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Lead The Way - Abu Dhabi Graduates Program
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Lead The Way - Abu Dhabi Graduates Program


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A branding project I've carried out for Alliance - UAE. The needed a brochure that looks different, professional and has a enjoys a localized flavor. The brochure targets Abu Dhabi's fresh graduates …

A branding project I've carried out for Alliance - UAE. The needed a brochure that looks different, professional and has a enjoys a localized flavor. The brochure targets Abu Dhabi's fresh graduates to enroll in a crucial work skills course.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. “If you want to stand out,don’t be different; beOUTSTANDING.”
  • 2. - Are you looking to be FULLY-PREPARED for your new career ?- Are you looking to acquire the needed PROFESSIONAL CHARACTERISTICS AND BEHAVIORS ?- Are you looking to build your CAPABILITIES and sharpen your SKILLS for the workplace ?Well, Let’s explore the real VALUE here   
  • 3. What VALUE does Alliance Lead The Way Programoffer YOU?- We help you out to develop the VITAL professional CHARACTERISTICS and BEHAVIORS.- We give you the tools to build your SKILLS and CAPABILITIES to ADAPT with workplace.- We offer you the chance to be effectively PRODUCTIVE and become a VALUABLE human asset to the organizations.- We give you the needed KNOWLEDGE for your business GROWTH and your future career.
  • 4. The program MODULE: 1 Self 12 Responsibilit y and 2 Success CV Writing Charismatic Skills and Leadership Interviewing Skills 11 Problem 3 Solving and Negotiation Decision Skills Making Strategic Professional Work Ethics 10 Thinking and Planning You! and Business Etiquette 4 Business Teamwork Writing 5 9 Presentation Communicat Skills ion Skills Emotional Intelligence 8 6 7
  • 5. The VALUE in the details. Let’s drill it down! 1. Self Responsibility and Success Skills • A simple model of mind and behavior. • Psychological defense mechanisms. • What we perceive and fail to perceive. • Creating self. • Choices and illusions up. • Keeping up the spirit of initiative, motivation and self-confidence.
  • 6. 2. CV Writing and Interviewing Skills • Know what a good CV should look like. • Identify common faults with CV’s. • (Do/Don’t)s. • Develop a professional CV template. • Know what a practical cover letter should look like. • Exercise on writing a professional CV and a cover letter.
  • 7. 2. CV Writing and Interviewing Skills • Pre-interview:  How to be prepared?  Your appearance and outfit. • During the interview:  Know time management.  How to create a remarkable first impression?  Breaking the ice methods.
  • 8. 3. Negotiation Skills • Understand negotiation principals and terminology. • Understand and practice phases of the negotiation process. • Learn techniques to achieve the Win- Win results. • Influencing communication skills.
  • 9. 4. Work Ethics and Business Etiquette • Enhancing work ethics. • Know the importance of conscience at work. • The ability to transfer negative situations into positive. • Seeking to work in cooperative environment. • Adopting new ideas that will increase productivity. • Employees’ seeking to work and produce from their own. • Employees’ knowledge of their rights and duties. • Dealing with gossip pools.
  • 10. 4. Work Ethics and Business Etiquette • Protocol vs. etiquette. • Become more skilled at networking, from making introductions to shaking hands and using business cards appropriately. • Be better prepared for both formal and informal meetings, even if you aren’t presenting. • Dress appropriately for every business occasion. • Feel more confident of your business communication in every situation. • Developing professional meeting behaviors.
  • 11. 5. Business Writing • Identify what to focus on and get the reader’s attention. • Identify how your writings should be convincing. • Messages, memos and e-mails writing. • Get familiar with the professional writing style. • Exercise on writing professional messages, memos and emails.
  • 12. 6. High Impact Communication Skills: • Understand communication process. • Assess and understand communication styles. • How to deal with others with different communication styles. • Understand and practice effective listening, questioning, giving and receiving feedback. • Understand and practice non-verbal communication techniques. • Understand and practice assertive communication. • Influence and persuade others. • Dealing with internal and external customers. • Develop a personal communication development plan.
