Qualities of a good essay
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  • 1. 76 Appendix J Qualities of a Good Essay 1. ______Format: The essay looks like a college-level writing assignment; it is labeled correctly, and all the steps of the writing process are stapled neatly to the back. 2._____The thesis sentence is perfectly clear; it is at the end of the introduction, and it contains a single, provable (worth proving) claim. Specifically, the thesis contains a period of time (not an event) and your claim about it. 3. ______The introduction contains any needed background information. 4. ______Each body paragraph contains a clear topic sentence that ties back to the thesis and contains a single, provable claim. 5. ______In each body paragraph, the writer uses specific details and examples to prove, support, or illustrate the central idea. 6______Unity: Every detail helps the writer prove the man idea. 7. _____ Development: The writer has included enough proof in each paragraph to convince the reader that the claim in the topic sentence is true. 8. ______ Development: The writer has included enough proof in the entire essay to convince the reader that the claim in the thesis is true. 9. ______ Coherence: The writing is smooth because the writer uses linking words (transitions) to link his or her ideas together logically, clearly and effectively.10. ______Clarity: Every sentence is perfectly clear. There are no “Huh?” moments, and the reader does not need to ask the writer to explain anything.11. _______The writer has eliminated unnecessary words, phrases, and sentences.12. _______The essay is free from major errors such as sentence fragments, comma splice errors, and run-on sentences.13._______The writer uses a variety of sentences (such as compound and complex sentences).14. _______Punctuation, mechanics, and spelling are correct.15. _______There is evidence that the writer took time to proofread carefully.