Funding the future - Strategic CRM


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March 2012 Funding the Future conference- Talk co-presented with Action Planning on Strategic CRM.

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  • Empower your organization to support mission critical fundraising and other activities end-to-end
    For example, event fundraising can be managed from inception, to logistics, to day-of activities such as registration, etc., to post event activities such as follow-up communications and performance analysis.
  • Funding the future - Strategic CRM

    1. 1. 5/30/2014 Footer 1 STRATEGIC CRM Funding the Future 14th March 2012 Aneesha Moreira – Chief Executive, Action Planning Azadi Sheridan – Product Manager, Blackbaud Inc.
    2. 2. 5/30/2014 Footer 2
    3. 3. 5/30/2014 Footer 3 • CRM, Single CRM • Whip it up???? Needs content • To Segment or Not To Segment – That Is the Question - Prostate Cancer Care - Save the Children • Start with the basics - Correct addressees WHAT IS STRATEGIC?
    4. 4. 5/30/2014 Footer 4 A
    5. 5. 5/30/2014 Footer 5 • “I think it is helpful when we have emails from clients to have a quick look on Enterprise before calling – you can then see if they are volunteers etc, you can then mention it and it makes us look joined up and that we value our volunteers.”
    6. 6. 5/30/2014 Footer 6 • We recently had a client referred to us from the Scottish office who was interested in the course in Glasgow. Whilst searching to see if the client was already entered on Enterprise before entering her details I saw that she was a registered as a donor. When I clicked on her donor history I was amazed at the amount of money she had raised for Breast Cancer Care, over £17,000. As a result when it came to assessing the client over the phone it was good to talk to her in more detail about her fundraising work. The client shared with me that the money raised had come from a personal trek which she was very proud of and that the community where she lives had got together, along with the local Distillers, to raise an enormous amount of money on her behalf for Breast Cancer Care
    7. 7. 5/30/2014 Footer 7 • “We need to put our volunteers, our service users and our supporters at the heart of the organisation. Our vision for services and our fundraising marketing strategies need us to join up our approach to our services and our fundraising.” - Director of Finance and Resource
    8. 8. 5/30/2014 Footer 8 • • Required one central database to run through the whole organisation to coordinate and manage its customer data. • • The Solution has improved reporting and the understanding of donors by generating better, and in some cases, brand new data, and in turn increase fundraising and levels of staff efficiency. BREAST CANCER CARE AIMS
    9. 9. 5/30/2014 Footer 9 CRM One complete constituent view for individuals or organizations Manage and execute programs that advance mission CENTRALISING CRM Multi-Channel Fundraising Constituent Management Build donor stewardship Create a consistent brand and Constituent journey Bio Data Preference Gift Processing Relationships ActivitiesCommunica- tions CRM Mission Delivery
    10. 10. 5/30/2014 Footer 10 • Patient Confidentiality • Change for Staff WHAT ABOUT?
    11. 11. 5/30/2014 Footer 11 Plan/Budget Execute Collect/ Measure Analyze END-TO-END MISSION SUPPORT CONSTITUENTS INTERACT WITH YOU IN A THRIVING COMMUNITY Front Office Offline Back Office Online
    12. 12. 5/30/2014 Footer 12
    13. 13. 5/30/2014 Footer 13 • Better knowledge and understanding of clients and increased access to information • New knowledge on multiple service users • Better support for and understanding of volunteers BENEFITS TO BREAST CANCER CARE
    14. 14. 5/30/2014 Footer 14
    15. 15. 5/30/2014 Footer 15 • It all starts at home: ------Chuck L research into retention: • Correct name format • It all starts at home: BLACKBAUD RESEARCH
    16. 16. 5/30/2014 Footer 16 KEEP ON STRATEGISING