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  • 1. Welcome to
  • 2. UltraLearn.com offers the power of Interactive Rich Media  Mashups for Training, Learning and Knowledge sharing in an unprecedented manner. UltraLearn.com uses cutting edge Microsoft SilverLight 2.0-  based Ultra Mashup Studio™ to transform simple one-way videos into high impact Interactive Rich Media with the ability to search and track within Interactive Rich Media Mashup… all on the web, quickly and easily!
  • 3. Interactive Rich Media mashup is created using “Ultra  Mashup Studio™” by mixing together videos, audios, images, text captions and feedback forms sectioned by searchable chapters and tracking markers. UltraLearn.com, offered in SaaS and Enterprise versions,  enables organizations to deliver this content to their members, and to track and collect feedback on content usage, understanding and effectiveness.  Content Providers, Businesses, Academic Institutions and Individuals can all benefit from UltraLearn.com™
  • 4. Why we have used Microsoft Silver light 2.0 Compelling Cross-Platform User Experience  Deliver media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web that incorporate video, animation, interactivity, and stunning user interfaces Flexible Programming Model with Collaboration Tools  Extensible control model makes it easy to add rich content and behaviors while enabling efficient code-reuse and sharing. High Quality, Low Cost Media  Add vector-based graphics and overlays to media with support for integration of graphics that scale to any size and broadcast-style overlays for tickers and closed captioning Connected to Data, Servers, and Services  Increase discoverability of rich interactive application (RIA) content that can be indexed and searched due to the text-based XAML format that describes interface and content in a Silverlight-based application. Streaming audio and video  It offers a free streaming and application hosting solution for delivering high-quality, cross-platform, cross-browser, media-enabled rich interactive applications (RIAs). With the ability to author content in Microsoft Expression Encoder and other third- party editing environments, Web designers maintain complete control of the user experience. Detailed Presentation
  • 5. How we have used Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 We have used Silverlight for the achievement of following benchmarks in our application: Building Isolated Storage Mechanism for Tracking and  Traceability.  Creating Custom Control by extending the Silverlight control library.  Implementation of Occasionally Connected Computing Architecture using Microsoft Silverlight.  Seem less integration with SOA based Application built on WCF Framework (.NET 3.5)  Proprietary Algorithm of Buffering/Pre-fetching and Synchronizing network resources.
  • 6. Step 1: Setup • Administrators setup and configure their organization’s account at UltraLearn.com™ • UltraLearn.com™ sends out email invitations to users to activate their profiles • Organizations may opt to setup a video streaming account at SLS to benefit from the many feature it offers. This step is optional.
  • 7.  Start with registering as an Individual or an Administrator of an organization…
  • 8.  The Administrator of an Organization can configure settings using the Administrator Desktop…
  • 9.  Theadministrator can create campaigns, create categories and mashups , invite users and view detailed analytics using the desktop…
  • 10.  Click Manage Mashup Categories link to add, edit or delete Categories.
  • 11. Step 2: Create Mashups • Users upload audio, video and image files to UltraLearn.com™ content storage. They can also add links to media files from external sites. Users with SLS accounts can directly upload video content to SLS, or leave it to UltraLearn.com™ to synchronize videos with their SLS storage. • Users pull contents from various locations, and add forms, captions, chapters and markers to create high-impact video messages and Mashups
  • 12.  Click on create to access Mashup studio..
  • 13. The UltraMashup Studio 
  • 14.  Ultra Mashup Studio – Content Library The content library displays videos , audios , images , captions and forms available to the tenant. These may be content uploaded by the tenant, public content or content linked from an external source.
  • 15. Ultra Mashup Studio – Mashup Player The Mashup Player enables users to preview the content added to the mashup. Advanced video controls & toolbar help in the proper positioning of the content within a mashup. The mashup player provides easy options to drag , drop and move various contents with a click of the mouse. Resize , positioning and reviewing made easy !
  • 16. Mashup Studio - TimeLine Ultra The Timeline indicates the positioning of various contents within the Mashup. Timeline can be distributed in Minutes or seconds to position a particular content precisely. Also it gives an option to add chapters within a Mashup. These would enable users to be tested after a particular period. Snap feature helps in positioning the content to the nearest second.
  • 17.  Upload Videos to the Mashup Studio…
  • 18.  Add Videos from publically shared content pool or by providing reference URLs from external locations…
  • 19.  Similarly sounds and Images can be added using these various options….
  • 20.  Use Mashup studio to compose mashups through remixing contents…
  • 21.  Captionscan be added to the Mashups for seeking attention…….
  • 22.  Forms/Questionnaires can be designed and added to mashups to check effectiveness or get feedback..
