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Class Two Curriculum
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Class Two Curriculum


this is a curriculum sample designed for class two

this is a curriculum sample designed for class two

Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Group Presentation• Ayesha Bashir ( Roll no. 3)• Maryam Bashir ( Roll no. 4)• Saima Naz ( Roll no.3o)• Shabina Rehman ( Roll no. 5)
  • 2. CRRICULUMTarget Student: Class twoClassroom: InteractiveTeachers’ role: Instructor, model, facilitator.Students’ role: Active participant.
  • 3. Class Two Curriculum Map:• Spring Term.................. 15th April to 15th June• Summer Vacation......... 16th June to 30th August.• Summer Term.............. 1st Sept. to 31 Nov.• Winter Term................. 1st Dec. to 31 Feb.
  • 4. Subjects:Subject Category Period Time AllocationLanguages English 5 classes per week (period time 35 min)Urdu 5 classes per week (period time 35 min)SCIENCES Maths 5 classes per week (period time 35 min)Basic Science 5 classes per week (period time 35 min)Social science Social Study 4 classes per week (period time 35 min)Arts Art and Craft 3 classes per week (period time 35 min)Religion Islamiyat 4 classes per week (period time 35 min)Personality an Physical development HPE 1 classes per week (period time 35 min)Library 2 classes per week (period time 35 min)
  • 5. English CurriculumText Book Terms Focus Topic OverviewOxford ModernEnglish byNicholasHorsburghSpring term •Readingcomprehension•Listening andspeaking•Picture Descriptionverbally•The old man and thegoat•Lovely little rubberduck•The trap•The mice and theelephantsStudents will be able to•Attends to, listen to, andshows interest in whatpeople say•To follow instructions•Ask for clarification•Organize information insequential and logicalorder•Read aloud withexpression•Showing awareness ofrhythm and tone•To develop writing skill.Summer term •Focus presentsimple and presentcontinuous tense•Past simple andcontinuous•My routine•Nasir in trouble•The mulla’s son•Careful HensWinter term Reading/ WritingPicture writtendescription•Adil and the gold chain•The cow•Ali’s hobbies•The Wish•The Mangoes andGuavas
  • 6. Urdu CurriculumText Book Terms Focus Topic OverviewOxford, Kashifurdu book byNazima RehmanSpring term Grammar focus:Hum awaz alfazSkill focus:Listening/speaking•Pyaray naabi•Bagh ke sair•Sub ke saath saath• Darakht bana dosthThe aims are to enablestudents to:1. develop the ability to useUrdu for the purpose ofpractical communication2. form a sound base for theskills required for furtherstudy or employment, usingUrdu as the medium3. develop an awareness ofthe nature of language andlanguage-learning skillsalong with skills of a moregeneral application, (e.g.analysis, synthesis, drawingof inferences).Summer term Grammar focus:Muzaker /monusWahid/jamaIsam ke tarifSkill focus: reading•Badal•Anoka janwar•Mara dosth•Mene to kuch nahikeyaWinter term Skill Focusreading/writing•Shair aur may•Jishne azadi•Mari dairy•Mera khandan
  • 7. Science CurriculumText Book Term Strands Topics OverviewText book (NewOxford PrimaryScience Book 2by NicholasHorsburgh)Spring Term Life Science • Identify a variety of animals in yourenvironment.• Group animals by body coverings and parts.• Describe how animals move from place to place.• Describe ways that animals get food.• Define the term habitat and compare animalhabitats.• Identify the parts of the skeleton and explain itsfunctions.Second-gradestudents begin todevelop the abilityto use more abstractthinking. Science isan excellent avenuefor them to use theirexpanding cognitiveabilities, withopportunities tocategorize, observeand interpretnature, or logicallypredict what mayhappenSummerTermEarth Science • Recognize that there are more stars inthe sky than anyone can easily count.• Define the term constellation andExamine common constellations.• Observe and describe how the Sun,Moon and stars all appear to moveslowly across the sky.• Observe and describe how the Moonappears a little different every day butlooks nearly the same again aboutevery four weeks.
  • 8. Science CurriculumText Book Term Strands Topics OverviewText book (NewOxford PrimaryScience Book 2 byNicholasHorsburgh)Winter Term PhysicalScience• Classify objects into groups ofsolids, liquids and gases.• Measure the length and mass ofobjects.• Identify the forms of energyprovided by the sun.•Describe the uses of energyprovided by wind.• Describe the uses of energyprovided by water.• Predict and experiment whichobjects are attracted to magnets.Students in gradetwo are expectedto learn both thecontent andprocess of science.Investigation skillsshould also behighlighted, withstudentsencouraged to findanswers or reachconclusions usingtheir ownexperiences orobservations
  • 9. Maths CurriculumText Book Terms Strands Topic Overview(Oxford: NewEnjoyingMathematicsPractice Book withMental Maths) byAashalata BadamiSpring term Number Counting and numerationComparing and orderingPlace valueOperationsAdditionSubtractionFractionsThe aims of theprimarymathematicscurriculum areto develop apositive attitudetowardsmathematics andan appreciationof both its practicaland its aestheticaspectsto developproblem-solvingSummer term Algebra Exploring and usingpatternsShapes andSpaceSpatial awareness2-D shapes3-D shapesSymmetryAngles
