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Miten tuot sosiaalisen median osaksi modernia asiakasdialogia. Mika Raulas, ICMI Oy
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Miten tuot sosiaalisen median osaksi modernia asiakasdialogia. Mika Raulas, ICMI Oy


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Terho aloittaa (esittely)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Sosiaalisen median mahdollisuudet B2B-myynnissä ja markkinoinnissa 5.5.2011 Miten tuot sosiaalisen median osaksi modernia asiakasdialogia? Mika Raulas Partneri ICMI Oy & IPSS Oy Johtaja, tutkija, opettaja Aalto/kauppak.& HANKEN
    • 2. Esityksen rakenne ja tavoite
      • Kuvata esimerkkejä
      • Jäsentää mihin käyttää
      • Esittää suunnittelutyökalu
      Miksi? Mihin? Miten hyödyntää? Miten suunnittelet asiakas-dialogiin?
    • 3.  
    • 4.  
    • 5.
      • In 2010, OneVoice partnered with Philips to establish Innovations in Health, the third largest healthcare-focused group on LinkedIn and first LinkedIn group specifically dedicated to healthcare innovation and thought leadership.
      • Enabled Philips to break into the business-to-business social networking space and establish meaningful and authentic relationships with key stakeholders.
      • Today, more than 26,584 members strong, medical professionals and health enthusiasts use the group to discuss, share and foster peer-to-peer innovation.
      • “ Philips is building true engagement with an important customer base by creating meaningful communities on LinkedIn, communities which allow members to collaborate and share insights delivering real value.
      • … driving professional conversations in the right context as a way to increase brand equity
      • (vrt. lääkeyhtiöiden tuotekehitysfoorumit)
    • 6.
      • GOAL
      • To facilitate thought leadership and collaboration for the progression of global healthcare, especially within the fields of radiology, oncology, cardiology and women’s health.
      • OBJECTIVES Establish the first peer-to-peer discussion group for medical professionals on LinkedIn Position Philips as a thought leader in the global healthcare space, specifically within radiology, oncology, cardiology and women’s health Develop and nurture relationships between Philips Healthcare and its stakeholders Secure 15,000 high-quality members by the end of 2010
      • STRATEGY Develop a global “InMail” e-mail marketing campaign to recruit healthcare professionals on LinkedIn Facilitate highly-clinical discussion among key opinion leaders, clinical specialists and health enthusiasts Encourage members to: Spark discussion around topics important to them Share and collect opinion on relevant trends and technology Develop and nurture professional relationships Tap into the minds of more than 25,000 peers about niche medical topics
      • Results Recruitment: Outstanding reaction: 14% Click-through success; 57% higher than industry average Strong results: 77% of members recruited via “InMail” e-mail marketing; up to 93% within the clinical subgroups
      • Membership: Wide reach: 121 countries represented by membership (United States: 40%, Netherlands: 19%, United Kingdom: 16%) Quality members: 57% of members at manager level or higher, approximately 189 LinkedIn connections each and most often employed within the “hospital and healthcare,” “medical device” or “pharmaceuticals” industries Targeted relationships: Popular job titles held by group members include: MD, Radiologist, Clinical Research Associate, Senior Scientist and Managing Director
      • Engagement: High volume: 4,399 clinical discussions, 4,613 insightful comments and 231,389 total page views High frequency: 19% increase in activity during 2010 High quality: of discussion as well as quality and depth of member-to-member connections and exchanges Strong leadership: 112 topics and 71 comments posted by Philips team; generating 950 comments from group members Valuable connections: Evolution from a group of individuals to a network of niche specialists; industry-wide pursuit of knowledge and collaboration demonstrated through dialogue
    • 7. Onko PAKKO mennä/olla Sosiaalisessa Mediassa? Uusi tapa luoda kosketuspintoja ja dialogia
      • Palvella asiakasta
      • Aikaisempi kontakti ostoprosesissa + asiakastiedon ja –tuntemuksen, ja liidien hankkiminen (kiinnostukset, tekemiset, tunnistaminen)
      • Kuunnella ja kuulla mitä asiakkaat ajattelevat
      • Kertoa uudella kiinnostavalla tavalla – asiakkaiden äänellä
      • Osallistaa asiakas kertomiseen
      • Osallistaa asiakas kehittämiseen; valjastaa asiakkaan osaaminen ja resurssit
      • Ostamisen apu - tarjota asiakkaille helppo tapa kuulla muiden kokemuksia ja oppia asiasta
      Ei ole pakko, mutta kannattaa - ei voi olla poissa? Sosiaalinen BI Sosiaalinen asiakas-analytiikka
    • 8.
