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Build 4 The Cloud By Cisco V Mware2
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Build 4 The Cloud By Cisco V Mware2


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On March 23, TD Azlan held the "Build 4 the Cloud" seminar at De Olifant in Breukelen, Utrecht. …

On March 23, TD Azlan held the "Build 4 the Cloud" seminar at De Olifant in Breukelen, Utrecht.
By organizing this seminar, TD Azlan was able to show her resellers which opportunities TD Azlan can offer to their enterprise, for virtualization and datacenter solutions.

Speakers Marc Samsom (Cisco) and Jan Smit (VMWare), among others, shared very useful information about upcoming changes in the datacenter market.

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  • 1. Build 4 the vCloud Jan Smit OEM Alliances, VMware Inc. 23th March 2010 Confidential © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  • 2. VMware – The Proven Industry Leader  Company Overview •  ~$2.1 billion in 2009 revenue •  Over $2 billion in cash •  20%+ operating margins •  ~7,000 employees worldwide •  5th largest infrastructureall virtualized 89% of software applications company in the world in the world run on VMware.  Proven in the Trenches Gartner, December 2008 •  170,000+ VMware customers •  100% of Fortune 100 •  100% of Fortune Global 100 •  96% of Fortune 1000 •  95% of Fortune Global 500 2 Confidential
  • 3. Virtualization & Cloud = Top Priorities for CIOs CIO Technology 2010 Priority 2009 Priority Virtualization 1 3 Cloud Computing 2 14 Source: Gartner CIO study, Q4 2009 3 Confidential
  • 4. Agenda • VMware Cloud computing overview • VMware Desktop Virtualization with View4 4 Confidential
  • 5. The VMware Customer Journey Stage IT Production Business Production IT as a Service Sponsorship IT IT / LOB CIO Cost Efficiency Quality of Service Business Agility CAPEX CAPEX OPEX Business CAPEX OPEX Availability OPEX Availability Focus Responsiveness Responsiveness Compliance Time-to-market   IT Operations   Service catalog and self-   Application Lifecycle service IT   Server & infrastructure Efficiency Technology consolidation   Policy-driven automation   Service levels Focus   Increased IT innovation   Desktop Cloud Readiness Private Cloud 5 Confidential
  • 6. Achieving the Benefits of Cloud Computing How do I What is it? get there? Do I start over? Is it safe? Secure? What about my datacenter? 6 Confidential 6
  • 7. Achieving the Benefits of Cloud Computing Cloud is not a destination, but a way of doing computing. Paul Maritz President & CEO, VMware 7 Confidential 7
  • 8. Flexible Cloud Deployment Models = Choice Cloud Computing is a way of doing computing Cloud Service Enterprises Bridging Providers Private Cloud Public Cloud Operated solely for an Hybrid Cloud Accessible over the organization, typically Composition of 2 or Internet for general within the firewall more interoperable consumption clouds, enabling data and application portability Common Platform, Common Security & Management Model 8 Confidential
  • 9. Cloud Computing Characteristics Cloud Computing is an approach to computing that leverages the efficient pooling of on-demand, self-managed virtual infrastructure, consumed as a service. Efficiency thru Utilization Agility with Control Freedom of Choice and Automation Pooling Self-Service Open & Interoperable From machines to on-demand, Easy access with policy- Application mobility between highly elastic resource pools based provisioning and clouds, based on open deployment standards Zero-touch Infrastructure Policy-driven automation of Control Leverage Existing provisioning, deployment and Application-aware Investments management infrastructure with built-in Benefits of cloud computing to availability, scalability, security existing applications and and performance guarantees datacenters 9 Confidential
  • 10. Different Types Of Cloud Computing 3 Main Types or Personalities Application/Information – Sometimes referred to as Software-as-a-Service, wide ranging services delivered via varied business models normally available as public offering. Development – Sometimes referred to as Platform-as-a-Service, application development platforms enable application authoring and runtime environment. Infrastructure – Sometimes referred to as elastic compute clouds or Infrastructure- as-a-Service, virtual hardware made available for varied uses. External – Accessible Internal – Behind corporate 2 Main Deployment over the internet for firewall for use by limited, Environments general consumption pre-determined audience 10 Confidential
