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This is a short presentation about our company and our products.
Azimuth Print are one of the world's first Computer-to-Plate colour litho printers producing a wide variety of publications.
Established as a colour printer in Bristol in 1989 the company has progressed to be at the forefront of print technology.
Within our new custom designed production unit, we have brought together the very latest in design and print technology. We can produce a number of items including leaflets, flyers, booklets, business cards and stationery as well as multi-page brochures.

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Azimuth Print Ltd

  1. 1. Azimuth Print Ltd The UK's premier printer Azimuth Print Ltd Tel: 01454 319676 Address: Azimuth Print Ltd Unit 1, Bowling Hill Business Park Chipping Sodbury Bristol, BS37 6JL Fax: 01454 315127 Email: Social Media Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Flickr Empire Avenue Twitter YouTube Pinterest Tumblr BTTradespace
  2. 2. About us Azimuth Print the premier on-line printer offers a fast efficient and cost effective printing service, our products include flyers,leaflets, folded leaflets, postcards, folders, books, business cards and stationery. All our products are eco friendly printed on papers and boards from sustainable certified sources. Our pre-press, printing and finishing machinery is all very modern, every item of equipment is duplicated to ensure continuity of production should we suffer a breakdown, we have 24 hour working Monday to Friday. Our helpful sales and pre-press staff are willing to help with any technical issues should you be new to buying print or creating artwork. Our pricing is very competitive, and our turnaround times probably the best you will find on the web. We do not have set days for printing certain products but print on demand to meet your requirements. Our eco friendly print works is situated in Chipping Sodbury, near Bristol and within easy reach of Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Taunton and Swindon. We are less than two hours drive from London, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and Plymouth.
  3. 3. On the next slides you can read about our products Call 01454 319676 or e-mail to for details and prices. You can order online from
  4. 4. Flyer Printing Flyer printing can offer a great way to promote your business - and if you pick the right flyer printing service, you can effectively market your organisation at a low cost printed flyers are a very cost efficient marketing tool. At Azimuth Print, we offer a speedy, high-quality flyer printing service. We are flyer printers that can deliver the flyers you need in the space of three days. Whether you need printed flyers to raise the profile of your small business or to spread the word about your school, club or cause, Azimuth Print can help with printed flyers. Azimuth Print can print flyers in A5 (210 x 148 mm), A6 (148 x 105 mm) and DL (210 x 99 mm) sizes in quantities ranging from 100 to 30,000. We can therefore offer flyer printing in the exact quantity you require. We offer a full-colour flyer printing service for flyers printed on both sides of a piece of 300gsm gloss art board - perfect for businesses looking to stand out from the crowd with eye-catching flyer printing.
  5. 5. Leaflet Printing Leaflets are a great way to reach potential customers as part of an integrated marketing strategy consisting of both digital and traditional advertising. For organisations with a local focus - such as a takeaway, primary school or fitness club - distributing leaflets can be effective when it comes to informing those who live near you of your products, services and events. Despite the rise of online marketing, many households still do not have access to the internet - making leaflets and other corporate literature a viable platform when it comes to promoting your organisation. Azimuth Print offers a range of options for colour leaflets and leaflet printing. We produce leaflets in A5 (210 x 148 mm) and A4 (297 x 210 mm) sizes in quantities from 50 to 30,000 and use both sides of 130gsm gloss art paper. If you wish, you can have your leaflets folded - perfect for menus!
  6. 6. Folded Leaflet Printing Leaflets have a wide range of uses for businesses and can be a great way of increasing brand awareness at a low cost. A well-designed leaflet prominently displaying the firm's logo and containing clear, well laid-out information willattract the attention of those who receive them, meaning they can be ideal for a broad group of enterprises, be they restaurants wanting to inform customers about a new menu or charities wanting to promote an upcoming fundraising event. Azimuth Print offers different types of leaflets - single fold, two fold, gate fold and cross fold - all of which are printed in full colour on 130gsm gloss art paper. Customers can choose from leaflets in a variety of sizes, with the single fold items available in A6, A5 or A4, the double fold leaflets in A5, A4 or A3, and the gate and cross fold items in either A4 or A3.
  7. 7. Business Card Printing Professional printed stationery is ideal for drawing a line between personal and corporate communications and making it immediately known to your contacts exactly who they are dealing with the moment they open your letter or look at your business card. In terms of business cards, we offer both one- sided and two- sided products. Our full-colour 85 mm x 55 mm business cards can be ordered in quantities of between 125 and 5,000 and are printed on 350gsm silk art board. We can provide business cards for up to ten names per order and offer graphic design services at an extra cost if you do not wish to supply your own artwork.
