Escape the Danger Zone
Benefits of The Game Plan™
B2B CFO® is Different
Discovery and Exit StepsThe Discovery Analysis™-Confidentially meet with the business owner(s), then interview staff-Look ...
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B2B CFO Overview for SMEs - Jon Deiter


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Jon Deiter a Partner in B2B CFO talks to SMEs about B2B CFO and how they can help SMEs in growing their business.

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  • In addition to a short sales pitch, I wanted to share some useful information.I start with this slide that shows an informal org chart that ALL businesses have.This concept is covered in 2 books written by our CEO, Jerry Mills called “The Danger Zone”The Danger Zone is simply a point when the cash requirements of the business exceed the available cash.What happens in this situation, is that the finder – the business owner-creator of the vision, culture, focus, ideas for new products, markets, customers- starts to spend more time on minding activities (cash flow, deciding which bills to pay, how to cover payroll, talking to the bank, dealing with accounting issues). When that happens, the company will not grow because no one is working on that. The Finder has to return to more Finding activity and get help for the minding activity.All 3 are critical to success, but the owner needs to be the finder…
  • Or focus at B2B CFO is to help companies achieve a higher level of successWe do that by using a 6-step proven process called The Game PlanThis process is meant to deliver specific targeted and agreed upon improvements and build a long-term relationship than provides CFO level expertise on an “as-needed” basis at an affordable cost that is much less than a full time CFOThis slide shows some of the benefits of the Game Plan:I will mention 3 that seem to be highest on most business owners list: Reduced cash flow worries reduced stress increased company value
  • We are significantly different from other firms and CPA’sThis slide shows a few things that make us different.I’ll point out 3 that seem to be high importance No contract increased profit and cash seasoned partnersIn addition B2B CFO was named for the third year in a row to the Inc 500/5000 list of fastest growing companies.
  • Two of the steps in the Game Plan I’d like to quickly show are:DA and Exit Strategy The DA process is our way to get to know your business and provide some value at no charge and no obligation. A written report comparing your financial results to your industry and some suggestions for addressing areas causing some stress are presented in our report. No further obligation, but I will admit, that in many cases, there are situations and opportunities for improvement that the business owner wants to move ahead on, either with my help or perhaps without.The Exit Strategy recognizes it is never too soon to begin thinking about this how/when will you retire how much $ do you need to retireAn intentional process that tackles all the issues and opportunities will maximize the value of your business and perhaps provide some peace of mind that things are planned and you are more in control.We can quarterback the team of your other trusted advisors, including legal, CPA, insurance, investment advisor, etc, to clarify and achieve your goals.
  • Finally, this slide shows a few of the circumstances a business faces and that a B2B CFO partner can provide guidance and support.I would welcome an opportunity to meet any of you for coffee sometime and learn about your business. I hope you will reach out to me and perhaps even take advantage of the free Discovery Analysis.Thanks for your attention and to SME for the opportunity this evening!
  • B2B CFO Overview for SMEs - Jon Deiter

    1. 1. Escape the Danger Zone
    2. 2. Benefits of The Game Plan™
    3. 3. B2B CFO® is Different
    4. 4. Discovery and Exit StepsThe Discovery Analysis™-Confidentially meet with the business owner(s), then interview staff-Look at the companys financial information and computer systems-Benchmark financial information against industry averages-Create a confidential report of our findings in The Strategy GamePlan™-No Charge/No ObligationThe Exit Strategy™-What is your business worth?-How do we increase the value of your business?-Are you and the business ready to sell?
    5. 5. How to Spot a Business Owner in Need of a B2B CFO’s Services Inventory is No Budget or ExpensesBusiness is Never know going up Financial are out ofExpanding when they’ll faster than Forecast control need cash sales Plan to Lack of Don’t know how much sell or Frustrated time to Cash flow money they’ve made transition withwork ON problems until they receive their business Accountingbusiness tax return Staff
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