  • 23.  The toolbar and advanced video controls in the mashup studio help in positioning various components in the mashup…
  • 24.  Thetimeline is utilized for arranging the content in a particular sequence within a mashup…
  • 25.  Chapterscan be created in a Mashup for periodic evaluation…
  • 26.  Differentcheckpoints can be added for the purpose of tracking usage…
  • 27.  Once you are done with the mashup…it can be saved as a draft for further updates or published for public viewing….
  • 28.  MyDesktop shows draft and published mashups and content listings for an administrator…
  • 29. Step 3: Invite • Administrators may opt to create “Campaigns” i.e. sets of related Mashups. • UltraLearn.com™ sends invitations for each Campaign to selected attendees as specified by the Administrator.
  • 30.  Training or Awareness campaigns can be created using campaign creation wizard…
  • 31.  Campaigns can be launched after adding mashups and target audience….
  • 32.  UltraLearnsends out campaign invitations to the selected attendees…
  • 33.  Audience can only view the campaigns they are invited to….
  • 34. Step 4: Play and Track • Viewers (learners) accept registration and campaign invitations • Viewers search for available Mashups or browse those in assigned Campaigns • Viewers play Mashups using Ultra Mashup Player™ that allows them to interact with the Mashup. The player also records all activity data during a viewing session. • As a Mashup plays in Ultra Mashup Player™, Rich Media Content that is part of the Mashup is loaded from its server of original storage
  • 35.  Audience can view the mashups through the Mashup Player…
  • 36.  Audienceis able to respond to quizzes and questionnaires…
  • 37.  Extensive Usage Tracking… Ultra Tracking helps keep track of everything the user does with the player , including volume change , slider drag , rewind , forward , etc. You can find out if a message was watched completely or not. You can know what parts were skipped by the user. You can know how long did a person take to answer a quiz. Responses to quiz and surveys , ratings and comments along with Ultra Tracking provide useful feedback and insight into content’s effectiveness.
  • 38. Step 5: Analyze • Authorized users can pull summarized and detailed reports on tracking and feedback data to determine effectiveness and ROI
  • 39. CAMPAIGN ACTIVITIES The effectiveness of a Campaign can be assessed using Ultra Analytics…
  • 40.  Theeffectiveness of a Campaign having Mashups can be assessed using Analytics…
  • 41.  DetailedAnalytics provide insight into mashup viewing and its effectiveness..
  • 42. Detailed Analytics provide insight into mashup viewing and its  effectiveness..
  • 43. For further Insight and feedback for UltraLearn , please visit us at : www.ultralearn.com Ultralearn.com is a product of Softech Worldwide LLC. Visit us at : www.softechww.com For Inquiries , please contact us at : Sales@softechww.com Or call us at : 703-436-2120 You can also write to us at : 47378, Westwood Pl, Sterling, Virginia 20165.
  • 44. About Us Softech Worldwide LLC. - Overview Softech Worldwide provides Rich Internet Media Applications for:   Organizational Learning  Enterprise / Social Knowledge Network  Distance Education  Interactive Web TV  Live and On-Demand Content Complete Web-based solutions for Rich Media Content  Authoring, Remixing, Management, Profiling, Distribution, Delivery, Tracking and Reporting We are learning-technology inventors, and business process consultants for Learning  Working on video since 2002  More than 300k learners benefit from our invented solutions  More than 20 yrs experience with training and learning  Incorporated in Virgina - April 1997  Pioneers in Microsoft Silverlight based Rich Media Solutions for Video-based Applications  Certified for Quality Management Principles - ISO 9001:2000 since 2005  Microsoft Gold Certified Partner (Competencies: Advanced Infrastructure  Solutions, ISV, Information Worker)
  • 45. About Us Softech Worldwide LLC - Technical Strength Microsoft Gold Certified Partner:  Advanced Infrastructure  ISV  Information Worker  Solution Platforms and Tools  Windows Server 2003/2008 , SQL Server 2005/2008, SSIS, SSRS  Office SharePoint Server 2007, Visual Studio .NET 2008 Team Suite  Exchange Server 2007, CRM 4.0, Office Communication Server 2007  Project Server 2007, Team Foundation Server 2008  Technologies and Models  ASP.Net, .NET Framework 3.5  ADO.Net Extensions, Entity Framework  Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) - based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)  Software as a Service (SaaS) & Web 2.0  Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)  Microsoft Silverlight 2.0  Workflow Foundation (WF) 
  • 46. About Us Softech Worldwide LLC - Offerings Rich Internet Media Applications for:  Organizational Learning  Enterprise / Social Knowledge Network  Distance Education  Interactive Web TV  Live and On-Demand Content