Are direct mail and email like oil and water? Learn how to blend them to gain maximum direct marketing ROI


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Are direct mail and email like oil and water? Learn how to blend them to gain maximum direct marketing ROI

As direct mail and email do great alone in bringing visitors, prospects, clients to offline and online
stores respectively. However, not every marketer thinks and tries to blend them together and use
email for offline stores and direct mail for online stores. To make them believe how they can be
blended well to gain response and increase ROI, given below are two messages coming straight
from the hearts of email and direct mail

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Are direct mail and email like oil and water? Learn how to blend them to gain maximum direct marketing ROI

  1. 1. Are direct mail and email like oil and water? Learn how to blend them to gain maximum direct marketing ROIA whitepaper for direct marketers By B2BDataPartners
  2. 2. Whitepaper Table of ContentTo start with ................................................................................................3Standalone Direct mail ...............................................................................3Standalone Email .......................................................................................4Breaking the myth ......................................................................................5To Online store, From Direct mail...............................................................6To Offline store, From Email.......................................................................7What Next - Your Take Home .....................................................................8 800-380-6225
  3. 3. Whitepaper To Start WithNo industry today can run its campaign depending on a single channel (direct mail or email). Itneeds 2 (min.) or 3- 4 channels for a successful marketing campaign. Healthcare industry is nodifferent. Today, healthcare decision makers prefer marketers/service providers who areomnipresent. They want to check the sample online before buying the same from the brick andmortar outlet. There are also some who prefer to be communicated through social networking sites.Marketers often get confused deciding which channel to take and which one to leave. Some of themalso think that direct mail and email are like oil and water and can never get along well. Thiswhitepaper is an attempt to break that confusion/myth. Below you will find how both direct mail andemail can help each other to bring in visitors and customers to both online and offline stores. Before going to how direct mail and email can help each other by sharing their roles and responsibilities, lets’ read quickly how they are helpful when they standalone. Standalone Direct Mail This traditional marketing channel has its own charm. There are people who still prefer receiving good offers/discounts in a form of letter/flyers/postcards than emails. Direct mail does great if: It is send to the right address Sending direct mails to a 6-month or an year old database and expecting good response is like hope in disguise and wastage of money. It is necessary to sit and check if all the addresses are correct, how and when you have last verified the postal addresses. Managing your data is a must. Especially, healthcare industry data demands regular checking 800-380-6225
  4. 4. WhitepaperHave nice impressive words/enticing offers and clear call to actionThe mail has to be interesting, useful, worth reading. Marketers should hire some experienceddirect mail campaign writers who know the exact quantity of each ingredient required to be put inthe direct mail. The direct mail reader should feel good after reading it and feel happy visiting theoffline store. At the end of the mail, call to action should be clearly written. Making them guess whatto do next distract the readers from taking any action at all.A great offerAny promotional direct mail is incomplete without a lucrative offers or discounts. After spendingvaluable 5-10 mins reading the mail, the reader surely would like to know what special is there forhim. With your enticing offers, you can stand separate in the reader’s mind. Standalone Email Email marketing is a cost-effective, fast and easy to use marketing channel. In this busy world, executives, decision makers from industries like healthcare prefer to be contacted through email. Email does great if It’s sent to opt-in list only Sending unsolicited mail is a bad practice and unlawful. It is like intrusion, not only it brings poor or no response, worst it brings spam complain, black listing, etc. Have content free from spam words and false promises Content is the king - This works very well with email content. Each part of the email, from subject line,salutation, first line, offers, to call to action, and From address everything has to be taken care of. 800-380-6225
  5. 5. WhitepaperAre not untimelyJust because with a single click you can send email to thousands of your clients/prospects, itdoesn’t mean you have the liberty to send it anytime and every time. Segment your list based onvarious demography, send customized emails, track the response, send the next consecutivemails accordingly. Email, if not send timely with relevant messages can bring opt-out requests,spam complaints and low response with poor open-click rate.A great offerGreat offer is the eye for any marketing message, email is no different. Give attractiveoffers/discounts. Breaking the MythAs direct mail and email do great alone in bringing visitors, prospects, clients to offline and onlinestores respectively. However, not every marketer thinks and tries to blend them together and useemail for offline stores and direct mail for online stores. To make them believe how they can beblended well to gain response and increase ROI, given below are two messages coming straightfrom the hearts of email and direct mail. 800-380-6225
