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  • 1. KONY 2012:To what extent do viewers place faith in the media’s portrayal of social issues? Ayrie Calhoun CMS 200 – M. Ebben April 29, 2012
  • 2. The KONY 2012 campaign is an awareness project which uses • Film • Social media • Street art • Face-to-face interaction in the attempts to emphasize thepossibility of arresting Joseph Kony.
  • 3. The original KONY2012 video is a 30minute film,released on March5th, 2012, whichexplains thethreat JosephKony poses inAfrica. It alsoexplains theInvisible ChildrenOrganization’splan for his arrest.Within the last 10 seconds of thefilm viewers are told to share themovie.
  • 4. What I expected: Hypothesis:• High rates of If the media presents a participation cause or event with a• More impressionable particular attitude, then on the younger viewers will be more generation likely to share said• Little outside research attitude.• A bandwagon effect
  • 5. A 10 question survey was distributed to gather information on the impact KONY 2012 had on the public. The survey was conducted via the internet.For a more accurate display of the campaign’simpact, the survey was taken by people from 4 different parts of the country. (California, Boston, Ohio, Maine) 40 people participated in the survey.
  • 6. The 10 questions asked:What is your age?Did you see the KONY 2012 video?How did you become aware of the video?What percentage of the video did youwatch?Were you aware of the Invisible Childrenorganization prior to watching the video?After seeing the video what did you do?Where did you go for more information?Did you see the second video? Did youropinion change?Did you participate in “Cover the Night” onApril 20th?Do you feel the KONY 2012 campaignmade a difference?
  • 7. Did you see the first video? Yes No 27% 73%A vast majority of survey takersclaimed to see the original video.
  • 8. What percentage of the video did you watch? 0% 25% 50% 100% 32% 46% 14% 8%Most people watched the wholevideo, or none of it.There were few partial viewings.
  • 9. How did you become aware of the video? Facebook Twitter YouTube The News Other 18% 3% 0% 15% 64%Most viewers found thevideo on Facebook.
  • 10. After seeing the video what did you do? 12% Nothing Shared the video 16% 42% Ordered an "Action Kit"/Posters Conducted my own research5% Other 25%Conducting outside research wasmuch lower than I had expected.
  • 11. Aside from theviewers who didnothing, the nexthighest actiontaken wassharing the videowith others. Veryfew viewerssought out moreinformation.
  • 12. Where did you go for more information? A majority of outside research was found on the internet. Some 8% The Invisible Children went straight to the website Invisible Children 38% The internet website, and one person found information on the 43% The News news. My peers 10% 3%By not seeking out more information, viewers wereonly getting the information they were given fromthe video.
  • 13. WITHIN 6 DAYS THE FILM HADREACHED ONE MILLION VIEWS3.6 million people signed the electronic pledgeto show their support in stopping Kony.
  • 14. A month later a second video was released: Did you watch the second video? Did your opinion change? 0% 8% 10% Yes, but my opinion did NOT change Yes, but my opinion DID change No, but my opinion did NOT change No, but my opinion DID change 82%
  • 15. After all the hype of the original video, support seemed to die off. As people’s excitement dwindled they slowly began to disconnect. Without peers showingsupport, individuals lost interest.
  • 16. Do you feel that the KONY 2012 campaign made a difference? 15% 12% Yes, definitely Yes 18% 22% Maybe No Definitely not 33%I was surprised to find that most people were onthe fence about a difference being made, yet amajority of people did nothing past sharing thelink after seeing the film.
  • 17. My Findings:• Individuals follow their peers “Monkey see, monkey do”• People are more likely to believe popular media, rather than research• People are willing to say they support something, but are not willing to prove it.• Influence is an essential part of faith.
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