  • 11. Cloud Brings Benefits to Both Sides 11 Confidential
  • 12. VMware’s Commitment to Open & Interoperable APIs: Programmatic Access to Resources OVF Private Public Cloud Clouds 12 Confidential
  • 13. VMware Cloud Infrastructure & Services SaaS Zimbra File/ Core IT Services via Virtual Appliances Print Directory PaaS SpringSource (TC) : Programming Model for the Cloud Redwood: Common Service Model for Infrastructure Clouds vCenter : Policy-based Management & Automation vCloud Partners IaaS Proprietary Clouds View : Enterprise vSphere: Desktop Computing Platform for Cloud via Cloud Infrastructure VMware Virtualized Private Cloud Public Cloud Public Cloud 13 Confidential
  • 14. Redwood VM Users Redwood provides the interface, automation, and management feature set to allow enterprises and service Chargeback providers to supply VMware Infrastructure resources as a web-based service. Users of Redwood can serve themselves by creating, using, and managing virtual machines and vApps, while IT maintains control and bills for usage. IT/ Service Providers “Infrastructure as a Service” 14 Confidential
  • 15. Redwood Design Org 2 Org 1 Company B Company A Access Control Access Control   Build on standard virtual Users Users hardware building blocks vDC vDC Alloca Alloc   Support all applications tion ation vSphere   Scale up to large deployments Self Service Client Java, Ruby, UI …   Pool resources into logical Plug-in offerings vCloud API   Provide secure multi-tenancy vSphere and vCenter   Controlled programmatically through standard interfaces   Use case specific interfaces   Pay for what you use Resource Pool Networks Datastores 15 Confidential
  • 16. New Resource Abstractions Resource Org Resource Groupings Allocation Physical vSphere Org: Coke Provisioning Policies Access Control vDCs Host Resource Pool Catalogs Group Resources Gold” vDC Provider vDC into “Offerings” Org: Pepsi with Specific Provisioning Policies SAN Datastore costs Access Control vDCs Catalogs “Silver” vDC Provider vDC Network Port Group Redwood 16 Confidential
  • 17. Agenda • VMware Cloud computing overview • VMware Desktop Virtualization with View4 17 Confidential
  • 18. Virtualize – Simplify Desktop Management The Datacenter The Desktop Thin Clients Thick VMware vSphere VMware View™ Clients   Free desktops from devices   Centralized mgmt of desktops, leveraging common platform   Faster, more efficient provisioning   Increased security 18 Confidential
  • 19. The costs of managing PCs is staggering For every $1 spent on hardware, companies spend $3 to manage… Increasing IT costs $3 $3 $1 CAPEX OPEX IDC Study 2009 Source: 19 Confidential
  • 20. Where do the cost savings come from? CAPEX Savings Lower cost Storage and Hardware VMware View 4 Reduces Desktop TCO by up to Concurrent user pricing 50% Delayed Hardware Refresh OPEX Savings Average 50% fewer help desk calls 55% reduced desktop management time Ability to provision users in minutes Patch or update from a single image Increased Productivity * Cus tomer e xa m 68% reduced end-user downtime ples c ompil ed fro m typ i ca l c ases Automated desktop and data backup in the indus try 20 Confidential
  • 21. Reduce Desktop TCO by 50% VMware View: Annual Cost of Supporting a User/Year   Lowers TCO by 50%   Saves $610 per user per year   Delivers an ROI of 367% $1,500   Provides payback in as little as 5.6 months $610 savings per user per year $1,000 If you are a large or diverse $500 organization that uses server virtualization, but don’t run virtual desktops, you aren’t thinking hard $0 enough! Traditional PC VMWare View IT Help Desk Staff IT Install Staff IT Admin Staff —Michael Rose, IDC Devices Server, Storage, Software Source: IDC White Paper 2009 21 Confidential
  • 22. VMware is the leader in desktop virtualization VMware 2009 PColP 1st   Most proven, mature technology 2008 VMware   Over 1 million seats sold, 2006 VDI 1st 8800+ customers 2004   Over 1700 channel partners selling View 2001 ESX VMware 1st   Broadest technology 2000 ecosystem VMware 1999 Workstation 1st 22 Confidential
  • 23. The desktop dilemma: User Freedom vs IT control User IT Anytime, anywhere access Increasing IT costs Device, OS and apps diversity Security and compliance risks 23 Confidential
  • 24. VMware View 4 – Built to deliver DAAS Platform VMware vSphere for desktops Management VMware View Manager Vmware View Composer VMware ThinApp User Experience PCoIP Print Multi-monitor display Multimedia USB redirection View Client with Local Mode 24 Confidential