    • 9. ” Kuluttajista 70 % Miten B2B –puolella? Katsotko muiden arvioita/juttuja/referenssejä?
    • 10.
    • 11.
    • 12. LED Manufacturer Cree is embracing social media to build awareness and promote the benefits of LED technology, rather than directly sell products. At the center of its latest campaign, “LED Revolution,” is an interactive social website. On the site, visitors can submit their bad lighting photos (think bad 1980s office fluorescent lighting) to win LED recessed downlights. The site’s blog is posted to almost daily, and humorous videos encourage visitors to, “Break Your Fluorescent Shackles!”
    • 13. In “Idea Hub,” forum members can network with one another and with industry experts, as well as customize topics to their specific interests. Provide business advice and insight. The social site includes a blog with frequently updated content, and a large collection of videos that users can rate and share via other social networking channels. Unique visitors 525% over the past year – from 160,000 in 2008 to nearly 1 million in 2009.
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    • 17.
    • 18.  
    • 19.  
    • 20. 1. Archer Exchange is an online marketplace that enables clients to download applications developed by other clients or by Archer. 2. Archer Community is an online social network that gives customers a forum to interact, share best practices and provide feedback to help drive Archer product development.
    • 21.  
    • 22.
    • 23.
    • 24. AT & T oppii sosiaalisesta mediasta
      • Missed communications: AT&T uses reports from customers to build maps like this one highlighting poor service spots.
      • Data mined from people complaining on Twitter added to the mix. AT&T is eavesdropping on its disgruntled customers via their Twitter messages.
      • Software developed by AT&T researchers
        • Finds complaints about network problems on the social network and
        • Extracts the approximate time the tweet was sent and the location of its sender.
      • The company has an automated network monitoring system that can detect connectivity problems, and customers can, of course, call in to report problems. But by mining messages shared on Twitter, AT&T gets extra real-time information and can prioritize fixes
      • "We are trying to identify three pieces of information: where the customer experienced problems, what type of problem, and when they experienced it"
      • AT&T's project is a novel way to mine the collective mood of the tweetosphere.
      • Social media allows for the possibility of great customer service, and better brand loyalty.
    • 25.
    • 26.  
    • 27.  
    • 28. Valjasta bloggaajat ja superkäyttäjät
    • 29.
      • Yhtäkkiä markkinoinnin osa-alueita ei voikaan enää somasti tontittaa, vaan sosiaalisen median lonkerot luikertelevat kaikkien työpöydillä.
      • Markkinointi ja mainonta 18/2009
      Markkinointi ja mainonta 26/09
    • 30. K 2 OPPI
      • Kuuntele ja keskustele
      • Kerro
      • Opi kun seuraat
      • Palvele asiakkaalle helpolla tavalla
      • Innosta ja osallista innovoimaan, kehittämään ja kertomaan
      • Keskeistä
        • Sisällöntuotanto = kiinnostavuus
        • Reagointinopeus ja ajantasaisuus – ollaanko LIVE:nä?
      Kertominen Auttaminen Kuunteleminen Osallistaminen
    • 31. Miten yritys voi hyödyntää sosiaalista mediaa? - ”5 C´s” “ Customer Experience” “ Crowdsourcing” “ Collaborative Social Marketing” “ Customer/Market Sensing” “ Content Marketing” (Joe Pulizzi) “ Tuota kiinnostavaa sisältöä” Google Wikipedia YouTube Facebook, ... LinkedIn Blogit Ole mukana, kerro kiinnos-tavia juttuja, keskustele innostavasti Mene mukaan, osallistu, keskustele, tartu tarinaan, jatka/modifioi Aktivoi, herätä, innosta, laita pohinää ja kertomista liikkeelle Kuuntele, seuraa, opi – mitä (meistä) puhutaan Reagoi oikein Osallista asiakkaat tuote-, palvelu- ja brändi- ja keskustelu- kehitykseen Palvele heti, vastaa, hoida kuntoon Näy, aktivoi, markkinoi sosiaalisissa medioissa
    • 32.