  • 13. 7. Emotional Intelligence At Work: • Know Emotional Intelligence definition and its elements. • Know the importance of Emotional Intelligence in practical life. • The ability to get benefit from the power we have. • Realize the importance of effective listening. • The ability to identify others needs and desires.
  • 14. 8. Presentation Skills: • Planning and preparing presentations. • Master how to take control of your nerves when speaking in public. • Use body language effectively to build rapport and maintain the motivation of the audience. • Use language techniques to ensure that your key message is understood. • Plan and structure your presentations creatively for maximum impact. • Learn how to use effective interactive techniques to control your audience.
  • 15. 9. Teamwork: • Identify the benefits of teamwork. • Know how to build, maintain and sustain effective teamwork. • Recognize the benefits of utilizing the talents within the team (roles and responsibilities). • Identify the benefits of positive leadership. • Recognize the benefits of building a positive mental attitude to reach goals. • Enhance trust and cooperation between team members (Looking at the big picture).
  • 16. 10. Strategic Thinking and Planning: • Know the importance of planning. • Know the basic steps for planning. • Know and apply strategic planning concept. • Realize methods, types and features of strategic planning.
  • 17. 11. Problem Solving and Decision Making • Introduction to problem solving. • Identify problem solving process and techniques. • The importance and benefits of solving problems. • Decision making process. • How to avoid barriers of making decision. • Thinking creatively (outside the box).
  • 18. 12. Charismatic leadership • Introduction to charisma. • Elements of genuine sustained charisma. • Putting your new found charisma to work. • The six keys to becoming charismatic. • Effectively managing people, time and resources. • Dealing effectively with performance problems. • Working with positive power. • Leading through complex situations.
  • 19. What should I EXPECT from myself once I’ve beengraduated from the program?• I know the keys of being professional.• I present myself professionally and effectively on my CV.• I use technical business writing and I know how to be focused while reflecting trust and the professional style in my messages, memos, and e-mails.• I master interviewing skills and know how to manage any interview professionally throughout all its phases.
  • 20. What should I EXPECT from myself once I’ve beengraduated from the program?• I understand business etiquette and how and when to use it.• I know how to utilize emotional intelligence and control my emotions.• I know how to work under the umbrella of team work.• I use strategic thinking and planning in my everyday life.
  • 21. DURING the program:- The course will be INTERACTIVE that will contain: • Presentations. • Videos. • Group discussions. • Role-plays and assignments.
  • 22. FOLLOW UP 1 to 1 coaching:• Commitment sheet at the end of the program to be handled to Alliance Essentials team.• A 30 to 45 minutes 1 to 1 meeting for each participant after 90 days from finishing the program in order to: • Handle assignments. • Make sure of participant progress alignment with commitment sheet goals. • Discuss career progress for constructive and professional feedback.
  • 23. How the program is TIMELY organized? Subject Duration 1. Self responsibility and success skills ( 1 ) Full Day 2. CV writing and interviewing skills ( 4 ) Hours 3. Negotiation skills ( 1 ) Full Day 4. Work ethics and business etiquette ( 1 ) Full Day 5. Business writing ( 2 ) Full Days 6. High impact communication skills ( 1 ) Full Day 7. Emotional intelligence at work ( 1 ) Full Day 8. Presentation skills ( 2 ) Full Days 9. Teamwork ( 1 ) Full Day 10. Strategic thinking and planning ( 2 ) Full Days 11. Problem solving and decision making ( 1 ) Full Day 12. Charismatic leadership ( 1 ) Full Day
  • 24. What’s IN RETURN for getting all of this? Fees
  • 25. Registration form template: Personal info: Major : First Name : Surname : Phone no. : E-mail : Gender : □ Male □ Female Payment method: □ Cash □ Check □ Master card □ Visa □ American Express
  • 26. “Action is the foundational key to allSUCCESS.”So, take your action NOW!
  • 27. Contact:Direct : +971 2 622 22 54Tel. : +971 2 622 16 66Fax : +971 2 622 19 99E-mail : BusinessDiploma@alliancebus.comAddress : 8th floor, Millennium Tower, Hamdan St., Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.Website :