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Published in: Sports

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  • 2. Its Only Bat and Football
  • 3. 1.The original el Classico is literallybloody event with fans and securityclashing at almost every occasion.Thetwo teams not only differs in theirhistory but also the sections of societythey get support from.Name the two teams.
  • 4. 2.Name the cricketer whichreceived Arjuna award in 2011.
  • 5. 3.European football club with mostdomestic league titles.
  • 6. 4.Johnny Walker is an alcoholic brandwhich donated 1mn$ to homelesspeople in Jamaica on the occurrenceof a certain event.What was the event.
  • 7. 5.Name of the football academy whichhas produced stars such as Messi, Xavi,Fabregas, Puyol and others.
  • 9. 1.Cape Town, Abu Dhabi, Sanya,Auckland, Cape Horn , Itajaí, Miami,Lisbon, and LorientGive Funda.
  • 10. 2. Because the game of squash began in the 19thcentury as an off-shoot of ________, the sports weresimilar in manner of play and rules. However, the rulesand scoring in squash have evolved in the last hundredyears or so. ________ has changed little; the maindifference today is that players are now allowed briefrest periods between games. In the past, leaving thecourt could mean forfeiting the match, so players keptspare accessories in the gutter below the telltale on thefront wall.
  • 11. 3.It was first a IAAF silver label race and got promotedto Gold label in 2011.It was also part of “The Greatestrace on earth” event by Standard Charted Bank.Name the event.
  • 12. 4.X,Y and Z are the last three players to be named inthe All Star team of Football World Cup.X was part of it in 2006 & 2010,whereas Y and Z werepart of it in 2002 & 2006.X have played with Y and Zduring his club career between this period.Identify X,Y and Z.
  • 13. 5. The official mascots for the 2012 SummerOlympic and Paralympic Games were unveiledon 19 May 2010.It was the first in a SummerOlympics that both Olympic and Paralympicmascots were unveiled at the same time. areanimations depicting two drops of steel from asteelworks in Bolton. Tell the names of the townand village they are named after.
  • 14. 6.Identify the player and why was he in news recently.
  • 15. 7.X was one of the greatest boxers of his time. He wasthe heavyweight boxing champion from 1973 to1974. He made one of the most remarkablecomebacks in boxing history by winning theheavyweight title in 1994.Identify him.
  • 16. 8. It has been estimated that there are over 20,000reported injuries a year, making it the most injury-prone sport in the world for women. Many commoninjuries include broken legs and spinal injuries. Thinkabout it—it’s like diving on land, with easily distractedco-eds busily making eyes at the quarterback, servingas the water.IDENTIFY THE SPORT.
  • 17. 9.ID its new name.
  • 18. 10.When the Dallas Mavericks wontheir first ever NBA title their ownerMark Cuban did not followed a long standing tradition reserved for champions .What was it.
  • 19. 11.In sporting parlance what is “virgin tours”.
  • 20. VISUAL
  • 21. 1.Eddie Gaedel is officially the shortest player toever register an MLB plate appearance.The picshows his only time on plate.What was jersey nowhich was included in Baseball hall of fame.
  • 22. 2.Identify the person standing tall and the significance of the moment.
  • 23. 3. ID the person and the funda in thisWorld record jump.
  • 24. 4. What is the amazing career stat thisPerson boasts.
  • 25. 5.Identify the Sport.