Standards based measurement of proficiency (stamp) test
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Standards based measurement of proficiency (stamp) test






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Standards based measurement of proficiency (stamp) test Standards based measurement of proficiency (stamp) test Document Transcript

  • 175 APPENDIX E: THE STAMP TEST Standards-based Measurement of Proficiency (STAMP) TestSTAMP is a Web-based foreign language assessment tool built to foreign languagebenchmarks characterizing proficiency levels that are tied to ACTFL PerformanceGuidelines. Results show student proficiency from Novice-Low through Intermediate-Mid on the ACTFL scale and are based upon a clear rubric of expectations. STAMP testitems are developed from authentic and semi-authentic texts. Students are required tointeract with these texts in a "real world” context. The STAMP assessment measuresstudent achievement based upon the ACTFL proficiency guidelines in the levels fromNovice-Low through Intermediate-Mid, which are identified as benchmark levels 1-5 inthe STAMP system.Reports from STAMP provide independently-scored individual results for students andteachers; class-level reports for teachers and coordinators; and building district and state-level reports for administrators. The Web-based reporting system allows teacher-playback of all student oral-responses and the ability to review the writing responses toauthorized access personnel.Validity of STAMP Test Verified: Foreign language instruction professionals at theUniversity of Oregon Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS) developedthe original STAMP test items. Those original items were then piloted and statisticallyverified to consistently measure student achievement at specific levels. Over 30,000middle, high school, and college students were involved in the piloting of STAMP. AvantAssessment continues to develop new STAMP test items using the same protocols andstatistical testing regimen.STAMP Facts and Features • Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) • Measures from Novice-Low through Intermediate-Mid for ACTFL scale • Age appropriate for grades 7 through 16 (13-16 are college levels) • Reading, Writing and Speaking Proficiency Tests are available • Statistically validated, realia-based, textbook-independent and computer adaptive • Externally scored with high levels of inter-rater reliability