  • 10. Maths CurriculumText Book Terms Strands Topic Overview(Oxford: NewEnjoyingMathematicsPractice Book withMental Maths)Winter Measures LengthAreaWeightCapacityTimeMoneyabilities and a facility for theapplication ofmathematics to everyday life• to enable the child to usemathematical languageeffectively and accurately• to enable the child to acquirean understanding ofmathematical concepts andprocesses to his/herappropriate level ofdevelopment and ability• to enable the child to acquireproficiency in fundamentalmathematical skills and inrecalling basic number facts.Data Representing andinterpreting data
  • 11. Art and Craft CurriculumText Book Terms Strands Topic Overview( Oxford Art Club forclass 2 by HumaNasir and AdnanLotia)Spring term Drawing Making drawingsLooking and respondingThe child will beenabled :• to experiment with themarks that can be madewith different drawinginstruments on a rangeof surfaces• make drawings basedon vividly recalledfeelings, real andimaginative experiencesand stories• discover and draw lineand shape as seenin natural andmanufactured objectsand discover that linescan make shapes•explore the relationshipbetween how things feeland how they lookPaint and colour PaintingLooking and respondingSummer term Print Making printsLooking and respondingClay Developing form in clayLooking and respondingWinter term Construction Making constructionsLooking and respondingCards Making Creating greeting, welcome,invitation cards etc.Looking and responding
  • 12. Islamiyat CurriculumText Book Terms Strands Topic OverviewOxford SalamIsalmiyat Book 2, byNazma RehmanSpring term Surahs andIslam basicsstudent will learnfourth,fifth, and sixth kalmafour surahs (Surah feel,surah qurash, surah maaon,surah kosar with translationfive Arkaans of Islam• students will beable to understandthe basics of theirreligion.•they will knowabout the good traitsof life from the livesof prophets andcaliphs.•students will beable to recite the lastten Surahs of Quran.Summer term Islampersonalitieslifestyle of Prophets (HazratAdam A.S, Ibrahim A.S, AyubA.S, Muhammad P.B.U.H)first four Caliphs (Abu Bakras-Siddiq, Umar ibn al-Khattab, Uthman ibn Affan,Ali ibn Abi Talib)Winter term Angels andsurahsfour angels in Islam and theworks assign to themLast six surahs withtranslation
  • 13. Physical Education CurriculumText Book Terms Strands Topic OverviewPhysical Educationfor Lifelong Fitnessby Suzan F. AywesSpring term Athletics Running,jumping andthrowingThe aims of the physical educationcurriculum are• to promote the physical, social,emotional and intellectual developmentof the child•to develop positive personal qualities•to promote understanding andknowledge of the various aspects ofmovement•to develop an appreciation ofmovement and the use of the body as aninstrument of expression and creativity•to promote enjoyment of, and positiveattitudes towards, physicalactivity and its contribution to lifelonghealth-related fitness, thuspreparing the child for the active andpurposeful use of leisure time.Summer term games sending,receiving,creating andplaying gamesWinter term Outdooractivitieswalking,Orienteering,outdoorchallenges
  • 14. Social Studies CurriculumText Book Terms Strands Topic OverviewNew Oxford SocialStudies for Pakistanby NicholasHorsburghSpring term Civics • Citizenship• Rules• Patriotic symbolsThe students willlearn•To relate locationsand climate.• Change in self,families andcommunities•Will help them toknow their identity•Result inbehaviour, rulesrights, andresponsibilitiesSummer term Geography •Map terms, symbols andits use•Climate•Physical surroundingsWinter History •Pakistani Heroes•Local historical events (residents, artifacts andphotographs)
  • 15. Students Evaluation:• Students will evaluated on the basis of dailyand weekly assessment (throughworksheets, quizzes, studentsparticipation, terminal projects)• Students will not be taken formal exams i.ethe assessment is formative.• Their worksheets, quizzes, terminal projectsetc. and their grades will be compiled in aportfolio.
  • 16. Summer Vacation WorkSubject ProjectsEnglish Making Dictionary including categories of fruitsnames, vegetables names, classroom objects etcUrdu Making Dictionary of 10 pagesMaking flash cards of vegetables, fruit etcMaths Making timetableScience Drawing Solar system on chartspasting plants samples in noteboookSocial Studies Pasting pictures of pakistani heroesPasting samples of pakistani famous crops•Teacher will add further to summer vacation work on the basis of class and individual needs.
  • 17. Teaching AidsEnglish White board, charts, posters,worksheets, etcUrdu White board, charts, worksheets,posters etcMaths Counting beads, shapes, measuringinstruments, worksheets etcScience Skeleton, measuring instruments,microscope, plant and animalsamples, worksheets etcArt and Craft Charts, painting boards, watercolour, scissors, glue etcSocial Studies Maps, symbols charts, nationalheroes pictures, worksheets etc
  • 18. Teaching AidsIslamiyat Surahs on charts, posters,worksheets etcPhysical Education Skipping rope, weight machine,sports kits etc