  8. 8. Letterhead Printing Whether you are a small business, a large school or a popular club or society, printed stationery can help in establishing your brand and creating that vital good first impression when networking with new contacts and customers. Our full-colour, A4 (297 x 210mm) letterheads can be printed on two types of paper- either 100gsm multicopy original or 100gsm silken total performance paper. You can order between 500 and 7,500 letterheads based on your own artwork, or alternatively ask our graphic designers to come up with a look for your letterheads for an extra fee.
  9. 9. Compliment Slip Printing Whatever sector you operate in, it is likely you will need to make particular efforts to stand out from the crowd. Whether you're a small business, a large school or a popular club or society, printed stationery can help in establishing your brand and creating that vital good first impression when networking with new contacts and customers. We offer compliment slips in DL (210 x 99 mm) size - perfect for additional notes and thanks when sending a product to a customer or responding to a request by post. Again, these can be printed on two types of paper and we can provide graphic design services if needed. Between 500 and 3,000 compliment slips can be purchased per order.
  10. 10. Envelope Printing Printed stationery is a must for any business looking to create a professional image for their customers. For low-cost, high-quality printed stationery, Azimuth Print offers a range of services that can meet your needs, whether you want a few hundred printed envelopes or several thousand business cards to help you network. When it comes to printed envelopes, our printed stationery services can produce DL, C5 and C4 sizes. DL is ideal for A4 paper folded twice, while C5 fits A4 paper folded once and C4 can hold A4 paper without folding it. You can order between 1,000 and 10,000 printed envelopes - whether you want them with or without a window - so you can be sure you have as many as you might need.
  11. 11. Poster Printing Putting up posters is still one of the most effective ways of informing a customer base about an upcoming event or new product, despite the rise of the internet and social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter. A well-designed, generously- sized poster placed in a shop window, on a notice board or inside a club or restaurant will stick in the mind of those who see it, encouraging them to act on the message it is promoting. . Azimuth Print can produce posters in sizes ranging from A3 (420 x 297 mm), all the way up to 1,100 x 4,000 mm, with A3 posters available in runs as small as ten and large-scale posters offered individually. All the items are printed on high-quality paper and are produced in full-colour, giving an accurate representation of the image or design provided by you.
  12. 12. Postcard Printing Our traditional postcards are printed on 300gsm trucard. Full colour one side, black reverse. The postcards are finished with gloss laminate to the picture side. The reverse is uncoated and easy to write on. Please note that we also produce A6 flyers which are glossy both sides Other sizes, shapes and run lengths are possible
  13. 13. Folder Printing Using a well-designed, high- quality folder to present data or other information to a prospective client could mean the difference between securing a new business deal and seeing it slip away. A folder featuring the company's logo and an indication of its contents will give the firm using them a professional appearance that is likely to reassure potential clients and make them more willing to study the information that is enclosed. Azimuth Print can provide folders to hold either A4 or A5 paper, printed on high-quality 300gsm gloss art board to give a professional finish. All folders are printed in full colour on one side, but those who require items featuring double-sided colour prints are also catered for.
  14. 14. Brochure Printing Professionally produced brochures with a high-quality look and feel can make for a great first impression of your business - so when you look at the brochure printers available to do the job, it's vital you select a brochure printing service that can give you a perfect product at a low price. In this age of digital technology, it's important to remember that there are still numerous benefits associated with physical literature like brochures when it comes to marketing your organisation At Azimuth Print, our quality technology can produce a wide range of brochures to suit different organisations and requirements. We can print brochures in A4 (297mm x 210mm), A5 (210mm x 148mm) and A6 (148mm x 105mm) sizes, with the number of pages you can have in each one varying from eight to 24.
  15. 15. Booklet Printing A booklet for your business sets the tone for the message that you want to convey. Our high quality booklets are available in three sizes (A6 booklets, A5 booklets and A4 booklets). Our booklets are printed full colour on gloss art paper/board, then stitched in two positions on the spine, loop stitching for putting the booklet into a ring binder is also available, if you want loop stitches in your booklet please call before ordering your booklet. Our booklets are often used as programmes, sales tools, newsletters, catalogues and as a prospectus for schools, colleges and other institutions. Our full colour booklet printing service gives you full colour booklets printed with the cover on 300gsm gloss art and the inner pages on 130gsm gloss art paper. The cover is gloss laminated on the outer pages. Please call for prices on other paper weights.