    • 33. Markkinointi ja mainonta 26/09 Meidän palvelumme ja läsnäolomme?
    • 34. Miten SOME istutetaan asiakasdialogiin ja –hoitomalleihin?
      • Kumppanit
      Toimija/ toiminto Myynti Markkinointi Tuote- organisaatio Johto Muu organisaatio Asiakaspalvelu Toiminta
      • 6 tapaamista/vuosi
      • Soitot
      • Lisä- ja ristimyyntitavoitteet
      • Asiakastapahtumat
      • Myynnin viestit (newsletter) laajempaan kohdejoukkoon
      • Koulutuksen suunnittelu
      • Kampanjat
      • Asiakasviestintä
      • Asiakastutkimukset
      • Asiakastapahtumat
      • Myynnin tuki
      • Tuotetieto
      • Esitteet
      • Koulutukset
      • Vuosittaiset asiakastapaamiset 2 /v.
      • Asiakastapahtumat
      • Myynnin tuki
      • Asiakaskuuntelu
      • Tuotekehitys
      • Inbound l isä- ja ristimyyntitavoitteeet
      • Asiakaskuuntelu
      • Asiakaskoulutukset
      Myynti ja prospektointi Asiakastyö Viestintä (keskustelu & kuuntelu) Muu
      • Asiakastapahtumat ja markkinoinnin/myynnin vuosikello
      Tukiblogi Asiakasprojekti- wiki Johdon blogi Rekrytointivideot YouTubessa, Facebookissa, .. Dokumenttien jako SOME viestit & viestintä Tapahtumat, tilaisuudet, ryhmät Verkkokoulutus Ominaisuuksien äänestäminen Chätti Asiakkaan osallistaminen kehittämiseen Liidien hankinta Asiakas- tutkimukset Kilpailija- seuranta Blogit LinkedIn kehitysfoorumi
    • 35. R. Normann 2001; Reframing Business
    • 36. Otetaan härkää oikein sarvista … … muttei anneta sen heitellä meitä!
    • 37. Kiitos! Lue ja jaa uusimmat ajatukset ja kokemukset; - Liity asiakasjohtamisen ryhmään
    • 38. Tutkimustuloksia Suomesta (Winnovation 03/2010)
      • Which departments are strong users of Enterprise 2.0 and social media tools:
        • Marketing (39%) 
        • Communications (28%)
        • IT (23%)
        • Sales (21%) 
        • R&D (20%)
        • Customer support (12%) 
      • Biggest barriers to wider adoption of Enterprise 2.0 in Finnish organizations and companies:
        • Lack of understanding amongst management (40%)
        • Corporate culture (40%)
        • Insufficient priority (35%)
        • Lack of business case (ROI) (24%)
      • Some areas of Enterprise 2.0 in which companies planned to invest in during next 12 months:
        • Social media strategy (40%)
        • Initiatives for customer collaboration (30%)
        • Initiatives for employee collaboration (30%)
        • Initiatives for partner collaboration (21%)
        • Social media coaching (20%)
        • Training of social media and Enterprise 2.0 (18%)
        • Enterprise 2.0 workshops for executives (5%)
        • General consulting services around Enterprise 2.0 (8%)
    • 39. Tutkimustietoa maailmalta (Harvard Business Review Analytic Services 2010)
      • Areas of organization with responsibility for social strategy development:
        • Marketing (69%) 
        • Communications (43%)
        • Public relations (35%)
        • Web team (30%)
        • Sales (17%) 
        • IT (16%)
        • Market research / customer insights (15%) 
        • CRM (14%) 
        • R&D (9%)
        • Operations (9%)
        • External agency (8%)
        • Finance (2%)
        • Other (6%)
      • Many companies seem focused on social media activity primarily as a one-way promotional channel , and have yet to capitalize on the ability to not only listen to, but analyze, consumer conversations and turn the information into insights that impact the bottom line.
        • 75% don’t know where their most valuable customers were talking about them
        • 31% don’t measure effectiveness of social media
        • 23% are using social media analytic tools
        • 7% are able to integrate social media into their marketing activities