Experience freedom with Axex Dental!


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Experience freedom with Axex Dental!

  1. 1. Unident Software Company Experience Freedom ®
  2. 2. 7 reasons you’ll want axexdental® 7 6 5 4 3 2 1You want time to practice dentistry, not to be dealing with software and computers or training employees. You want the best software on the market at a price that you can take pride in. You want to be among the elite using the only software on the market designed for tablet devices. You want to have software that will save you money and increase your profit margins. You want software that is lovingly crafted to satisfy your needs in your busy dental practice. You want to stop being taken advantage of by giant corporations that are clueless as to your practice needs. You want more! More devices, more features, more freedom.
  3. 3. Paperless Convenience - Designed for tablets, Axex Dental® uses screen touches and finger swipes to make dental practice management faster and more precise than using paper, while eliminating the mistakes that so often happen with paper. freedom from paper iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.
  4. 4. freedom from paper paperReplacement - From patient registration, to treatment acceptance, to chart entry, to accounts, every action that you currently record on paper has been replaced with a faster, cleaner, more precise digital form. You will save time, money, and be more productive. Easy - Axex Dental® is just as easy to use as paper without the inconvenience, the errors, and the mess involved with paper. Patient intake, health records, charting, and account information is intuitive and accurate. Your staff may even say it’s fun!
  5. 5. freedomfromconstraint Choose Your Employees - An easy-to-teach interface guarantees quick training and allows you to choose and keep employees based on their performance, as opposed to software trainability. One does not have to be a gadget guru to operate our product. constraint
  6. 6. freedom from constraint Modest System Requirements - Although you won’t imagine it while using it, Axex Dental® is not resource- intensive software. Use your current computer and upgrade on your own timetable. Perhaps wait to upgrade when a computer breaks down, not when a new version of your DPMS comes out. We want your business, but we’re not going to strongarm your practice into buying new hardware before you can afford it. Cut The Cord - Axex Dental® was designed with tablets in mind, and this is where our product outshines the competition. Touch interfaces make Axex Dental® the most p l e a s u r a b l e , p r o d u c t i v e , a n d handy DPMS on the market today.
  7. 7. freedom from hassleEasy Installation - We have worked hard to make installation easy for you. Plug and play is the way with Axex Dental®. You will enjoy zero network configuration features and will find yourself ready to run our software in minutes. It really is quick and easy. Hassle-Free Workstation Installation - The setup procedure for workstations is as simple as typing an address in your browser. There is no software to install on user stations and no software updates are ever needed.
  8. 8. hassle Automatic Updates - Done directly from our office to all SmartJobsQ servers with no effort on your part. No extra workstation updates to worry over. No authentication codes to enter. No hassles. Automatic Backups - Safe and secure automatic backups with two copies of your data. An additional copy is ready to be sent to an external backup with the touch of a button, or backup online to the cloud if you desire. Remote Hardware Monitoring - The Axex Dental® system has remote hardware monitoring which enables our offices to give you a heads-up about hardware problems before they happen. freedom from hassle Two Step Installation On Windows Computers - First install Bonjour, then install Google Chrome, our approved browser for Windows systems, and you’re ready to go. This entire process is quick and easy.
  9. 9. MINIMUM System Requirements All Packages Include (Value $2,400) ★ SmartJobsQ- Magic Cloud Server ★ Schedule, Chart, Accounts ★ EHR Modules † ★ 24 Hour On-Call Tech Support ★ Automatic Updates ★ Overnight Server Replacement Axex Dental® Pricing Packages 2013 Additional Training (cost per hour) $250.00 EHR Paperwork Assistance (10% of the EHR Incentive) $6,000.00 EHR Paperwork Completion (15% of the EHR Incentive) $9,000.00 Data Migration $800.00 - $1,800.00 One Additional HDD and Tray $200.00 OPTION Price List Next Page Window XP • Intel Pentium 1 GHz • 1 Gb RAM Mac OSX Leopard • Intel iCore Duo • 1 Gb RAM Linux • ARM 1GHz • 1 Gb RAM iPad™ 2 and newer
  10. 10. † When available. * Price Lock Guarantee valid on accounts kept current. ª 90-day Money Back Guarantee. freedom from high prices Package Added Features Value You Pay Monthly 1 ★ 2 Hour Personal Web Instruction (Value $500) $ 2,900.00 $1,195.00 $ 250.00 2 ★ 4 Hour Personal Web Instruction (Value $1,000) ★ EHR Paperwork Assistance (Value $6,000) ★ Data Migration (patient info only) (Value $800) ★ One Additional HDD and Tray (Value $200) ★ 1 Medicor DICOM X-ray PC Software (Value $1,200) ★ 10 year Service Price Lock * $11,600.00 $2,595.00 $ 200.00 3 ★ 2 Years of EHR, Support, Updates, and Replacement ★ 6 Hour Personal Web Instruction (Value $1,500) ★ EHR Paperwork Completion (Value $9,000) ★ Data Migration (all possible) (Value $1,800) ★ One Additional HDD and Tray (Value $200) ★ 2 Medicor DICOM X-ray PC Software (Value $2,400) $17,300.00 $6,500.00 $ 0.00
  11. 11. Features Dentrix® EagleSoft® PracticeWorks® Axex Dental® Appointments, Charts, and Accounts P P P P Patient E-Forms $ $ $ P EHR Modules $ $ $ P Unlimited Stations $ $ $ P Data Migration $ $ $ P Server Included X X X P Overnight Server Replacement X X X P Automatic Backup X X X P OS Adaptable X X X P Designed for Tablets X X X P Initial Cost $6,999 $4,000 $4,385 $2,595 freedom to compare Dentrix® is a registered mark of HenrySchine®. EagleSoft® is a registered trademark of Patterson Companies, Inc. PracticeWorks® is a registered trademark of Carestream Dental LLC.
  12. 12. flingx] axexdental.com contact@axexdental.com 855-GET-AXEX Unident Software Company © 2013 234 E. Gaines St., Lawrenceburg, TN 38464 • (931) 201-0794 Unident Software Company is in no way associated with Apple, Inc. of Cupertino, CA or any of its subsidiaries. ®