  16. 16. Perfect Bound Book Printing Perfect bound books can have a number of uses, not least in the business world. They are ideal for firms looking for a glossy and professional way of presenting their annual reports or providing training manuals to employees. They are also important outside of the workplace, for example among students looking to produce yearbooks to offer as a reminder of their academic careers, or charities wanting to show where the money they raise is being put to good use. Aspiring authors can also make use of Azimuth Print perfect bound books to produce the first run of their latest novel for distribution among friends and family, or to send on to publishers. Azimuth Print can provide perfect bound books in A4, A5 or A6 size, in an orientation of either portrait or landscape. Our products feature full- colour softback covers printed on high- quality 300gsm gloss paper, while the black-and- white inner pages are produced using 100gsm multicopy paper.
  17. 17. Wire Bound Book Printing Wire binding is the perfect choice for annual reports, presentation documents and cookery books. It is also ideal for manuals that need to lie flat on a desk. This is the ideal solution to binding loose leafs, it is robust and versatile. Azimuth Print use the latest digital technology, and high quality litho printing dependent on run length to deliver a professional finished wire bound book or manual. Our wire bound books feature full-colour, gloss laminated covers printed on high-quality 300gsm gloss art paper, while the black & white or colour inner pages are produced using .
  18. 18. Hardback Book Printing There is nothing as exciting as seeing your work in print for the very first time, why not spend a little more and have some or all of your books with hard covers. Azimuth Print offers top quality cheap book printing services for authors and publishers looking to produce beautiful, yet affordable hardback books.. Our hardback books feature full-colour, gloss laminated hardback covers printed on high- quality 300gsm gloss art paper, while the colour or black & white inner pages are produced using 100gsm multicopy paper.
  19. 19. Note Pad Printing Personalised printed notepads are often given as Christmas gifts to customers and the notepad will stay on their desks for the following year. Every time a note is made on the notepad your company is brought to the attention of the user. The printed notepad is the inexpensive way to keep your message in front of customers every day of the year. Printed full colour on one side on 100gsm multicopy original with grey board base. Each pad contains 50 sheets
  20. 20. Desk Calendar Printing Personalised printed calendars are often given as Christmas gifts to customers and the calendars will stay on their desks for the following year. The printed calendar is the inexpensive way to keep your message in front of customers every day of the year. Our calendar printing service gives you calendars printed in full colour on 300gsm gloss art board. Supplied flat, simply fold twice to sit neatly on a desk.
  21. 21. Wall Calendar Printing Wall calendars are a great way of keeping your name in front of your audience 365 days a year they are economical to produce and our calendars are of the highest quality. Our wall calendars are ideal for a business, clubs and charities, all you do is supply the pictures and logos and we do the rest. Full colour print onto 170gsm Silk Wire bound with a choice of black, white or silver wire with hanger and stiff card backboard. 7Leaves–Cover plus 6 sheets two months per sheet, one either side.
  22. 22. Greeting Card Printing Your greetings cards will be printed in full colour on the outside, and black on the inside and supplied flat. However; folding and full colour printing on the inside, to accommodate for any corporate colours or logos, can also be offered at an extra cost. Our cards are printed on a top quality 300gsm greetings card board, from eco friendly certified sustainable sources, and come complete with envelopes.
  23. 23. Sticker Printing Azimuth Printoffer unbeatable value, with printed full Colour stickers . Stickers printed in full colour with self-adhesive reverse. These cheap, quality stickers, will promote your business, charity or event with great effect. Azimuth Print is the leading affordable, fast, quick, prompt quality sticker printing company in the UK and Ireland. Our full colour sticker printing service gives you colour stickers printed on one side on self adhesive paper. Easily applied to a variety of surfaces.
  24. 24. Outdoor Vinyl Banners • Printed at 1440 dpi for high quality reproduction • 510gsm strong, polyester reinforced vinyl • Weather proof outdoor solvent inks, will not fade • Quality brass eyelets every two feet (top and bottom)
  25. 25. Roller Banner Stands • Printed in full colour in superb print quality from your own design or from artwork designed by Azimuth • Printed onto 100% opaque, tear resistant Opal Jet polyester display film material • Finished print is laminated with crystal, scratch resistant protective film • Price includes nylon zip-up carry bag
  26. 26. Thank you! Call 01454 319676 or e-mail to for details and prices. You can order online from