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A presentation about the ideation, that I developed once I was working at Meydan Business Incubator for the German Jordanian University initiative, Spike, for ideation.

A presentation about the ideation, that I developed once I was working at Meydan Business Incubator for the German Jordanian University initiative, Spike, for ideation.

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  • No oversleep anymore. Maybe! But, the alarm o'clock is a great product solved our laziness problem easily.
  • The renowned Apple’s iPad with it’s multi-touch screen and intuitive user interface has just evolutionary redefined the user experience of mini personal computers.
  • MUV Box is a recycled shipping container modified and equipped to the needs to become a great pop up space. A fully electric deployment system powered by solar panels makes this unit easy to set up and ready to ship out in no time. The whole restaurant gets ready in just 90 sec and 40% of it’s power consumption is covered by the solar energy.
  • Mercedes-Benz Biome is the new concept car that instead of being manufactured, it’s being planted! Biome genetically-engineered seeds grow to create the car’s body while each wheel has it’s seed. Eventually, the car body will be made of steel-alternative, BioFiber. Will be fueled from transforming the sun into a special biofuel compound.
  • X-rays was discovered serendipitously the German physicistWilhelm Röntgen in 1895 while experimenting a cathode tube.
  • OLPC organization is developing its innovative tablet PC using cheep & advanced technologies to eventually hit the price of $75.
  • The concept shown below is one of many imaginary concepts for futuristic cities participated in Nvidia’sArtSpace competition that could be executed some day.
  • The structure below that depicts the science-fiction idea of space/time teleport taken from the movie, “Contact”.
  • Folding@home is the most powerful distributed computing cluster in the world, and one of the world's largest distributed computing projects. The goal of the project is "to understand protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases.“ Folding@Home uses the processing units in any internet-connected PC or PlayStation 3 yielding in a whooping more than 2 times computing performance of the world’s most powerful supercomputer till 2010.


  • 1. Ideation
  • 2. Ideation Process
  • 3. 1. Using Problem solution
    This is the most simple method of progress, where someone has found a problem and as a result, solves it.
  • 4. 2. Using Evolutionary Idea
    The Evolutionary idea is one that is derived from somewhere else, taking something that already exists and improving on it.
  • 5. 3. Using Symbiotic Ideas
    A Symbiotic method of idea creation is when multiple ideas are combined, using different elements of each to make a whole.
  • 6. 4. Using Revolutionary Ideas
    A Revolutionary idea is one that breaks away from traditional thought and creates a brand new perspective.
  • 7. 5. Using Serendipitous Discovery
    Serendipitous solutions are ideas which have been coincidentally developed without the intention of the inventor.
  • 8. 6. Using Targeted Innovation
    Creating a targeted innovation deals with a direct path of discovery. This is often times accompanied by intensive research in order to have a distinct and almost expected resolution.
  • 9. 7. Using Artistic Innovation
    Artistic innovation disregards the necessity for practicality and holds no constraints. This is the purest form of invention.
  • 10. 8. Using Philosophical Ideas
    The Philosophical idea lives in the mind of the creator and can never be proven. This type of idea however can still have vast residual effects.
  • 11. 9. Using Computer-Assisted Discovery
    This uses a computer in order to widen possibilities of research and numeric possibilities.