Call purpose - Worksheet


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by Lynn Hidy, Up Your Telesales

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Call purpose - Worksheet

  1. 1. Call Purpose - make it all about themTo often sales calls and marketing materials are all about YOU (your company, your products, and yourservice). Turn the me, me, me message into one that is all about your prospects and customers.This session will be a roundtable/workshop to make sure you leave the session with something that will helpyour business grow. Walking you from all about you through to the results THEY want to achieve, along withhow to use that on an actual sales call.They dont care about your stuff - they care about what your stuff does for them, so let’s start talking aboutthat. o Reinforcement: to make it all about THEM o Asking about process vs. power to uncover how decisions are made and by whom. o Conversation vs. Interrogation or Presentation strategies for uncovering information. o “What else can I do for you today?” philosophy.To make it all about THEMINSTEAD of telling the prospect what you do, tell them what you will do FOR THEMWhat challenges do your customers face?12345678910Which ones have something to do with what you sell?If you are “checking in”, “saying hello”, or “touching base” (YECH) - that doesn’t help your prospects/customers resolvethe challenges they face every day!Twitter @upyourtelesales
  2. 2. Think of it from their perspective, what would make a visit from you valuable? • • •Conversation vs. Interrogation: Conversation = exchange of ideas between people Interrogation = BIG white light shining on them as they sit on a cold metal chair in a concrete block room. Presentation =Make sure to have open ended questions prepared that will work for you & your industry. It is critical that at this stage,your prospects/customers feel like they are having conversationWhat topics would be of value? • Industry info • New results or solutions to their problems • Regulatory changes • Case study of a new project • • •How decisions are made:One thing that is all about SALES but can be discussed in a way that the customer believes is also ALL ABOUT makingtheir job easier is what happens where there is a project: • Talk about process vs. power to uncover how decisions are made and by whom.Everyone wants to believe they are the ones in control, but in most decisions today there are multiple people who haveto say yes to any purchase...... sometimes is a dreaded ‘committee’ decision • no one wants to be on the hook for making a bad decision, they want other people in the bucket with themSuggestion = at the end of every single conversation, ask “is there anything (else) I can do for you today?” • Most people will stop and think about it for a moment - give them the time; you will be surprised at the things that come from that ONE question.Twitter @upyourtelesales