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An Overview of ITIL® v3 from the Chief Architect


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To view this complimentary webcast in full, visit: …

To view this complimentary webcast in full, visit:

Sharon Taylor, Chief Architect of ITIL® V3 provides a back to basics overview of ITIL® v3. In this video you will learn how the change in the IT needs of the business evolve over time and how the ITIL® v3 principles were developed to address them.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. ITIL v3 - the Future is Now Live webinar with Sharon Taylor, Chief Architect Axios Systems IT Service Management Solutions Technical support numbers: US +1 866-229-3239 Toll Free US US +1 408-435-7088 Toll international UK +44 0800 358 1236 Toll Free UK +44 0161 250 0698 Toll in association with
  • 2. Axios Systems ITIL v3 - the Future is Now Q&A icon Questions may be submitted at any time during the presentation. To submit a question: Click on the Question Mark icon (?) on the floating toolbar (as shown at the right). This will open the Q&A window on your system only. Type your question into the small dialog box and click the Send Button. Submitting Questions in association with
  • 3. ITIL® V3 – The Future Starts Now Sharon Taylor – Chief Architect, ITIL AXIOS WEBINAR May 3, 2007
  • 4. Agenda
    • Why V3?
    • The ITIL Service Lifecycle
    • ITIL V3 Qualifications
    • Tools and V3
    • Questions and Answers
  • 5. Why V3?
    • Provide guidance to evolving ITSM industry
    • Expand focus to present and future SM challenges
    • Global Sourcing
    • Virtualization
    • Emerging Industry Trends
    • Managing IT as a business
    • Flexible, dynamic, proven service management practices that prove
    • How to demonstrate value to the business objectives!
    • This IS ITIL 3
  • 6. ITIL as a Service
  • 7.
    • Qualifications
    • New Scheme
    • Enhanced learning
    • Status Quo
    • Upgrading
    • More choice
    • Standards
    • Aligned to 20000
    • Links to Security
    • Links to Asset
    • Links to Governance
    • More flexibility
    • Your ITSM Practice
    • Greater scope of practice
    • Greater flexibility of adaptation and choices
    • Current with industry directions and ITSM reality
    • Complementary to other common practices
    • Easier to start, operate and mature
    • Relevant to the real issues and opportunities
    • Enhanced ability to prove ITSM ROI
    Customers Vendors Service Providers
  • 8. The Future
    • ITIL Live!
    • eBooks & Online Subscription
    • Qualifications & study aids
    • Case Studies & Templates
    • Key Element Guides
    • Scalable ITIL
    • Business Sector Specifics
    • Integrated Service Model
    • Multiple Languages
  • 9. The ITIL SM Lifecycle Core Strategy Generation Strategy Implementation Value Networks Service Portfolio Mgmt Financial Management ROI Policy, Planning & Imp Five Aspects of Service Design Availability, Capacity, Continuity, Service Level Outsourcing Design Event, Request, Incident, Problem, Technology, Operations, Access, Monitoring & Control Change, Build and Test, Release & Deployment, Configuration, Knowledge Measurement, Trends, Reporting & Analysis, Review, Assessment, SIP The Big Picture, Service Model Maps, Practice Basics, Getting Started
  • 10.
    • Business Eco systems
    • Looks at the practice of Service management
    • Setting strategy
    • Service economics
    • How to design, develop and implement service management
      • As an organizational capability
      • As a strategic asset
    CIO’s IT Managers Consultants Practitioners Vendors
  • 11. Service Strategy - Service Elements of Value
    • Utility of a service
      • The attributes of the service that have a positive effect on the performance of activities, objects and tasks associated with desired outcomes
      • Removal or relaxation of constraints on performance can also be a positive effect
    • = Fit for Purpose
    • Utility increases the performance average
    • Warranty of a service
      • An assurance that some products or services will be provided or will meet certain specifications
      • e.g. available when needed, in sufficient capacity and dependably in terms of continuity and security
    • = Fit for Use
    • Warranty reduces the performance variation
  • 12. IT Managers Consultants Practitioners Outsourcers Vendors
    • Converts strategic objectives into portfolios of services and service assets
      • Policies, architectures, portfolios,
    • Guidance on the design & development of
      • Services and service models
      • Sourcing models
      • Service Management processes and methods
    • Changes and improvements necessary to increase or maintain value
    • How to decide & how to do it
  • 13. IT Managers Consultants Practitioners Outsourcers Vendors
    • Set customer expectations
      • How the performance and use of the new or changed service can be used to enable business change
    • Enable the business change project or customer
      • To integrate a release into their business processes and services
    • Reduce
      • Variations in the predicted and actual performance of the transitioned services
      • The known errors and risks from transitioning the new or changed services into production
    • Ensure that the service can be used in accordance with the requirements and constraints
  • 14. IT Managers Consultants Practitioners Outsourcers Vendors
    • Principles, processes
    • Organisation of Service Operation
    • Execution of all ongoing activities required to deliver and support services:
      • Request Fulfilment
      • Event Management
      • Incident & Problem
      • Technology Management
      • Application Management
      • Facilities Management
      • Monitoring & Control
      • IT Operations Management
  • 15. IT Managers Consultants Practitioners Outsourcers Vendors
    • The overall health of ITSM as a discipline
    • Continual alignment of the portfolio of IT Services with the current and future business needs
    • Business case for ROI
    • Growth and maturity of the enabling IT processes for each Service in a continual service lifecycle model
    • Activities to support a continual process improvement plan
    • How to measure, interpret and take action
  • 16.  
  • 17. ITIL Complementary Portfolio
    • Supports the ITIL Core
    • Topic Specific
    • Enhanced Guidance
    • Industry Developed
    • Research Supported
    • Living Library
    • Industry owned
    • ITIL Branded
    • Study Aids
    • Outsourcing
    • Scalability
    • Public Sector
    • Knowledge System
    • Measurement
    • ITIL for Executives
    Commences June 2007
  • 18. Qualifications Portfolio
    • Modular design
    • Flexible Choice
    • Career path oriented
    • V2 to V3 upgrading
    • Service Management
    • Service Capability
    • Classroom
    • E-learning
    • Blooms Taxonomy based
    • On Demand examination
    • Launch in June 07
    • Phased delivery
    • V2 sunset over time
    • Global Panel of Examiners
    • Competency Standards
    • Audited
    • Single exam standard
    • Multi-language exams
  • 19. Tools and ITIL
    • Every core practice has a chapter on “Technology Considerations”
      • Why they are critical
      • Integration issues and opportunities
      • What to automate – What not to
      • How to select the right tool
      • Automation and efficiency
  • 20. Who Manages ITIL’s future? Publications & Knowledge Qualifications and Learning OGC Contract Mgmt TSO Core Practices IP Mgmt Board APMG Web Services Comp Portfolio Quals Board Course Providers Examiner Panels Exam Institutes Marketing Partners
  • 21. What’s next ? Final Countdown
    • ITIL Core Launch May 30
    • Translations begin now
    • Qualification Scheme Launch - June 13
    • Complementary and Web service portfolio – June
    • V2 sunset - 2008
  • 22. Thank you This presentation is the copyright protected property of the OGC. Re-use in any form is prohibited without the express written consent of the OGC.
  • 23. ITIL v3 - the Future is Now This webinar will be recorded and made available on an on-demand basis following today’s live event. Axios Systems IT Service Management Solutions in association with