B2Bdatapartners Capabilities


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B2Bdatapartners Capabilities

  1. 1. Company OverviewFounded: 1999Global Operations: La Mirada, California IndiaParent Company: Champions GroupEmployees: 1600+2011 Revenue: US $49 MillionGlobal Business: Marketing Outsourcing, Data Digitization, Document Management Systems, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Communication, Entertainment, Campaigns
  2. 2. Engineered for GrowthReal Data, Real Insights B2Bdatapartners helps you to gain more value from existing data. We have tools, expertise to find new insights, so that you can use it take accurate decisions. From start-ups to heavyweights, we handle all data management related services. Connecting the dots We processed more than 22.5 billion data for our clients, helping them to get value from data.
  3. 3. Our Partnerships *Data *Digital Marketing *Social *ConsultancyOur strategic partnerships with leadingorganisations and Fortune 100 companiesenable them to focus on their business.,We understand the importance of good DATA Our Credentials:for your business and how it makes goodmarketing.Our core partnership include biggies in IT,Healthcare, Manufacturing and other topperforming industries.Our large number of clientele covers morethan 40 % of the fortune 100 companies.
  4. 4. Bad data ….Why you should worry?• Lost business opportunities• Lower productivity & output• Bad decision & damage to your brand• More complaints and compliance issues• Broken connection - Inability to reach a prospect• False contact for ineffective marketing• Duplicate data result in multiple mailing• Returned mail or bad calls• Inconsistently data not entered data
  5. 5. Complete Data haveMANY BENEFITS...
  6. 6. Value from Data
  7. 7. Industry SpecialtiesFrom digital player to data management services, weempower clients to win customers with the power ofDATA.
  8. 8. Fast Decisions Trump Perfect Data Data Marketing Campaign Demand Outsourcing Management GenerationCore Capabilities
  9. 9. Reliable Data – Dependable Relationships Getting Started with Big Data Make the most of big data in your organization, rather than keeping in silos. B2Bdatapartners, empower leading five data vendors by analyzing massive volumes of structured and unstructured data. Three steps we follow in every data project: Organize: Transform disparate data into a meaningful one Analyze: Dig deep inside data clusters to find new trends Insight: Use new information to get ahead of competitionsCore Capabilities
  10. 10. Making the Complex Data Simple Data Hygiene Transform data into common pools Manage Data to make meaningful analysisCore Capabilities
  11. 11. B2BdatapartnersServices at a glance Data Reseller Solutions Solutions Digital Marketing Solution
  12. 12. DataSolutions Data Management We manage, build, and integrate multi-channel data to create single view of your customer. Our tailor-made marketing database solutions makes it easy to retain and grow your customers relationships. Customized Solution: Deliver best-in-class data services matching with the requirement Data Segmentation – Identify subsets of customers within existing data Accurate data: Increase asset value with clean customer data Data Management
  13. 13. DataSolutions Data Verification We offer reliable, quick, and cost-effective way to verifying your data. Our superior data verification service, offer de-duplication service, match & append, and data cleansing services. Data Cleansing: Accurate data for CRM, marketing and taking decisions based on data De-Duplication – Remove duplicate entries from the database Data Cleansing: Get rid of junk data, normalize data, and make data consistent Data Verification
  14. 14. DataSolutions Data Licensing We deliver licensed data for B2B and B2C companies. Our data powers these organization to expand market services, introduce product or services and improve returns. Expand Markets: Licensed data expedites prospecting, database marketing and CRM performance Lower Cost: Acquire niche data of prospects interested in your products or services Reliable Data: Scale up prospecting by making use of reliable data Data Licensing
  15. 15. ResellerSolutions • Instant data search facility • Increase business opportunity for B2B API resellers Reseller Solutions ROI • Search, compare, clean and analyze large databases • Real time creating and email Intelligence campaigns • Search data by different criteria • Download data instantly and use it Data Online for new business
  16. 16. ResellerSolutions B2B API B2B API interface is designed to facilitate easy search operations, and fetch most recent data counts. B2B API removes the barriers of time and space by making the operations largely automatic and effort-free.
  17. 17. ResellerSolutions ROI Intelligence ROI Intelligence is designed to search, compare, clean and analyze large databases in a granular fashion. In fact, ROI Intelligence helps resellers, locate data, refine search, and download data.
  18. 18. ResellerSolutions Data Online Search, locate, and deliver data through online search option. We make it easy for you to find targeted data through our online search facility. Reduce Turn Instant Data: Acquire More around time: Clients: Deliver Get fast answer Find data faster projects to any queries without wasting and generate and increase time, resources more revenue customer and without satisfaction making a call.
  19. 19. DigitalMarketing Digital Marketing Solutions End-to-end digital marketing solutions centered around customers
  20. 20. Digital B2Bdatapartners provide holistic digital marketing solutionsMarketing designed to help you find better prospects, reach new markets and deliver superior customer care. Creative & Development Website Campaign Template Landing Pages Design Services Content Development Marketing Consultancy Performance Measurement Campaign Tracking & Branding Optimization Strategy & Planning Lead Management Customer Service Management Social Media Strategy Competitive Analysis Content Marketing Services Search Marketing Analysis & Strategy Development SEO & SEM Services Competitive Strategy Opportunity Analysis Content Creation
  21. 21. Customer ServiceApart from superior services, we provide world-class support to all our customers. Our supportis just a click or a call away, for every client atany time.
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