Article Review:What Makes a Good Principal?How Teachers Assess the Performance of Principals.


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Article Review:What Makes a Good Principal?How Teachers Assess the Performance of Principals.

  1. 1. Faculty of Education Research Methodology ( EDU 702 ) Lecturer :DrJohan@EddyLuaran Article Review Assignment Title : What Makes a Good Principals? How Teachers Assess the Performance of Principals. Prepared by: Noor AzreenBintiJalaludin Student ID : 2013557299 Name of Journal : Economics of Education Review Issues/Volume :Vol 14, No 3 Page Number : 243-252 Year Published : 1995
  2. 2. 1. An Overview of the Study This article was written by two leading authors which is Dale Ballou and Michael Podgursky.This two authors came from Department of Economics , University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003, U.S.A.This article titled “What Makes a Good Principal?and How Teachers Assess the Performance of Principals?.The problem addressed in this study is how to make a great principal and how teacher can assess the performance of principal.This is a most important issues that the researcher needs to explore in order to remain that effective school have a good leadership is what is a good characteristics of principal?And howteacher can assess the performance of principle by using a survey. So from that, the researcher might take a small sample to make a report.According to Dale Ballou and Michael Podgursky another important issue that have been discussed were, the performance of public schools principals as rated by teachers they supervise. Besidesthat, the highest performance rating is teaching experience rather than outside experience or administration experience.Eventhough the researcher found that graduate training even in school administration has shown the lower performance of ratings, instead of by looking the licensing requirements for principals in most states. Refers to the problem, the researcher highlighted, the purpose of this statement is to study why teachers tend to rate a principal of their own race or sex giving male principals lower evaluations. Female teachers consistently give priority to female principals because as more helpful, supportive and can be a great leaders in school. Otherwise, another part of trends that researcher found male principals as significantly less helpful rather than female principals as more helpful, supportive and being a good leader. . Researcher tends to use quantitative research problem because he used data from a large national survey of teachers and school to examine the relationship between the performance of public school principals as evaluated by the teachers they oversee. Researcher have studied again and exploredthat, those teachers who share their goals will help principals to achieve the objective they have set for their school. A final conclusion effective schools seem to be headed by principals who have a clear vision, knowledgeable about teaching, and protect schools from the kinds of demands that make it difficult. But the other issue of trends in how teacher can assess performance of the principal is some of them interest in their own right. Meaning to say, teacher has tendency to rate their own demographic group higher rather than give male principals lower evaluations. So that, researcher requires
  3. 3. use qualitative research in this statement problem by using the data School and Staffing Survey(SASS)1987-1988.SASS question asks the teacher to rate the principal on either a four or six point scale. 2. Description of the Methodology Objective of the Study and Its Importance, The purpose of this qualitative study is to discover association between principals’ characteristics and job performance as rated by their instructional staff. It is intended to explore the capability of the principals to be outstanding as a good principal. Moreover, a good principal should provide instructional guidance for teachers in term of teaching and classroom management. So this is how their working together between teachers and principal. Indirectly, teachers can assess the performance of principals by using data of collection 1987-1988 SASS are used to investigate the influenced of principals’ educational credentials and work histories on several measures of leadership, including assistance provided teachers. Research Question. In qualitative research, the question include the central concept being explored.The research question are typically at the end of the introduction of the “statement of the problem”.The researcher have explored that the relevant question would be i) “Whether principal helped teacher to improve teaching or solve class management? II) How to access the level of monitoring of a teacher’s performance? III) Do they(teachers) feel that their individual efforts are recognized? iv) What type of measure of a principal’s instructional leadership? To discover about the subject of the study questions,it would seem to cover important aspects of the organizational environment of a school and the principal’s performance. Population The population refers is a group of individuals who have same characteristic. Forexample, researchers have found whereby all principals in public school in one city as a population.But to select a sample.There are 4 characteritsic to evaluate the principalperformance which is 20% of those teachers who said
  4. 4. their principals provided no instructional, 55% principals was helpful,38% principal unhelpful and 69% was said principals very helpful. Setting/Activity The activity that researcher being studied that principal characteristic and job performance, including school characteristic, teacher characteristics and principal teacher interactions. Method of Data Collection The aspect of qualitative method of datacollection, that will address researcher question at a research site was interviews and questionnaires(based on the teacher ratings statistic to assess various aspects of the principal’s performance. Another aspect is interviews equally popular to observe in qualitative research. Our dependent variables come from items according to SASS, typically four to six point scale that teacher response is systematically related to an underlying evaluation of performance which varies continuously. Based on data, analysis and results showed 20% of those teachers who said their principals provided no instructional help strongly agreed,55% principals was helpful,38% principal unhelpful and 69% was said principals very helpful.So to make a good principal,characteristics is a most important that rated by staff Evaluation According toanalysis, the significance of the research question(s) adequately establish because in sum teachers tend to view their principal performance differently depending on sex, race and ethnicity including black and Hispanic, but female teachers rate female principals as more helpful,supportive and better leaders. rather than giving a lower evaluations to male principal.Infact,according data SASS,principal will be evaluated by staff in terms of principals characteristic and job performance.However white teachers’ evaluations of white principal is at less level while principal is able to hire like- minded teachers that help to achieve the objective they have set for their goals. Discussion Implication Refers to this article, principals with graduate degree receive significantly lower performance ratings compared to teaching experience is a higher requirements and a plus to this field.Morever,in my opinion for school characteristic and for teacher and principal demographic variables some of which are of interest in their own right. There is a pronounced tendency for teachersto rate an
  5. 5. administrator of their own demographic group higher.Theeffect, women gives male principals lower evaluations. Referring to the above statement, teaching experience in education field is a higher performance ratings because we need our principal who are knowledgeable enough about teachings that the school would be “effective school “by the principal who have a clear “vision”.From all this, teacher can assess performance of principal by doing a staff survey(SASS) which is the questions must be relevant and related to the statistic are reported.