Humans of Amman Brand Identity - BRANDA (proposed)


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Elegantly charming with its abstract representation of the city of Amman, taking a trip from the early Amman of the 7 hills to the vigorous future of this contemporary city. This proposed identity is Designed by Ayman Basheer, where he intended through this proposal to craft a connection between the visual identity elements and the stories being told through Humans of Amman project. This proposal is part of Humans of Amman Brand Identity Project carried out by BRANDA. This proposal is one of two and was abandoned for the second one which you can check it out here:

About Humans of Amman:
A photography project by Ali Alhasani that aims to capture portraits of people around Amman, Jordan without focusing on gender, race or color to spread the sense of unity among the Jordanian society. Inspired from " Humans of New York " and others, take a look at a list here This project is run by other Jordanian photographers as well.

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Humans of Amman Brand Identity - BRANDA (proposed)

  1. 1. Designed by: BRANDAworld
  2. 2. Humans of Amman Brand Identity©Photo courtesy of Wael Esleem.
  3. 3. Amman, a city emerges from the antiquityof time, and today it flourishes with3 million humans living in.
  4. 4. Originally established on 7 hills, the contemporary Amman go bustling with every new dawn and dusk.©Photo courtesy of Ahmad Humeid.
  5. 5. And here is the story of our logobegins and never ends, wanderingthe hills, looking for things. Thecradle of wonders is within.
  6. 6. In BRANDA, we wanted to come up with that holistic symbolic representation of what Humans of Amman page does represent.©Photo courtesy of 3adoola.
  7. 7. We have found that today, humans are living in 190+ countries spreading over the planet, but what makes Humans of Amman special is that place, Amman.©Photo courtesy of D&Q.
  8. 8. From that cognizant perspective we have started designing the outlines of the logo with our major inspiration, Amman.©Photo courtesy of KManasrah.
  9. 9. The inception from the 7 hills and the lasting expansion. A vision of a harmonious pluralism. A story depicted by the 7 interlaced, colorful lines of the logo.©Photo courtesy of Ali Alhasani.
  10. 10. Amman’s identity has a manifestation at each part of the logo and the font is no exception. Amman official font is used with pride crowning the logo.©Photo courtesy of Raed Shomali.
  11. 11. But, let’s take a closerlook!
  12. 12. The letter ‘n’ in Amman ispartially hidden to signify thehidden aspect of Amman andits dwellers, which Humans ofAmman is here to discover.
  13. 13. The forming concepts alsothrive throughout the linesand shapes of the Arabicversion logo.
  14. 14. The persona visual identity furnishes a fortified human touch to the page by connecting the logo with an Ammani reality through utilizing selective visuals and terminology.©The photo featured in the persona courtesy of Ali Alhasani.
  15. 15. The page highlighted images feature the identity’s magic with an elegant, clean and focused look.©The photo featured in the image courtesy of Thomas Bachofner.
  16. 16. Thank you!©Photo courtesy of Brandi Bailey.