en een kwalitatieve database.

In deze sessie vertelt Tamara Gielen hoe u een kwalitatief adressenbestand opbouwt, wat de elementen zijn van een goede e-mailmarketingstrategie en hoe u uw boodschappen moet opbouwen om een zo optimale response te krijgen.

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  • 1. Building a Successful B2B Email Marketing Program
    Tamara Gielen | @tamaragielen
  • 2. Goals & Objectives
  • 3. Goals & Objectives
    What do you want to achieve?
    What does success mean?
    Who is your target audience?
  • 4. Contact strategy
    Which are the key moments of truth?
    What is a typical customer journey?
    Where can email help drive prospects forward?
  • 5. Content strategy
    Which types of content will you use?
    Where will you source the content?
    When & how will you send which content?
  • 6.
  • 7. List growth strategy
    Who is your ideal subscriber?
    How can you help them NOW?
    Where do they go for information?
  • 8. Key sources for opt-ins
    Primary focus
    Your website
    All marketing communication initiatives
    All touch points
    Social media
    Secondary focus
    3rd party list rental
    Partner agreements
    There are no shortcuts!
  • 9. Some thoughts on list growth
    List quality depends on source & incentive
    Use single or double opt-in depending on source
    If you're spending a ton of money on driving traffic to your website, at the very least convert that traffic into an opt-in
  • 10. Design skills
    What does the email look like in different clients?
    Is the message clear with images off?
    Text or html?
  • 11. Writing skills
    Is it clear what the reader needs to do?
    Is the content scannable?
    Is the content digestable?
  • 12. Handy email checklist
    Want to receive this handy checklist for sending email campaigns?
    Send an email to:
  • 13. Database skills
    How can you segment your database to ensure maximum relevance?
    Which insights can you leverage to better target the message?
    Can you trigger messages based on profile data?
  • 14. Analytical skills
    What worked and what didn’t?
    Which metrics will I show my management?
    Hint: they don’t care about opens & clicks!
    You can’t optimize what you don’t measure!
  • 15. Testing skills
    Increase response by testing continuously.
    Track, document and share your testing results
    The key success metric should have a domino effect on the actions that follow
  • 16. What to test?
  • 17. Sender reputation
    Use the right infrastructure to send your emails
    Set up SPF, Sender ID & DKIM
    Don’t behave like a spammer
    Why good email marketing gets blocked as bad use discount code: b2bnl
  • 18. Deliverability white paper
    If your emails don’t make it to the inbox, you can can test and optimize all you want, it won’t matter
    Request a copy of this deliverability white
  • 19. Some parting thoughts
    Use buyer personas and target content to them specifically
    Create an editorial calendar
    map out all the campaigns you plan to send in the next 6-12 months
    Automate as much as possible
  • 20. Triggered emails perform 3-5x better
    Untargeted broadcast emails
    Open rate: 20%
    Click-through rate: 9,5%
    Conversion rate: 1,1%
    Triggered from user actions
    Open rate: 27%
    Click-through rate: 9,3%
    Conversion rate: 2,3%
    Targeted with web click data
    Open rate: 33%
    Click-through rate: 14%
    Conversion rate: 3,9%
    Dollars generated per month
    Source: Jupiter Research, 2006
  • 21. Email marketing courses
    In-company workshops & courses
    Online courses
    Public cursussen
    For more information:
  • 22. Email marketing consulting
    Advice, training & coaching
    Newsletter, campaign and program audits & optimization
    Deliverability support
    Campaign management
    Design & production of email campaigns
  • 23. Questions?
    Connect with me:
    Phone: +32 477 666 930
    Skype: tamaragielen
    Twitter: @tamaragielen