  6. 6. WhitepaperTo Online Store, From Direct mailDear Online Store, Date: 16thSeptember.10There are plenty of ways you can use direct mails to bring your prospects and clients to the online website/stores. Givenbelow are some suggestions:Ease: People who prefer the traditional way - direct mail - as a channel for communication would surely expect simpleways to reach your online store, if you want so. For them even a long url with lots of hyphen and symbols is a big no. Theyprefer it to be small and easy-to-read url, or else they would not bother to pay attention. Providing simple url has morechances to be correctly typed, because new prospects have no patience to re-type it. Try personalized URLs, they arereally close and personal to your prospects, and they might like to explore it.Add spice to the slice: Direct mail readers might not be very internet-friendly guys. They will not take a trip to your site,unless they have something useful to gain and interesting to see. Make your direct mail spicy and saucy with finger-lickingoffers like get a free whitepaper, pass for a trade show, $100-$1000 coupons, etc.Customized: There are marketers who still live in an illusion that one mail can suit the whole list. It never fitted nor will fit.Attract the reader’s interest and make they feel good to read it to the end by personalizing your mails. Personalize itwherever possible, salutation, headline, body of the mail, etc., however avoid overdoing it.A clear call-to-action: Of course you want them to visit your website and do something. But what? Mention it clearly atthe end of the mail by mentioning the exact url they need to type. Say, you want them to register for a lucky dip contest orwant them to be among the first 100 subscribers to win a coupon or discount on the product. Don’t forget to mention thedeadline of the content or offer. Research suggests that this makes the reader act fast, if at all.Test, test, and test: Direct mails can be in the form of postcards, letter in an envelope, flyers, self-mailers. You cannot,again, say that one mode will be preferred by all. Keep testing, see what made each reader respond and keep a track of it.Next time act accordingly.Special welcome: Marketers are trying all the possible ways to impress their prospects visiting their website via directmail. One such way is a special landing page. The direct mail lovers might find your home page confusing, crowded, andjumbled. Make their work easy by providing unique landing pages in continuation of the direct mail that made them to typethe url.Win win situation: By providing a unique landing page for your direct mail prospects you are making them feel special.This is the right time to ask if they would like to be contacted through phone or email. If yes and your database doesn’thave their email address and phone number, request them to provide. You can also ask type of information they expectfrom you, etc. This way they too will feel good and you will also win their trust and contact details.” Hope marketers will use me to reach you.Thanks for your time.Yours Friendly,Direct Mail 800-380-6225
  7. 7. WhitepaperTo Offline Store, From Email How Email can Help Bring in Crowd to Offline StoresDear offline store,Like direct mail helping people to visit your online store, email too is a great channel to help bring them to your offline,brick & mortar store and encourages sale. Given below are some suggestions:Segmentation: Segmenting your email list based on geography, location, purchase preferences can help you learna lot about them. Your next step then will be sending customized mails to them, people staying close to your outletwon’t mind dropping in there to check the product and offers. Make sure you email has exclusive offers/discounts (forstore visitors) to impress them.Exclusive offer: As mentioned above, exclusive offers have a lot of impact on the email recipients mind to decidewhether to visit the store or not. Offer something which is only in your offline store and not in the online store. Don’tforget to mention the time-line “Discount last….” or “Offer valid till ‘date’”. This will make them act fast and rush to yourstores.Bonus offer: Email gives you the power to reach many more prospects like your subscriber by requesting them to‘Forward to friend’. Also mention that by doing so they will win more discount or special gifts as Bonus offers onvisiting your outlet. Track the names who forwarded your email, and on their visit make them feel special with bonusoffers.Route map and detail address: With email you can attach route map and provide detail address at the end.Research says many online shoppers don’t visit store because they find it difficult to locate. With detail map andaddress you are sending the message that you really want them to visit your store. Another thing is uniqueness of thestore. Is there something, you really want to highlight and think it’s worth highlighting. If yes, mention it in your email.You never know, the email recipient must be waiting for some interesting reasons to visit your outlet.Send regular: People who prefer receiving your emails, don’t say that they don’t like going to your offline stores.Your online store give them convenience to shop for sure, there are email recipients who prefer to make the finalpurchase by visiting the outlet. Sending regular mails keep you front in their mind, and may be today they are notready to buy but later can drop in to your store when they need it.” Hope marketers will use me to reach you.Thanks for your time.Yours Friendly,Email 800-380-6225
  8. 8. Whitepaper What Next - Your Take HomeSo think again. Going with conventional wisdom or aping a brand’s marketing techniques might notbe a great way of doing marketing. Don’t abstain your products to be promoted through everychannel direct mail, email and social media and see which one or two or all the three suits yourbusiness. Go for it. Please note these are tips and not commandments. Do what suits yourbusiness the most. At the end what matters is your customers and the ROI generated through them.If you are still in doubt, grab a ready-to-use direct marketing list with both email and postaladdresses, and see the result. About B2BDataPartnersB2Bdatapartners is a business cycle management company with clients across the world.B2Bdatapartners have transformed the way businesses work with cutting-edge technology andbusiness management skills. We pride at offering customized solutions based on the clients’requirements and business scope.B2Bdatapartners offers services that will help clients with their complete business cycle. Thisincludes sales, marketing and customer service. For a business to work smoothly all the threewings have to work hand in hand. This is what B2Bdatapartners seek to do. With our services andapplications, we help our clients bring all their business processes together and make their jobseasier. 800-380-6225