  • 25. Provision desktops in minutes Provision Desktops   Automate provisioning from a template   On-demand provisioning View Manager   Multiple types of desktops   Persistent, Non- persistent, Individual   Apply group policies Template Banner Health was able to vCenter provision 2600 users in under 10 days. 25 Confidential
  • 26. View Manager: Provisioning Non-Persistent Pools "   Provisioning from template "   Automated connection "   Desktop returned to pool after each use VMware "   Reverts to pre- Infrastructure determined state for future use User Non-persistent Group Pool "   For factory workers, kiosks, transaction workers 26 Confidential
  • 27. View Manager: Provisioning Non-Persistent Pools "   Provisioning from template "   Automated connection "   Desktop returned to pool after each use VMware "   Reverts to pre- Infrastructure determined state for future use User Non-persistent Group Pool "   For factory workers, kiosks, transaction workers 27 Confidential
  • 28. View Manager: Provisioning Persistent Pools "   Provisioning from template "   Automated connection "   Desktop assigned on first log-in VMware "   Remains associated Infrastructure with user & can be personalized User Persistent Group Pool "   Ideal for knowledge workers 28 Confidential
  • 29. View Manager: Provisioning Persistent Pools "   Provisioning from template "   Automated connection "   Desktop assigned on first log-in VMware "   Remains associated Infrastructure with user & can be personalized User Persistent Group Pool "   Ideal for knowledge workers 29 Confidential
  • 30. VMware View 4: Breakthrough user experience   PCoIP - Built for desktops   Adaptive protocol designed for LAN and WAN   End-to-end software solution with optional hardware   Best desktop experience from task worker to power user Confidential 30 30 Confidential
  • 31. Progressive Build Example High Resolution Low Resolution Medium Resolution • Built over a fewas user remains • Built over time frames • Initial Image • Higher quality picture permits on page & bandwidth • Low bandwidth & resolution • Full resolution image & text • High resolution text • High resolution text Confidential 31 31 Confidential
  • 32. Customers use VMware View in a variety of ways Business Continuity Desktops as a Remote or Windows 7 and Disaster Secure, Managed Branch Offices Migration Recovery Service   Provide a continuous   Eliminate the need for   Provide offshore   Reduce high costs, and availability of desktops moves, adds, or developers control application compatibility   Ensure highly available changes while keeping IP in the with OS migrations desktop   Allow third parties to data center   Extend life of existing   Provide a cost- access corporate   Remove the need of IT desktop hardware to effective, simpler and applications in secure, resources at branch access virtual Windows more reliable disaster controlled way   Manage remotely – PC desktops recovery solution.   Expedite integration of desktops centralized at   Reduce application companies in mergers branch or in corporate conflicts and costly and acquisition datacenter application porting scenarios 32 Confidential
  • 33. Reference Architectures: VMware and Partner 33 Confidential
  • 34. Microsoft licensing for VMware View Beginning July 1, 2010 : o  Windows Client Software Assurance (SA) will include the VECD license for free. o  Windows Client Software Assurance (SA) and new Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) license customers will have the right to access their virtual desktop and Office applications inside it on secondary, non-corporate network devices, such as home PCs and kiosks. 34 Confidential
  • 35. VMware View the maths o  The newest Intel Nehalem allows 10+ vDesktops per core. o  Windows XP with a standard set of applications needs approx 400 MB per vDesktop. Windows 7 consumes 700 MB. o  IOPS are very dependent on the user activities. Actual numbers we have seen range from 4-12 IOPS per vDesktop. RW behavior 40/60% to 20/80% o  Spindles needed usually covers required disk space. 35 Confidential
  • 36. Learn more about VMware View 4 More information on VMware View: Take advantage of VMware View Download and evaluate VMware View: service offerings to accelerate your deployments Use the VMware View TCO calculator: 36 Confidential
  • 37. 37 Confidential
  • 38. 38 Confidential 38