Igbt Working


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Basic Structure; Working: Industrial Importance; Switching Characteristics

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Igbt Working

  1. 1. IGBT Group Name: GA-7 Group Leader: Azfar Rasool 12-EL-04 Group Members: Musa Ali M.Imran Saba Nazeer 12-EL-37 12-EL-30 11-12EL-57
  2. 2. IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)  What does word stand for…..  Combination of BJT and MOSFET  Lab Symbol  Detailed description of symbol {[(HOW)}
  3. 3. Construction and Basic Structure Revert the polarities and.. Check!
  4. 4. Changing to simplified circuit…
  5. 5. Working And Operation  Controlling factor: Gate Voltage  Called as voltage-controlled BJT  Input current zero at gate; as insulated  Input is MOSFET characteristics  Output is BJT characteristics  Threshold Voltage
  6. 6. Working And Operation  npnp structure Thyristor  Parasitic transistor and resistence  no effect under normal operation  Max collector current  Parasitic transistor activates  Thus parasitic thyristor activates  Latch up condition dominates  i.e. IGBT will remain on  Cannot controlled by gate voltage
  7. 7. How do IGBT LOOK like…. 1RGT10075M12 5EMK80N Internal Structure Made in Italy Made in China A Dissectional view of IGBT • All of the IGBT’s related to any model do have the simplified circuit drawn on it.
  8. 8. Importance & Advantages of IGBT in Electrical & Electronics world  Combine features of MOSFET & BJT under single device  High current & High voltage Switching Applications, provides safe gateway  Low on state voltage drop (MOSFET part) & High on state current density; so smaller chip size & low cost manufacturing & production  Low voltage drop at input gate; so easily controlled compared to thyristors & BJT’s.  High density current conduction provides excellent forward & reverse blocking capabalites.  It can be used in every electronic and electrical circuits where high switch repletion is need.
  9. 9. Applications of IGBT’s in Electrical & Electronics World Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)  Safe controlling to work with high voltage or high current.
  10. 10. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)  Old UPS gives audible irritating sound  IGBT use in UPS gives it high dynamic range and low noise.  Ex: China company HOMAGE UPS
  11. 11. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)  Increase or decrease the pulse width according to requirement and desire
  12. 12. Three Phase Drivers
  13. 13. Switching Characteristics of IGBT’s  IGBT Switching Test Time Circuit  Switching Characteristics similar to Power Mosfet  Difference is; tailing collector current due to stored charge in N (negative) Drift region  Tail current increases turn off loss  Also increase the dead time between the two devices in half-bridge circuit  Operates at -15V at gate to switch off
  14. 14.  Turn off speed limited of IGBT (How) Lifetime stored charge or minority carriers in N(-ve) drift-region Base is parasitic PNP transistor No External means to sweep the minority carriers from N(-ve) drift region To improve Switching time N(+ve) buffer layer helps
  15. 15. References: Powered by google images Abdus Sattar 1XYS Corporation Text book: Electronic Device and Circuits by Floyd
  16. 16. Thank You
  17. 17. Any Queries